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Giant Stone Ancient City.

Shi Yan and Yu Rou came back together. After that conversation, their relationship had remarkably been changed.

This change was not easy to describe. However, Shi Yan was certain that their relationship was no longer a mere exploitation.

After returning into the Ancient City, Shi Yan walked directly towards the stone buildingwhere Yi Tian Mo stayed to find Yi Cu Bi. He wanted to talk to her.

Yi Tian Mo was instructing Yi Cu Bi about something in the gloomy hall. After being informed about Shi Yan's request, Yi Tian Mo was a little surprised. He hesitated for a while before speaking to Yi Cu Bi, "You go out there and see what he wants. That little rascal is the hope of our two tribes. We will do our best to meet any of his requirements to facilitate his cultivation."

"Yes, father." Yi Cu Bi nodded.

Yi Cu Bi walked out of the hall in a very short time. She stood in front of Shi Yan, asking him with an indifferent face, "What do you want?"

Since Shi Yan had asked the Demonic Sound Clan for Cao Zhi Lan's group of the three females to be the objects for his s.e.xual satisfaction, he became a l.u.s.tful jerk towards all of the clan; even Yi Cu Bi, who at first had had a feeling for him, did not want to see him anymore.

Shi Yan neither cared about how the others thought about him nor blamed Yi Cu Bi for changing her att.i.tude.

"Here, I have 93 Demon Crystal Pearls."

Shi Yan calmly hauled a gray bag from the Blood Vein Ring. He threw it to Yi Cu Bi from a distance and said with a smile, "These beasts' levels are not bad. I know that they will be very useful for the Demonic Sound Clan's cultivation. They are extremely precious  source of support for your advancements."

Yi Cu Bi was bewildered with an amazed expression. She asked, "Why do you give me this many of the Sound Beasts' Demons Crystal Pearls?"

"It is to ask for your help."

"About what?"

"These Demon Crystal Pearls will be exchanged for the human warriors who still survive in YaJi's hands. They are useful to me."

"Warriors?" Yi Cu Bi's pretty face expressed a weird look. Her cold eyes looked at Shi Yan's face attentively, then said, "Are you interested in males as well?"

The delicate body of the matriarch of the While Wings Clan, Yu Rou, slightly shivered. Her eyes raked Shi Yan with an unbelievable look.

She came here with Shi Yan without having known about his intentions. She hadn't expected that Shi Yan had killed so many of the Sound Beasts to harvest the Demons Crystal Pearls in exchange for the other human male warriors' lives.

Thinking about the fact that Shi Yan had asked for Cao Zhi Lan's group before, Yu Rou's false thoughts were inevitable. She lowered her voice with a strange face, "Shi Yan, do you really have those preferences?"

"Ouch …" Shi Yan was dumbstruck for a while before he could understand what was happening. He quickly explained, "Women's thoughts are really complicated. I need those male warriors only for my cultivation, but it is not what you have imagined …"

"When you had asked for those females, you had also said that it was for your cultivations …" Yi Cu Bi coldly said, "I didn't expect that your tastes would have been so fickle. You don't mind neither cold or hot, right or wrong. I have actually underestimated you."

"Shi Yan, you …" Yu Rou's eyes displayed a disgusting look; she proactively moved several meters away from Shi Yan. It seemed she had wanted to say something but kept silent at the end.

"d.a.m.n it, it is not as what you think." Shi Yan beamed a forced smile. "I need those male warriors for a different purpose. Can you please have some pure thoughts?"

"Why don't you go find YaJi by yourself?" Yi Cu Bi frowned, temporarily believing Shi Yan's explanations. She continued,  "With these Demon Crystal Pearls, he will  certainly be happy to have had done some business with you."

"That little rascal has a deep hatred for me. I am afraid he won't listen to any of my reasonings." Shi Yan revealed a faint smile, and spoke to Yi Cu Bi, "That's why I have to bother you in delegating this task to you."

After those words, he did not say anything further. He turned around walking towards the stone building which temporarily belonged to him.

Yi Cu Bi was stunned. With her doubts, she held the bag of the Demons Crystal Pearls and went into the hall.

After only taken a few steps, Yi Tian Mo suddenly appeared in front of her and asked, "Cu Bi, what did that little rascal want to see you for?"

Yi Cu Bi briefed him the story that had just happened. After listening, Yi Tian Mo contemplated as strange light sparked in his eyes. Not long after that, Yi Tian Mo's eyes were brightened. He mumbled softly, "Could it …"

"What happened?" Yi Cu Bi surprisingly asked. "Father, do you know what he wants?"

"No, nothing. You should visit YaJi and do the exchange. I will find out what he wants later." Yi Tian Mao frowned, he felt a bit surprised and somehow he seemed to have figured something out.  Impossible! Could that little rascal actually have perceived the soul Upanishads of the Demonic Sound Clan in just a short time? Does he actually know how to use the Spirit Seed?

Outside the hall, Yu Rou was asking Shi Yan with a puzzled face, "Why do you need those warriors? Do you want to fight with them to improve your experience? It's not necessary. We only need you to break the shelter; we do not ask you to fight with the others. What do you want to do after all?"

"Almost the same as what you've just said." Shi Yan revealed a forced smile without explaining anything furthermore. As he almost entered the building, he waved his hand to her and said, "You should mind your own business. I need to think about some more things."

