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Chapter 214 - We Belong Together!
“I just got some information about the Ancient Gates of Heaven…”
Shi Yan’s expression was sullen, he explained all the information he got from the Ice Cold Flame to Yang Lao.
The information that the Ice Cold Flame knew, were extremely old. Old enough that even some of the warriors now can hardly notice them on ancient sites. Even Yang Lao had never heard of these information relayed from the Ice Cold Flame.
When Shi Yan clarified the situation, Yang Lao was extremely shocked, and stayed silent for a long time.
“Where did you get these information from? Can you confirm that they are true?” Yang Lao took in a deep breath, his expression was extremely serious.
“From the Ice Cold Flame.” Shi Yan nodded, “In its long life, it once made a lot of contact with many G.o.d realm masters from ancient times. These information, are all from the memories of those G.o.d realm masters. I think, there won’t be any mistake.”
“In the Fourth Demon Area, the two Demon Kings Chi Yan and Bo Xun, seemed to always be unfriendly with each other. If your information is true, then these two demon kings probably have been plotting against our Yang family for ages. If a pa.s.sageway connecting the Underworld and the Demon Area really takes hundreds of years to connect, then these two demon kings probably started to secretly plot against us hundreds of years ago.”
Light flashed in Yang Lao’s eyes, “In that case, Bo Xun came to capture Xiao Hanyi, his motive should be to force your Great Grandpa to seek him alone. Then he collaborated with Chi Yan, and used the ‘Demon Seal Formation’ to deal with your Great Grandpa. To deal with our Yang family, these two Demon Kings sure planned deliberately.”
“Even you, didn’t know about the situation of the connection between the Underworld and the Demon Area?” Shi Yan was stunned.
Shaking his head, Yang Lao said: “Maybe the last time demon dwellers and dark dwellers collaborated, was too far from now. So far that no one knew of this secret. I didn’t know, the rest of the leaders of the forces in the Endless Sea, should not have known either. Aii, this thing is too troublesome now, I think even if the leaders of those forces hear us talk about the situation in this, they wouldn’t believe it. Instead they will think our Yang family is tricking them on purpose.”
Shi Yan was silent, he knew that Yang Lao’s prediction might come true.
In front of this big change that might sweep through the entire Endless Sea, he, who was only in the Disaster realm, with no reputation of his name, can make no influence at all.
He also knew, that he as of now, cannot bring much help to the Yang family.
“It’s alright, after getting this information, at least we know what the demon dweller and the dark dwellers plan to do. Being able to know their next moves, now we can make early preparations.” Yang Lao patted Shi Yan’s shoulder, and comforted him: “Don’t worry too much, the Yang family is able to stand in the Endless Sea for many years without falling, naturally we have things that back us up. In the worst case scenario, we can just temporarily retreat from this place. When those people can see through the situation, then we’ll fight our way back. It’s not a big deal to lose our Yang family’s things, we will take them back some time.”
Shi Yan knew that he was talking about the magical mountains on Immortal Island.
“Don’t think about it too much, continue to stay here, and think of a way to tame the Demon Ghost. Your great grandpa said you can do it, then I believe you definitely can. In this time I will prepare an emergency plan. When things go wrong, I will arrange you to a safe place.”
I’ll be going now, you should be diligent yourself. Remember, our Yang family won’t fall. Your generation is all quite well, in the future our Yang family is still going to stand in the Endless Sea. This small setback won’t beat us down.”
“I understand.”

After Yang Lao left, Shi Yan temporarily stopped cultivating the Electric Shift. He crossed his legs and sat down in the valley, just intensely staring at Demon Ghost.
Time was running out, in a month, if he can’t tame Demon Ghost, then he might not see Demon Ghost again, and lose this ultimate opportunity.
“Do you know, if there is a way to tame this demon beast?” Shi Yan asked the Ice Cold Flame.
“To tame a Demon Beast, usually you have to have a stronger capability than them. Only with overwhelming power, you can beat them until they are afraid of you, and make them tame.” The Ice Cold Flame came with a reply quickly, “but, your power obviously can’t suppress this level six demon beast hybrid. Under this situation, you can only use soul communication. Or if the power on your body makes the demon beast feel approachable, making it feel like you and it are the same type of creature, then it might grow close with you.”
Soul communication? Similar power types?
Shi Yan frowned deeply.
Why would Yang Qingdi think that he is destined with this Demon Ghost? Why would be think that only he, can get the affection of the Demon Ghost.
In all of this, there had to be some secret he didn’t know about.
Shi Yan felt like he seemed to have gotten a grasp on something, but thinking of it closely, in this time he almost used every possible method, but Demon Ghost just won’t comply.
Was there anything he hadn’t used in him? A similar power type? In his own body, is there a power that was unused when taming the Demon Ghost?
Suddenly a light flashed in his head, and Shi Yan abruptly stood up.
Negative energies!
Shi Yan’s eyes suddenly brightened, he looked at the Demon Ghost without blinking, and seemed to have grasped the crucial point.
