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Chapter 221 - Peak of the Disaster Realm
Shi Yan sat on top of the Demon Ghost, he started trembling more and more, as blood dripped from his lips, and his entire body was shrouded with evil energies.
Yang Mu, Yang Xue, and Li Fenger all appeared to be very surprised. They stared at Shi Yan and thoughtful expressions can be seen on their faces.
“This backlash is truly very frightening.” Yang Ke pondered for a moment, and said: “Truly, there is only our Yang family’s Immortality Martial Spirit that can hold against this. I can see the destructive speed of little Yan’s body, and it is very rapid. However, the recovering speed of his body is also not weak.”
“Having the ability to make his power suddenly rise to a level where he can fight with a Earth realm first sky warrior, this martial skill, naturally won’t have a weak backlash force.” Yang Mu nodded, “Like Xia Xinyan, once she activates the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, she can instantly step into the Sky realm. However, once the Reincarnation power disappears, not only would she turn back to her true form, it would be hard for her to battle for another few months. In order to use any power that doesn’t belong to yourself, you will have to suffer the constraints of the rules of nature.”
“Right, can the Nutrition Pills help him?” Yang Xue’s expression changed, “I still have two Nutrition Pills on me.”
“It’s no use.” Yang Mu shook his head, “Little Yan’s martial spirits recoil is a little different than other people’s. His recoil has a very strong soul fluctuation, it’s not just pure physical damage. Hmm, the Nutrition Pill will only work when he regains consciousness. But, he has our Yang family’s Immortal Martial Spirit on him, so, the Nutrition Pill may not be any use for him.”
“That’s true.” Yang Xue was silent for a moment, and then nodded.
Everyone became silent, they continued to look at Shi Yan.
Soon, Shi Yan seemed to become overwhelmed by the pain from the recoil. He clenched his teeth and roared, at that moment his expression was the most ferocious.
He was about to lose his sanity.
“Guard him well, this moment is the most crucial for him.” Yang Mu’s face was serious, he quietly went closer towards Shi Yan, in fear that Shi Yan might not be able to handle the stinging pain in his body at this important time.
Yang Ke and the rest, also quietly moved a few steps closer.
Shi Yan roared, like a demon beast that went mad, he kept roaring in the silent sky.
His roars were extremely harsh, they spread far beyond, and seemed to have caught the attention of many warriors in the Sky Sea. Many warriors on the island all looked up towards the sky, unaware of what was happening.
However, when they realized that under the white clouds, it was Double-Headed Dragon and the Cyan Blood Bat that were flying, these warriors that were not from the Penglai Divine Land, all had frightened expressions on their faces, even scared to reveal a single trace of discontent.
Yang family warriors once wreaked havoc in the Sky Sea. Many Sky Sea warriors knew that the Double-Headed Dragons and Cyan Blood Bats were demon beasts tamed by the Yang family. These warriors didn’t know about the mysterious change that happened in the Yang family, they only thought that this time the Yang family warriors were there to make trouble in the Sky Sea again.
Yang Mu and the rest all had serious expressions on their faces. They didn’t dare to relax even for a single moment. They all carefully took precautions, in fear that there would be Penglai Divine Land warriors that would come for them.
While Shi Yan was screaming, the Demon Ghost seemed to have become excited, the dark energy and the demon energy whirled on his body, and air waves kept forming outside his body. Watching from the island down below, the Demon Ghost seemed to be riding with clouds and mists in the thick dark sky, it gave people a very profound and stunning impression.
After roaring for G.o.d knows how long, when Yang Mu and the rest were at their most tense moment, Shi Yan suddenly became quiet.
All the evil energies on his body, suddenly disappeared without a trace. Shi Yan seemed to have completely calmed down. After exhausting both his body and mind, he fell limp on the body of the Demon Ghost, as if he had lost consciousness.
Yang Mu went to check on him.
“It’s alright, he’s just temporarily pa.s.sed out. But the Immortal Martial Spirit inside him is already working to recover his physical body.” Checking for a moment, Yang My quietly set his mind at rest, “He’s going to be fine, his Immortal Martial Spirit, is actually already in its third stage.”
Yang Xie, Yang Ke, and Li Fenger all exclaimed. They shockingly looked at Yang Mu, with unbelievable expressions.
“It is indeed in the third stage.” Yang Mu smiled with ease, “I know you guys are very confused, after all, the third stage of the Immortal Martial Spirit requires you to be in the Earth realm. Hmm, before this I also had this question in mind, I thought it was truly unbelievable. However, this guy is really abnormal, his Immortal Martial Spirit is really in its third stage.”
After Yang Mu’s reminder, the three blankly stared at Shi Yan.
Under the gaze of the three, the wounds on Shi Yan’s body was indeed healing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. Looking at this speed, it was absolutely unquestionable that this was indeed the third stage of the Immortal Martial Spirit.
“How is that possible?” Li Fenger’s beautiful eyes were filled with shock and curiosity, “Exactly how many secrets are on this guy? I never knew that Disaster realm warriors can also achieve the third stage of the Immortal Martial Spirit. Could it be that he really is abnormal?”
“The reason why Great Grandpa values him so much, must be because of his special traits.” Yang Mu smiled.
Everyone all nodded.

In the cold night sky, countless stars decorated the sky above.
Five demon beasts flew quickly in the night sky. The one in the lead was the Demon Ghost. Shi Yan was lying limp on the Demon Ghost, he had been unconscious for most of the day.
In this time, the visible wounds on his body were all completely healed.
In the second half of the night.