Yu Rou's picturesque eyebrows slightly knitted. Although she was still full of suspicion, she didn't ask any further. After thinking for a while, she shifted and quickly landed on top of another distant building.

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Di Shan was sitting motionlessly like a stone there.

Di Shan slowly opened his eyes when Yu Rou came, asking her with a light, surprising look, "Has that little rascal left the city?"

"Yes, he's gone out of the city to kill several of the Sound Beasts. He's harvested nearly one hundred Demon Crystal Pearls and used them in exchange for some of the warriors who are now in YaJi's hands."  Yu Rou added, "I don't even know what he wants. His actions are strange, as if he has some ulterior plans."

"Regardless of what he wants to do, it's okay as long as he knows his mission." Di Shan did not move, he contemplated for a while before continuing, "When you had followed him to kill the Sound Beasts, had you seen that there was a significant improvement in his powers?"

"Significantly." Yu Rou replied with a serious face. "His perception of power and realm has been upgraded to another level just in a half of a month. I believe he will actually be able to break the shelter in a very short time. His potentials are indeed hard to imagine. If he has enough time to develop, he will definitely become an outstanding warrior of the humankind's new generation."

Di Shan was astonished and bewildered for a long moment. After that he said with a strange face, "Yu Rou, is that little rascal actually as good as you have said?"

"You go see for it yourself. I am certain that you, by that time, will have different thoughts about him. Perhaps he would become our two tribes' only hope in the near future." Yu Rou gently said. After being deep in thoughts for a while, she continued, "I don't know why I always have a feeling that this little rascal is still hiding something. I don't think he is that plain and simple, maybe …"

"Maybe what?" Di Shan slightly raised his voice.

Yu Rou softly replied, "Maybe inside of his body, besides the Immortal Blood, there is somewhat another miraculous thing."

"What?" Di Shan suddenly stood up with an astounded face. "What makes you say that?"

Yu Rou inhaled a deep breath before speaking again, "I still vaguely feel that his Immortal Blood seems to be controlled by an unknown force. There seems that a flow of power which is even stronger than the Immortal Blood, yet is hidden extremely well within him. My feeling about it is sometimes on, sometimes off. That flow of power can somehow fool us."

Di Shan got stunned with his eyes and mouth wide open.

After a while, he mumbled with a low voice, "Is his coming here because of the G.o.d's will? If he really has transmitted strength from the Immortal G.o.d-King, I don't think we need to hesitate any longer. Let's see, we will have the answer soon."

"Yeah, I feel that his appearance in this place might be the beginning of our two tribes' rise to glory."

In the middle of the s.p.a.cious stone hall.

Shi Yan had just come back. The four girls,  Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, Qi Yan Qing, and He Qing Man walked out from the next stone chamber. Four pairs of mesmerizing eyes simultaneously stared at Shi Yan, which gave him a scary feeling of being loved too much.

"Shi Yan, where have you been?" Gu Ling Long immediately asked.

"How is it related to you?" Shi Yan smiled coldly, sitting down in the middle of the stone hall with an indifferent gesture.

Gu Ling Long was angry because she didn't know how to trouble him. She could only have stood at the side, showing her rage by pouting, she did not dare to irritate him.

"Shi Yan, are you sure about what you are doing after all?" He Qing Man seemed to be concerned, asking him with a gloomy face. "If you cannot handle the shelters, I don't think that anyone will be able to get out of here alive."

"I've only said that that I would try my best."

Shi Yan slowly closed his eyes. After that, regardless of whatever that those girls had asked, he was simply unconcerned.

The four girls couldn't do anything but glare at him.

Half of a day later.

The two leaders Yi Cu Bi and Yi Feng, were leading many warriors of the Demonic Sound Clan, who were under Yi Tian Mo's command. They were pushing a huge cage, gradually moving forward.

In the cage, there was Pan Zhe and the other thirty-five warriors from the Endless Sea.

Pan Zhe bowed his head dolefully as his spirit was exhausted. He was only skin and bone. It seemed that his life, recently, had been extremely tragic.

The other warriors also looked really skinny and sickly as if they had not eaten anything lately. Together, with their powers being confined, they were in a very bad condition.

As soon as Pan Zhe saw Shi Yan, his dull eyes were lit up. However, in no time, he shook his head and released a long sigh.

"Shi Yan, I bring you these people as you wished. There are thirty-five survivors. It is lucky that you have asked for them soon. Otherwise, in a few days, I am afraid that there would have been no one left out of these thirty-five people."

Yi Cu Bi looked towards the Demonic Sound Clan's warriors and nodded, signaling them to push the cage, in which Pan Zhe and the others were being confined into the stone hall. After that, she explained,  "YaJi has been extremely angry recently. It seems that he had wanted to kill all of them at once for his cultivations. He's actually started doing that. If it had not been for the extreme value of those Demon Crystal Pearls which were certainly much higher than that of these warriors, they should have certainly died already."

The eyes of Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and He Qing Man suddenly lit up.

"Shi Yan, have you asked for them?" Qi Yan Qing was astounded for a moment, then she gently spoke, "You seem not to be a totally heartless jerk. I did not expect it for you to have been merciful as well."

After hearing what Yi Cu Bi had said, those warriors inside the cage could not help but look at Shi Yan in grat.i.tude.

On the contrary, Shi Yan was still motionless. Even though his appearance was cold-hearted, he kept laughing in his mind. He thought to himself that if those guys knew the real reason why he had asked for them, he could not have imagined what they would have thought.

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