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The Snow Dragon Island, the Kele Clan.

In the main hall, roughly about ten of the leaders of the Snow Dragon Island were being sincerely obedient. No one dared to do anything reckless under Yi Tian Mo's scrutinized, gloomy gaze. They were afraid that if they irritated Yi Tian Mo, something bad would happen.

After Yi En and Wu Ke both felt Yi Tian Mo's terrifying soul power, they both looked at LinDa, using their facial demeanors to ask if she knew Shi Yan's real ident.i.ty. Either Yi En or Wu Ken, they were both very experienced. They could see that Yi Tian Mo always followed Shi Yan's orders, which frightened them a lot. They instinctively guessed that Shi Yan's ident.i.ty wasn't one of an ordinary origin.

Even though LinDa and Shi Yan had earlier known each other for a period of time, she didn't really know about Shi Yan's origin. At this moment, as she saw how the powerful Yi Tian Mo unhesitatingly followed Shi Yan's every command and moves, she then obviously knew that Shi Yan was not just an ordinary person. She couldn't help but ask him.

Shi Yan was standing in the middle of the hall. Waiting until Yi Tian Mo had gotten total control of the situation, he gently spoke to LinDa with a smile, "Just consider me as a member of the Yang family."

"The Yang family!" Everyone's faces changed dramatically.

LinDa's pupils shrank. She nodded sadly. "I should have known it before. Since after we've parted, I should have figured it out when I saw that you and the Asura King Muo DuanHun left while riding the Blue Blood Devilish Bat. But I was not very sure about it. Now, it is certain."

After Shi Yan spoke of his origin, Yi En and Wu Ke both looked very worried with strange countenances.

The Yang family of the Kyara Sea were famous for their defiant demeanors. The Kyara Sea and the Hengluo Sea were not far from each other. Previously, the Three G.o.ds Sect and the Yang family had often fought with each other. They were archenemies. The Snow Dragon Island was the outer force of the Three G.o.d's Sect. The clans on this island would not be unfamiliar with the Yangs,  they surely knew how tremendous the Yang family's forces were.

"You, what do you come to Snow Dragon Island for?" Yi En sat on a chair, pretended to be calm, lifting a cup of water, took a sip and then worriedly said, "Two years ago, many forces came to occupy the Kyara Sea and fought with the Yang family. But, the Three G.o.ds Sect didn't want to involve in those matters. Even if you  wanted to take revenge, you still shouldn't find us."

Right after Yi En had finished his words, other people in the hall crazily responded, and hastily pled for themselves. They said that both the Three G.o.d Sect and the Yang family didn't have any conflicts recently or they were only the Three G.o.ds Sect's outer force, that they didn't know of the situation between the two Sect's clearly.

After all, they just wanted to prove their innocence and hoped that Shi Yan would just give them a slap on the wrist.

"Shi Yan ge [chinese way to call an older brother], you have now arrived at the Snow Dragan Island, does it possibly mean that you probably want to …?"

LinDa  clenched her fists tightly, gritted her teeth, and angrily looked at Shi yan.

"If you want to deal with us, I will bear hatreds towards you for my whole, entire life."

Shi Yan then burst into laughter. He shook his head and said with an eccentric complexion, "What are you thinking? As I was on my way, en pa.s.sant, I just then decided to stop by to visit you without other intentions, then simply be on my way. Any other worries that you might have, should all be unfounded."

the other people in the hall all released a sigh of relief.

"Not to mention that the Three G.o.ds Sect didn't have any past conflicts with the Yang family, even if the Sect did so, as having regards for you, I would not fight with the Kele Clan."

To prevent LinDa from thinking too much, Shi Yan continued with a smile, "I come here to … to visit you, to see if you are doing well."

LinDa's face was full of emotions. She seemed to be touched.

Yi En surprisingly looked at Shi Yan, then quietly raked his eyes towards LinDa. He seemed to see something strange here. His eyes then gradually brightened up.

