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Chapter 223 - The Chasm Battlefield
In an abandoned ancient wasteland with grey sky, no sun and moon, and barren natural auras.
The gate of heaven was floating on a flat-like mirrored mountain summit.
Shi Yan was standing on that summit. As he looked around, he found that this entire world was covered with a layer of gray clouds, his spirit power was blocked by those gray clouds and it was very difficult even to see several kilometers.
When looking far ahead, there were many huge, unimaginably deep, swarthy pits.
The river were dried up and there weren't any life signs, which made this place look like a dead land, and gave a very dull feeling.
"So this is the chasm battlefield" Li Fenger gently sighed, "There is no sense of direction here, no sun, moon, and stars, barren natural auras. This place really is not suitable for cultivation for a warrior. In the ancient time, this place was a battlefield, many powerful ancient warriors were here, those ancient warriors left many secret treasures and magical martial skills in this chasm battlefield, but it is extremely difficult to get those treasures. "
"From the time when the chasm battlefield appeared, a lot of endless sea warriors were buried in it, many warriors who came here in search of those treasures, nine out of ten can't get out alive from here. This time, our journey to this chasm battlefield isn't to find those treasure, but to live" Yang Mu frowned, looked dignified.
"I have been here before, so I can take you guys to a safer area, look at that direction, the gray clouds are very thick there, there is an old palace in there. Inside the palace, there are many restrictions and barriers that have become invalid, so we can stay in there for some time" Li Fenger pointed to a direction, gently said: "Follow me, at least there is no danger before we arrive at that area"
Yang Mu nodded, "Yes, Fenger, you lead the way, we will leave mark on the way, so that those people who want to kill us know our direction"
"No Problem" Li Fenger chuckled and glanced at Shi Yan, said: "Shi Yan, inside here, you have, to be honest. Hmm, remember to hear uncle Jiang words, uncle Jiang have a great understanding of barriers and restrictions and know some array method, so you can avoid a lot of danger"
Shi Yan looks indifferent and slowly nodded.
"Xiao Yanzi, here is a magic ring, there is food and water inside it and also a bottle of restoration pills, which can help you quickly restore profound Qi" Yang Mu handed over a green ring "Inside the chasm battlefield, it is difficult to find food and water, the natural auras inside here are also very barren, once the profound qi loss is too huge, it will be very difficult to restore, there are a hundred restoration pills inside. With the restoration pills you can quickly recover after a fight"
Shi Yan received the magic ring and when he looked at it, he immediately found that inside the ring there is a dimension as big as a house. Inside it, there are many food and water and a white bottle was placed on the food, which probably contained the restoration pills.
"The magic ring can store items, and this ring is worth one thousand best quality crystals in the endless sea, only royalty rank blacksmiths can refine this item, so don't lose it" Yang Mu smiled.
Shi Yan nodded.
"And also, keep this sound stone, the usage is very simple, you just need to inject your profound qi into it, then speak into it, then we can hear what you want to speak about from the sound stone" Yang Mu continued to explain "Inside the Chasm Battlefield, there are many strange restrictions, if we are careless, we may be separated, with this sound stone, even if we aren't in the same area, we still can communicate."
"Yes" As he grasp the stone and inject profound qi into it, the sound stone immediately shone with white light, seems like there is a sound coming from the sound holes in the sound stone
"Shi Yan is a pervert! "
A clear and melodious sound suddenly came from the sound stone, this voice was clearly from Li Fenger who was in the front and which made Shi Yan surprised.
"Hehe, it's interesting right?" Li Fenger who has been 100 meters in the front smiled back and she also held a sound stone and waved highly toward Shi Yan
Shi Yan shook his head, lightly said: "Next time, don't be so loud, I'm very timid and afraid of being scared by you"
"Let's go, we will follow Feng’er so before we arrive at that palace, we should be safe" Yang Mu smiled and thought for a moment, then he used his hand to leave a line on a mark: "We went this way, Come if you dare.-Yang Mu"
Shi Yan looked at that line of words and didn't say anything, but in his heart, he really look forward that Gu Linglong and the others can chase over.
He faintly felt that he only need an epiphany before he can enter the earth realm, in his view, Gu Linglong, Panzhe, and the others were the natural elixir in this Chasm Battlefield and also a whetstone to sharpen himself, through these people, maybe he would be able to gain a insight and enter in the Earth realm.
He, who is combative definitely won't fear the chase from Gu Linglong and the others, instead, he secretly excited.
Li Feng’er took the lead and led the warrior team from the summit heading toward the direction where the gray clouds were very thick. Yang Mu, Yang Ke, and Yang Xue followed and Shi Yan who was at the last constantly a.n.a.lysed the situation.
