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Outside of the defensive formation.

Di Shan was standing imposingly, coldly looking at the two people opposite him.

Yu Qin and Gu Shao were whispering in the discussion. Their faces constantly changed, their eyes flashed up complicating lights, and their eyebrows kept knitting tightly. They were obviously frustrated.

Inside of the defensive formation.

From a distance of fifty meters, with an astonished face, Yi Tian Mo looked at that incomparably appealing woman who was talking to Shi Yan with an unimaginable manner.

On the ground floor.

A bunch of people, including Hua Meng, Huang Nan, Gu Ling Lung, Pan Zhe, Qu Yan Qing, and He Qing Man, was all wearing strange faces. They bewilderedly looked at Cao Zhi Lan, who was ranked number three in the Power Rankings and was considered the popular outstanding leader of the new generation of the Cao family. They didn't expect that she was able to utter those superficial words that could unpleasantly pierce through the others' ears.

She… was she serious?

She was the leader of Cao family's new generation ranking the Peak Earth Realm, extremely beautiful, the G.o.ddess who allured and mesmerized numerous outstanding guys at the Endless Sea. Still, she proactively suggested getting married to Shi Yan?

Hua Meng and Huang Nan goggled, looking at each other, doubted whether they had heard it right or not.

Pan Zhe's face was extremely bizarre, shaking his head constantly as if he didn't want to believe what was happening in front of his eyes.

Shi Yan was also in a daze, knitted his eyebrows while contemplating without saying a word.

" Miss…Miss Cao?" He Qing Man was full of confusion. She asked with a strange voice, "Jie (Chinese way to call an older sister), you want … what do you want to do?"

"Lan jie, I didn't hear it wrong?"

Gu Ling Lung raised her fist up, forming a posture which looked like she wanted to stamp the ground. "Has that little rascal planted some formation technique inside your soul? If not, how come did you rave like this?"

Other people's face brightened, they quietly nodded in agreement with this idea. They looked at Shi Yan again with full of disdain and precautions.

"He isn't that boring." Cao Zhi Lan only smiled. Her small mouth curled up as her beautiful eyes rippled with many strange lights. "Shi Yan, what do you think about my suggestion?"

Shi Yan contemplated without speaking; his face was very bizarre.

"In the Endless Sea, the Martial Spirit Palace, the Yang family, the Cao family, and the Three G.o.ds Sect are the most powerful forces. In recent years, although the Cao family has never taken any major actions, no one dares to deny the Cao family's real ability. The Cao family's status in the Tuta Sea is quite similar to the Yang family at the Kyara Sea before. If you marry me, the Cao family will be the strongest ally of the Yang family. Moreover, I a.s.sume that I deserve to be your wife more than Xia XinYan. Either my background or my ability is much better than hers. Besides, I do believe my appearance is not less than hers either." Cao Zhi Lan wore a big smile; her beautiful eyes stared at Shi Yan. "So? If you consider this proposal carefully, you will see that it will bring you a lot of benefits."

"Miss Cao, will you love me?" After contemplating for a while, Shi Yan suddenly revealed a smirk with a strange light flashing up from his eyes. "I want to ask you, why? Why are you proposing to me? I believe that many men who have higher cultivation base than mine. The Yang family has currently collapsed, my status is not worth mentioning. Why did you come up with this proposal?"

"I believe in you." Cao Zhi Lan beamed out a faint smile. Her radiantly beautiful eyes sparked lively lights. "I believe in your future which will be more glorious than all the other men that I've met in the Endless Sea. I think that my life will be very colorful being with you. In short, I have respect for you."

Shi Yan was surprised.

The other people in the wooden house were also astonished with their wide-open eyes and mouths. They all had strange faces and felt that Cao Zhi Lan had gone crazy.

"Lam jie, you disappoint me." Gu Ling Lung stamped her foot as she was so angry that she almost exploded. "This little rascal is a despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d, extremely disgusting, self-seeking, and very arrogant. How could that kind of person deserve you?"

Qu Yan Qing also slightly shook her head as she obviously didn't understand either.

Only He Qing Man c.o.c.ked her head, considering for a while. After she recalled Xia Xinyan's judgments for Shi Yan, she gradually figured out some clues, ambiguously felt that Cao Zhi Lan's daring proposal should have a reason.

She knew Cao Zhi Lan in the Endless Sea was famous not only for her martial strength but also for her acceptably exceptional wisdom.

An elegant, pure, intelligent, and beautiful girl like her didn't even try to show her n.o.bleness. Instead, she bravely threw Shi Yan an olive sprig. Has she gone insane?

Following this flow of thoughts, He Qing Man quietly evaluated Shi Yan. She suddenly remembered that Shi Yan had only been at the Disaster Realm before he entered the Chasm Battlefield. As of now, after just two years, he had already reached the Peak Earth Realm. This breakthrough speed was earth-shaking.

A series of thoughts flashed up in He Qing Man's head, which had surprised her even more. The more she thought, the more logical things had become. After this, the way she looked at Cao Zhi Lan was more admirable.

He Qing Man admired this girl's hardiness, her beautiful eyes, and her manners when dealing with major matters.

"Xinyan jie, where are you? Someone wants to steal your man. She is also a strong opponent. You have to be careful …" He Qing Man thought to herself.

"Shi Yan, tell me if I am pretty?" Cao Zhi Lan slenderly swayed her delicate body around in front of Shi Yan. Her full b.r.e.a.s.t.s were prominent, and her waist was small. She looked like a fresh flower which could attract others to be immersed in it and never want to wake up again.

