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The moon shone like a shining silver tray and the stars twinkled in the sky.

Human heads emerged from the placid sea surface one by one like watermelons floating on the sea, scattering everywhere.

The chilled waves were lapping. There were no islands around, only huge reefs that were like enormous horns that jutted out from the water in the middle of the sea.

Shi Yan stood on one reef, looking up to the sky. He curled his lips revealing a silent smile.

They had finally returned.

The presence of the stars and the moon in the sky meant that this place was not that abandoned gloomy unlighted land. No matter where this was, being able to see the stars in the sky and feel the energies that radiated from those stars was so welcoming to him.

Energies of numerous stars from the sky quietly poured in and gathered into the Star Martial Spirit in his heart. He did not know how to make the most use of this martial spirit yet, but he knew that the Star Martial Spirit was extraordinary. Especially after he had absorbed the Sun Refined Spirit, he somehow felt that the Star Martial Spirit had a great transformation.

He could not clearly describe that transformation but he knew it was marvelous, which had been added to the Star Martial Spirit's wonder.

His spirit was gradually immersed into the Blood Vein Ring. The consciousnesses of the Ice Cold Flame and the Thousand Earth Flame were promptly sent out to ask for his opinions.

"It's ok." Shi Yan replied. While he was investigating in silence, he realized the s.p.a.ce where the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was being confined was exactly similar to the setup of the seal inside the Sound Beast Mountain. The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, neither its aura nor its surge soul, was still impounded inside of the huge crystal chunk.

Shi Yan could see it but couldn't sense its living aura, except for his peculiar feelings about the flame.

When the Ice Cold Flame had been confined by the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan could still sense and communicate with it. Although he could not use its forces, he clearly felt its aura and icy energies.

But, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was different.

It seemed that the Blood Vein Ring was very careful with it, hiding all of its aura and soul. When Shi Yan's spirit entered the Blood Vein Ring, he could only see it but was impossible to have any interactions with it.

After slowly retrieving his spirit, Shi Yan stood on the reef, observing around with his knitted eyebrows.

On the sea, the pagans of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race slowly rose above the water. They all found something to cling onto and stand up.

Reefs were everywhere nearby. They easily found a place to rest upon.

Those pagans from the abandoned land were insanely happy after they firmly stood on the reefs. They cheerfully looked up at the starry sky and kept praising.

The sparkling stars and the shining moon were something they'd never seen before.

Those pagans had been placed in confinement for countless years. When they raised their heads looking up towards the sky, they instinctively felt emotional as if they were now alive again. Many of their eyes were filled with tears.

Even the pagan leaders Di Shan, Yu Rou, and Yi Tian Mo couldn't help but sob as well. When they looked up to the starry sky, their bodies trembled, and impossibly restrained their emotions.

Very long after that, the five leaders quietly held back their emotions, flew and gathered beside Shi Yan.

"We are eventually here …" Yu Rou's voice was full of sensation. "Having been confined for so many years, we've always known that this world is very beautiful. Yet, that starry sky still brings us so many emotions. Master, we are really grateful to you."

With his slightly knitted eyebrows, Shi Yan contemplated for a while before saying, "I don't know about your ancestors' guidance, but I am not familiar with the way you are addressing me."

"What?" Yu Rou was a bit startled, then said with a smile, "According to the ancestors' guidance, you are our two tribes' Master. From now on, your commands are the truth. Isn't this respectful address good?"

"Just call me by my name." Shi Yan shook his head. "Besides, I don't have the intention of constraining your two tribes too much. You can freely do whatever it is that you want. I don't care about your ancestors' guidance, and I don't think I am qualified enough to lead the two tribes to acquire some earth-shaking achievements."

The five leaders looked at him with surprise.

Any warrior who had the wicked intentions of subduing the two tribes would never give up this chance. Why did he say something like that? Did he actually not care about these forces?

"As we've made a vow, regardless of what you think, you are still our Master." Unexpectedly, Yi Shan was the one who had had the biggest resistance before, but now he seriously said with a low voice, "The ancestors' guidance is something we have to follow. As long as you are still alive, we will have to obey your commands."

"Master, although your cultivations are not too strong, we do believe you will surely become a top-cla.s.s warrior of this continent just in a short time. With your innate abilities, you will enter the True G.o.d Realm sooner or later, even possibly reaching the King G.o.d Realm." Yu Rou's eyes lit up a strange light. "Therefore, we believe our Master will lead us to a bright future as our two tribes have wished for."

"Master, you have three kinds of Heaven Flames, the bloodline of the Immortal G.o.d King, the tremendous innate abilities, as well as the knowledge of using the Demonic Sound Clan's spiritual Upanishads. In addition, you also seem to have a terrifying giant sword, which emits a horrifying aura that can even frighten me. No matter what, Master's future will be very glorious. Our longevity is very long, we can wait until the day when you  become the most magnificent warrior." Di Shan slightly said.

