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A big angular meteorite wedged in the desert.

The meteorite was generating a radiant light, the entire crystal was vivid-red, spreading out terrifying heaven flames, the sun light was extremely strong, it dazzled his eyes so that they could not open.

The meteorite was like a small mountain, most of it was buried deep inside the dune, only one third of it protruded out.

The meteor had been discharging a dazzling red light, his energy was burning out and his body's fluids were quickly evaporating.

If an ordinary human had came here, he would have been scorched to ashes within three hours.

Shi Yan had been trained many times by the earth flame, he could feel the oppressive pressure when facing with this terrifying, sweltering power of the meteorite.

Inside of the meteorite, there was a mysterious movement. Shi Yan looked at the meteor from a far distance, and immediately felt that his senses was continuously being stimulated. He was drawn in by the mysterious energy inside of the meteorite, he almost was not able to control himself, as he headed into the meteorite.

Shi Yan believed that once he came close to the meteorite, and if his body happened to touched the flame power next to the meteorite, he would immediately turn into ashes.

Not mentioning the Earth Realm warriors, even if it was the strong body of G.o.d Realm he was not sure that it could be preserved under the power of that meteor.

Shi Yan did not dare take any risks. He observed the huge meteorite from a distance, in silence.

The thousand-year Earth Flame soon flew out. Shi Yan was still in shock, while the Earth Flame flew into the meteor and disappeared.

Shi Yan was surprised, he then tried to connect with the Earth Flame again. He now realized that once he released the mind power, there was another terrifying power on the rebound from the meteorite, which struck him and forced him to take a step back.

"How come?"

The Qi of the Ice Cold Flame from the Blood Vein Ring suddenly dispersed out. It had been long since the Ice Cold Flame had activated itself. Right after the Qi appeared, it shot out a series of icy power.

The ice power quickly aroused in Shi Yan's body, then spread out to every corner of his body. Under the effect of the ice power, Shi Yan's emotion and body rapidly stabilized.

"Oh? So you can release powers?"

"Yeah, this devil ring knows whether you are in trouble, so it helped loosen my bond, allowing me to be free" The Ice Cold Flame replied and meditated again. It seemed to release its spiritual sense to observe around the vicinity.

Not long after, the Ice Cold Flame released a surprising power.

"Sun Refined Spirit!"

"What?" Shi Yan was astonished, "What did you say?"

"That red meteorite is the Sun Refined Spirit in the center of the Solar system. It is the precious extreme hot Yang powered treasures of the universe", the Ice Cold Flame explained, "The Sun Refined Spirit can only be found in the center of the Solar System. It is the most essential part of the Solar power. You have practiced the Heating Technique, and if you can attain the Sun Refined Spirit, your powers will increase immensely".

"Is it useful for the thousand-year Earth Flame?"

"Not only useful! This Sun Refined Spirit is enough for it to have a quick breakthrough to a complete soul and a strong power which does not measure up to my own. Once the Solar fire in the Sun Refined Spirit is absorbed and combined with the Earth Flame of itself, its life form will immediately change".

Shi Yan panicked, "What? Anything else?"

The Ice Cold Flame hesitated a bit, then continued, "There seems to be something inside of the Sun Refined Spirit. It has intensely strong vibrations, its strength can be compared with the strong Soul Attack of a G.o.d Realm warrior."

"Is there something inside?" Shi Yan got surprised, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, "The Sun Refined Spirit is clearly from the Solar system out there, which fell down here. How come there is something inside of it? Did it really come from the Solar system?"

"It is not necessary for it to have come from the Solar system." The Ice Cold Flame ruminated for a while and continued, "According to the legend, warriors who reached the True G.o.d Realm was to be considered a G.o.d. They had super powers that could destroy the earth. Their body could break from all the bonds of this world, and fly out into the sky. It meant that only the True Spirit warriors could go out into the Solar System."

"Go out into the Solar System?" Shi Yan's eyes brightened. "According to you, the thing is inside of the Sun Refined Spirit, although it does not come from the Solar System, it is held by the True G.o.d Realm's warriors?"

"Yes, it is."

Shi Yan ceased suddenly.

From a hundred meters far away, silently staring at the bright Sun Refined Spirit, he could feel his eyes hurt. , He slowly closed his eyes and mumbled, "It is impossible to come any closer…"

Although his body had been trained by the Earth Flame and that he also had the strong heat power of the Earth Flame, the Solar Fire surrounding the Sun Refined Spirit was not of a form that he could possibly bear.

Even from a hundred meters away, he could feel that his body was burning. If he reached the Sun Refined Spirit, he might be burnt to ashes.

