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Chapter 222. Becoming famous
As the drizzling rain continued to fall.
Three silver horn ships slowly headed towards The Gourd island, on that ship, grimly looking warriors were standing in rows.
In one of the ships, Pan Zhe, Qu Yanching, Gu Linglong were standing together and were having a conversation with a warrior from another ship.
The young experts in the Endless Sea were gathered together with experts from another big sea to eradicate the young Yang warriors.
"I didn't expect that this time, the Yang family will be hiding in the Chasm battlefield, if I had known that then we would have stopped them at the Gourd island" Pan Zhe frowned, "Once they enter the Chasm Battlefield, it would be difficult to find them, the situation inside there is quite complex so you guys have to be careful."
"The Yang family is finished, even Yang Mu and others had to hide in the Chasm Battlefield, even this can't change anything" Qu Yanching looked indifferent, under the drizzling rain, a circle of silver-white light wisp came out from her body and blocked the rain, and not a single drop of rain can stain her.
"The Immortal Island is empty, this time the Yang family has really made up their mind" Gu Linglong sniffed, "it's said that the Yang family is divided into three groups, the first one will go to the Undersea Desolate City, the other one goes to the Chasm Battlefield, and the largest one goes to the Fourth Demon Area. They are really daring, even they know that two Demon King from Fourth Demon Area wants to exterminate them, yet they still dare to move their main force into the demon area, Bo Xun and Chi yan have already said that they will eradicate the Yang Family in the Demon Area."
"Brother Panzhe, how much further is the Gourd island?" Xie Kui smiled indifferently and shouted from another ship.
"Soon, but Yang Mu and the others probably will have already gone into the Chasm Battlefield, looks like we have to meet with them inside the Chasm Battlefield" Pan Zhe laughed.
Beside Xie Kui, stood a leisurely looking beautiful woman with fair white skin in a green dress.
Cao Zhilan, The lady from Cao family in Tuta sea, having the cultivation of the third sky of Earth realm, and ranked third in the Power Rankings, and the most formidable expert among the new generation from the endless sea.
"You guys have fought with Yang Mu two days ago, so what do you guys think about him?" Cao Zhilan slightly raised her neck, her soft voice was like a spring breeze which gently touched everyones heart, "At that time, there were warriors of the third sky of Nirvana Realm among you, but how can you end up in the embarra.s.sment state that you have to abandon the ship?
Xie Kui was also quite curious about this, "Although Yang Mu was difficult to deal with, but at most he can only fight with one Nirvana realm warrior, and you guys still lose, which is really strange."
Pan Zhe, Qu Yangching, and Gu Linglong looked embarra.s.sed and slightly awkward.
"This time we aren't defeated by Yang Mu" Gu Linglong stammered, and bitterly said: "But it's another guy that made us fail to keep them"
"Oh?" Cao Zhilan also seemed interested in this, her bright moon-like eyes were sparkling, while slightly raising her lips she asked, "Who?"
Xie Kui, who was standing beside Cao Zhilan after listening to her beautiful voice, looked at her face, he couldn't help but to compare her with Xia Xinyan in his heart, and he found that both in appearance or aura, Cao Zhilan wasn't any less than Xia Xinyan, their charm was actually on the same level.
However, Cao Zhilan was a ranked warrior in the Power Rankings, which made her aura more superior.
"Shi Yan!" Gu Linglong bite her teeth, and her eyes shown with a cold light, "I don't know where this kid emerged from, but with his appearance, he made our Gu family bear a huge loss, if it wasn't for him, we certainly had retained Yang Mu and the others, and then wait for you guys to come to exterminate them"
"Shi Yan?" Cao Zhilan smiled "This name is very strange, who is he? There shouldn't be an expert like this in Yang family’s new generation"
Xiu Kui looked toward He Qing who was on the third ship, and lightly said: "Little sister, you are the one who understands Shi Yan very well, I think, you can explain about him to us"
He Qingman wore a red armor, her face was flirtatious with a unique seductive aura in her eyes.
The young warriors who were on the same ship with her have been quietly watching her, and secretly gulped, some warriors who thought that they were worthy of her were trying to please her, hoping to get her attention.
This time, the Evil Wonderland has completely turn against the Yang family, after knowing that Yang Qingdi was trapped with the Demon Seal Pattern, the head of Evil Wonderland tore up the treaty of alliance between Evil Wonderland and Yang family, and revealed the information about Yang family’s evacuation and waited for the arrival of warriors from other sea, after meeting they were led by Evil wonderland experts to kill all the way into the immortal island.
The Evil Wonderland was pressed by the Yang family for hundred of years, and now they finally got the opportunity to stand up, so naturally they won't remain silent.
The Yang family in Kyara sea was controlling hundred of islands with rich resources, these islands were the most precious islands in the Kyara sea.
For all this time, the Evil Wonderland coveted those islands, but because of Yang family, they didn't dared to act recklessly, and now, with the help of forces from another sea, the Evil Wonderland will finally be able to take control over those islands.
This time’s situation made the Immortal Island a sharing field among those big forces, the nine sacred mountains in Immortal Island became the best place for cultivating for the new generation, and the islands that were originally controlled by Yang family were divided up by those forces, and the Evil Wonderland had the biggest benefits among them, taking up most of the divided islands.
