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Shi Yan's eyes were closed tightly, his breathing was normal. Flows of negative energy started to spread out one by one on his body.

In the secret chamber, Shi Yan was meditating, gradually entering a marvelous realm, almost forgetting himself.

From his appearance, his body did not have any special transformations yet. But if there was a person who had a mighty sea of consciousness here, he would have recognized that the fluctuating spirit inside of Shi Yan's mind was extremely confusing and complicated.

Five flows of spiritual energies cl.u.s.tered inside his sea of consciousness. These flows were full of emotions of despair, fear, bloodshed, greed, and resentment, which were condensing little by little as if they had kept absorbing the negative feelings within his body.

As many negative feelings gathered, the Five Devils in his sea of consciousness, which were created by the gathering of the five emotions types of despair, fear, bloodshed, greed, and resentment, all had a fierce manner as if they had wanted to get out of the sea of consciousness and intrude into Shi Yan's brain, plundering his spirit.

When conducting the negative feelings, he did not dare to relax his mind. He still kept his spirit stabilizing to take control.

This cultivation of the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind came from the Blood Vein Ring. It was like a miraculous spell which had been customized for his body and combined with his Mystery Martial Spirit perfectly.

It was the same with breaking through the Third Sky of the rampage, the cultivating method of the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind also needed the Mystery Martial Spirit. This cultivation happened through the gathering of the negative feelings inside of his meridians.

These negative feelings could have normally pushed him into a critical situation where he could not have had controlled the five devils. Even when they were still under the control of the sea of consciousness, they had already made Shi Yan scared out of his wits. Once the Five Devils could be free from the control of the sea of consciousness, they would then totally dominate Shi Yan's consciousness.

Shi Yan had already known about this when he had cultivated the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind.

Before finishing cultivating this marvelous martial technique, the devils' backfire could happen at any given time. This was actually the devils' experiment with Shi Yan. If he could not break the devils' mind, he would probably get the consequences for himself once the devils began to form.

He clearly understood that cultivating the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind was much more dangerous than that of the breaking through the Third Sky of the rampage. However, once he cultivated this successfully, he would obviously have tremendous intimidations like breaking through the Third Sky of the rampage.

Therefore, even though he knew that cultivating this martial technique was very dangerous, he hadn't hesitated before. Once he got the method of cultivating the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind down, he immediately began the cultivation.

He liked the challenges of the martial techniques which were difficult to cultivate.

All types of the negative feelings gathering in the sea of consciousness had turned into nutritious sources for the five devils. Shi Yan congregated the Soul Consciousness with the intention of penetrating the five devils' bodies in order to affect them and then build a harmonious relationship with them.

However, after those five devils had received a lot of negative feelings, they gradually obtained consciousness. Because the devils had Shi Yan's spiritual seal, they could be also considered as having his intelligence. They seemed to know of his intentions. Once his consciousness came close to them, they promptly boycotted it.

After many attempts, Shi Yan could only control a little bit of his Mind's area. His mind would not be affected when the negative feelings filled his sea of consciousness. However, he had failed to penetrate the five devils with his spiritual consciousness to create a connection with them, which had actually helped him control them.

Very long time later.

Shi Yan gradually opened his eyes and contemplated for a while. After that, he took the seven soul scripture books of the Demonic Sound Clan in silence and started to read them one by one.

The seven ancient soul scripture books did not note the cultivating methods of the martial techniques in detail. Instead, they were about the research of all the miraculous soul transformations, mentioning the features and different methods of soul cultivations in a very detailed and clear way.

Only after reading them for a short time, did Shi Yan's eyes brightened up, his face revealed an excitement.

These seven ancient soul scripture books contained all kinds of profound perceptions about the soul's marvelousness. The soul apprehension of the Demonic Sound Clan had indeed far surpa.s.sed the other tribes'. It seemed that Yu Rou actually knew which ancient scriptures would be the most useful for him now. These seven ancient scripture books, with no exception, all mentioned Upanishads that were related to the soul.

It was as if Shi Yan had just gotten a treasure. He did not hurry to control the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind, instead, he spent all of his time in reading the seven ancient scripture books of the Demonic Sound Clan.

He did not know that the seven ancient soul scripture books were the essence of the Demonic Sound Clan's Upanishads of the soul.

The Demonic Sound Clan's soul secret skills had been totally based on these seven ancient scripture books. Understanding them would allow him to master all kinds of soul secret skills of the Demonic Sound Clan.

He conducted his host soul into deep inside of the spirit and the sea of consciousness, used the sea of consciousness to nourish the host soul, gradually formed the G.o.d Soul. Once the G.o.d Soul was formed, it would then break the tie of the spirit and reach the level of terrific power.

An ancient scripture book related to Upanishads of the host soul attracted Shi Yan's attention. He researched it so deeply that he even forgot about the time and the binding in the cultivation. He now only used his mind to perceive everything that was related to the host soul.

According to this ancient scripture, everyone had a host soul. The host soul was the core of spirit.

An ordinary person could not sense the existence of a host soul, nor had no way to control it or take its forces.

For warriors who cultivated martial arts, if they purified themselves and refined their blood to break through their minds, their spirits would slowly intensify. One day, they would finally be able to sense the host soul of the spirit's core.