Actually, during this time, the Kele Clan were encountering some difficult unsolved problems that had recently been plaguing them. Yi En was feeling utterly miserable, full of anxiety, as he couldn't find any solutions yet. Right now, he just suddenly found out that his daughter seemed to have a good relationship with Shi Yan, yet he couldn't help but have a thought that …

Yi En contemplated consciously for a while, then burst into laughter. His chubby body then shambled out of his chair. He lifted a gla.s.s of wine in his hand, and said with a pink face, "Shi Yan, my boy, if you don't have any further bothers, please take a seat and have a gla.s.s of wine. How does this sound?"

Shi Yan was bewildered, he wanted to refuse him. But Shi Yan just saw LinDa's expecting eyes looking towards him as though she was begging him to accept the invitation.

After being a little startled, Shi Yan slightly nodded to Yi En with a faint smile, "Alright!"

"Sit down, sit down please." Yi En hurriedly moved forward to welcome Shi Yan. He personally arranged Shi Yan's seat by himself. His behavior was so servile that it looked as if he was flattering Shi Yan.

As LinDa saw her father's eager and servile behavior, she instinctively knew what was in his mind. She originally wanted to remind him of not doing it; but as she thought about the complicated problems that they were facing today, she quietly let out a sigh and cast away that intention. She just felt a little embarra.s.sing, looking at Shi Yan as if she wanted to say that he shouldn't blame her for that. Shi Yan lightly nodded to her as well, implicating that he didn't mind. After sitting down together with Yi Tian Mo, Shi Yan picked a Green Snake Fruit and didn't say anything. He then took a homely bite, chewing and mumbled to himself, "It doesn't taste bad."

"Hahaha." Yi En kept laughing aimlessly and didn't hurry to talk. He waved at LinDa, signaling her to sit down next to Shi Yan. He waited until LinDa had sat down on Shi Yan's left side, then pretended to ask unintentionally, "I don't know where you are from? Thing is, the Kyara Sea's situation is now very complicated. Do you know what's going on?"

This was what Shi Yan was concerned about the most.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan's face became more serious. He said, "To be honest, I am not from the Kyara Sea. I left there for a while, and have just now come back. Can I ask how the situation over there is?"

As Yi En had soon known that Shi Yan was not from the Kyara Sea, he didn't feel strange after hearing of it. He just whined with a miserable voice, "The Kyara Sea has fallen …"

Shi Yan's eyes were slightly half closed.

"Two years ago, not long after Yang family's disappeared, the Demon Dwellers of the Fourth Demon Area came to the Kyara Sea. In only one year, they already occupied the entire Kyara Sea. As of now, the Kyara Sea belongs to the Demon Dwellers of the Fourth Demon Area."

Yi En shook his head with a miserable gesture as if the Demon Dwellers had devastated, dominated, and obliterated his entire family.

"I've known that this would  happen." Shi Yan said with a cold smile. "At first, forces from everywhere in the Kyara Sea had united. After knowing that the two Demon Kings were confining the head of the Yang family, they have allied with the Demon Dwellers to deal with the Yang family, which left them no other choice but to retreat to other places. As the result, the Gate of Heaven that was linked to the Fourth Demon Area had no defensive forces. Moreover, they even had a ridiculous thought which was free trade with the Demon Dwellers. Right now, the Demons Dwellers are invading on a bigger scale. They will then swallow the entire Kyara Sea piece by piece. Those people have reaped as they had sowed. That serves them right."

Yi En's hands were trembling with shame. He then embarra.s.singly wiped his sweat away, forced a smile and said, "Our Hengluo Sea is just next to the Kyara Sea. The Snow Dragon Island is not very far from the Kyara Sea either. Recently, I've heard that the Demon Dwellers of the Fourth Demon Area is considering to attack the Hengluo Sea. This is …"

Shi Yan glanced at him, feeling a bit weird. "You belong to the Three G.o.ds Sect, so the Three G.o.ds Sect will have the solutions itself. Perhaps the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land have started to negotiate with the Three G.o.ds Sect? Anyway, they haven't attacked here yet. Why do you need to be in such a rush?"

"It's just that they haven't attacked yet. But once they are here, it will be already too late." Wu Ke forced a smile, shaking his head. He wasn't arrogant anymore.