The Xia family, because they remained silent this whole time, didn't get any share of materials, and now the Evil Wonderland after controlling those islands from the Yang family became more powerful and already far surpa.s.sed Xia family.
The Evil Wonderland morale was rising greatly, since they have gone against the Yang family, there was no longer any scruples. After hearing that Yang Mu and the others went to the Chasm Battlefield, without any hesitation, they sent out Xie Kui, He Qingman, and the other experts, trying to exterminate the Yang family new generation.
"Little sister! " after seeing He Qingman remained silence, Xie Kui face became ugly and he slightly shouted, reminding He Qingman to pay attention to the situation.
When in the Black Rock Island, Xie Kui was quite dissatisfied with He Qingman who protected Shi Yan, and after they left from there, they also quarreled several times and their relationship was greatly affected.
After this incident with the Yang family, He Qingman wasn't keen to deal with Yang family, when the Evil Wonderland wanted to send her to Sky sea, she refused, but then she was forced to go by Evil Wonderland head.
Xie Kui knew that Shi Yan had saved He Qingman’s life when they were inside the cave in the Black rock island, and also knew that Mo Duanhun helped the He family, so He Qingman didn't wanted to go against the Yang family.
But Xie Kui didn't think like that, he already thought that he was the next head of Evil Wonderland, so he naturally wanted to seek the greatest benefit for Evil Wonderland.
Only by making Evil Wonderland more powerful, would he be able suppress the Xia family and get Xia Xinyan.
"Shi Yan didn't come from Endless sea, but from a remote place, his time spent in the endless sea is extremely short, and he is the one who was pointed by Yang Qingdi to enter the Yang family" Under Xie Kui excoriate, He Qingman helplessly told about Shi Yan’s origin, "Shi Yan only has the cultivation of the Second Sky of Disaster Realm, but, even so, he can fight with Earth realm warriors, this person has a lot of mysterious things, and can't be underestimated."
Gu Linglong grunted "This man is indeed different, he only has the cultivation of the Second Sky of Disaster Realm, but he can withstand my full blow, and also, he practiced a very magical martial skill that can quietly layout traps, this time we suffered heavy losses due to the trap arranged by him. "
"Shi Yan..." Cao Zhilan murmured and nodded her head, softly saying: "After listening to you guys, it looks like this guy should be an interesting person, I hope that he won't disappoint me inside the Chasm Battlefield."
Xia family, inside a huge discussion hall.
Many Xia family heads were gathered, and Xia Shenchuan was sitting on the throne, with a solemn look.
Xia Xinyan was sitting gracefully under the throne, slightly frowning, and quietly listening to Xia Shenchuan words.
"Brother, the Yang family is finished, why don't we join with the other forces? As long as we show that we are against the Yang family, we will also be able to take over some of those islands, the islands and forces that previously belonged to Yang family already can't do anything, we can easily get those islands which belonged to Yang family" Xia Shenmou complained.
Many Xia warriors also agreed with him and nodded
"As long as Yang Qingdi isn't dead, then don't say that the Yang family has perish" Xia Shenchuan sniffed, "Yang Qingdi has been running amuck in the Endless Sea for many years and is very powerful, even he is captured by Demon Seal Pattern, as long as he didn't die, the Yang family foundation is still solid, you also know Yang Qingdi’s character, if one day he returned to Endless sea, then accordance to his style, he would definitely deal with those people who dared to go against the Yang Family."
"The demon Seal Pattern from Demon King Chi Yan can even exterminate G.o.d realm warriors, and now not only Chi Yan is guarding that Demon Seal Pattern, even Bo Xun is also guarding it, with those two demon kings teaming up, I don't believe that Yang Qingdi can escape from it, this time he would definitely die" Xia Shenmou quickly said, "the Evil Wonderland has already reaped greatest benefit by getting two hundred islands, the Evil Wonderland has become more powerful than us, and now their power wilii only greatly increase, how can we deal with them in the future?"
"Silence, these are father's words, you have other opinions?" Xia Shenchuan said with impatience.
After hearing it, Xia Shenmou was immediately stunned, and went silent for a moment, he slowly sat down and no longer said anything.
"Xin yan, don't go out for some time" Xia Shenchuan thought for a moment and said: "After you entered into the Second Sky of Earth realm, there are more and more people coming to propose a marriage, those people want to merge with our Xia family through marrying you, especially the Evil Wonderland, they already want to conquer the entire Kyara Sea, this time Xie Kui has gone to the Sky Sea, and he may kill Shi Yan, so you had better prepare in advance."
"If there is anything wrong with Shi Yan, I will definitely kill Xie Kui" Xia Xinyan eyes look indifferent, she lightly said: "And also, I don't think that Xie Kui can succeed even with his cultivation of the second sky of Earth realm, I believe Shi Yan can escape."
Suddenly there was an uproar in Xia family, they thought that Xia Xinyan has probably got the cackle fever.
"Just wait for it, in the future Shi Yan will surpa.s.s all of the people in the Power Rankings in the new generation and there will be no one who can beat him" Xia Xinyan didn't explain anymore, and leisurely stood up, and indifferent left the discussion hall, "I’ll be heading into closed-door cultivation, if Shi Yan didn't return from the Chasm Battlefield, then don't call me"

Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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