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Ma.s.ses of black clouds hovered around without dispersing. These clouds were formed by the nearby Sound Beasts' yin.

Sound Beasts running out from Sound Beast Mountain brought heavy yin along with them.  Sound Beasts' bodies also contained yin; indeed, yin was the power resource of Sound Beasts, which was the most basic source allowing them to survive.

The whirl which originated from Shi Yan had powerful gravitation. The whirl's horrendous existence made yin on those Sound Beasts' bodies fly out, then merge back to the center of the whirl, turning to yin power, slowly absorbing into his body, and finally becoming Yin Pearls on his chest.

The Black Formula was awesome. It unexpectedly had a terrifying power to take in the yin from the surrounding Sound Beasts.

In the middle of the black cloud layer, the big whirl circulated on top of Shi Yan's head was getting bigger and bigger. The gravitation also increased violently.

A lot of yin gathering here rolled into the whirl, turned into pure yin power pouring into the center of the Yin Swirl.

More than one thousand Sound Beasts nearby were showing their fear and insecurities. Even Sound Beasts at the sixth level could not control yin outside of their bodies, and helplessly watched yin crazily fly towards Shi Yan. Thus, those Sound Beasts started to be frightened.

A few of high-level Sound Beasts wanted to jump into Shi Yan, who was collecting yin, and quickly kill him. However, as soon as the high-level Sound Beasts came closer to Shi Yan, they realized that there was powerful Heaven flame inside of his body.

Heaven flame was the nemesis of all Sound Beasts. Although they were in a long distance away far from him, they could sense the scorching Heaven flame on Shi Yan's body, which was enough to incinerate them.

Being terrified by the Heaven flame, Sound Beasts, which had previously wanted to jump into Shi Yan to kill him, instantly moved backward without any hesitation.

Not long after that, another flock of Sound Beasts even sped up, storming towards into Shi Yan. They eventually drew back chaotically.

In the air, Sound Beasts growled and howled like devils; they were getting aroused by something. They ignored the Wings Race's pagans and did not dare to come any closer to Shi Yan. They all quickly flew back towards Sound Beast Mountain.

Sound Beasts which were just coming close to Shi Yan immediately realized that yin inside of their bodies did not want to be under control, instead, it spread out violently, rapidly and quietly gathered towards the whirl on top of Shi Yan's head.

Those Sound Beasts had an insecure feeling. They knew that if they stayed here, their yin would be constantly drained.

Therefore, nearly a thousand of Sound Beasts had already run away.

Just right after Sound Beasts had fled, Heaven and Earth's yin coming from those Sound Beasts segregated less and less, until it stopped. The big whirl hovering above Shi Yan's head started slowing down while there was less and less yin pouring in, it gradually disappeared afterward.

The thick black clouds slowly faded and gradually vanished.

Shi Yan's body also started to fall down slowly. Without black clouds, without having reached the natural Sky Realm, he could not maintain the arrogant standing pose in the air and finally fell down into the thick forest.


His body fell down and the whirl above his head disappeared without leaving a trace. The yin power hidden inside Yin Pearls was horrendous, which made his entire body feel very fresh and comfortable. The Yin Swirl on his chest seemed to be affected by those Yin Pearls and increased its efficiency. The refining speed was also enhanced.

Finally, after the Yin Swirl had refined all of the yin energies, it slowly stopped.

Shi Yan opened his eyes, and could not help but scream, then said with a low tone, "What do you want?"

Besides him, the eyes of three men, Ka Ba, Ya Meng, and Yi Tian Mo flashed up a strange light with full of suspicion. Di Shan of Black Wings Clan and Yu Rou of White Wings Clan looked at him interestingly, nodded their heads after seeing him awake.

"Little rascal, your body has Heaven Flame? Do you know how to use Heaven Flame?" Yu Rou, the matriarch of White Wings Clan, looked very beautiful with her smile. Her moderate and melodious voice could make others feel pleasant.

Di Shan squinted slightly; his squinted eyes seemed to see right through Shi Yan. When Di Shan’s eyes moved, he felt uncomfortable. There seemed a strange energy that inaudibly went into his body, observing everything inside of him.

Shi Yan felt frozen inside, he did not know the other's intentions. He could not help but look towards Yi Tian Mo.

During this short moment, he and Yi Tian Mo exchanged some information. Even his soul was somehow controlled by Yi Tian Mo. Previously, Yi Cu Bi had already informed him of Duo Long's arrival, which should be  Yi Tian Mo's idea. Later, he got to know that Yi Tian Mo actually did not want him to die just yet.

Therefore, he wanted to find out some useful information from Yi Tian Mo's expression.

"You'd be better answering honestly, this is regarding you, whether to be alive or dead."

Yi Tian Mo secretly nodded his head, and calmly said, "This is Yu Rou, the matriarch of White Wings Clan. This is Di Shan of Black Wings Clan. The strength of these two clans is much more comparable to the one of Gray Wings Clan. Thanks to their help, you were able to get away from Duo Long this time."

Shi Yan was frightened and silently stood up, clasped his hands towards Di Shan and Yu Rou, and respectfully said, "Thank you."

"No need to be grateful, little rascal, you have not answered my question." Beautiful Yu Rou slightly smiled.

