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On the wall of the ancient city, Duo Long's body was full of murderous pressure, his eyes contained maximum resentment, waiting quietly.

Three people Ka Ba, Ya Meng, and Yi Tian Mo stayed beside cautiously, did not say anything.

Many people of Demonic Sound Clan did not even breathe hard, stood straight, did not dare to look at Duo Long.

General strength of Wings Race was more powerful than Demonic Sound Clan. Recently, when fighting with Wings Race, if it was not because of the internal confliction inside Wings Race, Demonic sound Clan might have had been conquered already.

Wings Race's build was strong, profound Qi was large and powerful, plus they were not afraid of the invasion from Demonic Sound Clan's soul, they have a gifted advantage when fighting with Demonic Sound Clan.

Duo Long was the master of Gray Wings Clan. Although Gray Wings Clan' strength was not as strong as Black Wings Clan and White Wings Clan, they were very combative. Gray Wings Clan of Duo Long was the main force who exhorted Demonic Sound Clan's enslavement.

Therefore, Duo Long of Gray Wings Clan was hated the most by Demonic Sound Clan's people, also made them frightened the most.

Duo Long coming here was a shake for three people Ka Ba, Ya Meng, Yi Tian Mo. For the rest of Demonic Sound Clan, Duo Long could be considered a deadly murderer, didn't know what he would bring up.

In the cage.

Cao Zhi Lan's eyes were transparent, sweeping Duo Long's body one time, quietly stared at the crystal ball in Duo Long's Hand, astonished.

She did not know what guilt Shi Yan had done to Duo Long after all, but looking at Duo Long's face, she was afraid that Shi Yan would receive  bad news more than good news this time.

It was indeed not a just game this time.

Cao Zhi Lan reluctantly sighed inside. She had hoped that Shi Yan could attack Demonic Sound Clan so that she had a chance to escape the soul confinement of Demonic Sound Clan. But Duo Long coming here caused Da Yan to become a target for everyone. Now everyone considered him a thorn in their eyes. After all, what did he do?

Cao Zhi Lan could imagine soon Shi Yan would be brought in being confined, suffered painful tortures by Duo Long so much that he would rather be dead than alive, and would be dead before them.

Qu Yan Qing, Pan Zhe were in the cage also had the same thought.

Suddenly, Yi Feng's figure appeared from a far distance.

Not even having arrived the place, Yi Feng screamed out: "Great Commander, that guy has escaped. Don't know when he has left the city, he should be outside of the city already".

"What!". Yi Tian Mo couldn't help but scream.

"Which direction?". Duo Long shouted stridently.

"Over there". Yi Feng pointed towards outside the city.

"Yi Tian Mo, hope it was not you who did it. Wait until I arrest him, I will question him". Duo Long's body plunged furiously in the air. "If I know you did it, don't blame me for having no mercy".

Upon his words, Duo Long quickly flew out.

Ya Meng, Ka Ba, Yi Tian Mo and other high-level warriors of Demonic Sound Clan all astonished for a while, flew towards Duo Long's direction to another wall.

On another wall of the ancient city.

Ya Meng, Ka Ba, Yi Tian Mo, Ya Ji and Demonic Sound Clan's people looked ahead in a distance with strange faces.

Each flock of sound beasts surrounded that area in the forest, a sixth level demon child kept shrieking, seemed to gather more sound beats.

Counting up, there were not less than a thousand of sound beasts, which was extremely dense like a cloud of mosquitos gathering.

Behind a large number of sound beasts, dazzling lights were emitted. Looking from far, it was possible to see many high-level warriors of Wings Race with long wings fighting with sound beats aggressively.

A flow of red burning fire like a lightning zoomed towards the numerous sound beasts.

Closely following the red burning fire was Duo Long, who was full of wind blades stirring in the air with his wide-open eyes and his teeth shown, held his head up to the sky laughing.

"Burning fire is really strong! That guy is the one whom you have captured?". Ka Ba stared at burning fire's figure, carefully observed for a while, his face suddenly changed. "That's not right! Burning, this burning fire is not the ordinary one. It's not. This… this is heaven flame! This is heaven flame! Yi Tian Mo, you did well."

Yi Tian Mo's eyes flared up bright lights, his body slightly swayed a while, miserably said: "I did not know…"

"You didn't know?". Ya Meng' s face was suspicious. "That guy's body has your soul confinement seal. If you put the control style on his body, how could you not know the secrets on his body? Yi Tian Mo, you are really not scared of playing with fire, which would burn you to death in the end? You yourself are the leader, you didn't know the danger of heaven flame to our whole clan?"

"I really didn't know this moron could have heaven flame.".  Yi Tian Mo shook his head. "But don't worry, Duo Long has gone there. Not to bother about this moron having heaven flame or not, he cannot hide from Duo Long's deadly strike. Things are turning out to be like this, no need to be worried too much".

When Yi Tian Mo was talking, Cu Bi's body reappeared quietly below the wall of the ancient city.