LinDa sat next to Shi Yan, bowed her head without saying anything. She just quietly listened while her hands were tightly clenched.  She then seemingly felt a little tensed.

"Let me tell you the truth, my good boy. I have been informed that in another month, the Demon Dwellers will likely start to intrude into the Hengluo Sea from the Kyara Sea. And in two months max, the Demon Dwellers will come to the Snow Dragon Island." Yi En was contemplating for a while before continuing with grimaced face, "That means that our Snow Dragon Island only have about two months left …"

Shi Yan was astonished and said straight away. "So, you should relocate somewhere else soon. Would you want to defend the Snow Dragon Island to death? What did the Three G.o.ds Sect say? You are considered the outer forces of the Three G.o.ds Sect; so won't they just abandon you?"

"It's like this …" Yi En was a little bit ashamed. He murmured softly the crux that they were facing.

After having recently known that the Demon Dwellers at the Kyara Sea had the intentions of invading the Hengluo Sea, Yi En and Wu Ke had immediately asked for the Three G.o.ds Sect's opinion. The Three G.o.ds Sect suggested that the outer forces should temporarily leave their islands and go to the adjacent islands of the Three G.o.ds Sect's headquarter, and prepared all of the forces to fight with the Demon Dwellers of the Fourth Demon Area.

Some forces of the other Seas would send their high-cla.s.s warriors to take guards at the Three G.o.ds Sect, the Gu family, and the Heaven Lake Divine Land. They would then ally with each other to fight against the Demon Dwellers depending on the Demon Dwellers' offensive strategy.

After the Three G.o.ds Sect had given out their command, Yi En and his people had then encountered a big problem.

At this point in time, the sea was boisterously rough. The windstorms and tsunamis there were the most terrifying in the Hengluo Sea. Boats sailing under these conditions were in extreme danger. They would be dashed to pieces and people would die even if they were being just a little careless.

Departing from the Snow Dragon Island towards the Three G.o.ds Sect's headquarters, they would have to sail across the sea called the Chaotic Wind Sea, where the typhoons and tsunamis were extremely horrendous at this time of the season.

The three big clans on the Snow Dragon Island had limited abilities. They could only use boats in order to move or travel. Thus crossing the Chaotic Wind Sea was entirely unavoidable. However, the three big clans only had roughly about ten Nirvana Realm warriors. With that small of a number of high-cla.s.s warriors, it wasn't sure that they could protect all the boats in crossing the Chaotic Wind Sea. Therefore, they did not dare to move yet.

From what Yi En had said, it meant that if there were the Sky Realm warriors' help, together with their Nirvana Realm warriors, it would be more certain that their boats would safely cross the Chaotic Wind Sea.

They had informed the Three G.o.d's Sect of the situation at hand, and received the reply that they should wait for the Sky Realm warriors to come; but if those warriors couldn't come in on time, they then had to take the risks in crossing the Chaotic Wind Sea.

The Three G.o.ds Sect had many of the outer forces. There should be at least hundreds of islands similar to this Snow Dragon Island. Therefore, even if the Three G.o.ds Sect willingly sent out their Sky Realm warriors to help, it was not sure that those warriors would lay their eyes on the Snow Dragon Island as their abilities were unfortunately limited.

If they waited for those high-cla.s.s warriors to come, their departure time would be accordingly delayed, which could lead to the results that they would probably fall into the Demon Dwellers' hands and would obviously face the severe murderous onslaught that was to ensue afterward.

The Three G.o.ds Sect had given a deadline that was sent out to their warriors. Even though that deadline was coming close, with only a few days left, none of the Sky Realm warriors appeared to give a.s.sistance. Therefore, Yi En and the others were impatiently anxious. They immediately started to discuss if they should then take risks in crossing the Chaotic Wind Sea.

On the Snow Dragon Island, besides the three big clans, there were also other small forces of warriors, around hundreds of warriors with different levels, as well as roughly about tens of thousands of ordinary citizens. Without the Sky Realm warriors' protection, no one could tell how many of them would survive after taking the risks to cross the Chaotic Wind Sea.

