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Half of a month later.

Three headmen of the Wings Race including Di Shan, Duo Long, and Yu Rou, together with the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan, entered the stone hall where Shi Yan was temporarily staying.

Shi Yan was as calm as water, sitting motionlessly inside of the stone hall. Pan Zhe and the other six warriors of the Kyara Sea were standing in front of him with gloomy faces, disappointing eyes, and a dopey look.

The four girls of Cao Zhi Lan's group were hiding in the stone chamber for a long time without stepping out once.

Shi Yan opened his eyes, welcomed them with a cold face and a frigid smile, "There you are."

Yu Rou nodded and smiled, "How is it going? It's time. I think we should depart at once. How about you? Are you ready?"

Di Shan squinted as his eyes, scanned Shi Yan's body for a while with a complementation.

After two weeks, Shi Yan was only one step away from the Third Sky of the Earth Realm. His mind was stable; refined forces in his body were huge and powerful. Mature composure and confidence radiated from his att.i.tude. It seemed that he was not bothered, even though he was undergoing a dangerous situation.

From what Di Shan had observed, Shi Yan, for sure, was very special. Not only did he have the Immortal Blood, but his body was also unimaginably st.u.r.dy. Together with Shi Yan's heartlessness and cold-blooded behaviors, Di Shan believed that Shi Yan was the sort of a man who would have definitely achieved greatness in the future.

During this time, he had been quietly watching Shi Yan. He had witnessed the warriors from the Kyara Sea become specimens for Shi Yan to experiment his soul studies. Shi Yan's countenance had remained unchanged when his specimens souls had been exploded to death, one by one.

Shi Yan's cruel deeds were actually a good trait in Di Shan's eyes.

"Everything is ready."

Shi Yan slowly stood up, raised his head looking up towards the sky and said, "The Sky and Earth on the Sound Beast Mountain are changing constantly. We should hurry."

After pausing for a little bit, he continued, "Are you ready?"

"We?" Ya Meng surprisingly said, "What should we be ready for? Isn't it only you, who will go there?"

Ka Ba's and Duo Long's expressions were also suspicious.

Duo Long, Yu Rou, and Yi Tian Mo slightly knitted their eyebrow as they seemed to have figured out what Shi Yan had meant.

"Once the shelters at the Sound Beast Mountain are destroyed, the six of you will immediately go in there." Shi Yan contemplated for a moment before speaking seriously, "Certainly, there are some anomalies inside of the Sound Beast Mountain. Maybe the gate leading to the outside world is in there. Once this gate appears, perhaps this land will also have earth-shaking transformations and quickly collapse. It is easy for you to leave, but how about your people? Won't you need to bring any of your properties that you have been saving during the past years?"

Ka Ba's and Ya Meng's complexion had suddenly changed.

"You should prepare. Later, don't blame me for not telling you." Shi Yan neglectfully said, "You'd better bring your people to the foot of the Sound Beast Mountain. When things tragically change, you all should leave at once. If this s.p.a.ce collapses and you still haven't left yet, you've already known what the consequences will be off."

Ka Ba, Ya Meng, and Duo Long did not say anything further, immediately turned around and left hastily with a little panic.

"You …" Shi Yan looked at Di Shan, Yu Rou, and Yi Tian Mo with surprise as they still stayed.

"Don't need you to be worried. I have already prepared, as soon as you leave the city, my people will catch up." Yi Tian Mo said.

"Di Shan and I have planned everything. Once we send out our message, the people of the two tribes will depart at the same time with us. Our Wings Race is quite close to the Sound Beast Mountain. When we arrive there, perhaps our people might have already been there." Yu Rou said with a smile, seemed not to be worried, "Shi Yan, I did not expect that you were that provident. You've known that the termination day of the Sound Beast Mountain is also the day that we have to leave."

"It's obvious." Shi Yan said with a smiley face, looking ahead and continued, "It seems like we have to delay one or two days for Ka Ba and the others to prepare. Whenever they are ready, we can depart right away."

"We can go now." Di Shan seemed a little impatient.

"No need to worry about the other guys. Breaking the shelter also needs some time. Perhaps when you are done with it, they should have already been there."

"So, …" Shi Yan thought for a moment, then said, "That's good."

Shi Yan spoke to Yi Tian Mo while looking at Pan Zhe, the other warriors, and the four frightened girls who were just walking out of the stone chamber, "You help me take them along. They are still useful to me."

Yi Tian Mo raised his eyebrows, and coldly said, "Didn't you need to use these four virgins in order to have prevented your backfire energy?"

Shi Yan nodded, "My fortune is still good. I have not encountered any anomalies while cultivating. However, after breaking the shelter, I don't know if it will occur. That's why I've asked you to help me bring them along. In short, those girls are my possessions. Do you have any problem with that?"

Di Shan and Yu Rou both looked at Yi Tian Mo with a questioning look.

Yi Tian Mo slightly harrumphed then replied with a frigid face, "I will have them come along. Do you have any other requests?"

"None other."