Shi Yan calmly glared at her, fear appeared on his face. This Yu Rou lady had a very beautiful look, snow-white skin, an appealing build. In addition, she had remarkably snow-white wings. That amazing look could have strongly mesmerized other people. When she revealed her charming smile, her body radiated modesty which no men could resist.

Shi Yan was not an exception. He kept staring at Yu Rou, his eyes changed from lucid to pa.s.sionate. He gradually felt close to Yu Rou, he felt that she was very trustworthy. She was worthy enough for him to share all of his secrets inside of him, she would definitely not harm him…

The sea of consciousness woke up surging.

Five dwarves in the sea of consciousness seemed to move quietly, poured five miraculous emotions into his sea of consciousness, and slowly recovered his consciousness.

His eyes returned to be lucid, Shi Yan startled out of the enchantment of Yu Rou, sweating all over his body as if he just went through an earth-shaking battle.

Really strong!

Shi Yan was frightened and really panicked. He did not dare to look at Yu Rou any longer and submissively bowed his head.

Her smile could make others unconscious, even Shi Yan, who considered himself to have a strong consciousness, almost disclosed everything. That enchantment was extremely terrifying.

Without the five dwarves' movements in the sea of consciousness, and having been gently interrogated by Yu Rou, perhaps he would have had divulged all of his secrets, including the Mystery Martial Spirit.

"Da jie [1], you should not use this ploy, I cannot stand it." Shi Yan bowed his head, miserably smiling. "I have cultivated a specific martial technique, if you keep on doing it several times more, I am afraid I will not be able to stand it any longer. I will be frightened to death. Uh, by that time, despite whatever you want to know from me, I will have no more energy to disclose anything of use to you."

Yu Rou's beautiful eyes rolled a few circles, then slightly laughed, slowly nodded her head and said, "Interesting guy, you still could wake up. Your consciousness is very strong, it was beyond my expectations. Your conquering Heaven Flame is understandable."

"Heaven Flame and I are friends, friendship, it is not a conquest like you said. After all, what do you want from me, could you please elaborate?"

With the glares of five top-cla.s.s warriors, Shi Yan knew it was useless to fight back, so he extremely cooperated with them.

"Very simple, go and observe Sound Beast Mountain, use Heaven Flame inside of your body to remove the shelter in Sound Beast Mountain." Di Shan of Black Wings Clan clearly said.

"I will do what you've said. But once I remove the shelter of Sound Beast Mountain, is it the death sentence for me? I know Duo Long will definitely not forgive me, and neither will you." Shi Yan fearlessly pointed out towards Ya Meng and Ka Ba.

"We have to make this clear. By that time, will you kill me?"

"Little rascal, you worry too much."  Ya Meng harrumphed coldly. "If you do not cooperate now, I can kill you right now."

"Ok, could you start now?" Shi Yan smiled, shrugged and said, "If I have to die sooner or later, why would I need to help you. Hmm, you can kill me now, that'd be better for me."

"Hmm, you know how to negotiate. You are smart." Yu Rou sickly laughed, he thought for a minute before speaking to Di Shan, "If this little rascal can remove the shelter, let spare his life. It is worth it. Our two tribes have tried so much to get out of here, we have already sacrificed a lot. He is our only chance, if he can really help us fulfill our wish, I personally desire to spare his life. How about you?"

Di Shan squinted,  slowly nodded his head after considering, "Ok"

"Clap clap clap"

Yu Rou clapped her hands while glancing at Shi Yan. She burst into laughter and said, "Little rascal, you don't need to worry anymore. If you can really remove the shelter, Di Shan and I will spare your life."

"How about them?" Shi Yan looked towards Ya Meng and Ka Ba.

"We said we would spare your life, you will not die!" Di Shan coldly shouted, looking at Ya Meng and Ka Ba, and said, "Is it so?"

Ya Meng and Ka Ba, the two leaders of Demonic Sound Clan, under the pressure from Di Shan and Yu Rou, reluctantly nodded without saying a word although they were very angry.

"Now go, I will bring you to Sound Beast Mountain."  Yu Rou of White Wings Clan did not say anything further, stretched her hand grabbing Shi Yan's shoulder, flapped her wings and flew away. They had already flown a few thousand meters in just a blink, towards Sound Beast Mountain.

Di Shan closed his eyes gradually, his figure slowly disappeared.

"What should we do?" After Di Shan and Yu Rou had left, Ka Ba's face became gloomy. He looked towards Ya Meng, then Yi Tian Mo. "That little rascal has Heaven Flame, once he grows up, he will obviously be a dangerous threat for our Demonic Sound Clan."

"Di Shan and Yu Rou are on the same side now, but three of us can also unite with Duo Long. Wait until the shelter is destroyed, together with Duo Long, killing that little rascal will not be difficult." Ya Meng cruelly said.

Ka Ba was astonished for a while, then said with a grin, "That's right. Together with Duo Long, we will not be afraid of Yu Rou and Di Shan."

"Let's go see if that little rascal can really destroy the shelter or not."  Yi Tian Mo said nothing with an indifferent face. He seemed to have another plan.


[1] da jie: Chinese way to call an elder sister


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