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Ice and snow were wailing and the wind was chilled to the bones. Next to the very thick blocks of the iceberg, half of Shi Yan's naked body was slightly shivering.

After standing amid the snow and ice for seven days and nights bare-footed on the hard icy surface, as well as holding his breath and comprehending, Shi Yan had harvested a lot of achievements.

For fluctuations, which were numerous times less than the flaps of b.u.t.terflies' wings, deep underground, ordinary people could possibly never ever realize or feel them for their whole life.

However, as Shi Yan had been bitterly cultivating for so many years, he had gained spirit aura which far surpa.s.sed that of ordinary people. Thus, after a long perseverant time of having used his spiritual sense to perceive, he had finally sensed the heart of the earth.

Even though it was minuscule and hard to distinguish, he had successfully sensed it after a long time of concentration in silence.

When that extremely tiny movement was transmitted to his sea of consciousness from his bare feet, Shi Yan suddenly processed a miraculous comprehension, which was like a relief from suffering. Even the host soul inside the sea of consciousness was also purified and sublimated. The host soul followed that sound and rippled very subtle moves from the inside of the sea of consciousness.

Flows of spirit instinctively immersed in the halo of the profound Qi on his belly. So did the soul consciousness.

After the fluctuation of the sea of consciousness had appeared, matching with the sound of movements under the earth, the halo, which was originally very dazzling, gradually became clearer and more delicate.

While the soul consciousness penetrated the halo, Shi Yan's mind eye (the third eye) absorbed all the profound Qi's halo. He began to see every single of tiny transformations inside it.

A world of sparkling lights!

This world was floodlit with numerous peculiar shining crystal-like lights. Those countless lights were branched like a giant jade-like transparent tree covering the entire sky verdantly, which secretly contained pure and tremendous profound Qi.

By using his third eyes, Shi Yan could see everything as clear as in his hand. The world of the profound Qi's halo gradually appeared inside his heart and then was transmitted into his sea of consciousness.

Shi Yan had never thought that the interior of the profound Qi's halo was wonderful like this. He had used the profound Qi every time he fought, but he never knew the place where his profound Qi gathering was this radiant and marvelous.

Until his mind and heart had immersed in it completely, he now had a sensational feeling from the bottom of his heart due to this miraculous and stupendous spectacle.

Numerous fulgent branches bound together to form a giant transparent ancient tree trunk. Purified profound Qi, which was contained inside each of those branches, radiated brilliant marvelous lights.

However, the transparent ancient tree trunk didn't have any leaves nor fruits. Even the roots were extremely small.

This seemed to be just the beginning of the tree with the primitive shape, as it had not reached the best stage yet.

"Roar roar roar"

There appeared very small movements in his sea of consciousness. These movements were like the minuscule movements of the earth. In return to the movements of this radiant ancient tree trunk, its branches also waved rustlingly. Shi Yan could vaguely hear some sound.

Following the movements of this ancient tree trunk, each branch luminesced glitteringly. Dense profound Qi turned into many beams of lights flying freely in this radiant world.

He urged the profound Qi subconsciously.

While his spirit was still immersing in the profound Qi, many flows of lights were flying freely inside the transparent ancient tree trunk suddenly started to shot out of to the edge of the tree.

Right after that, Shi Yan instantly realized that the purified profound Qi was ma.s.sively spreading out from the halo of the profound Qi.

The ancient tree trunk luminesced brilliantly. Each transparent branch was slightly swung, releasing numerous lights out of that ancient tree trunk, which ruined the marvelous and miraculous halo of profound Qi. They then turned into the original profound Qi, which was the forces he had used in combats.

Everything had turned to be clear. After having comprehended for only a short while, Shi Yan already knew the scene deep inside the halo of the profound Qi, the place where profound Qi had been hidden, as well as the containing form, the orbit and the way to urge them …

As being able to comprehend easily, when he wasn't well-prepared yet, he felt his body shaking violently and the sound frequency of the movements being transmitted from under the earth. Movements inside of his sea of consciousness had matched with the movements of the transparent ancient tree trunk.

The host soul was submerged in the essence …

He had entered the Third Sky of the Earth Realm as easy as flipping his hand over. He now could easily feel the sound of the earth's movements with his bare feet on the ground.

Stretching his arms and opening his hands, Shi Yan urged the profound Qi and then condensed them into the Life Seal.

Seven sparkling seal blocks were suddenly formed with the speed that was twice faster than normal. With a violent impetus that seemingly wanted to break mountains, the Life Seals shrieked and shot out, engraving on the snow mountain.

"Boom boom boom"

The ear-splitting explosion immediately came up from the mountaintop. Sharp icicles, which looked like sabers, were smashed into pieces. Chopping board size icebergs splattered everywhere under the cold moon and then rolled down ma.s.sively to the foot of the mountain.

Shi Yan in the sole blue shorts was bowing his head in silence, thinking of something in the chilling moonlight atop a freezing and empty mountain,

Yu Rou and Di Shan were standing almost one thousand meters away, looking towards his general direction with serious faces. They didn't speak, as they were afraid it would disturb him.

Long after that when the moon had gradually moved and almost disappeared, Shi Yan put on his blue clothes, and then deliberately walked towards the snow mountain which had been struck down. One of his hands placed on the tip of the sharp icicle and quietly sensed it.

