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Chapter 224. Meteor Array
Sponsored by: Jennelyn Badiola, sai pakalapati, and Kay Eisenmann
The nine broken palaces, held by stone pillars, stood in a field of white bones, each palace was like a small mountain.
There were already many pillars broken among those nine palaces, three of them didn't even had any stone pillars for support, it appeared that they will collapse at any time.
"d.a.m.n, there must be a lot of people who came here before, these bones are very clean, even their clothes are stripped with nothing left" Yang Ke shook his head and complained loudly as he walked around inside one of the palaces, and didn't find anything from those bones.
After Shi Yan came, even he didn't move, he already knew that there wasn't any treasure here.
"Of course, I already told you guys that you won't get anything in here" Li Fenger frowned, "The restrictions and barriers inside the palaces have already disappeared, if we can enter it, of course, the others can too, how could there be something left for you? The last time I came here, I'd also carefully checked, but still couldn't find anything, if you can find something, that would be very strange. "
"Yeah, it's very safe in here, so there must be nothing here" Yang Mu nodded, searched for a while and said: " I think Pan Zhe and the others will arrive soon, this place is quite wide, so it's pretty good to fight. Yeah, the problem is we don't know how many people they have with them, if there are too many and they came altogether then it will be very difficult to kill them."
"Let's make our retreat path first" Yang Xue hesitated for a bit, "If they are too many and we are in a disadvantageous situation, then we need to withdraw immediately from here, then we will find another chance to fight them, anyway, this chasm battlefield is very deep and also we need to stay here for three years so we don't really have to fight with them"
"These nine palaces are also a magical array, but this array is already damaged and didn't function properly"Jiang Huquan pondered for a moment, said: "It's easy to pa.s.s through these nine palaces, the gray clouds over there are very thick, and they have a very unusual energy flow, I believe that there is some restriction in there, but we need to pa.s.s from there if we want to retreat, so the area that is dangerous for us is also a threat for them too"
Shi Yan looked at the area where the gray clouds were very thick, when he released his consciousness, he couldn't find any signs of life but can feel a very strange energy flow in there.
As if, the restriction has already been operating, waiting for someone to fell into it.
"Let's make sure of our retreat path first." Yang Mu nodded towards Jiang Huquan.
"Yeah, I will take a look first." Jiang Huquan headed towards that direction alone, after looking at the area of the gray clouds, he hesitated for a while then said toward Yang Mu: "You guys don't come in first, I will take a look first to ensure there is no danger there, after that, i will call you."
After saying that Jiang Huquan entered into the depth, after he stepped into it, his figure immediately disappeared.
As if he stepped into another world, even his presence also disappeared.
Shi Yan face slightly changed, after he quietly used his consciousness to look, he found that there was no sign of life from Jiang Huquan.
Secretly frightened, Shi Yan realized that this chasm battlefield was really strange and he immediately became cautious.
After some time, Jiang Huquang came out miserably, with his body full of dust and messy hair, he seemed to have experienced a disaster.
"How is it?" Yang Mu quickly asked.
"Meteor Array! The moment I entered, suddenly there were huge meteorites falling over, those meteorites were very dense and big, and the impact from the meteorites is also very huge, if we want to pa.s.s through, we must face the attack from those meteorites, if we are careless, we will be smashed by those meteorites" Jiang Huquan looked grimly.
"Is there any way to break it?" Li Fenger asked
"I haven't found it yet, I need to recover first, then I will enter again to find it" Jiang Huquan shook his head, quietly sat down and ate three restoration pills.
"This place is really dangerous, looks like it really isn’t easy to survive in this chasm battlefield" Yang Ke exclaimed.
"Yeah, in this chasm battlefield, there are countless restrictions and barriers, it is more difficult to deal than our pursuers" Yang Mu also looked grimly.
After Jiang Huquan recovered for a while, he stood up and entered again.
After some time, he came out miserably again, but this time there was a trace of blood came out from his mouth, it seemed like he had been hit by those meteorites.
After coming out, Jiang Huquan didn't speak anything and once again took the restoration pills and continued to recover.
Shi Yan and the others didn't say anything, just quietly watched Jiang Huquan
After entering two times, Jiang Huquan became more and more miserable, he who understood arrays very well became like this, then if there was someone who didn't understand array and entered recklessly, then it definitely would be difficult to come out alive from there.
The Meteor Array, was one of the arrays that they encountered inside the chasm battlefield, and Jiang Huquan who had the cultivation of Earth realm and a deep knowledge toward arrays became so miserable, then did they still need to pa.s.s through from there?
"Looks like this chasm battlefield isn't so easy to stay" Yang Mu slightly sighed, "I have always heard the strange rumours about it before, but I didn't believe some of it, and felt that those rumors may exaggerate the dangerous at the chasm battlefield, but now I know that those rumors were true if I didn't experience it myself, I really can't imagine it"
"Well" Shi Yan smiled, lightly said: "The more dangerous this place is, then it will be more advantage to us, even we will die, then those people will also face the same problem as us. Hehe, I think, their overall strength should be stronger than us, which also mean, at here, they will suffer greater losses."
