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Chapter 219 So Lame!
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Wei Qing came out from the the Silver Horn Ship, then he released soul consciousness of the Nirvana Realm. Just feeling for a moment, he found that there were a lot of strange energy waves controlled by Shi Yan. Which imprisoned the warriors of the Penglai Divine land, the Heaven Lake Divine Land and the Gu family, so they could be killed by the Yang family easily.
Shi Yan was the cause of this one-sided situation. When Wei Qing found the strange energy, he yelled. It made everyone focusing their gaze on Shi Yan.
Pan Zhe, Qu Yan Ching, Gu Linglong, these young superiors, stared at Shi Yan immediately .
The three Nirvana Realm warriors dropped the Double-headed Dragon and Cyan Magic bat immediately, and got close to the Demon Ghost. The three old warriors used their power together and surrounded the Demon Ghost from three directions.
“d.a.m.n it! Stop!”
Gu Linglong yelled and took a deep breath. There were seven light rays of different colors coming towards Shi Yan in different directions.
The seven rays of light were seven swords of Gu Linglong. The seven swords were arranged in a sword array. Light interweave formed a network and flied down towards Shi Yan.
The swordlight mixed, energy fluctuations were triggered under Gu Linglong’s control, carrying a extremely sharp shock wave.
Shi Yan’s face changed a little.
Gu Linglong was at the second Sky of Earth Realm. Everyone of her seven swords were very powerful. The power of the sword array was shocking that even Nirvana warriors could not resist it.
He didn't hesitate, and in a moment, he released the dark light shield and the Petrification Martial Spirit.
Shi Yan was sitting on the Demon Ghost gathering negative power again. He instantly hit the Seal of life and death, as they intervened together. He used his strongest move to fight against the seven swords array.
The seal of life and death overlapped. There were seven huge hand prints in a row like leaf fans. A strange energy came out of the seal of life and death suddenly.
“Boom! Boom! Boom!”
A burst of energy roars suddenly exploded in the sky with dazzling light like beautiful fireworks.
The Seal of life and death came into the swords array. The fluctuations from it contained the mixed power of life and death.
The seven swords array’s light dimmed down abruptly. It was disorganized under the bombardment of the seal of life and death.
Gu Linglong’s beautiful face turned pale and her body shook.
From the swords array, seven attributes of different energy fluctuations were releasing. They followed Shi Yan’s life fluctuations and attacked him.
Sitting on the Demon Ghost, Shi Yan was attacked by the sword array. As his Dark Light shield was broken, his body was thrown out from the Demon Ghost.
Shi Yan sprayed a mouth of blood. His organs seemed to be moved. He was in extreme pain.
Using third stage of Petrification Martial Spirit, he prevented the seven swords’ force, so that his body was safe and secure. But the force penetrated in Shi Yan’s body and began to destroy his body.
His face turned extremely white, Shi Yan quickly released the negative power in his meridians to resist the power of the seven swords into his body.
Negative power, Profound Qi defense, Shi Yan hurried to remove the destruction power from his body.
At the same time, a hot inflammatory force also came out from the Blood Vein ring and gushed into his tendons to help him remove the power of the Sword.
This was fire power of the Earth Core fire of thousands of years.
Three kinds of strange power flowed along Shi Yan’s tendons. In a very short period of time, the power of the seven swords was consumed.
Colorful light emerged from Shi Yan’s skin .
At first glance, he seemed to be a strange light source and the energy fluctuations in his body were in chaos.
Lightly breathing, Shi Yan had a poker face, then he wiped off the blood on his mouth. Taking a quick leap, Shi Yan flew onto the back of Demon Ghost. He took an exquisite sight at Gu Linglong and said, "So lame!"
Gu Linglong’s beautiful eyes showed a cold light and her body shook slightly, gritting her teeth.
As the seven sword blew, she believed that only Yang Mu and Yang Zhou could resist it among the young superiors of the Yang family. Shi Yan was a warrior of Disaster Realm. She expected that Shi Yan should be killed instantly.
However, Shi Yan’s martial skill intercepted it. The impact of seven swords had stormed Shi Yan’s body, but was consumed by him.
It was so strange that it was utterly beyond Gu Linglong’s expectation.
Shi Yan was sitting on the Demon Ghost again. It made her feel unfathomable. When Gu Linglong looked at Shi Yan again, she had no contempt.