Soon, the group came down from the summit and looked back at the gate of heaven that was in the summit, Shi Yan suddenly said: "Do we need to come back here if we want to go back?"
"Yes, the gate of heaven in here is very bright, so we can see the gate of heaven from far away, in the Chasm battlefield, there isn't any sun, moon, and stars, so the light from this gate of heaven is the light that leads the way. Normally, we can see this light inside the hundred li radius, if we remember the direction, then it isn't too difficult" Li Fenger stopped and explained to the crowd.
[Ed: 1 Li is 0.5 Km]
Shi Yan nodded and no longer said anything, quietly followed behind Li Fenger, he silently went into the blood vein ring and shows a friendly and gentle feeling toward the Ten Thousand Years Core Fire to maintain the friendly relationship between him and the core fire.
At the war with Gu Linglong, if the Core Fire hadn't suddenly released its fire power, then he wouldn't be able to get rid of the seven swords that invaded his body, the help from the core fire at the critical moment really made him very grateful and thus his feeling to core fire greatly increased.
Inside the blood vein ring, after converging with the core fire, Shi Yan immediately felt a feeling of joy from the core fire.
Aware of Shi Yan’s arrival, the core fire was very happy, it used its consciousness to wrap Shi Yan’s thought and entangled with it inside the light, like a child fawning on their parent.
A surging soul force came out from the light, Shi Yan clearly felt that the core fire soul seems to be changing, become more and more intelligent and powerful.
As if, not long in the future, its evolution will be complete, and it can possess a complete soul of Sky fire.
The evolution of the core fire was already in the final step, as long as his life form formed, then the core fire already can be called as a Sky fire, having more powerful divine ability and becoming more intelligent.
After converging with the core fire for a while, Shi Yan draw back his consciousness and talked to the Ice Cold Flame, "I have arrived in the Chasm battlefield."
"The Chasm battlefield?" the Ice Cold Flame immediately replied, "What are you doing here? This is a very dangerous place, with your current cultivation, you will only die in this Chasm battlefield. Inside the Chasm battlefield, the natural auras are very barren and also don't suit your cultivation, so why did you come here?"
"How much do you know about the Chasm Battlefield?"
"Not really," The Ice cold flame think for some time, "I haven't been here before so I didn't understand the Chasm battlefield, but, I got some memories from the guy who has come to the Chasm battlefield, and even into the depths of the chasm battlefield. He had the cultivation of Spirit realm, and was trapped in a restriction for 300 hundred years, almost dying there. After he got out from the restriction, he immediately left the Chasm Battlefield and wasn't able gain anything from here, so, I know very little about this place."
"Okay, I got it" Shi Yan nodded, "Pay some attention, maybe there is another sky fire in here, if you feel its presence, remember to tell me immediately"
"Another Sky fire?" the Ice cold flame slightly excited, "My kind, interesting, it has been some time since I met my own kind, hope that I can meet with it here"
"Do you want to run into it?"
"Of course, maybe its element is the same as me, and we can evolve together. Hmph, but, there is also a possibility where it want to devour me, between the Sky fire, most of us can devour each other, once the devouing finishes, the victor will gain more power and become more intelligent"
"Your strength is being limited by the Blood Vein Ring, so if you run into another sky fire, you definitely will suffer."
"Yeah, but if it dares to come into the Blood Vein Ring, maybe it also will be captured by the Blood Vein Ring, your ring is very mysterious, it even can shackle life forms like us, it can bind me, so probably it's the same with another Sky Fire. "
Shi Yan became startled.
The gate of heaven in the chasm battlefield flashed.
Pan Zhe, Cao Zhilan, Gu Linglong, Xie Kui and hundreds of Earth realm warriors, came out from the gate of heaven one by one.
Looked up at the gray sky, Pan Zhe looking serious lightly shouted: "Finally, we are here"
"We went this way, Come if you dare. Yang Mu" Xie Kui looked sullen, read out the words on the ground and sneered: "Looks like they are seeking death, they even dared to take the initiative to leave traces, the Yang family is really arrogant."
"Great" Gu Linglong bite her teeth: "Looks like we don't have to search for them now, the Demon Beasts can't enter the Chasm Battlefield, this time I want to see how the Yang Family can escape"
"Don't need to be afraid of Yang Mu and the others, as long as we can catch up, then they definitely can't escape" Pan Zhe frowned, reminding everyone: "But inside the Chasm battlefield, there are many dangerous restrictions, so you guys need to be more careful, don't die inside the restriction"
"As long as you guys follow me, I can guarantee you guys safety" Cao Zhilan smiled indifferently "My Martial Spirit has the greatest advantage in this chasm battlefield, any restriction, barrier or array needs the power to support it, so I can find out the exact location of danger and can ensure that you guys will not fall into it"
After she said that, everyone looked delighted.
Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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