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In the stone hall, all the imprisoned warriors from the Kyara Sea, who had luckily survived, had cheerful faces, looking towards Shi Yan with grateful eyes.

After Gu Ling Long and Qu Yan Qing knew Shi Yan had saved those warriors from YaJi's hands, their thoughts about Shi Yan had also slightly changed.

However, Shi Yan's eyes still remained emotionless. After telling Yi Cu Bi to bring more food the next time, he turned around and talked to the warriors in the cage, "I have saved your lives. You will just be a little bit less miserable in my hands, but the consequences will be the same."

As soon as listening to what he'd said, the faces of those warriors dramatically changed.

"What do you want?" Gu Ling Long clenched her teeth quietly.

"All of them are in danger, do you really want to kill them all?"

"My cultivation requires some living people. They are just objects for me to cultivate. In my eyes, they are already all dead." Shi Yan coldly laughed and did not say anything further. He deliberately sat down, ignoring the others' vengeful eyes.

His G.o.d consciousness slightly flicked. Shi Yan suddenly stared at one of the skinny warriors from the Gu family in the cage.

Being scrutinized, that warrior's body trembled, suddenly grabbed his head, screaming painfully.

"What have you done to me?"

Shi Yan was motionless, continued enhancing his soul consciousness' force. The soul consciousness had intruded that warrior's brain, moved inside to search for YaJi's soul Formation  Technique.

"Shi Yan, what are you doing after all?" He Qing Man could not stand but shout. She continued, "Everyone boards the same boat, facing the pagan tribes' threats. We should unite to deal with them. Don't you remember the old resentments?"

Qu Yan Qing and Gu Ling Long both criticized him impetuously.

However, it seemed that Shi Yan did not hear them. He focused on using his soul consciousness to encroach the warrior's brain, shifting around to search for his host soul. While exploring his soul's features, Shi Yan was trying to find out where YaJi had originally put his restriction.

During this period of time, thanks to the Demonic Sound Clan's Seven Secret Scriptures, Shi Yan had a thorough understanding about the spiritual Upanishads. And, thanks to this understanding, he could have completely removed the spirit seed which Yi Tian Mo had planted in his host soul and totally escaped from Yi Tian Mo's soul oppression.

After having killed Duo Long, when Yi Tian Mo had arrived at the Ancient City, he had discreetly affected Shi Yan's soul. Yi Tian Mo's soul accomplishment was extremely exceptional. He had silently planted a spirit seed in Shi Yan's host soul without Shi Yan's awareness.

Yi Tian Mo had spared his life because he believed he could have had controlled Shi Yan at any given time through that spirit seed.

In fact, Shi Yan had vaguely speculated that Yi Tian Mo had done something to him but he hadn't been sure.

However, as he had recently had received the Seven Secret Soul Scriptures of the Demonic Sound Clan, after studying day and night, he had gained profound understanding about the different kinds of the magical spiritual Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan. Until then, he had realized he could have had been killed by Yi Tian Mo earlier.

In order to prevent being the other puppets during their critical moments, he still kept studying the essence of the Secret Soul Scriptures of the Demonic Sound Clan.

Eventually, after he had sent his host soul to the sea of consciousness, relying completely on his new perception of the soul, he found the black spirit seed. He then used the force created by the unity of the soul consciousness and the fire force of the Heaven Flame to burn the spirit seed down.

After escaping from the latent danger, which was caused by Yi Tian Mo's spirit seed, Shi Yan suddenly felt that different magical souls of the Demonic Sound Clan were really peculiar and terrifying. To prevent a similar incident from occurring, he needed to perceive the spiritual Upanishads more profoundly. That was why he had the intentions to study it deeper.

If he wanted to have a big improvement on the spiritual Upanishads, relying only on his own will was obviously not enough. Anyway, his knowledge about the spiritual Upanishads were still vague. There were many things that he did not understand thoroughly; and, if he had used himself in conducting the experiments, he would perhaps, negligently have vanished his own soul.

Using others' souls to experiment could help avoid some unforeseen occurrences of his own soul. That was why he had asked for those warriors and Pan Zhe to study further with.

As his soul consciousness got into that warrior's head, Shi Yan's mind slightly moved. His soul consciousness was now divided into ten of millions of flows quickly moving inside of that guy's head to understand his brain's complicated structure first.

After an unknown amount of time, when Shi Yan's soul consciousness in that guy's head gradually got weakened, as soon as his soul consciousness had almost contacted with that warrior's host soul, the warrior's host soul suddenly emitted a spiral wave and exploded.


Shi Yan could clearly sense the violent explosive sound coming out from that warrior.

As soon as the explosive sound echoed, Shi Yan hurriedly retreated his soul consciousness in fear.

"Gu Ke!" Gu Ling Long let out an ear-piercing sound.

As Shi Yan stared at that gaunt warrior with his eye wide open. He could see that that guy's eyes and nose were bleeding. His face was heart-rending as his pupils were enlarged. He was dead.

"Shi Yan, you have done another good deed." Gu Ling Long was like a small tigress showing her fangs and claws, jumping towards Shi Yan. "You have to pay soul for soul. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you is worthy of having  thousands of slashes. You will not have a decent death."

"Get the h.e.l.l out of my way." Shi Yan angrily raised his arm releasing one strike.

Gu Ling Long's pet.i.te body was pushed back by an invisible force. She kept rolling on the ground until hitting the corner of the next stone hall's wall. As she stood up, her face was full of dust with a blowzy appearance. She totally had lost her usual n.o.ble dignity.