"You still claim it was not related to you?". Ka Ba's face was cold. "Perhaps you even already knew that moron had killed Duo Long's son, if not, you would not have let Cu Bi free him. Yi Tian Mo, do you know what you are doing? When Duo Long arrests that moron and interrogates him, even after killing him, he still can hunt you down to take revenge. You know Duo Long's personality well, why did you do that?"

"I don't know what you are talking about". Yi Tian Mo's face was still unchanged. "Even if Duo Long really wants to find me to take revenge, it's not related to you. Why do you care so much?"

"Very good". Ka Ba's face was cold, towards Yi Tian Mo nodding his head, suddenly seemed to understand something, burst into laughter. "I understood, I did understand now. Yi Tian Mo, Yi Tian Mo. It turns out you already had some intention for us. Ha ha, heaven flame is Demonic Sound Clan's nemesis. You want to use that guy to control me and Ya Meng? Finally, I understood".

Ya Meng's face changed, also slowly nodded his head. "So, that's it. Yi Tian Mo, Yi Tian Mo, your plan sounds very good. Regretfully, Duo Long came here and ruined it. You definitely did not think Duo Long could know who has killed his son, that's how your plan went wrong".

"You guys surely have the gift of speculation". Yi Tian Mo shook his head, his face unchanged.

"You will regret". Ka Ba smiled faintly.

Ya Meng's face was also frigid, obviously extremely discontented with what Yi Tian Mo had done, seemed secretly to have some forethought to deal with Yi Tian Mo.

A flow of burning fire spread out from his body, Shi Yan turned to be a rocket, accelerated towards sound beasts gathering area.

After Yi Cu Bi told Shi Yan that Duo Long had come, Shi Yan harrumphed, ran out of the city with the speed of light.

When he had killed Han Long, because he had wanted to prevent the opponent's father from knowing it, he had also killed the other two warriors who accompanied Han Long, killed all three of them. He had thought the enemy would have not found out if he had cleaned up everything. But he was wrong.

So, he could only hide.

He knew his advantage, he had heaven flame, he was not afraid of sound beasts. Therefore, the place where sound beasts gathered was the place for him to hide.

Sound Beast Mountain.

He knew from Cu Bi there was a large strong shelter in Sound Beast Mountain. This shelter was isolated from Sound Beast Mountain. Even the three leaders of Wings Race could not remove the shelter. Inside Sound Beast Mountain, there were full of sound beasts, the world yin was really strong, except sound beasts, ordinary people's power would decrease if pa.s.sing by.

He only needed to arrive Sound Beast Mountain, with heaven flame inside his body, he was not afraid of sound beasts' attack. Heaven flame could burn everything, perhaps even the shelter in the mountain could also be destroyed. Sound Beast Mountain was dangerous for other people, but it was the place which saved him from Duo Long's pursuit.

Boiling burning fire in his body, Shi Yan urged electric shift, his body like a flashing light, quickly dashed towards the place sound beasts gathering.

Almost a thousand of sound beasts gathering over there surrounded more than ten people of Black Wings Clan and White Wings Clan. Among those sound beasts, there were some at the sixth or seventh level, yin was emitted everywhere from these sound beasts, creating a  layer of gray cloud that could be seen.

Shi Yan was like a rocket, shot straight towards those Sound Beast that were gathering there.

Each flow of yin was like black rolling cloud moving. The yin hit his face, Shi Yan inhaled a deep breath, quickly felt more comfortable, his mind became extremely conscious.

His eyes were full of surprise, carefully perceiving for a while, Shi Yan's body slightly shivered, his face was full of joy.

Three meridians on his chest created a yin whirlpool which quietly circulated. The yin whirlpool's movement was clearly related to the nearby yin. When the yin whirlpool moved, his body started to actively absorb gathering yin.

At the same time, a whirl quietly formed on top of his head. Right at the time that whirl appeared, it immediately projected a violent power.

The nearby yin like a gray cloud was gravitated by the whirl, all became the supplement for the whirl, made it bigger and bigger.

Mysterious yin spell!

This special martial technique came from The Three G.o.ds Sect, it was useful to take the concentrated world yin. If using mysterious yin spell in a heavy yin area, it would automatically form a whirl absorbing the world yin of that area and turned to Yin G.o.d Pearl inside yin whirlpool.

That year in Yin Exhaustion Land, he had used mysterious yin spell to resist yin air, when unintentionally urging mysterious yin spell, he had absorbed completely the world yin in Yin Exhaustion Land.

That scene was still very clear. Currently seeing the transformation of yin whirlpool, a whirl formed on top of his head, Shi Yan suddenly felt it could happen again.

He hovered still in the air, burning fire hovered inside his body, but there was a whirl refined by yin flying on top of his head, the center of the whirl emitted powerful gravity, aggressively gathered yin from everywhere.

This area, more than one thousand of sound beasts had already recognized some strange changes in the world, staring at Shi Yan resentfully.

From the wall of the ancient city far away, three people Ka Ba, Ya Meng, Yi Tian Mo also could not believe what was happening, looked towards Shi Yan's place with eyes and mouth open.

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