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The Snow Dragon Island. Snow blanketed the entire mountain layer by layer. A gloomy world of snow looked like it had been draped by a silver sheet of cloth.

Snowflakes were fluttering around everywhere. In the middle of the snow dune, Shi Yan was standing bare-footed like a stone. His eyes were closed tightly as if he was listening to the earth's sounds.

The bitter Earth Realm cultivation was tough indeed. Just refining the profound Qi alone wasn't enough.

After many arduous cultivating days, with the tattoo of the Black Head Lotus on his chest, he just needed to be focused, the speed of the refining profound Qi was already much faster than that of an ordinary person.

The purity level of the profound Qi inside of his body had reached the breakthrough point. He could vaguely feel that he was just one small step away from entering the Third Sky state.

After having asked for Yi Tian Mo's and Di Shan's opinions, he realized that in order to break through the Earth Realm, it was necessary for him to connect with the earth.

The earth under his feet existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Deep inside of the ground contained a lot of wonders and miraculous sounds of movements, which was impossible for ordinary people to feel or discovered.

However, if the Earth Realm warriors mediated and focused, when their mental states were immersed inside of the earth while they released their spirit powers, they congregated the G.o.d purified aura on the ground underneath their feet and relaxed their comprehension. They could definitely sense the earth's sounds of movements.

According to Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo, there were many kinds of marvelous vibrations inside of the earth. The vibrations of each phase of time and each season were totally different. If the warriors could sense those vibrations clearly as well as created a wonderful connection with them, their comprehension of the earth would enter a whole new world.

In order to quickly break through the Earth Realm, except for training and practicing the profound Qi, the soul, and the body, connecting with the earth was indispensable.

At the time when the leaders of the Heaven Lake Divine Land and the Gu gamily hadn't come yet, and Di Shan, Yi Tian Mo were still busy with reforming the Snow Dragon Island, Shi Yan was putting all of his efforts in breaking through the new realm. He whole-heartedly concentrated his mind, bitterly cultivated with the hope that he would soon break through the peak level of the Earth Realm and enter the Nirvana Realm.

Only when he entered the Nirvana Realm did he have hopes of controlling the Sky-breaking Shuttle. This peculiar treasure from the abandoned land with its arrogant aura had communicated with him with a spiteful att.i.tude, which had made Shi Yan quietly irritated, but he wasn't able to do anything.

Under the freezing weather, Shi Yan had been standing there for three days and two nights already.

On the third night, the stars were ambiguous in the dark sky, as the moon was coldly bright and the wind which could chill oneself to the bone were howling like bl.u.s.tering demons.  This scene brought along the icy yin aura which spread throughout the entire world.

Shi Yan's countenance didn't have any changes.

The snow was unceasingly falling, layer upon layer. With millions of snowflakes gently floating around him, before he knew it, he had become a snowman.

His sea of consciousness was quiet.  The five devils also seemed peaceful. Flows of his soul consciousness were being absorbed into the ground, penetrated thousands of zhang (1 zhang is equivalent to 3.33 meters) deep under the ground until they couldn't go any deeper.

After having penetrated thousands of zhang deep under the ground which then spread out e

verywhere, his soul consciousness could feel a few of very feeble fluctuating vital living forms. At this depth, there unexpectedly still existed small living ent.i.ties. This discovery had astonished Shi Yan significantly.

With his bare feet on the ground, Shi Yan used both the comprehension of his soul consciousness and his mental powers to sense every single tiny bit of transformations under his feet.

Regretfully, after having attentively induced mental comprehension for three days and two nights, he still hadn't got much. He hardly felt the marvelous sounds of the earth's movements, which Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo had mentioned.

According to Di Shan and Yi Tian Mo, those sounds of movements were produced every pa.s.sing second. He just needed to activate his mental comprehension and understand the essence of the Upanishads, he then could use his spirit to feel them.

However, Shi Yan was not able to comprehend them right away.

