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Chapter 230. Lost
Inside the Meteor array
One after one, the meteorite was falling from the sky, each of them was as big as a millstone and it's impact was very extremely violent
As he entered the Meteor array, Shi Yan immediately saw a meteorite landing beside him, inside here, the gray smoke was very thick and can't see clearly another people when he used his consciousness power, he also can't sense any life sign from around him
As he entered into it, Shi Yan felt as if he entered into a strange environment which his five senses and spirit power were blocked
Remembered the word from Jiang Huquan, seven steps to the left then five steps to the right, Shi Yan followed this simple footwork and forwarding inside this strange Meteor array
Can't see another people and can't sense any spirit power and only can see meteorite falling over one after one
Jiang Huquan footwork was indeed very magical, as he following this footwork, Shi Yan can see the meteorite falling one by one but neither of those meteorites. .h.i.t him, even when there was meteorite that was gonna hit him, Shi yan want to try to block the meteorite by using his body, but he found out that the meteorite didn't him and fall on his side
As if, as long as he following Jiang Huquan footwork, he will never hit by those meteorites.
Shi Yan secretly calmed down and sped up his face to get through from this Meteor array
Suddenly, A strange thought came out from the blood vein ring
Shi Yan startled and immediately stopped then he used his spirit power to sense and his face slightly changed.
The ten thousand years core fire was very excited, it even want to break out from the blood vein ring
Don't know why, inside this Meteor array, the core fire was very excited
The Ice cold flame is still inside the blood vein ring, the blood vein ring seems to know that the ice cold flame was a threat toward Shi Yan so all along, the blood vein ring used a magical power inside the ring to bound the ice cold flame to prevent the ice cold flame used its power to attack Shi Yan
However, the blood vein ring was very loose toward the ten thousand years core fire
It seems like that it knew that the ten thousand years core fire won't harm Shi Yan, so it didn't only construct a comfortable environment for it inside the ring, but also didn't bound the core fire
In another mean, as long as the core fire want, it can come out from the ring easily
this time, the core fire abnormalities was it want to come out
"Don't !"
Shi Yan used his consciousness to try to stop core fire, but he found he already too late, the moment he want to use his consciousness power, the core fire already flew out from inside the blood vein ring and quickly flew toward right direction
Inside the Meteor array, Shi Yan spirit power can't detect any life flow from around him, but this forbid seems not to work on core fire
Maybe that is because the relationship between him and core fire already too close so there is a strange connection between them, even Shi Yan didn't release his consciousness power, he still can feel core fire location
"Boom Boom Boom !"
One after one, the meteorites falling from the sky, if he didn't follow the footwork, he definitely will be hit by those meteorites
The core fire ignored and flew away, seems to be attracted to something, this time, if Shi Yan still don't move then he probably will miss core fire location if their distance is too far and can't feel the core fire location exactly
Inside the chasm battlefield, there are many forbids and barriers, if he lost connection with core fire then it will not be easy to find it again
At this time, the core fire was only one step away to fully evolved
At this time, if there is someone who wants to catch it, as long as he/she know the right way, then he/she can completely replace Shi Yan and establish a deep connection between him and core fire and thus became the core fire new master
Shi Yan looked uncertain, pondered for a while, then he decided to catch up with core fire
As he changed his pace, he immediately used his profound qi to burst toward core fire location as if a sharp sword
"Boom Boom Boom !"
At the moment he changed his footwork, the meteorites inside Meteor array suddenly came and crashed at him as if the meteorites have eyes
"Whosshhhh !!"
His shadow was like a lightning, pa.s.sing the falling meteorite with his fastest speed while avoiding those meteorites
"Boom Boom !"
