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In the immense stone hall.

Shi Yan's face was serious, he composedly sat in the middle of the stone hall. His bright eyes stared at the jade bottle and at the two jade boxes in front of him without blinking.

Seven antiquated dark-yellow scripture books laid in a line behind the jade boxes.

Yu Rou and Di Shan kept silent, standing in front of Shi Yan, one on his left, while the other one on his right.

Ya Meng, Ka Ba, and Yi Tian Mo miserably glared at the seven dark-yellow scripture books. It seemed that they had wanted to say something but couldn't. They obviously regretted this decision and did not want to hand over these Demonic Sound Clan's books. But, they had no other choices.

In a big chamber inside the stone hall. Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing were feeling worried and insecure with a gloomy look on their faces while observing the scene happening in the stone hall.

"The White Jade Spirit Fruit can be taken directly. After consuming it, meditate instantly and attentively absorbed the soul refining power of the Spirit Fruit. This method is very simple. You just need to carry the internal powers to the brain. The energy inside of the Spirit Fruit will unblock the nerves and veins in your brain, making your soul extremely sensitive, as well as helping you meditate well. If you are able to absorb all of the powers of a White Jade Spirit Fruit into your brain, it will be very useful for your cultivation as well as the reinforcement of your mental state and soul purification. It makes the powers of your soul very sensitive, and increases the coverage range and intensity of your mental state." Yu Rou's expression was serious. With her gentle voice, she slowly explained to Shi Yan the consumption method and the efficacy of the White Jade Spirit Fruit.

"The Black Head Lotus is even simpler. A slice of the Black Head Lotus can be compressed into plenty of juice. You just need to apply that juice all over your body and let your pores absorb the juice of the Black Head Lotus, which will get into your body and gradually form a lotus tattoo on your chest. This lotus tattoo can enhance the speed of Heaven and Earth's spiritual energy refining five times during the five years. As long as the Black Lotus tattoo does not disappear, once you cultivate, the Heaven and Earth's spiritual energy will gather within five-times faster, flowing in that Black Lotus tattoo. Through this Black Lotus tattoo, you can refine, transform, then slowly pour your profound Qi in to help increase your cultivation speed." Di Shan squinted while his black wings retracted. He clenched his lips, seemed to be a little heart-rending as well.

"Heaven Fountain Concentrated Water is the treasure of Gray White Wings. The usage is also simple. Hmm, if you are injured or your profound Qi has had a great loss, you just need to drink one drop of the Heaven Fountain Concentrated Water. It will supplement your profound Qi for you in a blink of an eye, and also cure your wounds very fast. You temporarily do not need it now. Wait until you break the shelters, if your energy is consumed too much, you can use the Heaven Fountain Concentrated Water to recover it. It will increase your powers." Yu Rou smiled and continued. "Di Shan has put a lot of effort to convince Duo Long to give you one bottle of the Heaven Fountain Concentrated Water. He nearly fought with Duo Long. Thus, do not disappoint us."

Shi Yan sat meditatively like a stone. His expression was calm and serious. "Don't worry. If I have these three things from you and yet could not break the shelters, you can do anything with me as you wish."

Di Shan nodded, then looked at Ka Ba, Ya Meng, and Ti Tian Mo neglectfully asked,

"How about you?"

Ka Ba got startled and pointed at the scripture books on the ground, said miserably, "All of the scriptures are placed over there."

"You think he can understand them? Those are ancient books. If you don't give him any guidance, do you think that he can still understand them?"

"Argh" Ka Ba scratched his head, not knowing how to answer. But he then finally said, "Ok, I will show him."

"No" Ya Meng and Yi Tian Mo spoke up simultaneously.

All of the seven scripture books did not belong to Ka Ba alone. Five of them were preserved by Ya Meng and Yi Tian Mo, which could not be spread out to others. If Ka Ba knew the contents of the five secretive scriptures, he possibly could have captured their secret spirits in his hand.

Shi Yan revealed a wicked smile. Although he was under a tight watch of the top-cla.s.s warriors of the two races, he still deliberately walked to the scripture books and picked one of them up. He glanced at it and said, "No need to bother you. I can understand these ancient scriptures."

The five leaders’ expressions slightly changed. Astonishment exposed on their faces.

"Shi Yan, what did you say?" Yu Rou shook her head with doubt, and said, "Don't bl.u.s.ter. This is not the time to boast. These scriptures were from our ancestors. It should be tens of thousands of years ago, how could you have known about them?"

"Seven Manipulation G.o.ds." Shi Yan pointed at the scripture book in his hand, looking towards Ka Ba and asked, "Am I p.r.o.nouncing the t.i.tle correctly?"

Ka Ba's eyes lit up, his face was very strange, but he still gently nodded his head, "That's correct. These are the three words, Seven Manipulation G.o.ds. I did not expect that you would know it."

By this time, the eyes of five leaders of the pagan tribes expressed an astonishment and suspicions at the same time. They did not know how he could have read these ancient scriptures.

"Alright. Everything has been brought here. I can now start my cultivation." Shi Yan leisurely stretched his hands touching the treasures and ancient scripture books in front of him. The Blood Vein Ring in his finger flared up several times, those things then disappeared one by one into the ring

"Ah, if there is nothing important, please don't disturb me." Shi Yan raised his head looking at the five leaders.