This was the crux that Yi En and the other people on the Snow Dragon Island were facing right now.

After the warriors on this island including Yi En had been repressed by Yi Tian Mo's soul power, they were instantly sure that Yi Tian Mo was definitely a Sky Realm warrior, thus, they had a thought of hope that Yi Tian Mo could help protect them.

However, Shi Yan was from the Yang family. And, the Yang family and the three G.o.ds Sect had a conflict since long ago. Though these people still had the intentions in asking for Shi Yan's help although they knew that there was not a lot of hope in doing so. But, the situation now was very urgent and dangerous. Time was of the essence. If they continued waiting, the situation would become more perilous. That was why they finally decided to ask Shi Yan directly.

Shi Yan sat quietly while deliberately drinking tea. His eyes swept over Yi En and his people with a calm face.

After Yi En had told him of the current situation, Shi Yan obviously understood what they wanted. They all displayed a sincere look while waiting for Shi Yan's decision.

Right at this moment, a small hand was suddenly placed on his thigh, gently fondling his thigh and slowly moving towards his privates…

Shi Yan was shaken, feeling that his winkie was now erected and felt extremely pleasurable. He couldn't help but bow his head and slightly utter a sound. He then turned his head around to glance at LinDa who was sitting next to him.

LinDa bowed her head with her flushed face and didn't dare to look at Shi Yan. But her small hand didn't stop moving either, instead, it continued stroking his winkie, bringing him a wonderfully mesmerizing sensation.

Yi En, Wu Ke and all the other people in front of him were intensely looking at him with begging faces.

He didn't expect that LinDa dared to stroke his winkie in front of the other people. But, this brought him a great feeling of pleasurable satisfaction.

Under the other's scrutinized eyes, Shi Yan's eyes were half closed as if he was knitting his eyebrows to think. But, in fact, he was quietly enjoying …

This girl … was really daring.

A smiling look beamed out from the corner of his mouth but he still didn't say anything yet. He knew LinDa's intentions but wasn't in a hurry to expose his att.i.tude; instead, he continued to enjoy himself.

"This…" Yi En didn't know of his daughter's deed. He was waiting in silence. However, after a while, as Shi Yan still said nothing, he couldn't be anymore patient and was about to ask Shi Yan again.

Suddenly, Shi Yan's erected winkie was then tightly squeezed by LinDa's small hand.

"Ah!" He felt a little pain and couldn't help but scream out a soft sound. Secretly blaming the girl for treating it too hard.

As he knew that LinDa was impatiently anxious, Shi Yan pretended that he was contemplating a little bit, softly dry coughed and then said with a smile, "This is simple. I will find some people to help you solve this problem. Since you want to leave the Snow Dragon Island, I will help you manage it for a while.

Yi En's eyes brightened.

Wu Ke hadn't originally been very amicable with Shi Yan, but right now, he was also very excited, suddenly stood up and smilingly said, "Are you willing to help us?"

"Just a small thing." Shi Yan smiled wickedly, glancing at LinDa on his side, implicating that he had fulfilled her wish.

Gu LinDa's face glowed, let out a sigh but still didn't dare to raise her head. Her hand continued moving, stroking his winkie more devotedly as if she wanted to pay back what he had done for them.

"Ah, the Kyara Sea has been invaded. How about the Evil Wonderland and the Xia Family?" Shi Yan both enjoyed and asked.

"After the Yang family had disappeared, the Xia Family was still being crushed by the Evil Wonderland. When the Yang family had lost, the Xia family also got nothing, many of their islands were also invaded. The head of the Xia family's former generation became mentally ill and never showed up. Thus, the Evil Wonderland became more and more defiant. They even had the intentions to evict the Xia family out of the Kyara Sea."

This time, Wu Ke stood up and smilingly explained to Shi Yan what was happening there. He seemed to understand well of the situation at the Kyara Sea.

The Evil Wonderland originally wanted to take advantage of the marriage between Xie Kui and Xia Xinyan to tie up the Xia family into their battle. Xia Xinyan still persistently closed the door to cultivate, which was an excuse for the Xia family to delay the marriage. Eventually, the Evil Wonderland started to be impatient and offended the Xia family constantly.

