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Make you my Master!

The three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan bowed their heads in front of Shi Yan. Although they were not very pleased, they still did it.

From this moment, the destiny of the Demonic Sound Clan was in Shi Yan's hands.

Di Shan and Yu Rou gave them a despised glance with a smirk on their faces as if they had already known in advance that these three people of the Demonic Sound Clan could not have avoided Shi Yan's intimidation.

Shi Yan was like he got lost in the misty cloud, showing his daze, feeling like he was in a dream while looking at the three leaders of Demonic Sound Clan

Is it that simple?

No resistance, no bargain, no discontent … Those three leaders just simply submit like that?!

Revealing a big grin, Shi Yan said to the three leaders with a joyful face, "Are you serious?"

The three of them Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng nodded reluctantly, as they were content with Shi Yan's status.

"Very good. I think we've all come to an agreement." Di Shan said with his knitted eyebrows, "Only we know about this. Wait until the right time to tell the others. I think our people will not understand our decision and persistence for now. Only when our Master becomes truly more powerful, they will then accept him as their Master."

Di Shan looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan also understood it. He nodded with a smile and said, "I will not talk about it to anyone."

"Everything will be carrying out as usual. Only from now on, everyone needs to follow the rules."

Yu Rou smiled, thought for a while before speaking seriously, "I think the most important thing to do first is to figure out how to get out of this place."

"The Heaven Stairways has appeared. Our way out is just right in front of us." Di Shan raised his head and confidently said, "We can arrange to bring people out of here. We don't need to stay here any longer. But time is tight, we should hurry."

"Master, we'll go and arrange it now." The three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan respectfully asked for permission, looking at Shi Yan and waiting for his approval.

Shi Yan was bewildered. He still couldn't adapt to the sudden changes of those three people. After musing for a while, he reluctantly flipped his hand and said contently, "You should go check and prepare. I don't understand the situation thoroughly right now. Moreover, to be honest, my competencies are still limited and my experience is not as much as yours. You do whatever you think is good and reasonable. Later on, you don't need to ask for my opinions."

After his words, the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan and the two leaders of the Wings Race all got astounded, looking at Shi Yan strangely.

They had a.s.sumed that as Shi Yan just took his accession, as well as being young, ambitious and aggressive, he would definitely have his own thoughts and viewpoints.

He was a young man anyway. The youth always want to show off and usually have many opinions. Of course, he would have to pay for it, but isn't it the way that all of the powerful leaders will grow up and get stronger?

The five of them had been actually well prepared to listen to Shi Yan's opinions before they gave out their viewpoints and showed him the right direction.

However, they did not expect that Shi Yan was that determined, so determined that it seemed he was not really excited about becoming their two tribes' Master.

If this guy were neither so stupid nor confident, after going through too many dangerous incidents, he would have rested peacefully without caring about fame and fortune.

After all, what kind of person was Shi Yan?

"I don't know anything about this place, so I am not able to bl.u.s.ter." Under the stares of those five people, Shi Yan shrugged and revealed a faint smile, "I just want to get out of this place quickly. If you can arrange and finish this soon, I am already appreciated. Anyway, I don't think we have much time left."

As he looked to a further distance, the vast ground was gradually turning into the void.

It was unknown what changes this s.p.a.ce had gone through. However, at this moment, this s.p.a.ce seemed to base on some previous...o...b..t, was vanishing little by little. It had started to completely collapse.

The five leaders got frightened after hearing what Shi Yan had said. They subconsciously looked around without saying anything further. Then, they nodded to Shi Yan and gently leaped up and left.

"Line up. Climb on the Heaven Stairways. Keep going up no matter what you see or hear!"

"This Heaven Stairways is the way leading to the outside world. Hurry up. We can't be late anymore."

"All of the Black Wings Race's people, listen …"

After the five of them left and flew up to the sky, they descended on the place of their clans. They either shouted or commanded their people.

Not long after that, the pagans of the two tribes started to be convulsive. Everyone lined up as commanded.

"That, that is …" Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful face displayed an insecure feeling while she looked towards Shi Yan who was standing alone on the Heaven Stairways far from her. She began to worry if she was to be left behind or not.

Although she could have used the Star Martial Spirit, she still didn't dare to do it recklessly as there were so many Demonic Sound Clan's high-cla.s.s warriors around.

However, she was good at observation. Through the conversation among Di Shan, Yi Tian Mo, and Shi Yan, she somehow figured out something.

Those pagan leaders seemed to respect him very much. Was this possible?

"Father." Yi Cu Bi shouted suddenly, rushing towards Yi Tian Mo.

"What?" Yi Tian Mo frowned annoyedly as he was busy arranging his people.

"What happened?"