"Ok, ok. You focus on your cultivation. I will be around to watch out. Call me if you need anything." The matriarch of White Wings Clan revealed a beautiful smile. After thinking a while, her pretty eyes glanced at the three people of Cao Zhi Lan who stayed in the distance, and said, "If those three girls are not enough, I will arrange more. You can set your mind to rest about this fact. Duo Long has captured a human girl named He Qing Man. I have bargained with Duo Long. He will bring that girl here as well in a moment."

It seemed that an idea just suddenly popped up in Di Shan's mind. He said, "That girl is quite beautiful too. She will be also handed to you to stabilize your emotions. So, you don't need to worry about girls."

"He Qing Man?" Shi Yan's face slightly changed. His eyes kept moving before speaking, "The girl that I exactly need should be a virgin. Virgins have the most efficiency. If not, the results will be a lot less."

"What?" Di Shan startled for a while before talking to Yu Rou, "We perhaps have to put more pressure on Duo Long."

"I think Duo Long will also sacrifice that small thing for the bigger thing." Yu Rou looked at Shi Yan while revealing faint smile. After mumbling to herself, she reluctantly nodded her head and said, "So, we will go to discuss much more with Duo Long."

"Uh, sorry for having to bother you this time." Shi Yan's face was excited and seriously said, "Only human girls are suitable for me. I am not sure if the girls of your two races can be suitable or not. That's why I hope the girl whose name is He Qing Man will be sent here unharmed. With four girls at hand, I think that I will not have any problems."

"d.a.m.n you little rascal." Yu Rou shook her head, said helplessly, "Alright, because of our two races, we will bring that girl here intact, as you wish."

"Korf, korf. That's good." Shi Yan's face remained unchanged. Then, he hurriedly said with an impatient expression, "Now, I need to cultivate. If there is nothing else to say, please…"

"Let's go." Di Shan leaped up, the pair of black wings on his back flapped gently. His figure then gradually faded and disappeared completely out of sight.

Ka Ba, Ya Meng, and Yi Tian Mo stared at Shi Yan before leaving without saying anything else.

Yu Rou was the last one to leave. She waited until the four of them had totally disappeared, before speaking to Shi Yan, "Little rascal, you take care of this by your own. If you cannot help our two races break the shelters, no one can save you."

"Thank you" Shi Yan sincerely said while looking straight into Yu Rou's eyes.

"No need to say thank you. I only think for the welfare of the two races." Yu Rou mused for a while. Her beautiful eyes blinked and her mouth revealed a secret smile. After speaking, she slowly turned around flying away.

Eventually, there was only Shi Yan alone in the stone hall. He sat motionlessly, started to meditate.

After the three people of Cao Zhi Lan and the other two had watched him in silence for a while, they quietly walked out of the stone chamber but still keep a safe distance with Shi Yan. They looked at him with a confusing expression as if they had wanted to say something but could not find any topics to talk about.

"The three of you should be obedient. This place is not the outside world. You were something in the outside world, but you are nothing here." Shi Yan turned his back around and said in a low tone. "Do not disturb me, be obedient over there. Female slaves should behave as female slaves."

"Female slaves?" Gu Ling Long's complexion suddenly changed. Her look was chilled to the bone, she fiercely stared at Shi Yan's back. Her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s heaved nonstop. "What did you say?"

Gu Ling Lung secretly clenched her teeth. She was like a small tigress showing her fangs and claws, being so angry as she could not jump over to Shi Yan to tear him into pieces.

"As I have said, the three of you are only slaves. I can play with you whenever I want." Shi Yan turned his head around, coldly glancing at the three of them with a mocking face. "If you are not well behaved, I would not mind teaching you a bit about your manners."

"You!" Gu Ling Long's and Qu Yan Qing's charming faces turned pale instantly. They were so angry that their bodies trembled, they looked as if they were ready to risk their lives to kill Shi Yan.

Only Cao Zhi Lan was not angry, but she felt a little dreary within her own heart. She released a long sigh, then walked towards Gu Ling Long and Qu Yan Qing to comfort them, and said helplessly, "We cannot do anything when facing with this emotionless rascal. Don't hurt yourselves."

Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing clenched their teeth but did not dare to storm in there and fight with him. They knew that it was not good to irritate Shi Yan at this moment.

In the past few days, whenever Shi Yan had gotten irritated by them, all the sensitive places on their bodies had been violated by him.

During the time when Shi Yan had been waiting for the two pagan tribes to bring their treasures, he closed his eyes meditating. It was like he was reviewing all the secrets in his cultivation. The three girls could not do anything except insulting him with their words and curses, and the results were always woeful. It always ended up with their bodies being violated.

Except Cao Zhi Lan, who was the most obedient since the beginning, had not been violated as of yet, all the sensitive places on Gu Ling Long and Qu Yan Qing's bodies had been touched by Shi Yan.

The two girls were so embarra.s.sed. However, whenever they thought about committing suicide, they got a terrible splitting headache and did not have any abilities to do it.

Having been violated for many, many times, the two girls were gradually getting more obedient. They did not dare to irritate Shi Yan too much. They immediately stopped if they saw that Shi Yan had started to get angry.

"I am almost done cultivating. Lower your voices. Do not disturb me." Shi Yan stood up, indifferently glanced at the three frightened girls. After that, he entered a huge stone chamber on the right side of the stone hall. After closing the door, he closed his eyes and began meditating.



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