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On the reef, Shi Yan was quietly listening to Cao Zhi Lan's explanations. "The Snow Dragon Island is just an island of the Hengluo Sea. There are plenty of reefs around this island. In the legend, those reefs seem to be an ancient formation of Nature. The Cao family had a formation master who used to go there. From the sky, he looked down at the reefs underneath and said that those reefs are somehow like an ancient Portal Formation.

"However, this is just a speculation. Although he had been studied it for a long time, he couldn't find out any clue. But in the legend, hundreds of years ago, some boats of warriors sailed across this reef area and went missing incomprehensively, totally disappeared later on. Reefs around that island keep some mysterious secrets indeed."

Cao Zhi Lan said gently, explained Shi Yan the situation of the Snow Dragon Island's surrounding area. She seemed to be very familiar with the Kyara Sea's secrets. Even a bizarre area of that small island could not escape from her dharma eyes.

After listening, Shi Yan slightly nodded but did not have any further thought.

It was obvious that the speculation of the Cao family's formation master was correct. This area did have an ancient formation, otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to come here directly from the abandoned land in the Chasm Battlefield.

"I know."

Shi Yan thought for a while and nodded to Yu Rou. You Rou revealed a faint smile, grabbed Cao Zhi Lan and brought her away.

Not long after that, Yu Rou stood next to Shi Yan again. "Master, are we heading to the Snow Dragon Island?"

"Yeah." Shi Yan nodded, talking to Yu Rou and Di Shan with a light smile, "Your Clans will bring the Demonic Sound Clan's pagans who cannot fly. We'll go to the Snow Dragon Island to find a place to rest. Wait until I understand more the situation of the Kyara Sea, then I'll consider what to do next."

"Yes." Di Shan and Yu Rou spoke up at the same time. After that, they started discussing with Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng, and Ka Ba.

Yu Rou quickly walked to Shi Yan grabbing him and said, "Everything is settled. The destination is clear too. We can go now. Let me bring you with me."


Yu Rou stepped forward with a smile, stretched her flawless white arm grabbing Shi Yan's arm, extending her wings widely and soared up.

Many of the Wings Race's pagans were a little involuntary when they were commanded to bring the Demonic Sound Clan's people along.  All the Wings Race's pagans had wings and flying ability that they did not need to use any boats. Thousands of Demonic Sound Clan's and Wings Race's pagans started to fly towards the Snow Dragon Island.

"How about the Gray Wings Clan?" Shi Yan contemplated for a moment while being brought along by Yu Rou. He then frowned and said, "Duo Long is dead, Han Long was dead in my hand as well. Maybe many people of the Gray Wings Clan have already known I've killed Han Long. Right now, the Gray Wings Clan has no leader. Will something bad happen?"

Yu Rou slightly laughed and said, "No worry. Although Duo Long is dead, Di Shan and I have found a new leader for the Gray Wings Clan. His name is Duo Mou, Duo Long's young cousin. He also has the Second Sky of the Sky Realm cultivation. Duo Long and Duo Mou always had conflicts. In the Gray Wings Clan, Duo Long always tyrannized Duo Mou. As Duo Long is dead now, plus, Di Shan and I have made some arrangements, Duo Lou has easily become the patriarch of the Gray Wings Clan. Regarding matters about you, we will find a good time to tell him. There will be no problem."

"Thank you." Shi Yan lightly smiled. "I know without your great help, Di Shan would not be that obedient, and other three people would not sincerely yield. Without you, when we were in the mountain, I could have been killed by Yi Tian Mo's group."

"Hahaha." The matriarch of the White Wings Clan gently laughed. "Helping you is actually helping our two tribes, for the future of two tribes. Reality has proven that my speculation is right. If it was not because of you, our two tribes definitely couldn't have got out of that abandoned land alive nor seen this gorgeous starry sky."

You Rou raised her head looking up at the starry sky. Her charming face was full of desires, "This starry sky just appeared in our dreams before. I've thought that I would have never seen this for my whole life …"

"Why did you put your great efforts to help me?" Shi Yan stretched his hand and quietly held Yu Rou's white, soft hand, gently rubbed a circle on it, slightly lifted a corner of his mouth, and said to her with a smile, "Did you fall in love with me?"

Yu Rou's beautiful face reddened, her watery eyes glanced at Shi Yan. She mildly smiled and said, "You didn't even do anything with those girls yet. So, now you are trying to do something with me?"

Shi Yan got amazed, immediately forced a smile and said, "As chance hasn't come yet, so I keep them for now. I will not take them if it's not the right time. Wait until a suitable time, I will swallow all of them at the same time. But you are different …"

Yu Rou burst out laughing, then said gently, "Although I've made you my Master, you are still not truly strong enough. So, I hardly contented myself with yielding. Ah, want me to completely submit to you, haha, … you are still far away …"

"I am trying."

Shi Yan's mood was very good. He felt cheerful and comfortable talking to this beautiful and delicate woman.

In the early morning.

Thousands of pagans quietly landed inside a forest in the south of the Snow Dragon Island, where human footprints were hardly seen. Before arriving, Yi Tian Mo had released his soul consciousness to explore around. He realized that there was no humankind in this place except for some low-cla.s.s beasts.