The Demon Ghost roared. The green eyes on the its ferocious face emits faint green light instantly .
Different lights shoot towards Wei Qing’s three Nirvana Realm warriors. Due to the strange green light, the three men’s Sea of Consciousness became a mess, so they could not form effective attack any more.
The Demon Ghost growled. Its huge body, angrily, landed on the Ship. It ripped one after another warrior from the Penglai Divine land into pieces. There was misty blood fog filling the air around the Demon Ghost.
As more evil energy gathered in the b.l.o.o.d.y mist. It became more and more intense.
With the Demon Ghost as a center the b.l.o.o.d.y mist spreaded out like a storm. Wherever the mist of blood swept, all people retreated. Even Wei Qing’s three warriors of Nirvana Realm stayed away.
Shi Yan also became aware of the violent anger of the Demon Ghost.
Because Shi Yan was attacked by Gu Linglong, the demon beast seemed to be irritated. It was crazy to arouse its bloodthirsty temper.
The Demon Ghost ran wild on the Silver Horn Ship. Its green eyes shot out green faint light.
It was just a Demon Ghost of level six. But at this moment, it erupted like a level seven monster beast.
Pan Zhe, Qu Yan Ching, Gu Linglong and Gu Jiange were all shocked by the evil fierceness of the Demon Ghost. They dared not to get closed to the Demon Ghost and stayed away.
Yang Mu, Li Fenger and other warriors of the Yang family were about to get close to Shi Yan, but as they saw the Demon Ghost suddenly go mad, they stepped aside.
At that time, the Silver Horn Ship became a stage for the Demon Ghost to kill. It received Shi Yan’s will and tore the warriors from the Penglai Divine land and the Heaven Lake Divine Land to shreds.
There were blood and remains scattered everywhere on the Silver Horn Ship.
Sitting on the Demon Ghost, Shi Yan was enjoying the power of those dead bodies. His meridians started to get a hurt.
A variety of negative emotions were flowing into Shi Yan’s mind, he could barely manage his consciousness.
Evil forces of fear, blood thirstiness, resentment and negative energy exploded and formed a white light mist around Shi Yan’s body and dissipated quietly.
Gu Jiange wanted to sneak attack Shi Yan. But he was careless and was instantly surrounded by the white mist formed from Shi Yan’s negative emotions.
Just in a moment, Gu Jiange suddenly lost his mind. He was like a prisoner which had been trapped for hundreds of years, and moved to kill Gu Linglong.
Gu Jiange became crazy.
“You are crazy!” Gu Linglong got a bad feeling and wanted to move, but she found that there was endless resentment in Gu Jiange.
Gu Linglong immediately realized that he really became crazy.
Shi Yan was also shocked after he found that the waves of the negative emotions could make people mad, and even make them kill their companions.
Shi Yan immediately realized that this was an extremely uncommon magic ability; He immediately wrapped the negative emotion mist with his soul consciousness, and covered it onto the warriors of the Penglai Divine land and Heaven Lake Divine Land.
As expected.
Once covered by the white mist, those warriors immediately became delirious and bloodthirsty, and began to kill each other.
"What black magic!"
Wei Qing screamed when he saw his men loose their mind and killed each other. All of a sudden, he felt helpless.
The Demon Ghost jumped towards Wei Qing and there was a strong dark energy wave flowing from him.
Wei Qing’s face changed. He didn’t care about his men, and jumped off the Silver Horn Ship while shouting “go”.
The warriors on the Silver Horn Ship also saw something was wrong. They immediately followed Wei Qing and jumped into the sea.
Below them was the endless ocean. These people knew that it will be fine to fall into the sea. So they just jumped into the sea.
“Shi Yan, remember, I will kill you.” Gu Linglong stared at him bitterly, and then caught the delirious Gu Jiange and went into the sea drawing a beautiful line.
Only three seconds, the survived warriors all jumped into the ocean.
“Let’s go.” Shi Yan patted the Demon Ghost lightly and stopped the Demon Ghost from going after them. He said to Yang Mu, “Pan Zhe, they are just a single group, but there are other warriors coming here. They are stronger than Pan Zhe, including five Nirvana Realm warriors.”
Yang Mu expression changed and he nodded showing his understanding.

After Yang Mu called them, the warriors of the Yang family on the Ship boarded onto the Demon Ghost, the Double-headed Dragon and the Cyan Magic Bat. Then they flew away from the Ship like a wind.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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