"You want to come closer?" The Ice Cold Flame seemed to know of his intention and suddenly said, "With your current ability, you cannot come any closer, but I can help you, there is still a possible way…"

"So, what are you waiting for?" Shi Yan quietly shouted, then quickly used the chilly ice power. Under the ice power, his body was frozen solid in just a blink.

Ice had started to spread throughout his whole body. It was as if  an icy armor was wrapping him on the inside.

With the frozen ice power protection, Shi Yan immediately realized that the heat that surrounded the Sun Refined Spirit had vanished, and he did not feel that his body was burning anymore.

"Thump, thump, thump."

With the protection from the frozen ice power, Shi Yan was braver, and moved step by step towards the Sun Refined Spirit, but he still did not dare to tread to fast.

Fifty meters….,

Thirty meters…..,

Twenty meters……..,

Ten meters, Shi Yan suddenly stopped.

From ten-meters away, a bunch of extremely hot Sun Flames flew out and around the Sun Refined Spirit without dispersing.

The Sun Refined Spirit was very close to him now. If he moved forward just a little more, he could finally reach it. Though he did not have the slightest idea of what was about to happen.

"You should not come any closer. That is enough." The Ice Cold Flame reminded him, "Also, close your eyes, you will be blind if you keep staring at it for a long time"

Shi Yan stammered horribly, and hurried in closing his eyes. But he still wanted to connect with the earth flame.

"If you do want to be attacked by the Sun Refined Spirit, you better not release the mind power. Once your power is activated, the ent.i.ty inside of it will immediately be alerted and attack. I also recognize that the power emerging from it can damage your soul much more than I could, in other words, you are not able to prevent its attack."

Shi Yan who was about to activate the mind power stopped immediately after being reminded by the Ice Cold Flame.

"So, what should we do now?"

"We can do nothing, and can only wait for the Earth Flame. It can recognize when you are close to it. In here, only the Earth Flame is not affected by the Sun Refined Spirit. Its living form is quite special.  It dares to go closer, it might not be afraid of the ent.i.ty inside of the Sun Refined Spirit. Hmm, wait for the Earth Flame to come back or until it actively contacts with you. Except in waiting for it, don't do anything else."

Shi Yan could not do anything anyhow, he closed his eyes and stood still, ten meters away from the Sun Refined Spirit. He also did not dare to use his power, only using his body to feel the heat from the Sun Refined Spirit.

"Oh?" Each fragile stream of heat power coming from the inside of Sun Refined Spirit seemed to be blocked by an unknown ent.i.ty, it then silently went through Shi Yan's chest, and poured into Shi Yan's heart.

After the heat power went through, his heart suddenly generated a red light, star lights above his heart then started to brighten gradually, it seemed to move above his heart. It looked like a miraculous unpredictable scene, completely out of Shi Yan's expectation.

"This, is this?" The Ice Cold Flame looked extremely astonished. The ice power inside The Blood Vein Ring became weaker.

Many solar power streams pierced through Shi Yan's chest, and quickly poured into Shi Yan's heart, which might have changed his heart in some ways. His heart then became much more powerful, possibly because he had received more solar powers, which was extremely dazzling.

Dazzling sun lights from Shi Yan's heart suddenly exploded. In a single moment, Shi Yan was like a light generator, his whole body generated strong rays.

"What's happening?" The Ice Cold Flame seemed not to understand anything, and hurried to connect with Shi Yan, "Why, why can your heart absorb sun rays? The Star Martial Spirits, I understand! The sun is also a star. The Solar power is also considered the power of the stars. That should be it!"

The solar powers poured into his heart. At this moment, Shi Yan felt as if he had been thrown into a burning pot of oil. This kind of pain was hard to describe.

That was why he could not even connect with the Ice Cold Flame anymore, he could only stay still, unbearably and let the Solar Power continue flowing in.

At the same time, a mysterious circulation appeared on his chest. It was the marvelous Black Formula! It had belonged to the Three G.o.ds Sect, which now, started to activate.

The existence of these three circulations withdrew more and more Solar Power, their speeds were getting faster and faster, crazily into his heart.

"Boom!" His body suddenly burst into flames. The Sun Flame started to burn inside of his body.

The Ice Cold Flame hardly could connect with Shi Yan. If he let the Solar Power burn Shi Yan into ashes, Shi Yan's soul would hardly be liberated. Of course, this would be deadly.

If Shi Yan died, the Blood Vein Ring would have not have a master anymore, it would then be confined forever!

This was not the termination that the Ice Cold Flame had wanted to see.

The icy power was getting dense, and suddenly dispersed out from The Blood Vein Ring.