Once a warrior broke through the Nirvana Realm to form the sea of consciousness, if they could conduct the host soul into the sea of consciousness, the sea of consciousness and the host soul would support each other and develop together.

When the host soul entered the sea of consciousness, it was nourished by the sea of consciousness. Once the Nirvana Realm improved, the transformation would also occur.

One day, if the warriors had entered the G.o.d Realm, their host souls would then evolve to a higher level, transforming to the G.o.d Soul in the Sea of Consciousness.

Once the G.o.d Soul was formed, it meant that the warriors officially became a Supreme G.o.d Realm Master. The G.o.d Soul and the sea of consciousness supporting one another could then develop unimaginable spiritual forces.

Shi Yan worked hard to understand and carefully remembered all the ancient scripture books. He gradually gained a special perception of the Demonic Sound Clan's soul apprehension.

If the host soul was conducted into the sea of consciousness and nourished by the sea of consciousness, could the host soul have then been able to control the five devils?

In a moment, a bright idea popped up in Shi Yan's mind. He suddenly felt that this thing could be done. After this thought appeared in his head, he could not restrain himself. He was impatient in finding the host soul that was hiding deep inside of his spirit, conducting the host soul into the sea of consciousness.

White Jade Spirit Fruit!

Shi Yan's expression completely changed, he suddenly revealed a smile.

According to Yu Rou, this White Jade Spirit Fruit could feed the spirit up, thus the host soul would be also able to benefit from this peculiar fruit. Once taking the White Jade Spirit Fruit, the strange powers of the fruit would scatter and pour into the spirit, so that both the spirit and the host soul would receive more power.

If it happened that way, after taking the White Jade Spirit Fruit and contemplating to sense the White Jade Spirit Fruit's power running inside, was it then easy to find the host soul? Shi Yan's eyes brightened up.

After slightly fondling the Blood Vein Ring, a light flared up, and the jade box immediately appeared.

As soon as the jade box was opened, a pa.s.sionate fragrance flew out.

The White Jade Spirit Fruit inside of the box was fulgent. With the first glance, it looked like a marvelous crunch of jade with sparkling lights inside. It seemed to have some strange powers hidden inside of the White Jade Spirit Fruit.

Shi Yan squinted, carefully taking a good look at the White Jade Spirit Fruit. He noticed that there were numerous silk lines twisting together like the nerve system of the brain, which was extremely miraculous.

Smelling the fragrance from the White Jade Spirit Fruit had already agitated Shi Yan's spirit. He felt as if his spirit had shot out from the mundaneness, it seemed to be purified by some exotic thing.

Shi Yan was bewildered for a moment. He did not dare to think too much, and hastily put the White Jade Spirit Fruit into his mouth and swallowed it. Then, he quickly urged the profound Qi to digest the White Jade Spirit Fruit.


Inside of his body, there appeared a flame suddenly which came from the heart within his chest. As soon as the White Jade Spirit Fruit ran down to his stomach, the flame instantly enclosed the White Jade Spirit Fruit.

The fulgent White Jade Spirit Fruit like a chunk of jade inside of Shi Yan's belly suddenly burned up. Streams of power, one by one, rose up hovering around like a mist of smog. They gradually gathered running into Shi Yan's brain.

Shi Yan immediately had the same strange feelings as he had absorbed the power of the White Jade Spirit Fruit, only the feelings this time was stronger. As he had taken in the soul of the White Jade Spirit Fruit, there were plenty of soul power scattering in all directions. As soon as the soul power poured into his brain, it abruptly flushed over his brain.

However, the peculiar force of the White Jade Spirit Fruit was quite special. This strange force seemed to have its own purpose. They gradually approached Shi Yan's brain, but only gathered into a special corner of his brain.

His forehead.

A dazzling marvelous ivory-white light suddenly shot out from the middle of his eyebrows.

Shi Yan's forehead vibrated tremendously, radiating a dazzling light which gradually covered his entire brain. His brain started to emit bright halos one by one. He now looked like a saint, very mysterious and anomalous.

Found it.

Shi Yan was extremely happy. His spirit was constantly taking in the peculiar force of the White Jade Spirit Fruit which then gathered in a mysterious area in the middle of his forehead.

In that mysterious area, he could see 'another him' and witnessed a glaring scene.

In the mysterious area, his 'another him' was sitting cross-legged with tightly closed eyes. G.o.d light flared up in between of his eyebrows. It was exactly like himself.

In that area with the seven-colored lights, an elf was sitting cross-legged, the corners of his mouth revealed a beam of excitement. There was a white G.o.d light hovering over his head. A dazzling light flared up in between the eyebrows.

As Shi Yan's spirit came here, that elf seemed to feel something, opening his eyes all in sudden.

Those eyes were like a bottomless lake which reflected the images of Shi Yan's living memories.

All milestones in Shi Yan's life emerged in those eyes. As his spirit arrived here, it seemed to be attracted, abruptly went inside of those eyes, turned into a period of his soul memory.


It was as if there had been an explosion inside of Shi Yan's head. His soul consciousness was horribly shaken; his sea of consciousness was also extremely insecure. However, the elf from that mysterious area gradually got out of that place, being conducted by the soul light into the sea of consciousness.

Everything ceased suddenly.

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