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Each long skinny figure plunged in the gray yin, quickly covered the area, wanted to wrapped around Shi Yan and Cu Bi tightly.

Inside that fuzzy yin, there were many long skinny figures which appeared more and more clearly. These were special beasts with humankind child faces, dreary pale look, mouth full of fangs.

This beast was three meters high with a firm body, white child-face, long fangs, terribly dreary.

The demon child's body projected powerful yin, the soul of this creature was extremely special. In their brain, there seemed to have a special flesh layer to prevent any soul attack.

Their movement was fast, their firm body just swayed a little, they were already in the sky plunging more than four hundred meters.

In a moment, three demon children appeared, showed their power, got close to Shi Yan and Cu Bi below.

The level of Cu Bi's soul could be compared to the one at the heaven level stage, but when facing with demon children, it was tough to release the soul attack, she only grabbed Shi Yan and hurried to get out of this place.

"We cannot leave. Your speed is obviously fast but not as fast as those unusual beasts". Shi Yan stood motionlessly, but he was very conscious. According to him, although those demon children were powerful, they still had weaknesses. The icy yin on their bodies was very strong. Their living energy was powerful, but maximum could only be the fifth or sixth level, could be compared to the ground level stage or the nirvana stage of humankind warriors.

With that level, Shi Yan was not afraid of.


Three demon children suddenly cried like the crying of a baby, white fangs quickly change to be sharper and longer, each stream of red blood flew out of the corners of their mouth. That looked really awfully viperous.

"Demon children are not afraid of the Demonic Sound Clan's soul. They are our enemy. When they went out, we have to hide inside the ancient city". Cu Bi's face was no more pinky, panickily shouted.

At this time, three demon children had come in front of Shi Yan, not far from him. They formed a triangle surrounding Shi Yan and Cu Bi.

Demon children flew around, formed along a flow of misty smoke. Their speed was extremely fast, even Shi Yan's eyes could not catch their figures, only relied on the sense of G.o.d consciousness to know their directions.

Was it because the three demon children could feel the powerful burning fire inside Shi Yan that they came close but did not slaughter him yet. They hovered above Shi Yan and Cu Bi waiting for something.

Cu Bi was frightened by the very blue eyes of three demon children staring. Her beautiful face was full of fear, totally different from when she had confidently treated Shi Yan before. She started to be terrified.

"Don't worry. You forgot why you and I come here? These three demon children maybe the sound beasts of the fifth level. The Demonic Sound Clan's people cannot defeat these sound beasts, but it is not too difficult for me to do it". Shi Yan's look was cold, facing those three demon children without being frightened.

"Come to me".

"Shriek". Three demon children kept shrieking, whining. From a cave somewhere on the Sound Beast Mountain not far from here, they resounded sometimes.

"They are calling for more sound beasts to come!". Cu Bi suddenly felt unsafe. "The control style around the Sound Beast Mountain is really decreasing, I feel there is an important thing happening! No, we have to go back to the Ancient City immediately. There are all kinds of the control styles that can prevent the sound beasts from invading".

"I want to finish my promise before". Shi Yan frowned. "Should not attack my spiritual soul. I shall fight now".

Upon these words, Shi Yan immediately contacted the hearth flame in the blood vein ring.

Each wave of the burning fire quickly spread out from the blood vein ring, rolling in Shi Yan's body in a blink. After a moment, Shi Yan's body became blazing red, seemed to have a flame rising up.

The earth flame absorbed the sun power of the Sun Refined Spirits, the earth flametransformed quickly, its intelligence had increased recently, the burning fire power was stronger than what Shi Yan expected, nearly had the nature power against the icy power of the ice cold flame.

Being burnt by the sun flame, Shi Yan's body also transformed miraculously, was able to receive more burning fire power of the earth flame, each wave of the burning fire from the earth flamee absorbed into all the nerves and veins in the body. Shi Yan felt warm, unpainful not like when his system having been burnt before.

His mind was slightly active.

"Screech". Three Demon children suddenly made strange piercing shrieks.  Seeing the burning fire coming, the very blue eyes of three demon children looked extremely terrified, they all tried to escape.

"Stay!". Shi Yan's shouted, his spirits transformed again.

Each wave of the burning fire exploded, turned to be countless of burning points covering the whole area surrounding. The burning points were dense like drizzling rain, covered all corners of the area. After the explosion, the quant.i.ty which compensated for the power for the burning fire left the three demon children no place to hide.