An endless chain of mountains surrounded him. A corner of the ice on the peak of the mountain sparked.

The matriarch of the White Wings Clan, Yu Rou, was standing shoulder to shoulder with Di Shan with a frigid face. From a distance, they both looked at Shi Yan who had been standing in the snowy weather for three days and two nights.

The moonlight was like skating blades that shone inclinedly to the earth, which made the surrounding area of the mountain icily brighter.

"It's already been three days and will be three nights after tonight. Our Master's fort.i.tude is really exceptional." Yu Rou spread her small white hands, two s...o...b..a.l.l.s in her hands were sparkling under the moonlight. A flow of freezingly icy aura from the s...o...b..a.l.l.s slowly condensed, the two s...o...b..a.l.l.s compacted and gradually became two transparent s...o...b..a.l.l.s.

"That's beautiful. The abandoned land never had snow …" Yu Rou gently raised her delicate hands, the transparent s...o...b..ll in her hands gyrated in the air, projecting faint snow-white lights.

"It has taken me three years to be able to enter the Third Sky from the Second Sky of the Earth Realm. It was because it has taken like forever to be able to use the spirit to comprehend the sounds of the earth's movements."

Di Shan clasped his hands behind his back, looking up to the sky as if he was also immersing in his old memories.

"It took me roughly about two and a half years. Although the sounds of the earth's movements are always produced, it needs a restful mind as well as a highly comprehensive cultivation in order to feel the earth's rotation. Sometimes, one also needs a bit of luck to be able to feel it.

Yu Rou smiled and nodded. "That's right. Luck is something that cannot be touched but it really exists. People with good luck will usually be one step ahead compared with the others. Fate is also one kind of G.o.d's will. If things follow the will of G.o.d, putting forth only half of one's effort could already receive much more achievements than the others. Talk about luck."

"We still didn't tell him that it would have been best to sense the sounds of the earth's movements at the place where there were constant seisms. The sound of the earth's movements is clearest when there is a seism. If he can capture the frequency of the sounds of the earth's movements, then adjust the frequency vibrations inside of his body to match with the sounds of the earth's movements, he can thoroughly understand them. Also, he will be able to capture the essence of this Realm."

Di Shan looked at Shi Yan from a distance, and said coldly, "Sensing the sounds of the earth's movements when there is a seism is still the unofficial way. I don't think its results are as good as when he uses his mind to comprehend it. I still believe that the perceptions through hardships are the most precious."

"That's right. I believe that he can do it. Perhaps he will be able to enter the peak of the Earth Realm shortly afterward." Yu Rou said with a smile.

Do Shan gently shook his head, disagreed with her, then said, "It's not that easy. The reason his realm has been so quickly enhanced is thanks to our medicinal herbs as well as many of the peculiar treasures inside of his body. Of course, I know that his abilities are exceptional. However, he just entered the Second Sky of the Earth Realm a few months ago. To be able to comprehend the sounds of the earth's movements in such a short time is obviously impractical. Remember, that you and I have needed almost three years to be able to do so."

"I still think that his innate abilities are much more than ours." The corner of Yu Rou's mouth beamed out a smile. "Didn't you see that old Yi Tian Mo's behavior towards Master has marvelously changed after they had stayed together for a while? At first, even though Yi Tian Mo had vowed to make him his Master,  the gesture was not really whole-hearted. He did it because of the three Heaven Flames on Master's body. He was afraid that his clan would have perished, that was why he had reluctantly agreed. However, right now, he's changed. I realized that Yi Tian Mo's eyes now have a glimpse of respect when looking at Master."

Di Shan contemplated for a long while, then nodded with a suspicious face. "That's why I also feel weird about it. I don't know why Yi Tian Mo has started to trust and respect him that much after only five days."

