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Di Shan looked very calm, stood in front of Shi Yan in silence, spreading out his black wings. Cyclones of forces, which could be seen by ordinary eyes, were projected successively from his wings covering the entire s.p.a.ce around Shi Yan.

The ink-black light circles appeared one by one next to Shi Yan and then slowly diffused outwards.

Dreary and anomalous aura, which was like ocean tides, densely gathered around Shi Yan. This aura didn't seem to be afraid of the sword's attack or the full-power strikes of the G.o.d Realm warriors.

Gu Shao's eyes shot out the lightning. His face turned to be serious and frigid, "Pagan tribe?"

Di Shan's black wings were eye-catching. As soon as he appeared, his origin was instantly disclosed.

The Kyara Sea's current situation was very complicated. Dealing with the Demon Dwellers' invasions was extremely urgent. At this critical moment, Di Shan's appearance was very sensational.

Especially when Di Shan had the cultivation base of the G.o.d Realm.

"So what?" Di Shan was ignorant; he faintly said. "We are from the Chasm Battlefield and have desired this fertile land for so very long. This land used to be our martial arena before. As we had left this land for quite a long time, you have occupied it. Since we have now come back, we are ent.i.tled to get a part of the resources which had originally belonged to us."

Gu Shao's countenance changed slightly. Yu Qin was also sputtered with fear.

"You guys also want to have a part of the soup bowl?" Gu Shap took a deep breath, his manner was not very normal. "At this critical time, your request is hard to be settled. However, you alone don't have enough strength to get anything of the Kyara Sea."

Many violent flows of sword intents were then shot out from Gu Shao's body.

The dazzling and blinding five-color sword aura, which was like the lightning growling and howling in the sky, dashed straight towards Di Shan, bringing along its destructive power.

Streams of the sword auras were as tiny as small snakes slithering throughout the entire sky and earth.

The sword auras then tore the air into pieces. In the middle of those ear-piercing sounds, the s.p.a.ce surrounding Di Shan cracked open, creating many beautiful five-colored rifts.

The attraction forces ma.s.sively flowed out from those rifts as if it wanted to swallow up everything.

Numerous wooden houses were pulled up from the ground and then flew straight into those s.p.a.ce rifts.

At the foot of the Snow Dragon mountain, even big rocks which were like small mountains couldn't have resisted that attraction force. They constantly flew up and were drawn into those five-colored s.p.a.ce rifts. Then they all disappeared just in a flash.

Shi Yan's face had tragically changed with fear.

One strike of a G.o.d Realm warrior was earth-shaking indeed. It was unexpectedly tearing apart the air, cracking open many rifts of s.p.a.ce which could have swallowed up everything.

The most terrifying thing were the heaven-shaking sword intents, which had been projected by Gu Shao.

Under the control of those heaven-shaking sword intents, those splits of s.p.a.ce could be urged by Gu Shao, constantly changing their directions according to his wish.

This was the first time that Shi Yan saw the horrendous forces of a G.o.d Realm warrior with his own eyes. The mightiness which Gu Shao was displaying severely frightened Shi Yan. He was a little bit worried for Di Shan.

According to Yu Rou, Di Shan was the highest-level warrior of the Wings Race with the anomalous and unpredictable cultivation base, which was as if it could have changed the entire sky and earth.

However, Shi Yan had never witnessed Di Shan's real ability. Although Shi Yan knew that the body of Wings Race's people was very st.u.r.dy and mighty, together with their forces which were much more powerful than that of the other warriors at the same level, he was still a little worried. He was afraid that Di Shan would be defeated under Gu Shao's violent a.s.sault.

Di Shan's eyes were slightly half-closed.

His black wings flapped gently. Circles of ink-black light slowly spread progressively.

Those circles of black lights had been linked together, each circle interlocked with another one. In the middle of the links, a black light was sparkling nonstop and then spread out everywhere.

A flow of devilish murderous auras had quietly diffused.

Those circles of black light gradually made contact with the s.p.a.ce rifts, covering the sword halos.

Di Shan took action softly and gently like floating clouds and mild blowing breeze. His manner was very deliberate without any signs of being greatly intimidated.

But, Gu Shao's eyes suddenly became panicked.

Those circles of black light seemed to have eyes. They had locked all of Gu Shao's sword halos and sword intents just in a very short time.


A crispy sound resounded. The Sword halos were crushed into numerous light spots, then vanished into those rifts of s.p.a.ce.

Only a short while later, all of those rifts closed.

The circles of black light that were spinning inside those rifts suddenly swelled and then exploded, shooting out countless dazzling black rays.

Gu Shao's body trembled slightly. His eyes beamed out a frightening light. He silently stepped backwards a little bit and stood shoulder to shoulder with Yu Qin.

Di Shan was still imposingly motionless. Only his black wings had stopped flapping. He quietly looked at Gu Shao and then swept his despising look to Yu Qin who was about to take action.

"What? You two want to unite to fight with me?"

Gu Shao didn't answer, his face didn't look pleasant. Yu Qin shouted slightly, the wrinkles on her face stiffened. Peculiar white lights like ripples of water moved on her lenient wrinkled face.

Her body which was originally bending, now gradually straightened up. Her clothes fluttered.

Under Shi Yan's scrutinized look, the wrinkles on the face of the eighty-year-old woman quickly disappeared.

After only a few seconds, her face turned to be soft and white like the face of a young maiden. Even her neck and ears were also changing rapidly as her skin became smoother, more like velvet, elastic and resilient.