"Swoosh". The three demon children's bodies were hit by the burning fire, immediately projected white smoke.

For the demon children's bodies made of icy energy, the burning fire points were like the strongest acid in the world, rotted their bodies in a blink. The burning fire once touched the demon children, their bodies immediately were eroded to big holes.

These demon children's body were conquered by the burning fire points of the earth flame. The burning fire points spread out to the sky, three demon children wailed terribly, their bodies smoked, their movements were also slower.

"The devil of these three demon children are solid enough?" Shi Yan turned his head towards Cu Bi, saw her avoiding look, she was initiative moving far from him. Cu Bi only responded when he asked, quickly nodded her head.

"Devils are all solid!"

Heaven flame! It was absolutely the heaven power!

There appeared so many big waves of confusions in Cu Bi's mind, her clear eyes looked fearful. She started to be scared of Shi Yan. She knew how dangerous the demon children were. They were all sound beasts, but the demon children could be immune from the burning fire. They were not scared if being hit by the normal burning fire, continued to slaughter around, attack the Demonic Sound Clan's people.

However, the burning fire projected by Shi Yan could make the demon children's bodies eroded once it touched them, almost ground to ashes. What kind of force is this?

Only with the nemesis of the sound beasts in the legend, the burning fire power could reach to that level!

Cu Bi had never seen the Heaven Flame, she learned from her father the legend about the heaven flame conquering the sound beasts. The extremely hot Heaven Flame was exactly the most terrifying conqueror for the sound beasts.

To Demonic Sound Clan, wasn't it a frightening thing?

Demonic Sound Clan's physical bodies belonged to cold yin, although the soul was very powerful, but once the extremely hot Heaven Flame touched them, the result was not better than the sound beasts.

In other words, the burning fire points came from Shi Yan, he only projected those on her body, she would be like the demon children, eroded quickly, the energy of cold yin on Demonic Sound Clan's body could not prevent burning from the heaven.

If the Demonic Sound Clan did not have the advantages of the soul from heaven, and Shi Yan was not afraid of his soul being tied up and confined by the Demonic Sound Clan, he alone with the heaven flame power in his body could act freely in the ancient city.

He even took advantage of the Heaven Flame power to slaughter the whole Demonic Sound Clan!

Except if the Demonic Sound Clan had a secret treasure which had icy attributes, it could be used to defend the heaven flame's invasion. If not, their bodies under the heaven flame would be like steam, evaporated completely.

Cu Bi felt really frightened inside.

Watching Shi Yan controlling the burning fire power of the earth flame to burn the three demon children, made them terribly shrieking, her eyes flared up strangely, a thought crossing her mind.

Should I kill him right now?

Her eyes kept flickering, her feeling about killing Shi Yan right away was getting stronger, it might be the best decision. If not, Shi Yan had a way to conquer the soul attack of the Demonic Sound Clan, his existence would be a nightmare for the Demonic Sound Clan.

"Very simple". When she was still considering, Shi Yan calmly disposed of the three demon children. Three very blue devil b.a.l.l.s hovering in the air were pulled down to his hand by his profound Qi.

"Here, three devil b.a.l.l.s for you, um, don't worry, I will find enough devil b.a.l.l.s". Shi Yan smiled, saw Cu Bi's panic face, then said. "This world is mysterious. The Demonic Sound Clan with deep soul attacking power can easily kill me. But the demon children are your nemesis, can easily tear you out into pieces. And I am the nemesis of the demon children, can easily use the burning fire power to kill them. Everything has its conqueror. Isn't it the laws of nature?"

Cu Bi's face was confused, stretched out her hand to take three very blue devil b.a.l.l.s, and said: "These three devil b.a.l.l.s of the demon children are more valuable than the ones of the sound beasts. The devil of demon children contains many souls and yin. It is very useful for our practicing. If relying only on the Demonic Sound Clan's strength, there is no way to collect the devil b.a.l.l.s. Only the Wings Race can hunt the demon children down, they will use the devil b.a.l.l.s of demon children to exchange for the most valuable things of the Demonic Sound Clan…"

"I will find enough devil b.a.l.l.s for you.". Shi Yan slightly knitted his brows. "Only you keep your promise, um, although I feel uncomfortable being confined by you, I am the man with words".

"Do you hate us?". Cu Bi quickly asked.

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