"Hahaha, this is called the enchanting power of the personality. There should be a lot of secrets about Master that we don't know about yet. Among the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan, Yi Tian Mo is the most cunning and clever one, but he's already changed. So, Ka Ba and Ya Meng will also be truly devoted in no time." Yu Rou smiled deliberately and mumbled to herself. "There are some people who were born to have this innate leading ability."

Di Shan was astonished.


The Wind Cloud Island.

Inside of the feral bare mountain, a beautiful charming figure suddenly flared up and instantly disappeared. That figure was like the sprite of the forests, that were bewitchingly beautiful, and as subtle as a light breeze.


This figure stepped on the mountain rocks and then lightly flew towards the mountain cave not far from there. After she had flown one hundred meters away, an explosion resounded from the mountain rocks which she had just stepped on.

"The realm is not steady yet. This way of using forces is not precise …" Xia Xinyan thought to herself, then she suddenly accelerated and appeared inside of that mountain cave like a faint light zooming over just in a blink.

The mountain cavern was not big and the chambers inside of it were spa.r.s.e. These chambers had been indelicately and primitively built. The Heaven and Earth's aura was not dense inside of the cave, which was unsuitable for the warriors' cultivations.

Around dozens of the warriors of the Xia family were residing inside of the mountain cave. Also, there were roughly ten warriors from the Heaven Lake Divine Land and the Gu family. Besides, an arena had just been set up there, inside of the cave.

Among the warriors from the Heaven Lake Divine Land and the Gu family, two young men with handsome and intelligent appearances were the most outstanding ones.

Gu Yu of the Gu family had three pieces of the G.o.d Sword of the Gu family with him. He was at the Second Sky of the Earth Realm. His face was bright and delicate like jade as his manners were bounteous.

Feng Hai of the Heaven Lake Divine Land was also ranked at the Second Sky of the Earth Realm. He possessed the Black Water Martial Spirit. His physical body was flexible and delicate, as his elegance and appealing appearance even surpa.s.sed the girls'. While he was standing there, many young girls of the Xia family looked at him with brightened and seducing eyes. They both a.s.sessed him and whispered to each other at the same time.

Gu Yu and Feng Hai were the two leaders of the new generations of the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land after Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing. These two young men had not only prominent appearances but also an outstanding cultivation base. They were the important figures whom the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land had sent over to seek marriage with Xia Xinyan. The real purpose of this marriage was to control the forces of the Xia family's hands through the marriage.

The war with the Demon Dwellers was coming closer. If they could have the Xia family's forces before the battle, it would be the luckiest thing for the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land.

Xia Xinyan, who was like the sprite of the woods, had agilely descended. She was so elegant and n.o.ble with her delicate and slender manners. She stood there without saying anything, but she was still like the bright moon in the sky, which drew all the men's eyes.

Gu Yu and Feng Hai were arrogantly receiving many flattering compliments from some young men of the Xia family with ignorant gestures.

However, after Xia Xinyan had descended, these two young men's eyes brightened up. Their bodies slightly swayed, which was hard to recognize. A gentle smile also appeared on their originally arrogant and frigid faces while they were gazing at Xia Xinyan.

"Xia Xinyan, let me introduce you. This young man is Gu Yu from the Gu family. This is Feng Hai from the Heaven Lake Divine Land. They are both exceptional youths of the Kyara Sea, they …" Xia RuiXing's face was full of gaiety, he laughed out loud while introducing Gu Yu and Feng Hai to Xia Xinyan. Everything he said about these two men was all compliments.

Xia RuiXing was the collateral branch of the Xia family. As his cultivation base was at the Nirvana Realm, he had a high position in Xia family, he even sometimes despised the lineal persons of the Xia family. He was nominally Xia Xinyan's uncle.

"No need to say more." Xia Xinyan's eyebrows knitted tightly while interrupting his floods of words and coldly said, "I know the purpose of their arrival. I am here. Anyone of them can win over me, I will satisfy their wishes. If they lose, they have to get the h.e.l.l out of here, and never ever bother me anymore."

Everyone's expressions inside of the cave all slightly changed.

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