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As soon as the host soul entered the sea of consciousness, the Five Devils in the sea of consciousness calmed down suddenly, did not dare to be rebellious.

The host soul and the sea of consciousness were connected to each other. Each stream of the soul consciousness in the sea of consciousness stuck tightly to the host soul.

At this moment, the host soul and Shi Yan's soul consciousness formed a marvelous connection. Soul consciousness then turned into beams of miraculous lights which were not easy to be seen by ordinary eyes. They then abruptly went into Shi Yan's eyes.

As his eyes opened, they seemed to receive lightning. Each stream of the lightning was thin and delicate moving into his eyes.

After walking out to the big stone hall from the stone chamber, Shi Yan looked out at a distance and suddenly realized that his vision range had been tens of times greater than that of before.

Everything within the range of more than ten miles became very clear in his eyes. He could even see the wrinkles on the faces of Demonic Sound Clan's people with minute detail.

His soul consciousness covered the entire area. Lives that were fluctuating in this area were signaled and transmitted to him. Even a worm under the ground could not avoid his soul consciousness's examination.

At this time, Shi Yan had a wonderful feeling as if he had turned into a G.o.d.

Small things nor tiny weak lives, everywhere, could not escape from his eyes and his soul consciousness. Everything seemed to be under his control.

The host soul entering the sea of consciousness had unexpectedly brought him such a marvelous feeling. These kinds of feelings made him crazily happy, his heart was even moved.

In the sea of consciousness, the host soul and the soul consciousness were bound to each other. The host soul seemed to turn into another brain, while streams of the soul consciousness connecting with the host soul seemed to turn into nerves, bringing him new perceptions.

With the host soul staying in the sea of consciousness, the Five Devils had also calmed down.

After perceiving carefully, Shi Yan discovered that the soul consciousness connecting with the host soul had also wrapped around the Five Devils. After entering the sea of consciousness, the host soul continuously emitted fluctuating lives one by one, transmitted to the Five Devils through the soul consciousness. Under the effect of those fluctuating lives, the Five Devils suddenly became peaceful. They seemed to know that they were not able to dominate the host soul, thus they stopped being rebellious.

As he sent out his thoughts, the host soul delivered his thoughts to the Five Devils. The Five Devils immediately immersed themselves into the sea of consciousness. The soul seal inside of the Five Devils which belonged to him seemed to have been effective. It had started to slowly tie up the Five Devils, which prevented them from emitting negative feelings.

The lightning in Shi Yan's eyes faded, his face regained the previous serious expressions. He stood in the middle of the stone hall thinking about something.

After a long time, he sat down in the middle of the stone hall. Without worrying about being disturbed, he soothed the blood vein ring and took the Black Head Lotus out.

As he opened the jade box, big black halos suddenly scattered from the petals of the Black Head Lotus. These petals were of an inky black color with black halos flaring up from the inside which brought people a miraculous and anomalous feeling.

Without hesitation, he stretched out his hand grabbing the petals, then put it right on his chest. The Profound Qi from his fingers concentrated and then radiated a beam of light into the petals.

The shining black liquid abruptly flew out from the petals, absorbing into his body through the pores of his skin from his chest.

A warm and wonderful feeling scattered all over his body.

It seemed that there were thousands of worms that were gnawing on his chest. In a short moment, Shi Yan felt itchy, painful, and uncomfortable. The liquid of the Black Head Lotus diffused, quietly amended his flesh, which led to the transformations of every single molecular cell within his body.

A black drawing which was as big as a fist gradually formed on his chest while he was still enjoying this marvelous feeling of perception.

Shi Yan was astonished and dazedly watched the transformations on his chest. He wondered if the liquid of the Black Head Lotus was that miraculous or not.

The originally faint black drawing gradually became clearer. Not long afterward, each of the petals appeared on his chest. Shining black petals had blossomed, little by little until a black lotus was formed. It looked highly exotic at the first glance. After the black lotus had been formed, a fresh surge of energy immediately ran out from the middle of the lotus bloom.

After taking a deep breath, Shi Yan sat straight, closing his eyes and meditating.

Profound Qi in his body slowly moved, carried on the circulation in his vessels. Right at the time that the refining process had just started, the surrounding Heaven and Earth 's energy was unusually lively all of a sudden. The gathering speed was many times faster. The Profound Qi was ma.s.sively pouring into the black lotus that was on his chest.

It was miraculous indeed.

Shi Yan was very happy, quickly closed his eyes, putting all his efforts in gathering Heaven and Earth's energy without any distractions. He used his spirit energy to refine as much of the profound Qi as possible and enhanced the intensity of the profound Qi within his body.

Time had quickly pa.s.sed. It had been ten days in the blink of an eye.


The door of the next stone chamber was pushed open. Three stealthy and delicate figures quietly walked out of the stone chamber, standing ten meters away from Shi Yan, watching him cultivating in the middle of the stone hall in silence.

"Lan jie [1]" Gu Ling Long frowned, looking at Cao Zhi Lan implicatively with cold lights flaring up in her eyes.

Qu Yan Qing's exquisite face was icy cold, her eyes kept moving as if she had wanted to do something but still hesitated.

Cao Zhi Lan knitted her eyebrows. While Gu Ling Long and Qu Yan Qing were staring at her, she shook her head implicating that they should not do anything rash.

In the stone hall, Shi Yan closed his eyes meditating. His body was gathering a big amount of Heaven and Earth's energy while he was topless. An anomalous black lotus emitted a black halo, which was like a fierce big mouth biting and swallowing Heaven and Earth's energy that was surrounding it before transferring them to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was motionless, completely oblivious of himself. It seemed as if he did not know that the three female prisoners were staring at him, from not that far away.