Before the Demon Dwellers' intrusion, the Xia family's power at the Kyara Sea had already been decreased a lot.They were too far away to be the Evil Wonderland's match.

After the Demon Dwellers had invaded, the Xia family knew that they could hardly resist the Demon Dwellers. As the family's forces had been greatly lost, the Xia's decisively retreated as soon as the Demon Dwellers arrived.

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Before many more of the Demon Dwellers' warriors came, the Xia family had left everything at the Kyara Sea and wisely advanced towards the Hengluo Sea, and temporarily stayed in some of the islands in the middle of the Gu family and the Evil Wonderland.

Thanks to the Xia family's discernment, their people could then be able to avoid the great oncoming disaster, limited their losses and conserved the number of warriors. Only the unconcerned outer forces had been left behind at the Kyara Sea.

The Evil Wonderland was different.

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After the Yang family's disappearance and Xia family's depression, their forces ferociously expanded. They then became the First Dominator of the Kyara Sea with a number of resourceful islands much more than the number of islands that the Yang family had possessed before.

Even though the Demon Dwellers had come, they didn't want to leave behind their a.s.sets at the Kyara Sea, which they had been fighting hard to acquire.

So, the battle finally had to happen.

The Evil Wonderland then quickly realized the Demon Dwellers' terrifying strength. It only took about three months for those Demon Dwellers to entirely destroy the Evil Wonderland and slaughter more than half of the Evil Wonderland's warriors.

When the two Demon Masters under Bo Xun went to the Evil Wonderland together, it meant that the Evil Wonderland was done.

Facing the overwhelming forces of the Demon Dwellers, the head of the Evil Wonderland had a decision that made the entire forces of the Kyara Sea feel disgraced.

The Evil Wonderland had surrendered.

After that, the Evil Wonderland became one of the Demon Dwellers' forces, turned into their hounds, disclosing all the information and arrangements of the Kyara Sea's forces as well as their long-term understanding about all the warriors of the Kyara Sea.

Holding the Evil Wonderland in their hands as well as having a thorough understanding of the Kyara Sea, the Demon Dwellers at the Kyara Sea then harvested an abundance of resources, which couldn't be found anywhere else, their strengths then increased extremely fast. Many of the Demon Dwellers then had consequently broken through the realms with booming forces. Their abilities were then enhanced with every single pa.s.sing day.

"The Evil Wonderland is so shameful." Shi Yan's face was serious, cold light beamed out from his eyes. "These disloyal people, as they have betrayed us before, they can certainly betray the entire Kyara Sea!"

After clearly knowing the current situation of the Kyara Sea from Wu Ke, Shi Yan somehow felt satisfied.

"Your three clans should start preparing to leave. When you are ready, some of my people will come and help you." After contemplating for a while, Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows looking at Yi En and Wu Ke. "I will keep my words. Ah, remember to bring all of the ordinary residents of the Snow Dragon Island."

"Understood." Yi En and Wu Ke nodded.

"You guys can leave to prepare now." Shi Yan waved his hand with his impatient face.

LinDa had already sat decently again without moving her hand anymore, just her face was still flushed, which looked very charming and mesmerizing.

As Yi En and Wu Ke had gotten Shi Yan's promise, their faces loosened a little. Their att.i.tude towards Shi Yan was very respectful. They all stood up and left the main hall after Shi Yan's promise.

Before Yi En left, he had given a quick glance at LinDa as if he wanted to know more about the relationship between Shi Yan and his daughter.

From LinDa's blushed face, Yi En seemed to figure out something. He didn't scold at her, but instead, he felt secretly cheerful and fully satisfied.

Yi Tian Mo waited until everyone had left the hall, then slowly stood up and spoke to Shi Yan with a gentle voice, "I am going out to take a walk. If something happens, you just need to call me."

Shi Yan knew Yi Tian Mo had seen LinDa's secretive deed, thus, he asked to have a walk as an excuse to give him more freedom. Therefore, Shi Yan nodded with a smile. "Ok. Bother you again."

"I should do it." Yi Tian Mo turned around and left, disappearing just in a blink.

