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When Xie Kui's head exploded, an indefinite number of warriors inside the tornado was also killed by the three devilish shadows.

The three devilish shadows in the Gravitational Field only needed to gather negative thoughts in order make the warriors go insane, easily killing them off afterwards.

The level of these Earth Realm warriors in the Kyara Sea was just normal. They did not have Martial Spirits, mystery weapons, and spooky self-protection, plus since they were being confined by the gravitational field. They were just ordinary animals awaiting to be slaughtered.

Xie Kui' s squashed body without it's head fell down, a stream of power spread out from the corpse and was absorbed into Shi Yan's acupoints.


His hand grabbed the sword hilt and withdrew it from his foot, Shi Yan then sarcastically looked at Xie Kui's body with no head and cruelly said, "You dared fight face to face with me, thus you deserve to die terribly like this!"

The Petrification Martial Spirit and the Immortal Martial Spirit had been practiced continuously, it was not easy for the other warriors to imagine the strength of Shi Yan's body.

Among the warriors of the same level, no one could possibly defeat him in a face-to-face fight.

With the effect of the Immortal Martial Spirit, the foot which was pinned through by the saber recovered gradually.

Shi Yan then started Electric Shift, got into the tornado and stood inside of it, all the power absorption from the warriors' bodies was then absorbed by his  Petrification Martial Spirit.

The Gravitational Field which had tied up He Qing Man suddenly shrank, since her vision had been blocked by the golden sand, so once she saw Shi Yan, she coldly started to fight again. "Enough!"

Shi Yan frowned and shouted, "Everyone died, do you still want to fight?"

"Everyone died?" He Qing Man's beautiful eyes looked confused. "Where is my brother? You are not good enough to defeat him! His level is higher than yours, he can also comfortably hide under the sand, you are not worthy enough to be called his opponent!"

"Are you talking about Xie Kui?" Shi Yan showed the body without it's head in the distance. "He is over there, here, except you and me, there is no one else alive."

He Qing Man was frightened, her gentle body quickly flew to Xie Kui's body.

"Aghhhh!" A terrifying scream suddenly came out from He Qing Man's mouth.

In a daze, she stood beside Xie Kui's body, covering her mouth, her beautiful eyes were full of sadness, lowered her voice and said, "He died already, everyone is dead. The future hopes of the Evil Wonderland, the pride of being the future master of the next generation has gone…"

He Qing Man was stunned as if she had been attacked hard, her look seemed shocked and she unconsciously started to mumble by herself…

Shi Yan was not in a hurry to leave, as he stayed still, using his sense to search for any other traces of life around.

He did not know that Xie Kui and He Qing Man had separated from Cao Zhi Lan in coming here. He had thought that Cao Zhi Lan's fellows were very close. Although he had killed everyone this time, except He Qing Man, he had still consumed a lot of his own power.

At this time, although he was still in the Second Sky of Rampage, he would be exhausted very quickly when his own power which would str ike back his defense power and spread out.

If Cao Zhi Lan was close, he would have to retreat immediately, he absolutely could not continue to fight in his current condition.

He closed his eyes, and silently searched around to rea.s.sure himself that there was no other trace of life, he then felt better and slowly walked to He Qing Man. "Where are the other people?"

"Who?" Ha Qing Man slowly lifted her head up and dully looked at Shi Yan with a gloomy face.

"Where is Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe?" Shi Yan asked again.

"I don't know" He Qing Man shook her head. "We were pushed out from underneath the old array technique and got separated. You are the first person we have met since."

Shi Yan seemed amused for awhile, then calmly said, "Ok, I know, see you again next time."

"You, where are you going?" He Qing Man asked loudly.

"I don't know" Shi Yan stopped for a while, looking at her, "Since our standpoints are conflicting. You better return to the Kyara Sea, being alone in the Chasm Battlefield is very dangerous"

"You killed my brother, I have to avenge him!" He Qing Man sighed, "You killed him, you can also now kill me. Shi Yan, I could not imagine how your power could have improved that much in such a short time. I remember, when you were in the Black Rock Island, you only had the Second Sky of Disasters at that time, if Yang Mu had not saved you, maybe you…."

Shi Yan kept silent.

"All of them died, I am the only one who had survived. Tell me, what will the others say when they see me later?"  He Qing Man smiled sadly.

Shi Yan shook his head and sighed, "You should not have gone to the Chasm Battlefield"

"I did not want to either"  He Qing Man gently shook her head, and reluctantly said, "It was my master's command. If I didn't go, it would have meant that I did not obey the direct order, not only would I have been in trouble but the He family would have been involved as well"

"Hmm, you were caught right in between, it was not easy" Shi Yan's face look astounded and said, "Maybe Yan Mu's fellows are not here. Maybe I am the only one alone in this place. Others might be on the way here. No one knows the way out of this immense desert, nor are there any clues as to who will be the next target. mmm, we should separate soon, if others find out that you and I were at the same place, I am afraid that it will not be good for you."