It was unknown of how much time had pa.s.sed. Shi Yan's body quietly projected faint silver lights which were originally very gloomy, but then became brighter due to more and more of Heaven and Earth's energy pouring in.

The world's energy was dense like a cloud of smoke hovering beside Shi Yan without dispersing.

The silver lights from Shi Yan's body gradually dispersed out as if it would have led to the mutation of Heaven and Earth's energy. The mutation had made Heaven and Earth's energy commence in being chaotic and continuously revolved around him, forming small streams of lights. Those lights were approaching closely to his body as if they had wanted to go through into his body.

"Lan jie, this, this is …"

"He is about to enter the Second Sky of the Earth Realm."

"What? How come is it so fast? When he entered the Chasm Battlefield, he had only been at the Disaster Realm."

"The leaders of the two tribes had given him their treasures. He has absorbed the energy of these treasures, together with his outstanding innate abilities, being able to break through this fast is within reason."

"Lam jie, this is the most critical moment. Mei mei [2] thinks that he surely does not have any protection. If we can …?"

"No, we should not make a mess. Even if we do manage to kill him, what is next? This place is full of Demonic Sound Clan's people. Before even being able to get out of here, the results might be even more tragic."

"But, but we may never know, one day, his animal-like characteristics might break out, he would possibly then violate us savagely. What will we do by that time?"

"Oh, at least we will still survive. Being violated by the same kind is better than being violated by the pagans. Didn't you see Ya Ji's intentions? If we had fallen into Ya Ji's hands or the Wings Race's hands, the outcome should have been much worse than now."

"…". Everyone contemplated for a while.

After a short discussion, the three female prisoners were quiet again, stayed at the side watching Shi Yan without any actions.

Far ahead, the stone castle, on the top of a very high arch, Yu Rou, the matriarch of  White Wings Clan was lying down on a bamboo swing leisurely, swaying her long thin legs. However, her mesmerizing eyes was looking towards the stone castle in the distance, quietly paying attention to any commotions inside of the stone castle.

Besides Yu Rou, Di Shan, the patriarch of Black Wings Clan, was like a dominating stone statue with his cold yet attractive appearance. He stood motionlessly without saying a word.

Behind Di Shan's back, He Qing Man's expression was confused. She looked towards the stone castle in the distance with her wide-open eyes, and vaguely saw Shi Yan's figure in there.

"In the last half month, even with the help of the White Jade Spirit Fruit and the Black Head Lotus, this little rascal's innate ability is not bad as he is able to enter the Second Sky from the First Sky of the Earth Realm."

After a very long time, Di Shan suddenly exclaimed, "It is regretful that he is humankind. If he were of our Wings Race's, we would have fostered and trained him."

While speaking, Di Shan swung his arm, a black cage appeared confining He Qing Man in the blink of an eye, which prevented her from listening or seeing anything.

"Di Shan, I had promised that little rascal, that after he finishes the job, we will spare his life." The swing of Yu Rou gradually stopped swaying. She frowned while looking at Di Shan, then coldly said, "As the patriarch and matriarch of our tribes, we need to keep our words. What do you think?"

"I will try my best to protect him." Di Shan contemplated for a while before speaking. "But if Demonic Sound Clan and Duo Long unite to kill him, I will not risk my life for him."

Yu Rou's expression slightly changed, she shouted, "They dare do it?"

Di Shan smiled miserably, and slowly nodded his head, "This little rascal is really outstanding, that's why Demonic Sound Clan wants him dead. However, to help him improve faster, you has asked for the other three guys to give him their ancient scriptures. As he now can understand the Upanishads, if he does not die, his spirit accomplishment will be extremely tremendous. That should be a catastrophe for Demonic Sound Clan. If I were a person of Demonic Sound Clan, I would also have not let him live, I would have killed him at all costs."

Yu Rou was bewildered, then slowly nodded after a while. She said with a complicated face, "So, my way has pushed him to the everlasting perdition."

"Anyway, he is just a little human rascal. No need to be that worried. We have sacrificed that much to break the shelters. Don't mind too much about his life or death." Di Shan coldly said.

"Di Shan" Yu Rou suddenly called out to him loudly. After hesitating for a while, she raised her head looking at the patriarch of Black Wings Clan and said, "If that little rascal was the descendant of the three G.o.d Kings, will you follow our ancestors' guidance, and spare his life?"

"What?" Di Shan's face suddenly changed.

"The blood of the Immortal G.o.d King is running in his body. This is destiny. Moreover, he came here with the Heaven Flame. Everything is needed as conditions in helping us get out of this abandoned place. Tell me, is it because that the ancestors have sworn of the breaking of the shelters which has been transmitted to the G.o.d King that we are now encountering this current situation?" Yu Rou's eyes flashed with G.o.d lights, her face was serious, looking straight at Di Shan.

"Immortal G.o.d King?" Di Shan took a deep breath, he was obviously in shock. After a while, he said in a low tone, "Haven't you been mistaken?"

"I have checked carefully. He is absolutely the descendant of the Immortal G.o.d King." Yu Rou nodded her head. "I know that Duo Long does not respect the ancestors' guidance. These things are meaningless to him. I want to hear it from you directly."

"If we follow the ancestors' guidance, we have to serve him as our master. This thing …" Di Shan smiled miserably and hesitated a while before continuing, "We will see. If this little rascal shows some potential which can make me admire him, I will reconsider. But if he cannot, I will not have any mercy. Ahem, Di Shan has to serve him as a master, I would rather go against the ancestors' guidance than do it."


[1] jie: Chinese way to call an older sister.

[2] mei mei: Chinese way to call a younger sister

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