Shi Yan had reminded Yi Tian Mo of not calling him Master in front of the other people. Yi Tian Mo also felt that this way of addressing Shi Yan sounded a little intimidating, thus he followed Shi Yan's instruction.

"That person is a little strange. The aura from his body is a little different from ours." LinDa said after Yi Tian Mo had left the main hall. Then, she asked with her reddened face, "Did he see what I've just previously done?"

"No." Shi Yan burst into laughter, immediately embraced LinDa, placing her on his thigh, and lightly groaned out, "You have provoked me for so long. Now, this is my turn."

"Hihi,"I am not afraid of you." LinDa's mood and body were then both excited, her watery eyes were full of l.u.s.t.

Shi Yan temporarily stayed with the Kele Clan. He waited for both of the big clans on this Snow Dragon Island to leave and also heard of the Kyara Sea's situation from LinDa. For two and a half years, the biggest incident of the Kyara Sea was the Demon Dwellers' invasion.

When the Demon Dwellers had intruded into the Kyara Sea for real, all the forces of the Kyara Sea just then realized that targeting the Yang family had been such a stupid move.

The cruelty of the Demon Dwellers surpa.s.sed their imaginations. After the Kyara Sea had fallen into the Demon Dwellers' hands, each of Kyara Sea's forces felt extremely insecure. They were afraid that the Demon Dwellers would barge into their Sea on any given day.

Because of their fear of the common enemy, they had then quickly started to unite.

Leaders from every direction had constantly met and discussed with each other to figure out a solution to deal with the Demon Dwellers.

However, conflicts always existed among these forces. Some of them, who were quite far away from the Kyara Sea, had the intentions of letting the other forces act as a buffer in consuming the Demon Dwellers' power, thus they didn't put all of their efforts together in defeating this common enemy.

The starting point was good, but once it was implemented, it exposed many conflicts between them.

Even though having been invaded by the Demon Dwellers, these forces still couldn't change the selfishness of the humankind. They always had a thought that they shouldn't  be the vanguards; instead, they should preserve their strengths and forces. They would never shed tears without seeing a coffin. It was said that the leaders of those forces had always argued and quarreled whenever they had met without finalizing any perfect solutions.

And so on, when they weren't ready yet for their attacks, on the contrary, the Demon Dwellers had already taken action.

At the Kele Clan's place.

Shi Yan was sitting straight on top of the highest floor of a delicate three-floor pavilion. He slowly relaxed his mind and spirit with a secured countenance.

He was studying the magic of the soul of the Demonic Sound Clan.

In the last three days, he had stayed with the Kele Clan. Yi Tian Mo was in charge of protecting him. People of the three big clans here had always been busy, collecting their acc.u.mulating properties, a.s.signing high-cla.s.s warriors to different missions, arranging for ordinary people, etc.

After several times of l.u.s.tful pleasures and having his s.e.xual desires satisfied, Shi Yan and LinDa started to regain their composures.

Having Yi Tian Mo on his side, Shi Yan had chances to ask him about some of the soul's secrets of the Demonic Sound Clan, which he hadn't thoroughly understood before.

Since the incident in the forest when Yi Tian Mo had seen Shi Yan's cruelty, his att.i.tude towards Shi Yan had greatly changed. He seemed to treat Shi Yan more honestly and always devotedly helped him as much as he could regardless of any matters.

Therefore, Shi Yan's perception of the spiritual Upanishads in the Demonic Sound Clan's scriptures had been rapidly improved.

The sea of consciousness then rippled out many waves of the sea, which were like silk fibers, quietly gathered at the host soul's place. The host soul was being wrapped by more and more of the soul consciousnesses. Shi Yan's feelings were then expanded everywhere.

In the sea of consciousness, the five devils had been recently very quiet. After the host soul entered and Shi Yan didn't use any of his negative forces, as the five devils seemed to sense the host soul's repressive force, they didn't dare to have any further reckless actions.

As of now, Shi Yan's soul consciousness constantly kept condensing and gathering at the host soul's place. He vaguely felt that he was able to control the five devils, thus, he suddenly had an idea.

