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Chapter 217 The Power Rankings
At the center of an isolated island in the Sky Sea. The sea water gave out hustling sound.
The blue sea water rippled away while silver light spots skimmed over.
“Hua La La!”
After a huge stir in the water, a huge monster appeared from it.
Five demon beasts flew out of the sea and landed on a nearby island. Yang warriors swam out of the sea water and moved toward the island.
Under the blue sky and white clouds, Shi Yan looked around, secretly releasing his consciousness to detect anything unusual the surroundings.
There was no sign of life wherever the consciousness pa.s.sed. No danger here, Shi Yan was a.s.sured.
The Transfer Formation of the Yang Family here was hidden. There were many isolated islands under the sea water and the Transfer Formation was under one of them. It could be only seen from deep in the sea.
Standing on the isolated island, Shi Yan detected with his consciousness. After being a.s.sured that there was no danger, he stood beside the Demon Ghost.
“Xiao Yan, how about your group? Do you want to ride our demon beast's?” Yang Mu raised his voice to ask.
There were in all fifty five people and five demon beasts, who were divided into five groups. Yang Mu and others’ double-headed dragons could carry one dozen people. The warriors had all mounted on the demon beasts now.
Shi Yan’s ten warriors just watched the Demon Ghost in fear and didn’t dare approach.
The Demon Ghost was ten meters long, and it would be more comfortable to sit on it. But the Demon Ghost was so grumpy and its back was covered with thorns, so those warriors didn’t dare to get close to it.
“Never mind.” Shi Yan smiled, pressed on the Demon Ghost’s neck, and quietly communicated with the Demon Ghost.
Since the Demon Ghost was tamed by Shi Yan in the Immortal Valley, it regarded Shi Yan as his companion. So once Shi Yan sent his will to the Demon Ghost, the latter would do as told obediently.
As it received the message, it was unwilling, but still, the Demon Ghost withdrew its thorns on the back into its body.
“It’s OK now.” Shi Yan beamed at Jiang Huquan, and turned to the warriors, “All of you come up now.”
Jiang Huquan took in a deep breath. While observing the Demon Ghost, he approached it. After he found the Demon Ghost didn’t mean to hurt him, he mounted on the Demon Ghost.
“Let’s go!” Yang Mu yelled.
His double-headed dragon flew out into the sky like a wind.
Yang Ke and Yang Xue’s Double-headed Dragon followed closely. Li Fenger’s Cyan Magic Bat flew a little slower.
“Hoo hoo!”
The Demon Ghost dashed out like a sword into the sky and surpa.s.sed the bat at once, then Yang Mu, Yang Ke, and Yang Xue’s double-headed dragons, and went ahead of the line.
“Your demon beast is really bossy, it wants to be the first.” Yang Mu praised, “It is said these demon beasts could evolve endlessly. Can’t imagine how powerful it would be when it reaches Level Eight and Nine.”
“How did you tame this demon beast?” Li Fenger was confused, “After this demon beast was taken back to the Immortal Island, many demon beasts on the island went quiet. It swallows Level two and level three demon beasts every day. How does he obey you, a Disaster Realm warrior?”
Shi Yan grinned, “Luck.”
“You are so lucky.” Li Fenger admired.
“Be careful, the Sky Sea belongs to the Penglai Divine Land. There must be warriors from the Penglai Divine Land on the nearby islands. We will be spotted easily if we fly in the sky.” Yang Xue frowned, “We don’t get along well with the Penglai Divine Land. Now that they had taken action, they won’t spare us. They will attack us as soon as they see us.”
“Um.” Yang Mu also nodded, “Pan Zhe from the Penglai Divine land is at the Third Sky of Earth Realm, ranked fifth on the power ranks, a little weaker than me. We have to be careful if we meet him. I have dealt with him before. He is great, capable of all sorts of martial Skills.”
Shi Yan also went on alert.
From Yang Mu and the group, he got to know about the ranks well. Only young warriors under 30 in the Endless Sea could be included into the list.
Only four young people in the Kyara Sea were listed on the ranks, who were Yang Mu, Yang Zhou, Yang Ke and Xie Kui, while none of the Xia Family was on the ranks.
Yang Mu ranked fourth, Yang Zhou twelfth, Yang Ke eighteenth, while Xie Kui from the Evil Wonderland was the tenth.