After having arrived, these pagans did not hurry to leave. Instead, they were waiting for their leaders' instructions.

In a place deep inside the forest, under an ancient ten-meter-high tree, Shi Yan took the Sky-breaking Shuttle out of the Blood Vein Ring, fondled it and quietly sent his investigating forces into it.

Profound Qi rolled in ma.s.sively, but it was like stones sank into the bottom of the sea as there was not a single reaction arising. The Shuttle didn't have any transformation.

After Shi Yan got bewildered for a while, he continued to release his soul consciousness to check again. This time, his soul consciousness rushing into the Shuttle was like it was being trapped in a swamp. Still no information or anything abnormal.

In the legend, the Sky-breaking Shuttle had the power that could break all kinds of shelters. But, if it was impossible to find out how to use it, it was not more than a useless object.

As the Profound Qi and his soul consciousness didn't work, Shi Yan was helpless. He called the five leaders, then gave the shuttle to Di Shan and said, "You come and take a look to see if there is anything special."

Di Shan frowned and took the Sky-breaking Shuttle. He also released his sensing forces for a while before shaking his head and said, "Our Wings Race doesn't have an innate ability with spirit treasures. I haven't seen anything special nor knowing how to use it."

After saying, Di Shan threw Yi Tian Mo the shuttle. "You take a look. I've heard you've studied some stuff related to this. Perhaps you can find out something."

Yi Tian Mo caught the Sky-breaking Shuttle, gradually closed his eyes, and slowly sent his powerful soul into the shuttle.

Yi Tian Mo's expression was getting more and more serious. He seemed to find out something. He poured more of his soul power into it.

Shi Yan's eyes brightened with hope.

After a while, Yi Tian Mo slowly retrieved his soul power, which had been released, then slightly let out a deep breath and said to Shi Yan, "Master, it carries Spirit Gear. It hides very deep inside and doesn't want to communicate with me. Even though I can preclude the Spirit Gear, once the Spirit Gear is destroyed, this spirit treasure will immediately become useless."

Shi Yan was surprised, took back the Sky-breaking Shuttle with a forced smile, and murmured. "That's not good. I don't know how to use it. Really not good …"

"Master." Di Shan suddenly shouted with a light tone, his eyes lit up a little bit as if he just remembered something.

"What?" Shi Yan raised his head.

"Immortal Blood of the Immortal G.o.d King's descendants should have special influences with some objects. The owner of this treasure was dead so it's become ownerless. If Master drop your blood on it, perhaps you can find out something. Anyway, your blood is far different from that of an ordinary human." Di Shan said with a low voice.

Shi Yan got dazed but then his eyes gradually brightened up.

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He'd heard about this from the Ice Cold Flame. Immortal Blood had some peculiar effectiveness, and restoring treasures was one of them. Although he couldn't refine his blood and turn it into the Immortal Blood, his blood was still quite special. Perhaps he could really make this Sky-breaking shuttle transformed.

"I'll try it."

Shi Yan contemplated a little bit, then laughed grimly and bit his fingertips until it bled. Each drop of his blood dripped on the Sky-breaking Shuttle.

Unexpectedly, each drop of his fresh blood dripping down on the Sky-breaking Shuttle was absorbed completely like they were falling down on a sponge.

After having absorbed all of Shi Yan's blood, it gradually glowed, radiating a faint yellow halo as if it was reviving little by little.

Shi Yan's face was shaken. He bit his fingertips again before the wounds on them could be healed. More and more drops of blood dripped down.

While the Sky-breaking Shuttle greedily absorbed Shi Yan's blood, it was getting more luminous. After ten drops of blood disappeared inside it, Shi Yan retracted his arm and looked at the wounds on his fingers which were healing gradually. After that, he stretched his hand out again, touched the Sky-breaking Shuttle, and poured profound Qi into it.

The Sky-breaking Shuttle suddenly burst out a dazzling yellow light. Inside of this blinding light emitted a flow of powerful forces that twisted the s.p.a.ce around.

Shi Yan hastily retrieved profound Qi in fear and surprise. He took a deep breath and sent his soul consciousness into the shuttle.

"Your cultivation base is too low, so you can't use me now. Wait until you reach the Nirvana Realm, then you can come and talk to me." A flow of feeble consciousness came out from the Sky-breaking Shuttle all in a sudden. "My soul is also very weak. It needs time to recover. I have to sleep now. When you reach the Nirvana Realm, come and wake me up. Goodbye."

The communication ended.

Shi Yan was amazed. His soul consciousness flew a few more rounds but couldn't get anything else.

After a long while, he could do nothing but retrieve his soul consciousness. He beamed a forced smile, shook his head and said, "Such a weird Spirit Gear …"

"What happened?" Yu Rou asked gently.

"The Spirit Gear said that my cultivation base is too low, and that don't wake it up unless I reach the Nirvana Realm."

"Ah, this proves one thing. At least this Spirit Gear has accepted your status. When Master reach the Nirvana Realm and have stronger forces, you will be able to use this peculiar treasure. This is very normal. It's obvious that inadequate cultivation base could not use anomalous treasures." Yu Rou said with a smile.

"Nirvana Realm …" Shi Yan mumbled to himself with a low tone, "Not too far to reach anyway. Now, just leave it aside."

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