His consciousness started to move towards the host soul and conducted the five devils through the host soul.

Shortly thereafter, strong winds and ma.s.sive waves surged up within the sea of consciousness. The five devils inside of the sea of consciousness turned into five flows of black lights flying out of the sea of consciousness.

A tremendous flow of wicked, crude, desperate aura flowed out from inside of the pavilion.

Five ferocious ten-zhang-tall devils floated around in the sky right above the pavilion. Their bodies shot out fluctuating souls, which then brought the people into everlasting sorrows.

Shi Yan's body suddenly shriveled. Negative forces from the meridians streamed out and then violently poured into the five devils.

Although the five devils' bodies had been originally ambiguous, they now gradually condensed into unknown substances and emitted more and more horrendous aura.

"Master, be careful!" Yi Tian Mo's face changed in fear. He looked at the five devils floating in the air with a stupefied face, and horribly screamed out, "What is this spirit skill? Its aura is very terrifying. This is … this is the soul's power condensing into substances!"

Shi Yan opened his eyes, frigidly looked at the five ferocious devils floating in the sky. He raised his arm and shouted, "Come back!"

The five devils wriggled and seemingly didn't want to go back. However, Shi Yan coldly harrumphed and projected a stream of burning Heaven Flame from his hand.

The five devils that had escaped from the sea of consciousness instantly felt frightened just now, didn't dare to protest again Shi Yan anymore and swayed a little bit before diminishing.

Just in a short time, the five devils again turned into different flows of black lights and disappeared into Shi Yan's body.

Shi Yan took a deep breath. His chilled-to-the-bone eyes were gradually restored to its normal state. He released a sigh after a long while, then said, "I know you are afraid of the Heaven Flame."

Yi Tian Mo also stayed away from him, as he felt a little nervous whenever Shi Yan emitted the Heaven Flame. The Heaven Flame was Yi Tian Mo's fatal nemesis.

Shi Yan retrieved the Heaven Flame in his hand, then said with a smile, "It is just the burning fire of the Thousand Earth Flame. Although this burning fire is tempered by icy objects, still, it is very intimidating. If it was the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, those five devils will be truly terrified. Regretfully, that Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame still cannot be subdued yet."

"Master, are the five living souls that you projected condensed by using the soul power?" Yi Tian Mo asked in fear. "Master, you are only ranked at the Earth Realm. Even with the profound knowledge of the spiritual Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan, it is still difficult for us to perceive it that fast. How can it be so simple just to  rely on the soul power to  condense it into living souls?" Yi Tian Mo still couldn't believe that this fact was true no matter what.

Taking the soul as a conducting object to condense it into living souls was an extremely scholarly spirit skill which had been written down in the secret scriptures of the Demonic Sound Clan. In order to cultivate this spirit skill, besides the highly adept soul capacity, it was necessary to have reached the G.o.d Realm, otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to do so.

Even Yi Tian Mo, who was ranked at the First Sky of the Spirit Realm and possessed a profound soul capacity, wasn't able to do so just yet.

Being ranked at the Earth Realm and relying only on some of the Demonic Sound Clan's secret scriptures, Shi Yan already could use the soul power to condense it into living souls. The word 'genius' wouldn't be enough to describe this.

"Did you say the five devils?" Shi Yan was startled, but then explained with a smile, "It isn't related to the spiritual Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan.  Before I had your Demonic Sound Clan's soul secret scriptures, my sea of consciousness had condensed into these five devils."

Yi Tian Mo was shocked with his eyes and mouth wide opened. He looked at Shi Yan as if he was looking at a monster.

After a long while, Yi Tian Mo let out a sigh and respectfully said, "Luckily, I've made a right decision. If we had killed you in the first place, I think our Demonic Sound Clan would have disappeared altogether from this world."

Yi Tian Mo was a little frightened.

Shi Yan stood up while waving his hand, implicating that he didn't mind it. After he felt that the five devils weren't restless anymore, he immediately walked to the window, looked down at Yi En's people of the Kele Clan gathering there and said hastily, "I am very sorry. An unexpected thing happened while I was cultivating. Now, everything is alright. You guys don't need to be worried any further."