In these days, he kept trying to use soul communication with the Demon Ghost, to try to get closer with it. He tried many different methods, but he had never really used the negative energies inside him.
On the Demon Ghost, there was constantly a violent, bloodthirsty, cruel presence, this was the absolute evil power.
These powers, were obviously not from the right path, it was completely different from the presence of other creatures. In the Demon Ghost’s heart, it seemed to have been filled with hate and devastation towards people!
The evil presence, and the negative powers flowing out of his own meridians, were they extremely similar in type?
“What have you thought of?” The Ice Cold Flame was very surprised, “Did you find a way?”
Shi Yan didn’t answer, his expression was cold, as he walked step by step towards the Demon Ghost.
The Demon Ghost roared again, a flow of hurricane-like fierce power suddenly swept towards all directions from it.
On its creepy ghost face, its bright green evil eyes, kept watching Shi Yan.
With the blast of the fierce power, the evil power that went straight for the soul, also quietly went towards Shi Yan’s area. Once Shi Yan steps into the forbidden area, the evil power from the Demon Ghost will completely burst out.
“Dude you’re going in again? You have to be careful this time, my power is sealed by your stupid ring again…” The Ice Cold Flame reminded him.
Shi Yan already stopped communicating with it.
He stepped towards the Demon Ghost, and soon he was going to come close to the hundred-meter forbidden area. He could already feel the dark energy and demon energy stirring in the evil flames. These two powers, that were not from this dimension, flared in the evil flame, bringing the Demon Ghost’s evil soul consciousness. It was like hurricanes and giant tides, that were extremely fierce and violent.
The Demon Ghost roared again, it seemed to think that Shi Yan was challenging its patience. Its ten meter-long body suddenly stood up violently, and the metal chains wrapping around its body made loud clashing sounds.
Shi Yan suddenly stirred the negative powers in his meridians.
In just a mere moment, negative emotions like violence, madness, hate, and devastation immediately fille Shi Yan’s mind. Inside his body, the negative powers surged, forming into a light white mist, that was cold and evil.
The Demon Ghost suddenly became quiet.
A hundred and ten meters away, the Demon Ghost that was always rampaging, suddenly displayed a trace of confusion in its green evil eyes for the first time. It just looked at Shi Yan, and actually didn’t moved its body to try to escape from the chains again.
The vibrant green eyes that should’ve been filled with bloodthirsty murderous thoughts, at this moment, became extremely focused. It seemed to be thinking, hesitating, and deciding about something.
Shi Yan’s body did not stop, he just kept stirring the negative powers, using the negative powers to spread around his entire body, and stepped into the Demon Ghost’s forbidden area.
One foot in.
There seemed to be hesitation in the Demon Ghost’s green yes. The evil and violent negative energies slowly spread out, and actually surged towards the Demon Ghost.
At the same time.
The overflowing negative emotions in his head, combined with wisps of soul consciousness, formed into extremely evil conscious thoughts, also flew towards the Demon Ghost at the same time.
The conscious thoughts this time were completely different from other times. Inside it brought negative emotions, making Shi Yan almost go insane, giving him a thought that wanted to destroy everything, and slaughter all the creatures in the world.
Normally when these thoughts appear in Shi Yan’s mind, Shi Yan wouldn’t be far from madness. Normally, he would keep suppressing it, to sustain the clarity in his mind.
However, at this moment, he did not hold back at all. He forwardly let go his sense of reason, and let those negative emotions take charge.
Shi Yan’s eyes slowly turned red, as if blood was dripping out of them. He seemed like an evil creature that crawled out of the depths of h.e.l.l, with a body full of devastating insane powers.
The Demon Ghost suddenly became quiet.
The evil presence that surrounded it suddenly ceased like tides. It just blankly stared at Shi Yan, those evil green eyes that were supposed to be filled with bloodthirst, actually showed a joyful emotion.
Shi Yan stepped towards it, his eyes were bright red, and was slowly losing his sanity.
The Demon Ghost just happily looked at him, all his hostility was completely gone. It seemed to be waiting, looking forward to something.
“Hu hu hu!”
The Demon Ghost’s breathing was heavy, it actually seemed a little ecstatic. The enormous body that originally stood up, slowly laid down on the ground.
Shi Yan arrived in front of the Demon Ghost, its back that was covered with sharp spikes, suddenly lightly shook in one area. It could be seen that the spikes in that area slowly contracted, and shrank back into its body.
On The Demon Ghost’s back, there was suddenly a blotch of flat ground, that could fit exactly one person.
Shi Yan leaped up, and flew towards that area, then steadily crossed his legs to sit down. He grinned and laughed: “We belong together.”
“Boom, boom, boom!”
The twelve chains binding the Demon Ghost’s entire body, suddenly shattered.
The constraints that Yang Qingdi put on the Demon Ghost, were completely gone.
The Demon Ghost let out a carefree roar, its enormous body shook, and flew into the sky with flared teeth and open claws. It flew joyfully in the valley.
A person and a beast, fit seamlessly.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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