A huge meteorite suddenly came and crashed Shi Yan back's
An extreme impact power burst out from his back, although his petrified body can withstand the impact, but he already can't maintain his speed, thus he became the target for other meteorites
In just a few seconds, his body already can't bear with the impact from five meteorites, and also his body already tired so under this bombardment, his mouth started to flow out blood again
Shi Yan stopped and didn't dare to continue again after he figured his body injury, he secretly impatient
At the previous fight with Cao Zhilan, he used the second sky of rampage martial skill and his meridian also absorbed a lot of profound qi from the dead, now the backlash started to show effect and his body became weaker
At this time, he was. .h.i.t by five meteorites and became heavily damaged, if it wasn't the help from Petrification martial spirit, he already fell to the ground under those attacks
The core fire was 100 meters in front of him
For now, this 100 meters distance was like a death road which was very difficult to pa.s.s through, if he didn't carefully then he will be hit by those meteorites again
Inside this array, there is not sure when Cao Zhilan will appear, if he really lost his consciousness at here, on the one hand, he need to continue to bear the impact of those meteorites and on the other hand is the risk of being found by Cao Zhilan and the others
But if he following the footwork, he still can get through from this Meteor array and thus avoid the danger from the meteorites and Cao Zhilan
However, if he really did so, then he probably will lose the core fire
With a sullen face, Shi Yan looked hesitated, in his mind, he keep measure what the gains and losses, and needed to make a decision asap
I'll let it pa.s.s!
Ten seconds later, Shi Yan made a decision to put aside the core fire first and wait for his body to recover, then he will return again to find the core fire
He was ready to leave
"Bzz Bzz Bzz"
Suddenly, a dazzling red light came from core fire direction, a hot fire energy suddenly burst out and very strong, the core fire was very excited and urged Shi Yan to keep up by using its mind power
Shi Yan stunned
The mind power from core fire was very clear, seems like it found something and tell Shi Yan to hurry up
The core fire doesn't have a solid form, so it can't be hit inside the meteor array and its also doesn't know that every step Shi Yan take need to face a huge danger, it only simply calling Shi Yan, want to share its findings with Shi Yan
Struggling inside his heart and felt the call from core fire, Shi Yan eyes changed again and again
d.a.m.n, bring it on!
A moment later, Shi Yan changed his decision and took a deep breath, swallowed a few of restoration pills, after he felt that the profound qi inside his body has been restored a bit, then he triggered the Electric Shift and flew toward core fire direction
"Boom Boom Boom !"
Another three meteorites once again hit his body, the fierce impact power damaged his body when he was in the air
Spewed blood, Shi Yan triggered the Electric Shift again, by relying on petrification and immortal martial spirit, he didn't care his damaged body and finally, he arrived at core fire location before other meteorites fall down
Suddenly it became quite
As he entered the core fire area, the meteorites suddenly disappeared
With the mouth full of blood, Shi Yan fell down and his face looked surprised at this area
This is an ancient array with the size of a house, outside the ancient array, formed many circle energy flow, these energy flow blocked the meteorites and prevent those meteorites from entering into this array
Inside the ancient array, Shi Yan can't hear anything
The core fire was floating in the middle of this ancient array
A crimson red crystal as big as thumb size was inside the groove in the middle of the ancient array
Seems like that crystal was the energy for this ancient array, overflowing with fire red light and transmitted some kind of energy to this array
Outside the ancient array, there are also many grooves, each of those grooves have a different color crystal, each of the crystal transmitted a strange energy to provide energy to this ancient array
The core fire was floating above that red crystal and jumping cheerfully seems like it want to absorb the energy inside the crystal
After Shi Yan entered and examine this ancient array, he was just want to ask core fire that what is the use of this red crystal for it, but suddenly he found that the crystals around the ancient array suddenly burst out a colorful halo
The ancient array that was quite at first started to run automatically after he entered
Surprised a bit, Shi Yan knew that this array was probably gonna start
Didn't think anymore, he quickly gave a message to core fire: "Come in first !"
The core fire was jumping, seems like it also found some abnormalities and only hesitated for a bit, then it immediately drilled into Shi Yan blood vein ring
After sensed the core fire has returned, Shi Yan was relaxed and prepared to leave this mysterious ancient array
However, when he wanted to leave, he found out that the strange energy flow outside the ancient array became a barrier that blocked the way in and out at the moment the ancient array started
With his head hit on the barrier, Shi Yan body which was already tired was pushed directly into the middle of the ancient array by the barrier
Shi Yan aghast
The crystals outside the array shining dazzlingly and the ancient array suddenly spin up as if it was a disc
In the dazzling crystal light, A very strange energy waves came over and Shi Yas body was disappeared at that moment

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