"Yeah, that's why we are here" Yang Xue nodded, "Because this place is really dangerous, it will be very difficult to deal with us."
As they were speaking, Jiang Huquan opened his eyes
"Uncle Jiang, how is it?" Yang Ke quickly asked
Shaking his head, Jiang Huquan looked grim "I saw a eye controlling the array, but there are many ancient letters on it, even I didn't recognize those ancient letters, if I didn't understand the meaning of those letters, then it will be very difficult for me to find a way to break it "
"Ancient letters?" Shi Yan was surprised for a moment, then immediately he asked: "What kind of ancient text?"
"It should be cuneiform letters from the ancient time, primary used on arrays and restrictions, only array master from the ancient times understood these ancient letters. In our time now, there is almost no one who has knowledge about these ancient letters." Jiang Huquan sighed, "Even my teacher can't recognize these ancient letters, and I'm even worse."
"Then what should we do?" Yang Ke was stunned, "If we couldn't understand those ancient texts, then we will never be able to break this array right?"
"Before I understand the meaning of those ancient letters, I definitely won't act recklessly, otherwise, it will be more dangerous." Jiang Huquan nodded helplessly.
"Can you write down the ancient letters that you saw? " Shi Yan suddenly said.
Everyone was surprised and looked strangely at Shi Yan, they didn't know why he suddenly said that.
"Xiao Yanzi, what do you want to do?" Yang Mu was stunned, he asked: "Could it be that you understand letters from ancient time?"
"Only some, but I don't know if those ancient letters are the one that I know." Shi Yan nodded.
"What?" You really know it? Li Fenger immediately shook her head as she couldn't believe it, "You are not kidding right? Even uncle Jiang’s teacher couldn't recognize all of if, do you really know it?"
"Uncle Jang, just write them down for me" Shi Yan insisted.
Jiang Huquan was also confused, he pondered for a moment, and said: "There are only a few letters that I saw on the array’s eye, so I still remembered them, i just don't know what it means, if you want to see, I will show it to you."
Jiang Huquang crouched, held a dagger and depicted six strange letters.
"Arrival! Rest! Fire! Wind! Life! Death!"
Shi Yan pointed at the ancient letters on the ground, and read it word by word "That is all, fortunately, I recognize all of it."
Everyone was stunned.
"You aren't talking nonsense right?" Li Fenger exclaimed.
Yang Mu, Yang Ke, and the others also showed an expression of disbelief, their eyes were odd and they doubted if Shi Yan really recognized those letters or not.
"Master Yan, is it really these letters?" Jiang Huquan looked startled, suddenly stood up and his eyes flashed.
"I can't be wrong." Shi Yan nodded, "Before I was 17 years old, I had a great interest towards ancient text, and fortunately I recognized those letters, so I can be certain that it is these six letters."
"I will enter again" Jiang Huquan pondered for a moment, suddenly said: "This time I will try moving the array eye's, if the message that master Yan gave to me is right, then i think i can break this array, but, if the message is wrong, i think i won't come back again."
Jiang Huquan looked at Shi Yan deeply, seemed like he was waiting for something.
Everyone’s face changed as they heard the meaning from Jiang Huquan words and looked at Shi Yan again.
"I definitely am not wrong." Under the looks from everyone, Shi Yan calmly replied: "Don't worry uncle Jiang, I won't harm you, these six letters absolutely aren't wrong"
"Alright!" Jiang Huquan replied, he no longer hesitated and entered into the restriction again.
"Xiao Yanzi" Yang Mu lightly said, it seemed like he wanted to say something, but eventually he shook his head, smiled wryly, and didn't said the following words.
"I know what you guys are worried about." Shi Yan looked indifferent and grinned "Brother, Did you see me as a man who acts recklessly?"
Yang Mu immediately shook his head.
"That's right, rest a.s.sured, Uncle Jiang definitely will be okay" Shi Yan comforted them.
"There is someone coming, pretty quick though" Li Fenger shouted, don't know when, she already stood on a broken stone pillar and looked at far away, her face gradually changed "Pan Zhe, Gu Linglong, Cao Zhilan, Xie Kui, He Qingman.."
"Xie kui! He Qingman! " Yang Mu eyes suddenly became cold, he sneered: "The Evil Wonderland is really audacious, to deal with us, Yang family, at this time they really have no scruples."
"He Qingman also came?" Yang Xue eyes became cold and he angrily said: "I can't believe she is also involved in this"
"I know that the relationship between you and her is quite good" Yang Mu sighed, "But at this time, no matter how good the relationship is, it is the same, if this girl is only pretending, then we don't need to fight with her, but if she really want to kill us, hmph, don't give her mercy."
"I know what to do." Yang Mu took a deep breath and nodded.
Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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