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Yi Tian Mo's group of three and the other two were sitting on the ground with serious faces. Although there weren't any flows of profound Qi moving on their bodies, the snow where they were sitting cross-legged started to melt. Their fluctuating souls penetrated into the earth, spreading widely deep inside the Snow Dragon Mountain.

The body of the Demonic Sound Clan's people was different from that of humankind, as it possessed the yin attribute. Their body structure was built to be able to bring out the most of their soul forces.

Three of them were the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan. Their knowledge of the host soul and the sea of consciousness was far surpa.s.sed that of Shi Yan, Di Shan, and Yu Rou. Even the high-cla.s.s G.o.d Realm warriors of theEndless Sea would be persuaded in terms of the knowledge of the host soul when facing these three leaders.

If having the soul fighting directly with them, the possibility of the Endless Sea's warriors getting defeated was eighty or ninety percent.

The feeble fluctuating souls, which even Shi Yan, Di Shan and Yu Rou couldn't recognize, were moving slowly around the Snow Dragon Mountain then gradually went deep inside the mountain, penetrating the foot of the mountain to sense the icy living movements of special creatures existing there.

On the Snow Dragon Mountain, there obviously existed some creatures, some fourth-level, fifth-level beasts, or insects hiding deeply underground. As long as these creatures were still alive, they all emitted living fluctuations.

When Yi Tian Mo's group of three projected soul fluctuations, they realized numerous responses from lives immediately. At this moment, their spiritual souls were moving all around the Snow Dragon Mountain, so they could sense all the creatures' lives.

Among those countless living fluctuations, finding one with the icy attribute, which was hiding deeply inside as well as extremely powerful, was not an easy job.

With his soul consciousness being wide opened and calm his mind, Shi Yan could feel a minuscule fluctuation. This fluctuation came from deep inside of the earth, which was like a special beating heart of the Grace Mainland. However, as this fluctuation was in a very far distance, when it was transmitted to his feet, it was already very weak and hard to feel.

But, he still could sense it.

Therefore, the miraculous fact that Shi Yan's host soul was on the same melody with the sound of the earth's movements had stirred up his sea of consciousness. Also, the halo of the profound Qi inside his body had magical transformations accordingly. Everything led to the breakthrough to the Third Sky of the Earth Realm, very close to the Nirvana Realm.

Although Shi Yan had been observing for a long time and hadn't got anything yet, still, he wasn't despondent. He refined and condensed the Heaven and Earth aura by himself and poured the aura into the Black Head Lotus tattoo on his chest with the speed that was several times faster than that of the other warriors at the same level. After the spiritual aura had been gathered and refined into profound Qi, it slowly ran into the halo of profound Qi on his belly.

Without wasting any of the vitality, he made use of a little amount of free time to cultivate. Every time the realm was upgraded to another level, the demand for the profound Qi became extremely avid. At this time, cultivating bitterly and patiently would be good for the quick increase of profound Qi.

While the dense Heaven and Earth aura poured into his chest, Shi Yan quietly sensed the transformation of the Black Head Lotus tattoo; he then calmly and carefully circulated the Heaven and Earth aura inside the tattoo.


A miraculous fresh feeling suddenly appeared at the tattoo on his chest. Dense Heaven and Earth aura around the Snow Dragon Mountain gathered at the tattoo on his chest, then transformed slowly. Fresh aura, which was like the icy aura, started flowing out and getting into his body.

After having felt this aura carefully, he could see many beams of cold aura moving inside his vessels, slowly converging into the halo of the profound Qi on his belly.

That fresh aura was not as strong as that of the Ice Cold Flame but still very freezing. When it moved inside his vessels, Shi Yan vaguely felt the moving forces inside his nerves became sluggish.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh"

Strange vibration suddenly came out from Shi Yan's body. The fresh aura hiding inside his vessels began twisting to each other and then condensing.

"Twitter twitter twitter"

The fresh aura was absorbed into his body quickly, condensed at one place as if it just turned to be a small icy loach creeping through every corner of his body and searching for something.

That spirit creature rapidly glided, ran back and forth inside his vessels.

Shi Yan's soul consciousness followed it closely. It dashed non-stop, wandering around inside his body, and then slowly advanced towards the finger, which was wearing the Blood Vein Ring.


Shi Yan was startled. As soon as he vaguely figured out something, he instantly sent out the message to the Ice Cold Flame. "There is an aura, which is similar to yours, dashing toward that direction. Can you try to sense it?"

A chilled-to-bone aura spread out from the Blood Vein Ring, his finger quickly turned into a sparkling ice crystal just in a blink of an eye.

Many flows of small black ice flashed up on his finger one by one and then suddenly rolled towards the freezing little rascal that looked like a loach and covered that little rascal immediately even before he could have any reactions.


The little rascal, which had been condensed by the fresh aura turned into a tiny white fiber and flew out of his finger all in a sudden. It then penetrated deeply into the earth just in a blink.

"The icy aura underground is moving to the inside of the earth. Follow it!" Shi Yan shouted while his body was slightly shaken.

Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba and Ya Meng, who were sitting cross-legged, suddenly opened their eyes wider, looking to the direction which Shi Yan's finger was pointing at, nodded their heads and put all of their powers to pursue that icy aura.

"It is running away from me." The Ice Cold Flame inside the Blood Vein Ring slightly swung, turning to a chilled-to-bone white flame. "I can feel its aura and it also can sense that I am probing it at the same time. It is very cunning, didn't try to find me right away. Instead, it separated its aura into many parts, then made use of the time when you were condensing Heaven and Earth aura to penetrate your body quietly and converged inside of your body afterward. Its ability to use the power is not less than mine at all."

"Icy aura, slithery like a loach…"

Shi Yan mumbled to himself. Suddenly, his eyes brightened up, he quietly thought, "Is it possibly an Icy Crystal Bone Dragon? In legends, the Snow Dragon Island used to be a lair of an Icy Crystal Bone Dragon. Did you find out any beast's aura?"

"Icy Crystal Bone Dragon …" The Ice Cold Flame mused for a while as though it didn't agree with Shi Yan's opinion. "It doesn't look like one. The Icy Crystal Bone Dragon is a low intellectual creature. Even if it reaches the eighth level, its ability to use its own forces is not as good as his. Perhaps it isn't the Icy Crystal Bone Dragon."

Shi Yan would not be persistent to oppose the Ice Cold Flame's opinion because, obviously, his understanding of beasts isn't as thorough as that of the Ice Cold Flame. He got the knowledge related to the Icy Crystal Bone Dragon through the legend being told by LinDa. Thus, he couldn't know about it as well as the Ice Cold Flame.

"I still feel that that guy doesn't look like a beast. Because Beasts are very big, if there is a beast inside this mountain for real, it is easy to be discovered." The Ice Cold Flame contemplated for a while and continued, "You should be careful. If that guy can use the ice cold aura that skillful, its forces should be definitely extremely powerful. If it rebels, it's not easy to deal with."

Shi Yan nodded quietly.

When Shi Yan and the Ice Cold Flame were communicating, Yi Tian Mo's group of three was still searching for the peculiar icy force, which had gone into the earth. Shi Yan quietly observed the three of them, realized that they always knitted their eyebrows tightly as if things were not going well.

Yi Tian Mo suddenly glowered, his eyes beamed out a light.

Shi Yan looked nervous while asking. "Did you find anything?"

Yi Tian Mo nodded but then shook his head. Under Shi Yan's suspicious look, he said, "I've found out something indeed, but it isn't related to the icy aura that's gone into the earth. Instead, there are high-cla.s.s G.o.d Realm warriors coming to the Snow Dragon Island."

"High-cla.s.s G.o.d Realm warriors …" Shi Yan mumbled to himself and faintly smiled. "We have some visitors then. Save this for later. Let's go and see who those visitors are."

Ya Meng and Ka Ba also retrieved their soul forces after having heard Shi Yan's words. Their faces looked confused and dispirited.

"It's really weird. The souls of three of us still couldn't identify its exact location. This kind of creature is very good at hiding, definitely isn't the low intellectual beast." Ka Ba contemplated a little bit and then said, "Luckily, we are still on this island. I can use one secret scripture next time, perhaps we can get something then."

After having heard this, Ya Meng and Yi Tian Mo seemed to come up with something, their eyes suddenly brightened.

Shi Yan also noticed Ka Ba's confidence, but he didn't dig into this topic anymore. He said with a smile, "Let's go to see our visitors."

An elder man in a blue blouse and an indulgent elder woman were walking shoulder by shoulder in the void of the Snow Dragon Island. There seemed stairs under their feet leading down to the ground.

"This is the first time I've come to this Snow Dragon Island. Ah, there seems many shelters have been arranged. Most of these shelters are to limit the exploration of the soul. It's quite exceptional indeed."

The elder man in the blue blouse nodded slowly, then talked to the elder woman. "You tell me, the remnants of Yang family really come from the Chasm Battlefield this time?"

"Both of the two Demon Kings have confirmed that Yang Tian Emperor is confined in the Fourth Demon Area." The elderly woman's face turned serious. "I've never heard that the Fourth Demon Area and the Chasm Battlefield are linked together. Moreover, even if they connect to each other, Yang Tian Emperor can't get out anyway. Don’t we know who the high-cla.s.s G.o.d Realm warriors on this island are after all?

"In this unsettled situation, Yang family has come to make a mess. Hmm, it is really a headache."

The elderly man in the blue blouse forced a smile, shaking his head. A small beam of sword light flared up in his eyes. He talked to the elderly woman, "If this gives us more troubles, we should unite with each other to preclude this potential danger before the Demon Dwellers come. What do you think?"

The elderly woman said with a serious face. "Besides you and me, the guy from the Three G.o.ds Sect might also come here shortly. I've heard there isn't only one G.o.d Realm warrior here. If it is true, we should be careful. I just don't believe that there are G.o.d Realm warriors for real. Perhaps it was only our people's illusion that made them mistake the fake G.o.d Realm warriors and the true ones."

"I think so." The elder man in the blue blouse smiled and said.

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