Shi Yan glanced at the four girls then turned to Di Shan, Yu Rou, and said, "We can go now."

"Let's go."

Yu Rou walked over to Shi Yan and placed her white hand on Shi Yan's shoulder. Her snow-white wings flapped slightly; she gently leaped up at the same time and quickly disappeared out of others' sight.

"I'll let you handle these people." Di Shan said to Yi Tian Mo before leaving.

Yi Tian Mo raked over Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe and the others with a somber countenance. His white-gray pupils flared up some strange lights.

Flows of his soul consciousness, one by one, flew out from his eyes, quietly sneaked into their heads.

The way that Yi Tian Mo used his spiritual forces were much more skillful than Shi Yan's. When his soul consciousness penetrated into their souls, even Cao Zhi Lan totally did not realize nor felt it at all.

His soul sensing did not leave any clear traces like Shi Yan's, but it made the others feel as if there were hundreds of worms creeping in, bringing them a great deal of fear.

Cao Zhi Lan, He Qing Man and the others were very insecure. They did not dare to look at Yi Tian Mo, as they did not know what he had wanted to do to them.

A long time later.

Yi Tian Mo deliberately retreated his soul consciousness, coldly harrumphed and said, "You guys follow me."

After having investigated for a while, he discovered that Shi Yan had removed the soul formation technique planted in them. Even inside the four girls' heads, there were no formation technique that bounded their powers.

However, there appeared many mysterious formation techniques which had been placed deeply in the other male warriors' souls that the ordinary people could have had hardly felt them.

The three girls, that included Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and Qi Yan Qing could not have avoided it either.

Shi Yan had also planted the spirit seeds in the three girls' souls. Those three spirit seeds were going to germinate, which meant, that in the future, once they left Shi Yan, Shi Yan's soul consciousness could have been able to sense every single move of theirs.

Only He Qing Man's soul had not been touched.

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Yi Tian Mo could certainly have removed those spirit seeds before they rooted. However, he was worried when he saw Shi Yan again, Shi Yan would not easily let it go, but would have definitely troubled him.

While thinking to himself how cruel Shi Yan was, he leaped up and flew away.

Not long after that, Yi Tian Mo's message was sent to Yi Feng's group. Following Yi Tian Mo's order, they alternatively brought Pan Zhe and the others along, flying up to the sky towards the Sound Beast Mountain.

Inside the Ancient City.

All the Demonic Sound Clan's people started the preparations after receiving their leaders' direct order. Yi Tian Mo's flock were already departing in line out of the city.

Meanwhile, Ka Ba's and Ya Meng's people were very anxious. Under the pressure of their leaders' shouts and urges, they hurriedly packed their stuff, cleaned up their properties in panic. Everything became a mess.

Even though many of the Demonic Sound Clan's people were nervous, confused and busy, all of them had a cheerful face as if they seemed not to realize the danger ahead. The only thing in their minds was that they finally could have returned to their ancestral land.

The three leaders kept putting a lot of good things about their ancestral land into their people's minds. Therefore, every single of them had imagined that the ancestral land to be a holy place where they could have everything; they felt that all of the good things there belonged to them.

At the Sound Beast Mountain, where its peak pierced straight up to the sky.

Numerous Sound Beasts had spread out at every corner. Hundreds, thousands of them were gathering, feeling extremely insecure. They all got out of their caves all in a sudden as if they felt that the danger was coming closer.

Deep in the sky, lightning was striking and the wild wind was growling. All were furious.

Dazzling lightning, one by one, flashed, on and off quickly in the sky. Deep inside of the lightning, many brilliant colorful lights segregated, which were actually the rifts of the time and s.p.a.ce continuum; they contained the tremendous heavenly power that could have eradicated all life.

Any pagans of the Demonic Sound Clan or the Wings Race knew that in the sky above the Sound Beast Mountains' peak, there concealed Heavenly powers, which were capable of destroying any warriors of the True G.o.d Realm. They all knew that the Heavenly power's existence was the warriors' nemesis, that prevented the pagans of the two tribes from ever getting out of this place.

The phenomenal scene in the sky scared the Sound Beasts out of their wits, as well as panicked the two tribes' pagans who were having feelings that a murderous accident could come at any time.


A flow of dazzling Heavenly light suddenly projected from the sky. The Heavenly light was like a giant sickle, striking down straight into the Sound Beast Mountain's peak. As soon as the Heavenly light visibly appeared, a block of hundreds-meter-long ancient stone had been cut off from the Sound Beast Mountain's peak, violently falling down.

Right when the Heavenly light swept over a growling giant Sound Beast, the beast turned into a mist of blood just in a blink, leaving nothing behind. That was an extremely catastrophic death.

Many of the Sound Beasts terrifyingly growled and howled, instinctively retreated into the Sound Beast Mountain. They didn't dare to have stuck their heads out.

While the Heaven was showing its intimidation and mightiness, Shi Yan, who was brought here by Yu Rou, arrived at the foot of the Sound Beast Mountain with a somber face.

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