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Chapter 218 The Demon Ghost Shows its viciousness
“Pan Zhe, do you dare fight with me?”
Yang Mu, sitting on the Double-headed Dragon, gazed afar at Pan Zhe on the Silver Horn Ship and yelled.
The silver huge sword flew out and hovered on Yang Mu’s head, letting out ten meter long light, which was orientated at Pan Zhe directly.
On the Silver Horn Ship, Pan Zhe smiled with the fan in his hand, “Yang Mu, we came to destroy your Yang Family. Not to waste our time.”
“You chickened? Don’t you?” Yang Mu laughed, “Pan Zhe, ah, Pan Zhe, I know you are a coward.”
Pan Zhe didn’t appeared irritated but shook his head with a smile, then turned to the warriors beside him, “Don’t waste time. Take them.”
“Divine son is correct.” Wei Qing, the Nirvana Realm warrior from the Penglai Divine Land nodded, “We can’t settled down if the Yang Family is not destroyed. They often came to the Sky Sea to make trouble. They deserve it.”
“Kill.” Pan Zhe waved his hand.
“Boom, boom, boom!”
Huge thunders suddenly came from the Silver Horn Ship, while a bunch of spiral golden light shot out towards Shi Yan and Yang Mu.
“Spiral Divine Light!” Yang Mu yelled, “Separate!”
Shi Yan’s expression changed a bit, as he hurried to send a message to the Demon Ghost to avoid the light.
The Demon Ghost bellowed with a burst of evil energy. Green Dark Qi and Black Demon Qi gushed out from its body and formed a wave, striking directly to the Spiral Divine Light.
“Shi Yan!” Yang Mu urged the demon beast to leave, but seeing Shi Yan was about to be hit, he screamed, “The Spiral Divine Light is condensed by three hundred Profound crystals. It is unbreakable!”
Yang Mu’s scream suddenly stopped.
“Chee chee chee!”
The Dark Qi and Demon Qi from the Demon Ghost congealed and formed a strange shield, while the Spiral Divine Light hit on it, the latter was controlled.
Like a spiral, the light span quickly, getting a little stronger every time it span.
In the Endless Sea, the Spiral Divine Light generated by the Silver Horn Ship could easily took a Nirvana Realm warrior’s life.
However, this strike was stopped by the shield formed by the Demon Ghost.
“Dark Qi!”
“Demon Qi!”
The warriors standing on the Silver Horn Ship couldn’t help but scream.
Pan Zhe looked gloomy, as he couldn’t believe what he had seen. After a while, he said, “What demon beast is it? Why can it trigger Dark Qi, even the demon Qi from the Demon Area? What did you do? How did you make this hybrid creature!”
New generation experts as Gu Linglong and Qu Yanqing were surprised by the Demon Ghost.
Yang Mu, Yang Xue, and Li Fenger were also shocked by the power of the Demon Ghost.
“Shoo shoo shoo!”
From the shield formed by the Demon Ghost with Dark Qi and Demon Qi, suddenly came sharp whistles, along with it, evil energy shot toward the Silver Horn Ship like arrows.
Dense evil energy poured out like rain of arrows. Pan Zhe, Qu Yan Qing and the fellow warriors panicked to fight back.
Shi Yan sat on the Demon Ghost, smiled coldly.
The Demon Ghost was a hybrid of the ghost from the Dark World and the Dragon from the Demon Area, and was an extremely vicious creature. Although the Demon Ghost was merely at level Six, its evil energy was much stronger than normal Level Six Demon Beasts.
Endless evil energy shot to the Silver Horn Ship, and without an order, the Demon Ghost suddenly bellowed and struck towards the Silver Horn Ship.
The Spiral Divine Light couldn’t defend against the Demon Ghost at all, as it was broken apart by the Demon Ghost and became golden light spots until they disappeared.
“Kill!” Seeing the Demon Ghost began to attack, Yang Mu laughed, “Xiao Yan, here we are. You are really lucky! Haha!”
Yang Ke, Yang Xue, Li Fenger and the group also drove their Double-headed Dragons, Cyan magic Bats to fly over the golden spots and land on the Silver Horn Ship.