"How about them?" Yi Cu Bi pointed towards Cao Zhi Lan and the other warriors of the Kyara Sea in the cage.

"Bring them along or we don't need to care whether they live or die?"

Yi Cu Bi did not like the girls of Cao Zhi Lan's group. As she had extraordinary soul accomplishment, she could easily realize any of the movements inside of their souls. She knew that those girls always considered and planned something ominous.

Since Yi Cu Bi was little, she had been taught that the outsiders were very treacherous, dishonorable, unreasonable, and resentful towards her people. The outsiders were basically her people's enemy.

Yi Tian Mo's teachings made her have no sympathy for the humankind. That was why when she'd found Shi Yan, she immediately captured him without any hesitations.

"They …" Yi Tian Mo could not decide even after considering for a while. He finally had to raise his head towards Shi Yan, who was still on the Heaven Stairways, sending out a flow of his soul sense to ask for his opinion.

Shi Yan was using his soul consciousness to observe everywhere, and suddenly received Yi Tian Mo's soul sense. At first, Shi Yan astonishingly thought that Yi Tian Mo had wanted to quietly harm him, so he urged all his power to defend. But then, he realized that his soul sense was neither wicked nor dangerous.

After sensing that soul sense carefully, he knitted his eyebrow, and instantly loosened himself. He turned to Yi Tian Mo from a far distance and nodded.

Yi Tian Mo understood his thoughts and slightly bent towards Shi Yan. Then, he immediately spoke to Yi Cu Bi, "Bring them along. They alive will still be useful. You are in charge of arranging for them to go on the Heaven Stairways."

Yi Cu Bi felt incomprehensive as she did not expect that her father and Shi Yan had been close like this.

Although having some doubts, she still followed her father's instruction and called Yi Feng and his group.

No one noticed that Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful eyes had suddenly brightened up. Deep inside of the pupils appeared a violent tremor.

The special point of her Star Martial Spirit was that even though she did not put all of her efforts to observe around, with this short distance, she could still realize that Yi Tian Mo's body had transmitted out a feeble soul stream and its direction was, unbelievably, towards Shi Yan.

She saw clearly Shi Yan slightly nodded towards Yi Tian Mo from the distance of thousands of meters. After that, Yi Tian Mo had agreed to spare their lives.

What is it about?

No matter what Cao Zhi Lan had imagined, she couldn't believe the truth she'd just seen with her own eyes.

The leader of the Demonic Sound Clan asked for his opinions?

Is this for reals?

What has happened between them after all?

Cao Zhi Lan's heart was like it was sinking to the bottom of an abyss.

Shi Yan did not see Cao Zhi Lan's expression. He was still standing on the Heaven Stairways which ran up to the cloud, wondering what mighty existence could have imposed such a powerful shelter in this abandoned land.

Chasm Battlefield, the abandoned land, who has created all of these things?

If the fact that I come here is really the predestination, so who is it, who could actually foresee everything?

With numerous doubts in his mind that were not easy to have been removed, Shi Yan wanted to find a clue but couldn't think of anything.

Anyway, he didn't originally belong to this place.

"We are almost done." Yu Rou flapped her white wings and smiled. She came next to Shi Yan delicately and said gently, "Outside of the mountain, it starts to fall down. I think we should climb up. I am really longing, longing to see our ancestral land where there is the sun, the moon, and the stars. I've dreamt about many wonderful things there …"

Yu Rou said those words with full of pa.s.sion and desire. As she was born in this abandoned land, her knowledge since she was little was all about this land, but the desires were always burning inside of her.

Every member of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race had a desire of coming home.

"Ok." Shi Yan revealed a smile. Although Yu Rou didn't explain anything, he knew that the Heaven Stairways had connected straight to the cloud in the sky, which was the way out of this place.

When thinking about this, he let out a sigh of relief. Although he had got the Sky-breaking Shuttle, he still didn't know how to use it.

If he really had to use this Sky-breaking Shuttle to bring the two tribes out of this sorrowful land, he didn't know how long it would have taken.

However, he knew that if he had wanted to discover the secrets of the Sky-breaking Shuttle, he needed time and a lot of spirit strength. But right now, he obviously did not have much time.

While thinking, Shi Yan climbed up to the end of the stairways. He was the first one who stepped on the cloud of the sky.

Yu Rou, the matriarch of White Wings Clan followed him with a light smile, also climbed up to the sky. She stepped up on each of the rocky steps without using any of her flying powers, advancing to the sky.

Shi Yan was in the front, Yu Rou was behind him on the stairways in front of the attentive eyes of thousands of the Demonic Sound Clan's and the Wings Race's pagans. Shi Yan and Yu Rou slowly stepped onto the steps towards the sky. Their figure gradually vanished inside of the bright halo, disappearing from this abandoned land.


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