"Shi Yan, what you've done is very cruel." Cao Zhi Lan let out a long sigh, shook her head and said, "You could have just killed them directly. Why did you need to torture them, use them as objects for your cultivation? This is really, really …"

"I didn't kill him." Shi Yan laughed coldly, "There was a spirit seed which had been planted by the Demonic Sound Clan in his soul. My soul consciousness had just entered his head, but I hadn't approached his soul yet, and the Formation  Technique suddenly exploded, crushing his soul. The one who has killed him is the Demonic Sound Clan who had activated that Formation  Technique.

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Cao Zhi Lan got bewildered, hesitated for a while before saying, "If you didn't send your soul consciousness into his head, the Formation  Technique would not have been scattered, and he would not have died."

"The consequences are the same. If the Formation  Technique exists and the opponent wants him to die, he won't be able to resist. I've used him as an object for my studies of the spiritual Upanishads. I would perhaps find a way to break the Formation  Technique. Although some people probably have to die, I believe as long as I have a thorough understanding, I will be able to break those Formation  Techniques." Shi Yan harrumphed and then continued, "They will die sooner or later anyway. Dying sooner probably still has a little value, which is actually a lucky thing. Ah, I didn't originally see them as human beings. If you can also think the same way, you will not be so broken-hearted anymore."

After he had finished his talk, Shi Yan no longer cared about Cao Zhi Lan, instead, he continued his studies.

For two days, the four warriors of the Gu family had become Shi Yan's objects for his soul cultivation. Their souls had exploded, till they died one by one.

Gu Ling Long still wanted to risk her life to strike against Shi Yan but Cao Zhi Lan had advised her not to do so.

Gu Ling Long's pretty face was very fierce. She kept screaming and cursing Shi Yan not to have a decent death. She threatened that once she went back to the Kyara Sea, she would have used all sorts of different brutal ways to torture him. Every time that Shi Yan had been irritated because of her words, he angrily tore off a piece of her clothes to teach her a lesson.

Until her snow-white skin was gradually exposed, including her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s, Gu Ling Long was finally frightened enough, but still, she was very angry. She temporarily kept silent, stayed at the side looking at Shi Yan with the intense resentment. Her appearance looked as if she had wanted to devour him whole.

Shi Yan still continued his study on understanding the souls.

His soul consciousness once again intruded the brain of another one of the Gu family's warriors. This time, he divided his soul consciousness into three flows, in which he also added his Spirit Seal. The three flows of the soul consciousness had formed a small soul formation of the Hidden G.o.d Soul, secretly running towards the warrior's host soul within his brain.

The Hidden G.o.d  Soul was a special spirit skill of the Demonic Sound Clan, which used the condensed flows of the G.o.d consciousness one by one to create a miraculous spirit formation. This spirit formation could have then hid all spiritual energies, which the host soul could not have found out about it.

This was a new method that had taken Shi Yan half of a day to have figured out.

Taking advantage of the Demonic Sound Clan's special spirit skill, the three flows of Shi Yan's soul consciousness quietly approached that warrior's soul.

Nothing abnormal happened.

Previously, whenever they'd come here, the Formation  Technique in those warriors' souls had promptly scattered, exploding their souls.

However, this time, the soul force in the Formation  Technique obviously did not discover Shi Yan's soul consciousness. It still hid deeply inside of that warrior's soul without any commotion.

Shi Yan continued using his spirit to control the three flows of the soul consciousness to get into that warrior's soul.  A triangle-shaped soul Formation  Technique, which had hid itself deeply inside, gradually emerged.

This soul Formation  Technique had a triangle shape; its surface was full of dense soul strings like thin silken fibers. Those tangled soul strings then formed a miraculous soul formation, consecutively emitting soul fluctuations, which observed the every move of this warrior's soul.

Shi Yan did not feel strange with the Demonic Sound Clan's spirit skills. He knew that a person who had placed this soul Formation  Technique could also have easily activated it to either make one's soul explode or control one's soul in a short amount of time.

Three flows of the soul consciousness suddenly spread in and violently wrapped that Formation  Technique. The burning fire inside these flows also erupted abruptly.


The soul Formation  Technique, which had been placed by YaJi, under Shi Yan's forces, was completely burned down in no time.

Not long after that, Shi Yan suddenly stared at the warriors of the Gu family in the cage and stolidly said, "The Formation  Techniques in your souls have been dissolved."

Everyone in the stone hall was very surprised at first; their faces were lit up with extreme joy.

"Indeed, only using souls of living people can improve one's knowledge." Shi Yan mumbled in a low voice.

While the other people were crazily happy, he indifferently said, "Actually, I have dissolved the warrior's Formation  Technique in order to replace it with my own Formation  Technique in his head. Right now, I control his life."

"You, b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Gu Ling Long scolded irritatingly.

Shi Yan's expression remained unchanged, cold-heartedly said, "Now, I have to lift all of your Formation  Techniques, and then I will replace them with my own soul Formation  Techniques. After all of these are done, I can be a.s.sured to freely use them as objects for my soul study. Ah, if they are not dead after being used for my soul cultivation, I will perhaps spare those lucky people's lives."

Upon his words , the warrior's eyes, which had just parked with full of hope, now expressed disappointment.

"You are the devil!"

Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing, and even Cao Zhi Lan could not stand but angrily shouted loudly. Their delicate bodies were trembling with extreme resentment.

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