"You are really beautiful." Shi Yan revealed a faint smile. His flaming and l.u.s.tful eyes scanned her wonderful body up and down. "Among the girls that I know, only Xia Xinyan's face can compare with your beautiful one."

Shi Yan mused for a while then said with a thoughtful face. "It is just that I don't have any intentions to get married nor have children for now, nor bind my marriage with the families' major matters. If I like a woman, I won't care about her background or forces nor if she can help me or not. It will be merely my love for her, and it wouldn't be related to anything else."

After saying that, under the puzzled eyes of the others, Shi Yan immediately left, walking outside of the house without caring about Cao Zhi Lan.

Gu Shao and Yu Qin had stopped discussing. Their faces were gloomy, a little discontented and angry.

Shi Yan appeared quietly and then said with a smile. "How are you considering it?"

"We agree with your request." Gu Shao took a deep breath, forcefully restrained his anger and shouted, "Let my people go!"


Shi Yan raised his hand in the air and said with a very pleasing manner, "Release them."

The defensive formation, which looked like a moon on the bottom of a well, was instantly broken after a flow of forces zoomed over it.

The group of Hua Meng, Gu Ling Lung, and the others immediately appeared from the defensive formation. Cao Zhi Lan was still in a daze.

"You guys can go now." Shi Yan pointed toward that group, and then he turned his head around to look at Gu Shao and Yu Qin and said, "You will send your people to hand over those ten islands to the Xia family. I know the Xia family is currently living in the Wing Cloud Island, which is in between your two forces. Do you understand what I mean?"

Gu Shao slightly harrumphed and nodded with rage.

"That's good," Shi Yan revealed a faint smile. "You guys can bring your people out of here. I'll a.s.sure that once you and the Demon Dwellers engage fighting, we will just stay on the mountain and watch the fight. We will not get involved in it."

Gu Shao and Yu Qin were full of hatred and certainly had some other plans. They looked at Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing and nodded, implicating that they wanted to leave the Snow Dragon Island right away.

But, right at this time, an unusual phenomenon happened in the sky.

A strange beast with flames all over its body slowly descended from the sky. That beast was as big as a small mountain, its body was st.u.r.dy, and its gestures was magnificent.

"Flame Unicorn!" Gu Shao screamed out with his shocked face. "Tang YuanNan is here."

The Snow Dragon Island's weather was usually very cool but became hotter after the Flame Unicorn came. Thick frozen snow on the peak of the Snow Dragon Mountain started to melt. White fogs dispersed and gathered up in the sky.

The level-eight Flame Unicorn was the mount of the Hierarch in power of the Three G.o.ds Sect, the Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan.

Di Shan harrumphed, raised his head looking at the Flame Unicorn which was slowly descending with an unjoyful face.

Gu Shao's and Yu Qin's faces were shocked. They felt a little bit more powerful when the Flame Unicorn had appeared. However, they realized that there seemed to be no one riding on the Flame Unicorn.

"What?" Gu Shao and Yu Qin were amazed, released their soul consciousness to check and discovered that the Flame Unicorn came here alone. The Hierarch in power, Tang YuanNan of the Three G.o.ds Sect, didn't show up.

"Who is in charge here?" A powerful and rude voice echoed from the Flame Unicorn. This level-eight beast could open its mouth and speak the human language. Flames rose inside its big pupils. The scorching aura on its body was like the condensed sunlight.

"It's me." Shi Yan raised his head and smiled.

"Was the information that was delivered to the Three G.o.ds Sect from you?" The Flame Unicorn asked.

"Yeah." Shi Yan nodded his head.

"The Hierarch has satisfied your request and willingly hand over five islands. Moreover, the Hierarch hope that you can visit our headquarters. He said that he has something important to discuss with you. That is the invitation card."

When the solemn voice of the Flame Unicorn still echoed through the entire island, a splendid yellow card from the sky slowly floated down on the ground in front of Shi Yan.

"OK. Please tell your Hierarch that we will pay the headquarters of the Three G.o.ds Sect a visit."

Shi Yan lifted the corner of his mouth, revealing a smile, looking towards Gu Shao and Yu Qin who were indescribably panicked and said, "Tang YuanNan is summoning all the high-cla.s.s warriors from everywhere to gather in the Three G.o.ds Sect. You guys should also be invited. We will meet again in a few days."

Gu Shao and Yu Qin exchanged glances, seeing the incomprehensive look in each other's eyes.

"Seven days later, the top-cla.s.s warriors from everywhere will gather at the headquarters of the Sect. Don't be late." The Flame Unicorn transmitted the last message and then slowly leaped up and left.

Shi Yan nodded with a cold smile and said, "I won't send you off then."

"Did you also contact Tang YuanNan?" Gu Shao's face was full of astonishment. " Even Tang YuanNan had gotten intimidated by you?

"Intimidate?" Shi Yan shook his head. "Not that intimidated. It is just a cooperation. They are much more open-minded than you. After I've told them the pros and cons, although I don't have any of their weaknesses at hand, they are still willing to hand over the five islands to me. Compared to Tang YuanNan, the two of you are very stingy. No wonder why you guys are not as strong as the Three G.o.ds Sect. That has a reason indeed."

Gu Shao's face looked very unpleasant.

"Alright. We will meet again in seven days." Shi Yan mumbled. "By that time, if you have any suggestions, you can bring it up. But, if you don't keep your words, hahaha, you know how people can do anything if they get irritated."

Gu Shao and Yu Qin were extremely indignant. They glared at Shi Yan with an annoyed look, harrumphed coldly before leaping up, bringing Gu Ling Lung, Qu Yan Qing, and the other people along.

"Take your time; I won't send you off."

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