The Ice Cold flame quickly released its power, and used the billion-year-trained ice power to help Shi Yan fight against the Sun Flames inside of his body. Thanks to a good amount of the icy power absorbed into Shi Yan's body, the Sun Flame was immediately neutralized.

Shi Yan's eyes, one reflected the heat power, while the other reflected the icy power, turning his whole body into an extremely blessed ent.i.ty.

The Sun Refined Spirit in the dune continuously shot out stronger heat rays of power. The Sun Flame seemed to be drawn to a single point.

Ten meters away from the Sun Refined Spirit, there was a huge body surrounded by the burning flames. The body was enduring the most terrifying fight between the heat power and ice power.

At this point, The Sun Flame's power and the Ice Cold Flame's icy power were fighting inside of his body which was in a icy-heat state. His body changed from being chilled from one moment to a burning sensation in just a second.

Even his techniques became messy. A lot of negative feelings from his acupoints was uncontrollable and dispersed outwards.

Shi Yan did not know what was going on. He could only suffer everything pa.s.sively.

The fight between the Sun Flame and the Ice Cold Flame happened inside of his body. While these two powers continued to fight, his heart was still absorbing the heat power from the Sun Refined Spirit.

His mind was messy and his consciousness became ambiguous. Shi Yan gradually became unconscious, and did not know who he was anymore.

Meanwhile, negative feelings were also spreading out on the inside of his body. Different kinds of negative feelings kept stirring up in his head, that made him forget himself, following his primal instincts, making him lose his mind and become crazy.

Under the red clouds.

A huge figure full of heat power with two red eyes, faced upwards, and screamed as if it wanted to destroy the entire universe.

Horrible screams hovered above and around the desert. It could be heard from ten miles away.

"Who is screaming?"

In the desert, a line of warriors were walking about aimlessly. They all looked extremely exhausted.

A girl with an elegant body leading in the front knitted her brows, turned to the direction of the scream, looked with concentration, and suddenly shouted, "Gu mei mei [1], I think the guy who is screaming is your enemy", said Cao Zhi Lan, whose beautiful face suddenly looked very strange.

This group included Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing. At first, they had been separated, but during the time going around in the desert, they had finally found each other again and regrouped.

After seeing each other again, they voluntarily regrouped, and stayed in the desert to search for the warriors of the Yang family. However, no matter how hard they searched, or how hard Cao Zhi Lan used the Star Martial Spirit, they were blinded in this desert, it was impossible for them to find a way out.

Right now, Cao Zhi Lan was also a little fatigued nearing unconsciousness.

Today, when they had not known what to do except to walk around aimlessly, they suddenly heard a terrifying scream. Cao Zhi Lan's sharp senses immediately identified the person from the source of the scream. They then became excited, "Haha, we have finally located the target!"

Gu Ling Long gently shouted, "So, what are we waiting for? We should depart and kill him immediately".

Pan Zhe smiled, nodded his head and said, "We have been walking for a long time in this desert for almost half of a year. Ugh, the sooner that we kill the Yan family, the sooner we can get the h.e.l.l out of here".

"Get out of here soon?" Cao Zhi Lan laughed, glancing at Pan Zhe, "I don't know what miraculous solution that you have that can get us out of here?"

"I think, that guy is the key point. Since he was the first one who came here, he might know the way out" Pan Zhe scratched his head, feeling ashamed and said, "It is not right. Isn't it that we already have Lady Cao? I believe with the Star Martial Spirit of Miss Cao, sooner or later, we can surely know the way out of this G.o.d forsaken desert"

"But I don't believe that it could be so" Cao Zhi Lan shook her head, her face becoming serious "Shi Yan's direction is really hot, I do not think that everyone here can bear with the temperature. Even I myself do not want to go there, I still need my secret treasures. You yourselves should consider this carefully".

Everyone's face changed immediately.

After that, Gu Ling Long's fellow warriors silently nodded their head, turned back and started to remind the others to be careful, in not moving forward too freely in order to avoid being killed by the heat from the Solar Power.

After a.s.signing the warriors, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing caught up with Cao Zhi Lan, and quickly moved towards Shi Yan's direction.

After a while.

Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing, and Pan Zhe were now five hundred meters away from the Sun Refined Spirit.

Even in being five hundred meters away, the violent sun rays of the Sun Refined Spirit shined so brightly that the four of them could not either see Shi Yan clearly or even know what was going on over there.

The other fellow warriors did not dare follow them any further.

Under the extreme heat of the Solar Power, even a few of the third sky of Earth Realm warriors could not stand it, they also chose to stop.

Why these four people had dared to come closer like this was because they were the future masters of those warriors. They had not only trained in special martial techniques but also brought many secret weapons. Thanks to those weapons and the Mysterious Martial Spirits, they could now stand at five hundred meters away from the Sun Refined Spirit.