The faces of the other three Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng were also serious.

Shi Yan got dazed, then he shook his head and smiled miserably after a while, "I don't know what you are thinking. But right now, I will give you one more chance."

After taking a deep breath, Shi Yan looked towards the Demonic Sound Clan's pagans and said, "I will make myself clear. I really don't have the intentions of ruling over your two tribes. I've cooperated with you just to find the way to come back here, nothing else. As of now, our cooperation is done. You are free to leave and you don't need to care about me. I will not bind you. You can consider it by yourselves. I've never wanted to constrain anyone."

The three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan hadn't been volunteered before and had been forced by Di Shan and Yu Rou to make the vow. Shi Yan knew that those three people were very arrogant, and the murderous impact of their strong souls on the human society. Keeping these kinds of people close to oneself would have been like a ticking time bomb. If it was not used well, it would explode and kill oneself. Shi Yan understood himself very well. Although he had knowledge about the spiritual Upanishads, it was still far less than that of those three people. Before thoroughly understanding their intentions, he shouldn't be too close to them.

Yi Tian Mo beamed out some strange lights as if he was carefully considering something. Di Shan and Yu Rou looked at him with serious faces without saying anything.

Ka Ba and Ya Meng were a little hesitant. They knew that Yi Tian Mo was the most insidious one, his eyes were also very vicious. Thus, they were all waiting in silence for his opinion.

"I've made my vow, so I would not change." Yi Tian Mo spoke up after a long while. "Master, don't worry. From now on, I sincerely consider you my Master without any disloyal intentions because I also have the same belief with Di Shan's and Yu Rou's. Master, you will certainly be a well-known and great hero. We will not have to suffer disadvantages if we follow you."

As soon as those words were being spoken, Ka Ba and Ya Meng's faces were as if they were in shock. After contemplating for a while, the two of them determinedly nodded.

"If you insist like that, I have nothing else to say." Shi Yan slightly nodded after thinking a little bit. "Although I don't have any intention to rule your two tribes, I would not say anything more if you keep insisting on putting yourselves in my hands."

Splash splash splash

From far away, some more people were rising out of the sea. This was the last group.

While talking to Ka Ba and Ya Meng, Shi Yan suddenly glanced at the far distance. His eyebrows instantly knitted tightly.

Those people were of Cao Zhi Lan's group from the Kyara Sea. They were the last ones after the pagans of the Wings Race and the Demonic Sound Clan climbing on the Heaven Stairways. Thus, they had appeared last.

The end of the Heaven Stairway, which was the dazzling point of lights where everyone had just gotten in, was this rocky area.

Until now, Shi Yan still did not know what area of the Kyara Sea that this place belonged to. But as to what he felt, this place was surely a part of the Kyara Sea.

"Master, those people are your enemies. How should we handle them?" A cruel light beamed out from his eyes. "Do you want to …?" said Yi Tian Mo.

"Just watch them for now. Keep them, as they are still useful." Shi Yan shook his head. After thinking for a while, he suddenly pointed to Cao Zhi Lan and gently ordered, "Bring her to me."

Yu Rou revealed a smile and flew away. After just a blink, she was already besides Cao Zhi Lan. She grabbed the folds of Cao Zhi Lan's clothes and brought her to Shi Yan.

"Do you know where this is?" Shi Yan frowned and asked with a low voice.

He knew Cao Zhi Lan was not the same as the others. She had a lot of treasures, and was also very familiar with the Kyara Sea. That was why he had asked her.

Cao Zhi Lan indeed didn't disappoint him. Under his attentive look, Cao Zhi Lan took out a deep blue crystal ball. Knitting her eyebrows, she stared at that crystal with her beautiful sparkling eyes, carefully checked before shouting astonishingly, "The Hengluo Sea!"

"The Hengluo Sea!" Shi Yan's face changed slightly. He said while still being startled, "How come this is the Hengluo Sea. The entrance of the Chasm Battlefield in the Sky Sea is very far from here. It's really weird. How come we have arrived in the sea area of the Three G.o.ds Sect?!"

Cao Zhi Lan also felt strange, shaking her head implicating that she did not know either. She paused for a while before saying, "This is really weird. I don't know how or why… perhaps it would be related to the Snow Dragon Island nearby. There are also some eccentric places surrounding that island …

"Snow Dragon Island." Shi Yan's face displayed his emotions. He suddenly remembered a girl letting loose her bottom-length hair. That year, after he had escaped from the ice of the Ice Cold Flame, on the way to the Kyara Sea, he used to sit on a small boat of the Three G.o.ds Sect, where he had met a girl.

Her family was in this Snow Dragon Island.

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