The Demon Ghost’s ten meter long body landed on the Silver Horn Ship first, while the Ship could hardly bear the Demon Ghost as it shook greatly.
“Bad!” Pan Zhe’s expression changed, “Wei Qing, quickly stable the Ship!”
This warrior from the Penglai Divine Land rushed into the cabin. In an instant, a strong energy wave came from inside the Ship. And the Silver Horn Ship went stable at once.
“Shi Yan, I wanna kill you!” Gu Jiange whistled as a Dragon-Killing sword with a fire tail flew out from his back, towards Shi Yan.
Shi Yan was calm, as he threw out a Green Moonstone towards that sword.
The Green Moonstone became a cold green light after striking on the Dragon-Killing Sword. Its immidiately cold energy put off the fire at once.
Gu Jiange panicked. As he stood the closest to the Dragon-Killing Sword, he was covered by thirty ice light shots. Feeling freezing cold, his Profound Qi also slowed down.
“Seal of Death!”
Shi Yan yelled in his mind, and stretched out his left hand, while seven hand prints exploded towards Gu Jiange with the power of death.
Gu Jiange was frightened. Though they were both at the Second Sky of Disaster Realm, Shi Yan’s seal of death was overwhelming to him. He could hardly defend against it. Thus he got close to Gu Linglong to avoid it.
“Useless.” Gu Linglong sneered, as two magical swords twisted and flew out like two mud fish.
“Bang bang!”
The Seal of Death struck on the Yin Swords, but was diverted by it.
Gu Linglong’s long eyebrows went high. She had the martial Spirit of “The heart of magical sword”, so she could perceive that the sword soul was polluted by the seal.
“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what evil Martial Skill is that?” Gu Linglong turned serious, and she shouted madly, “You damaged my Sword soul! I won’t let you go!”
At once, a sword of wind character broke the sky and appeared in front of Shi Yan.
The sword could hide itself so Shi Yan didn’t even notice it. When he first saw the sword, it was already at his face.
The Demon Ghost let out dirty air and spitted it on the sword. The sword at once changed its direction and flew toward Qu Yanqing.
Qu Yanqing, who was fighting against Yang Xue and Yang Ke, was frightened, so she retreated away to avoid the sword. She reproached coldly, “Gu Linglong, what the h.e.l.l are you doing!”
“Accident.” Gu Linglong stuck out her tongue and withdrew the sword. She went angrier, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What a shame, you used your demon beast! Fight with me! I can kill you at once!”
Shi Yan didn’t move but stayed on the Demon Ghost, watching what’s happening on the Silver Horn Ship.
The five groups of Yang warriors had got down from the demon beasts, which were standing on the Silver Horn Ship with warriors from the Penglai Divine Land, the Heaven Lake Sacred Land and the Gu Family. Yang Mu’s demon beast gazed at two nirvana warriors so they couldn’t make a move.
Yang Mu, Yang Xue, Yang Ke, and Li Fenger performed their best Martial skills against Pan Zhe and Qu Yanqing.
Apart from Pan Zhe, Qu Yanqing, Gu Jiange, Gu Linglong, there were still thirty some warriors on the Silver Horn Ship. Their realms varied. Some were at the Third Sky of Earth Realm, while some were at Disaster Realm. They were in a fierce war.
Without responding to Gu Linglong, Shi Yan observed the Ship and secretly generated the Gravitational Field.
The Gravitational Field was invisible, as warriors under Nirvana Realm couldn’t even detect it.
Shi Yan was clear-minded, as he got the timing to control those warriors with his Gravitational Field.
In the fierce battle, one’s life was determined in one or two seconds. As the Gravitational Field suddenly generated, those enemy warriors couldn’t even use the slightest energy to fight back.
The Yang warrior quickly took the opportunity to slaughter them.
Shi Yan sat up straight on the Demon Ghost, while secretly gathering the Profound Qi from the dead warriors.
The battle on the Ship was messed up by the Gravitational Field, while the Yang family got the upper hand and started slaughtering.
Looking back at those enemy warriors, who were now in great confusion about the situation, while they could hardly fight.
“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is playing a trick!” Coming out from the Cabin, Wei Qing realized something. After detecting by his consciousness, he shouted at Shi Yan.
Shi Yan suddenly became their mutual target.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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