Her height had also increased five or six centimeters more.

Only in a short time, the head of the Heaven Lake Divine Land was as if she had just unexpectedly been restored to life, turning into a beautiful thirty-year-old woman even though she had almost stepped into a coffin.

Her skin was now creamy white, her beautiful eyes were full of tumbling waves, and her body was full of vitality.

"Devine Mother is about to take action." In the four-story wooden house, Qu Yan Qing's beautiful face changed dramatically. Her body trembled slightly and her eyes were full of confusion.

"The legend turns out to be true ..." Cao Zhi Lan mumbled to herself. "Once she takes action, she immediately restores her youth and maintains the peak level status. The magical Upanishads of the Heaven Lake Divine Land is really terrifying. It is the blessings from G.o.d as I am witnessing this now. Regretfully, she will not get anything good from the fight either."

Pan Zhe agreed in silence, nodded his head while smiling miserably, "I just hope that the situation will not be getting worse."

"I am afraid it will be." Cao Zhi Lan shook her head. She instantly realized something and couldn't help but slightly scream out with a strange face.

Three warriors were sitting next to Pan Zhe were from the Heaven Lake Divine Land and Gu family alternatively. These three warriors were similar to Pan Zhe, also lucky to survive after having been Shi Yan's soul experimental test subjects.

At this time, these three warriors seemed to be forcefully pulled out, their faces were instilled with full of fear.

Their bodies slowly flew up to the air, quickly floated out of the range of the defensive formation, then appeared in the void in front of Shi Yan.

Under the attentive eyes of Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Lung, Pan Zhe, and Hua Meng, Shi Yan faintly smiled, pointed at those three warriors who were being confined by some unknown forces and then shouted, "Explode!"

"Boom Boom Boom"

Three skull-piercing sounds came up from the three warriors that had exploded.

Those three warriors, who were frightened and panicked, were killed just in a flash. Their skulls had cracked apart and fresh blood splattered from the top of their heads. They instantaneously died on the spot.

Gu Shao's and Yu Qin's faces turned purple with murderous rage.

"This is just the start." Shi Yan turned his head back, looking at the group of Gu Ling Lung, and Hua Meng behind from a distance. He smirked wickedly and pointed towards those people.

Suddenly, Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing the two girls were tied up by some forces, then uncontrollably leaped up.

Cao Zhi Lan, Hua Meng, Huang Nan and He Qing Man were all horrified with frightened faces, and dazedly looked at these two girls slowly rising up.

After the death of the three warriors, Cao Zhi Lan understood that a slaughter would probably ensue. As she looked at Shi Yan's cruel smile, she felt powerless and frightened.

"Don't!" He Qing Man begged miserably, "Shi Yan, please don't! I know you can see us. Please let them go, don't kill them!"

Shi Yan wasn't moved, his eyes displayed an unconcerned look.

The delicate bodies of Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing trembled and they couldn't restrain their fears. They stared at Shi Yan who appeared to be coming closer and closer, thus they started to have thoughts of hopelessness.

"Little Ling Lung!"


Gu Shao, Yu Qin goggled, then became panicked, and couldn't help but scream out.

"The positions of the three previous warriors were probably not high enough. I think these two girls should be enough then." Shi Yan's face was calm, his voice was cold. He looked at Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing, then shook his head while saying, "Regretfully, I haven't even really interacted with you yet ..."

"Little rascal, you win!" Gu Shao let out a sigh, all of the sharp swords on his body vanished in a blink.

The smooth and white face of Yu Qin slightly shivered, wrinkles reappeared on her face in just a short time, and she regained her eighty-year-old appearance.

Her lenient face could not be disguised any longer.

Yu Qin angrily looked at Shi Yan and shouted. "What do you want after all?"

"What do I want?" Shi Yan seriously thought for a while before shaking his head. "I haven't thought of anything yet. But, if you are really obedient, they can continue to live."

Gu Shao's and Yu Qin's eyes were full of anger, but they couldn't do anything.

It wasn't that they didn't want to save Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing. However, Shi Yan didn't have any moves and Di Shan didn't take any action nor released any forces.

This meant the person who had brought Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing out was not them, but someone else.

Gu Shao and Yu Qin were both G.o.d Realm warriors. They were quietly sensing around but couldn't locate the aura of that secret person.

This had scared the both of them a lot. Moreover, they didn't know whether that hidden person had placed any formation techniques on Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing or not. Therefore, they didn't dare to take any risks, and could only accept to lose unpleasingly.

"We will not take any actions anymore." Gu Shao confirmed with a strange face.

Yu Qin nodded reluctantly.

"That's ok." Shi Yan revealed a smile but actually, he was very cold-hearted inside. He waved his hands towards a place to signal for someone to bring these two beautiful girls back.

Under Gu Shao and Yu Qin's scrutinized look, Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing were like wooden statues that slowly floated backwards and then disappeared abnormally.

Gu Shao's and Yu Qin's face changed again. The precautions increased in their eyes.

"Now, can we discuss decently?" After the two girls had returned to the wooden house, Shi Yan deliberately clasped his hands again with the same respectful manner as earlier. "Predecessors, please take a seat."

Although Shi Yan had invited them to sit, there weren't any chairs there.

Gu Shao and Yu Qin harrumphed and then sat down cross-legged on the hard ground with resentful faces. They looked at Shi Yan, wondering what he had wanted after all.

"Let's talk about the compensation." Shi Yan said with a smile.

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