"What?" Yu Rou slightly shouted and casually threw the sparkling s...o...b..ll, which she had just created, away. "Master seems to discover something. Should we go there and check?"

Di Shan nodded and slowly spread out his anomalous five or six-meter-long black-ink wings. They were slightly swinging. Di Shan looked like a demon from h.e.l.l with frigid aura, his pupils looked cold-hearted and aggressive.

Yu Rou's mouth revealed a faint smile from a corner. Her snow-white wings hadn't opened yet. After slightly swaying her mesmerizing body, she gradually vanished from the snow mountaintop. When she reappeared, she had been already at Shi Yan's side, bowing her head, walking close to Shi Yan and gently asked, "Master, what did you find out?"

Di Shan was a little further away from Shi Yan, strangely looking at Shi Yan's hand that was laying on the tip of the icicle. Shi Yan was contemplating with his closed eyes, seemed to think of something.

He didn't raise his head and still kept his current posture; Shi Yan with his closing eyes sent the spirit aura of the Ice Cold Flame inside the Blood Vein Ring into the tip of the icicle. This spirit aura then groped along the icicle and went into the deepest place inside the Snow Dragon Mountain.

The Ice Cold Flame was the Heaven Flame with the icy trait in Heaven and Earth. However, in this miraculous world, creatures with the icy trait were not only the Ice Cold Flame alone. Besides humankind and pagans, this mysterious unpredictable world also had strange powerful creatures which were similar to the Heaven Flames.

Beasts were one of those creatures, but they were also the most ordinary ones.

"It was not that I've found out something." After a while, Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows while raising his head, glanced at Yu Rou and Di Shan who were very curious, then explained, "It is the Heaven Flame with the icy trait inside my body. When I've sent my soul consciousness into the Snow Dragon Mountain, through its delicate icy spirit aura,  my soul consciousness can feel another icy creature which is similar to it."

Di Shan's and Yu Rou's countenance was in shock.

"Patriarch Di Shan, call Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng, and Ka Ba to come here. The Demonic Sound Clan's knowledge of souls is much better than your Wings Race's. I will instruct them. Hopefully, they can find out something." After contemplating for a while, Shi Yan said seriously, "We can stay on the Snow Dragon Island for a while. During this time, we have to thoroughly understand the entire Snow Dragon Island like the back of our hands. There shouldn't arise any unpredictable things out of our expectation."

"You can address me by my name." Di Shan slightly bent down, respectfully moved backward.

"You don't need to be so formal with him." Yu Rou smiled, straightened herself up, taking a few steps back and then said, "I know Di Shan, once he's decided something, he would never regret it. Even if that decision is wrong, he will still carry it out till the end."

She paused then continued speaking. "Therefore, as he's already vowed to make you his master, he wouldn't change it. No matter how much disappointing your future might be, if you are not dead, he will never break his vow. He pledges to take it as a bad luck but will never break his words. You don't need to be worried about him."

Shi Yan's pupils sparked a strange light. He immediately knitted his eyebrows, "I still should keep the respect for them. Although you guys have made me your master and called me Master, Di Shan, and Yi Tian Mo are still my predecessors. This doesn't change now, and will not change in the future either. Even if I surpa.s.s them one day, this will still remain unchanged."

Yu Rou's beautiful eyes brightened. She was a little bit touched, slowly nodded and said with a low voice, "My choice is not wrong. Being able to follow you might be a lucky thing for all of us."

Shi Yan shook his head, then said with a smile, "I am your disturbance for now, completely not a lucky charm or something like that. However, I will try my best and hope the future would not make you regret the decision you've made today."

After saying, Shi Yan retracted the hand placing on the tip of the icicle, closed his eyes and sent the message to the Ice Cold Flame, "How is it going?"

"Under the mountain, there is a kind of spirit aura which is very similar to me. But, it is hiding very deep inside. If that creature really exists, it is probably in a very deep sleep. The entire spirit aura on its body has been hidden, which is very hard to be found out. If I can't get out of this d.a.m.n ring, I myself will not be able to identify exactly its location …" The Ice Cold Flame's reply made Shi Yan knit his eyebrows tightly. He said with a shocking face. "If you said so, there are peculiar things inside of the Snow Dragon Mountain for real?"

"Maybe …" The Ice Cold Flame hesitated for a while and then continued, "There is another possibility. Maybe that creature has left already, and the spirit aura I am feeling is just some remnants."

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh"

The chilly wind was torn apart as some figures quietly appeared one by one. Di Shan and other three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan all gathered in front of Shi Yan.

After shooting a quick glance, Yi Tian Mo bent his body, respectfully said with a shocked face, "Congratulations Master, you have taken one more step into the Peak Earth Realm. Based on your strength and innate ability, hopefully, you will reach the Nirvana in two or three years."

Ka Ba and Ya Meng were a little surprised, staring at Shi Yan for a while before congratulating him.

Shi Yan calmly waved his hand to prevent them from flattering. He pointed at the shining tip of the icicle and quickly went straight to the point, "This Snow Dragon Island has a peculiar thing. According to the Heaven Flame inside my body, there exists a creature with the icy trait on this island. The ability to sense the souls of the three of you is extremely powerful. So, use your ability to search carefully if there is this peculiar thing for real."

"Yes." Yi Tian Mo 's group of three and other two bent their bodies and then immediately sat down cross-legged, closed their eyes and started sensing.

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