All the Kele Clan's people looked pale. They were so frightened that even their hearts were trembling.

These people, who only had normal cultivation base or didn't even know how to use any of the spirit skills, had suddenly realized some horrifying commotions that appeared on the floor where Shi Yan was staying. They had even thought that the Demon Dwellers had already come. If the five devils hadn't disappeared in time, they wouldn't have even dared to move any closer to the pavilion like this.

Yi En was standing from a distance. After hearing Shi Yan's words, he wiped his sweat away, immediately clasped his hands towards Shi Yan and said, "Alright. So, I won't bother you anymore."

After finishing his words, Yi En signaled for his people to leave. They all left instantaneously.

"Master, I would like to request the advice from you about the secrets in condensing those living souls." Waiting until everyone had left, Yi Tian Mo contemplated for a while before asking with a little embarra.s.sment. "I have also recently studied this. Regretfully, there have been no improvements. I am very curious; your five devils had been formed based on what?"

"From different negative feelings inside of me." Shi Yan frowned and didn't hide or clarify it either.

"Negative feelings?" Yi Tian Mo was amazed. "These negative feelings can be reinforced through cultivations? I haven't heard about this before. Master, can you constantly increase negative forces so that the condensed five living souls can also keep being intensified?"

"Theoretically, it should be so." Shi Yan nodded.

Yi Tian Mo's eyes lit up a strange light. His face then became very eccentric.

"What?" Shi Yan felt a little bit weird with Yi Tian Mo's expressions. "Is it very strange to do so? I feel that it was just a normal occurrence."

Yi Tian Mo took a deep breath, he then said frighteningly after a while, "Master, really … you are such a breathtaking genius. I really admire you now. Even though I can't figure it out yet, but your ability is something that ordinary people like us are not able to understand indeed."

"What is it after all?"

"Only the G.o.d Realm warriors who can condense living souls are able to constantly enhance themselves, and that their abilities keep transforming nonstop." Yi Tian Mo stared at Shi Yan with his bizarre sparkling eyes, speaking clearly word by word.

Shi Yan looked as if he had been dramatically shaken. After that, he beamed out a smile from the corner of his mouth. He rubbed his head while speaking, "Hahaha, my ability is not too bad after all."

Until now, he just understood the frightening aspects of this spirit skill of the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind. It was indeed the spirit skill from the Blood Vein Ring, which could really shock the others.

Yi Tian Mo had seemingly wanted to explain something more, but he suddenly frowned and closed his eyes.

A feeble fluctuating soul spread out on Yi Tian Mo's body entirely. A flow of a new soul slowly came in from far away, wrapping around Yi Tian Mo's body, quietly communicating with him.

Closing his eyes, Yi Tian Mo sensed it for a while, and then suddenly said, "Ka Ba and the other people are encountering some troubles. Several warriors have appeared at their place. They've found out Ka Ba. It seems they even know of your human girls. Ka Ba asks for your opinion if he should kill them."

"They know the girls?!" Shi Yan was startled. His mind flickered right away, he was sure that those people should be the warriors from the Kyara Sea. After contemplating a little bit, Shi Yan directly commanded, "Regardless of whom they are, just arrest them first. The appearances of the Wings Race and ours are very different. If they spread out the rumors, there will be a lot of unwanted troubles."

"Understood." Yi Tian Mo nodded, closed his eyes and transmitted the message to the other end.

At this time, Yi En suddenly appeared again. He stood ten meters away from Shi Yan and said, "I've just been informed that some people have come to help us. They are people from the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land. As they are on their way to the headquarter of the Three G.o.ds Sect to discuss some important matters, they have been also a.s.signed to help us."

"The Gu family? The Heaven Lake Divine Land?" Shi Yan's face was strange. "When will they come?"

"I've heard that they will arrive today. Hahaha, so, thank you for your good will, my good boy. I don't think we need to bother you anymore." Yi En said all of a sudden.

"No need to bother me?" Shi Yan was joyful. "It cannot be better. You should wait for them to help you then. I also feel less worried."

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