The eighteen young experts on the ranks were all extraordinary with huge potential. They were the future leaders of the Endless Sea.
Three Yang Family members were on the Power rankings, which showed how powerful the Yang Family was.
The Demon Ghost dashed forward toward the Gourd Island where the Gate of Heaven was, followed by the double-headed dragon and the Cyan magic bat.
“Enemies here.”
As they went to an unknown island, Shi Yan softly patted the Demon Ghost and slowed it down.
“Hmm?” Yang Mu was stunned, “Xiao Yan, you can detect the enemies?”
“Yes.” Shi Yan nodded, “They are on the island in front of us. Dozens of them including Nirvana Realm experts.”
“Xiao Yan, are you sure?” Yang Xue was surprised.
“We can count on him.” Yang Mu answered, and explained, “When on the Black Stone Island, Xiao Yan could perceive the demon dwellers’ smell with the secret treasure. He must be detecting with it now.”
He didn’t know that this time Shi Yan had refined the sea of consciousness and obtained more acute sense.
“Do we need to avoid them?” Yang Xue frowned, “There are Nirvana Realm warriors. Tough. We should get into the Chasm Battlefield first and wait for the pursuers to come.”
“We can’t avoid them.” Yang Mu shook his head, “since there are Nirvana Realm warriors, they must have detected us with their consciousness sea. We have proceeded here for one day, they must have known it.”
“Exactly, we can’t avoid them. They are already here.” Shi Yan nodded too.
“We can’t know who they are.” Yang Mu pondered, “Our five demon beasts are at Level Six. If there is only one or two warriors, we don’t need to be nervous. But it’s tough if they have too many Nirvana Realm warriors. Xiao Yan, can you detect how many Nirvana Realm warriors there are?”
“Three? Then it’s fine.”
“Hoo hoo hoo!”
In the strong wind, a silver triangled ship was flying rapidly in the sky, with several human figures on it.
“Silver Horn Ship!” Yang Mu sneered, “They are from the Penglai Divine Land. The Silver Horn Ship could fly in the sky and sail on the sea. Only important people can have it. In the Penglai Divine land, even Nirvana Realm warriors are not allowed to use The Silver Horn Ship. Pan Zhe must be there.”
“Brother Yang Mu, long time no see, he he.” Loud laughter suddenly came from the Silver Horn Ship, as a handsome young man stood in the front with a feathered fan in his hand.
Shi Yan sat up straight on the Demon Ghost, after deeply looking in that direction for a while, his face became gloomy.
Gu Jiange, from the Gu Family, and Divine Girl Qu Yanqing were also standing on the ship. On the Munro Island, she nearly killed him. Now they met here again! After being redeemed, Gu Jiange was still alive.
“Shi Ya!!” From dozens of meters away, came Gu Jiange’s cold sound, “Here you are!”
“Yes, here we are.” Shi Yan looked at Gu Jiange coldly, “I can’t believe you are still alive. Very good, then I can kill you in person.”
“You are Shi Yan? Don’t bulls.h.i.t! I can kill you at once!” Beside Gu Jiange, a pretty young girl in a green dress was quite arrogant.
“Gu Linglong, the Second Sky of Earth Realm, Ranked eighth, much stronger than Gu Jiange.” Li Fenger introduced softly.
“I don’t believe it.” Shi Yan looked unconcerned, as he looked over to Gu Linglong, “Gal, you haven’t even grown up! Stop boasting.”
“You are seeking your own death!” Gu Linglong sneered, with anger in her eyes. A silver long sword flew out from her sleeve and shot toward Shi Yan as lightning.
Shi Yan frowned, sitting still on the Demon Ghost without taking action.
“Chee chee chee!”
The Demon Ghost breathed green Dark Qi, which was like a green cloud gushing to the silver sword. The sword stabbed into the green clouds and was imprisoned. It couldn’t move a bit.
Even the sword soul inside it was blown away by the Dark Qi.
“Dark Qi!”
Those people on the Silver Horn Ship became anxious, gazing at the Demon Ghost in fear, as they cried out.
“Demon beast from the Dark World!” Pan Zhe withdrew his smile, “When did you Yang Family get connected to the Dark World? The portals are all one-sided. Their demon beasts and dwellers can’t enter our world. How did you get this Dark World demon beast?”
“Stop the f*** bulls.h.i.t!” Yang Mu was impatient, “Pan Zhe, do you want to fight?”
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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