Their bodies had not been trained by the Heaven Flame, although they had brought some treasured weapons, they could only watch from about five hundred meters away. They were not like Shi Yan, who, without the Ice Cold Flame's power, could not be close to the Sun Refined Spirit and not worry about being burnt to death by the Sun Flame.

"I cannot open my eyes!" Gu Ling Long frighteningly shouted.

"This, this can only be the Sun Refined Spirit. The Sun Refined Spirit in the center of solar system to be exact, ordinary eyes will be blinded just by looking at it."

"The Sun Refined Spirit!" Pan Zhe panicked, "If the Three G.o.ds Sect's people came here, will they go crazy with joy in seeing the Sun Refined Spirit?"

"Regretfully, the Three G.o.ds Sect is busy fighting with the Dark Dwellers. They could not join us in the fight against the Yang family this time. Ugh, this is their mistake in not coming. If the Three G.o.ds Sect warriors had come here with their Sun Martial Spirits and found out about the Sun Refined Spirit was here, their Sun Martial Spirit powers would have had increased immensely".

Qu Yan Qing slowly closed her eyes, she could not stand the heat any longer.

Cao Zhi Lan did not reply, and silently released the Star Martial Spirit to gauge the situation over there.

But, her Star Martial Spirit immediately realized that the inside of the Sun Refined Spirit struck out an intense powerful vibration, and created a sharp, violent attack like lightning which chased the Star Martial Spirit back into Cao Zhi Lan's head.

"Ptuihut", Cao Zhi Lan could barely stand, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Her beautiful body strenuously moved backward a few steps, her face was red and she shouted, "Do not release any powers! There is something very strange in there'.



Pan Zhe and Gu Ling Long also spitted out a mouthful of blood, stepped hardly backwards, their faces looking clumsy.

Qu Yan Qing panicked because she was about to release her power, but was able to immediately withdraw in time.

Cao Zhi Lan, only in being late for a single second, had caused Pan Zhe and Gu Ling Long to be severely injured. Their powers were attacked on the rebound by the strange ent.i.ty on the inside of the Sun Refined Spirit and got defeated.

"Be careful! Absolutely, do not use any of your powers, do not open your eyes continuously, only sneak quick glances and then close them immediately to avoid being blinded by the sunlight" Cao Zhi Lan hastened to remind them.

"Not good!" Qu Yan Qing quietly screamed in a sudden.

"What happened?"  Pan Zhe quickly asked.

"Shii…ii…i,Shi Yan is coming!" Qu Yan Qing stepped backwards, frightened. "He is full of heat power, there is also some strange icy power as well, what actually did happen?"

"What?" Cao Zhi Lan was terrified opening her eyes.

In their view, an impressive body shined by the dazzling sunlight, was coming at them fast, spreading out two kinds of red power and dark blue powers. The red heat power was extremely hot, whereas the dark blue power was extremely chilly, these two powers spread throughout his entire body, which seemed still to be in a drastic fight with one another.

However, with the two powers hovering around him, he still looked very comfortable and was moving fast like lightning towards them, his speed was getting faster and faster.

n.o.body knew why a bunch of Sun Flames seemed to be attracted by his body. Although his body was flying fast, they were still following closely.

The heat power was coming at them like a landslide, seeming as if it was going to incinerate everything that was in it's path.

Until her two eyes were in great pain, Cao Zhi Lan realized that she could not stand it anymore. Cao Zhi Lan quickly turned back without hesitation, and escaped at the highest speed possible.


Pan Zhe, who had been waiting for her to say something, then realized Cao Zhi Lan had already disappeared in a blink.

His wise face slightly changed. He did not dare say anything else, and desperately tried to follow Cao Zhi lan in her escape.

Although Qu Yan Qing and Gu Ling Long still wanted to stay and fight, in seeing Cao Zhi Lan running away, they felt unsafe and quickly followed Pan Zhe in leaving.


At the same time.

A red sword in the form of a two meter long flame, half meter wide, suddenly flew out from the Sun Refined Spirit.

The sword was entirely covered in ancient symbols. A red eye was also present on the blade. Once the sword flew out, the red eye quickly shot out devilish red lights.

A malicious vibration on the red sword then spread out, this power was like a drastic tornado, wiping out all human life, taking all the energy of everything in it's path.

The huge figure was crazily chasing Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe. When the sword emitted out the malicious power, he suddenly stopped. Unconsciousness showed in his eyes.

The Blood Vein Ring worn on his finger also shot out red lights which matched with the one from the sword. They looked surprisingly alike.


[1]: Chinese way to call a younger sister

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