"Even if they do not see you and me at the same place, it is still impossible for me to face them." He Qing Man miserably smiled. "When we were outside of the castle, Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe recognized the fake fight between Yang Xue and I. If my brother and my fellows were still alive, they would have said nothing, but now that I am alone, I do not know what those guys will do to me."

Shi Yan knitted his brows in silence.

After a while, he suddenly said, "Anyway, you and them are allies, they may provoke you, but they will not kill you. Don't worry, in having regards for Yang Xue and Xin Yan, I will not harm you if I see you the next time. I really need to go now. Take care of yourself."

After speaking, Shi Yan turned back and quickly left without letting He Qing Man in having any chance to say any other words.

He had absorbed the power of total eleven warriors including Xie Kui, now his acupoints started to refine, spreading out strong negative feelings, he was afraid he might get crazy and lose his mind again.

Once losing his mind, he only had two options, either find a woman or tie himself up and suffer the pain.

The relationship between He Qing Man and Yang Xue was very good. Because of Yang Xue, she had been suspicious, and sacrificed a lot. Shi Yan could not possibly do anything that was considered bad to her.

Moreover, He Qing Man belonged to the Evil Wonderland, he could not trust her completely. He could not afford to be unconscious next to that lady.

Very dangerous.

Leaving He Qing Man, Shi Yan then moved as fast as lightning towards the hottest direction in the desert.

Moving forward in the desert, he could clearly feel the pain in his foot, which was getting weaker, the wound was still closing gradually.

Inside his acupoints, the power of Xie Kui's fellows was refining rapidly, a variety of negative feelings spread out from his acupoints.

Shi Yan tried desperately to constrain it.

It was either because of his Earth Realm level or in his nerves being stronger that the negative feelings spreading out from his acupoints did not make him go insane as of yet.

He still could stand it.

Except for the hard breathing and red face, his head was in pain just a wee bit. This time the negative feelings did not pull him towards the endless abyss and making him faint.

A long time after that.

Inside the meridians, there was a familiar devilish power indeed. Two hundred twenty acupoints in his whole body spreaded out the energy that made his mind comfortable. Shi Yan could feel the energy moving inside that made his body comfortably warm as if he was soaking in a hot spring.

This time, the Mysterious Martial Spirit and Mortality Martial Spirit did not share those devilish powers, each stream of powers torrentially came into his heart.

The Star Martial Spirit!

Shi Yan's pupil shrank, he could not help but curse, immediately using his mind to control this devilish power's intention in changing his direction.

Regretfully, his heart released a strong tract to totally absorb the devilish powers without a trace.

He suddenly stopped.

Clenching his teeth, Shi Yan silently sensed it for a while, discovering that many star lights were appearing more and more in his heart. The Star Martial Spirit on the left of his heart could not gather the star lights in the middle of the desert, and he himself did not know of a way to urge The Star Martial Spirit, the devilish powers poured into it was such a waste.

At least, it was not important in not knowing how to control The Star Martial Spirit of the Three G.o.d Sect. The Star Martial Spirit was useless for his own improvement.


The Earth Flame from The Blood Vein Ring flew out, after discovering that there was no one beside Shi Yan, it actively came out without Shi Yan's command.

Turning into a dazzling flame, the Earth Flame started to lead the way, eagerly flying to the highest heat source in the desert.

Shi Yan reluctantly followed.

He had no purpose to seek of in this desert, nor direction. The Earth Flame might lead to an unknown way out. The area that made the Earth Flame excited could have had something which would surprise him.

With this thought, although he did not know where it would have led him, he still followed in silence.

Time flew..

In this desert, he did not know how long he had been following the Earth Flame. Anyhow, he had refilled the refine pills three times after the profound Qi had been dried up.

All the profound Qi energy was used in moving around and was refilled three times, so Shi Yan guessed that he had enough pills to go about in this desert for more than half of a month.

This strange place had neither the spiritual Moon nor dark sky, only a constant vivid red sky.

After a long journey, the distance from the hottest point in this desert was beginning to get closer, the Earth Flame got more eager, Shi Yan could even feel its soul shivering.

But Shi Yan was getting weaker.

Getting closer to the hottest point, the terrible heat was attacking his body which had been trained under the Heaven Flame. He also could not take more of the profound Qi to fight back the heat.

Running like this for another good while, when he was finally not patient anymore, the Earth Flame finally shouted for joy. Shi Yan then saw the place that the earth flame had been waiting all along for.

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