Shi Yan lightly breathed out, and slowly woke up. When he opened his eyes, he didn’t bother with anyone, instead he immediately sat down with his legs crossed and started to strenuously cultivate with his eyes closed.
Yang Mu and the rest were all looking at him.
Everyone felt a strange energy fluctuation on his body. That energy fluctuation was extremely strange. It kept flowing rapidly in his body, as if it was quickly strengthening his Profound Qi.
They had a feeling, that Shi Yan’s spirit, energy, and mind, were all having a intriguing change.
Time pa.s.sed by quickly.
Before the break of dawn, the natural energies in the nearby area all quietly gathered towards Shi yan, and flowed into his body.
A flow of cold star power also poured down from the heavens, and entered into Shi Yan’s body.
When the sun had just risen, Shi Yan finally re-opened his eyes. His eyes looked like stars, two beams of strange light, suddenly shot out from his eyes, they actually reached three feet out from his eyes, and then quickly went back inside his eyes again.
“Lighting formed from the eyes! The peak of the Disaster realm!”
Li Fenger screamed.
Yang Mu and the rest were also startled, they looked at Shi Yan in shock, the expressions on all of their faces were extremely stunned.
Profound Qi enters into the head, and gathers in the eyes, forming into spirit light. This was the direct sign of the peak level of the Disaster realm.
Now that Shi Yan has just woke up, there was already electric light shooting out from his eyes. He had clearly stepped into the third sky peak state of the Disaster realm.
In just a short night, he leaped up from the second sky of Disaster realm, and directly stepped into the peak state of third sky of Disaster realm.
Shi Yan revealed a smile, and nodded, “Yeah, I stepped into the third sky of the Disaster realm.”
“Aren’t you too much of a freak?” Yang Ke’s expression looked like he was defeated by Shi Yan, “Didn’t you suffer from the backlash force? Logically, you should be severely injured? Why are you not only completely fine, but also able to fly up and reach a new level? Dude, how many secrets do you have on you?”
“Luck.” Shi Yan smiled, and didn’t explained much.
“Alright, stop asking.” After the shock, Yang Mu also recovered. He knew that Shi Yan probably had some secrets that he didn’t wish to talk about. He didn’t want to force him either, so he only smiled: “Little Yan is indeed a freak, no wonder Great Grandpa values you so much, This guy, truly has endless potential. This trip to the Chasm Battlefield might just take you go one step further into the Earth realm.”
Everyone’s eyes brightened.
Shi Yan smiled, “I’ll try, hmm, I can also slightly sense that I’m probably going to step into the Earth realm very soon.”
That time on that ship, the Profound Qi that Shi Yan had absorbed was extremely vigorous. The strange power it had changed to was also out of his expectations, and it actually helped him reach straight into the third sky of the Disaster realm. Plus he also seemed to be only one step away from the Earth realm.
It seemed as if once he gains insight on a certain aspect, he would be able to smoothly step into the Earth realm.
Everyone were stunned again.
“Madman, you are truly a cultivation madman.” Li Fenger shook her head and sighed, “I originally thought Yang Mu and Yang Ke as monsters. But this time, I’ve found that there is the existence of a monster among the monsters.”
Everyone seemed to agree with Li Fenger’s words, as they all nodded their heads showing their approval to her words.

Two days later.
After continuously riding the five demon beasts they finally landed on Gourd Island.
This Gourd Island was extremely big in size. From above, it looked like a giant gourd, formed by two giant islands. On the bigger piece of the island, there were endless Sky Demon Mountain Ranges, where countless demon beasts roamed arrogantly.
Separated by many kilometers, Shi Yan could almost hear the roars of the demon beasts coming from that side.
The Demon Ghost was also slightly excited.
Its evil green eyes, gazed afar towards the Sky Demon Mountain Range, listening on to the roars of those demon beasts coming from within. It seemed to be irresistibly tempted by the delicious meals, and was waiting to make a move.
The smaller piece of the island was covered with swamps. Poisonous mists hovered over there, and was filled with a deathly ambience.
“The Gate of Heaven that leads to the Chasm Battlefield is inside that swamp. Hmm, there shouldn’t be any dangers nearby, back then the Penglai Divine Land still guarded this Gate of Heaven, treating the Gate of Heaven that lead to the Abyss Battlefield as a treasured land. However, the people that went to the Abyss Battlefield, many of them died in their. Those that came back mostly obtained no benefits, so soon the Penglai Divine Land stopped valuing this Gate of Heaven, and now no one guards here anymore, anyone can go in.” Li Fenger said loudly.
The five demon beasts slowly came, and stopped in the middle of the green swamps. In the swamps, green light flashed, and a Gate of Heaven floated quietly on top of a swamped area, a flow of deathly and ancient air quietly flew out from that Gate of Heaven.
“That is the Gate of Heaven.” Li Fenger pointed, and said calmly: “There is nothing abnormal here, however, once we step inside, it would be another world. Inside the Abyss Battlefield, there are dangers all around. We might not be able to find any secret treasures, but as long as we live, our objective will be achieved.”
“Yes, live on.” Yang Mu nodded, “We have to stay there for at least three years, in those three years of time, we can do many things.”
“You go to that side, in a while I will come to find you.” Shi Yan patted the Demon Ghost, and pointed towards the direction of the Sky Demon Mountain Range, “There are many demon beasts there, this is your heaven.”
The Demon Ghost roared, and flew into the sky. Its enormous body faded into a black dot in the sky, going further and further.
“Let’s go.” Yang Mu and the others also ordered their demon beasts, and finally stepped into the Gate of Heaven that lead to the Chasm Battlefield.
Shi Yan calmly followed.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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