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Chapter 210. You're really something
Sponsored by: Terence Majkowski
When Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan came out from the cave, many warriors from Yang family were surprised and their faces show their excitement.
The news about the relationship between Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan had already been spread out these days.
Many old warriors from the Yang family knew that there is someone from the Xia family who has the same symptoms as Xia Xinyan, at that time the head of the big three families in Kyara sea who gathered their wisdom failed to wake up that Xia warrior and resulted the warrior died in advance.
After Xia Shenchuan brought Xia Xinyan to the Immortal island, he made trouble a few times, so the warriors from Yang family all knew that Xia Xinyan, the pride from the Xia family new generation also suffered from the same symptoms and probably is difficult to wake up
And now, Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan came out side by side, which made everyone surprised and speechless
The problem that even can't be solved by the head from the big three families, now was solved by Shi yan, which no one knows what method he used to make Xia Xinyan wake up ?
There are huge doubts in everyone minds and they looked sluggish at Shi Yan
Soon, Yang Lao and Xia Shenchuan received the message and rushed over, gathering at Shi Yan side.
Xia Shenchuan couldn't believe his own eyes, after staring at Xia Xinyan for a long time, his body gently trembling for a long time, and he nodded: "Good... good... finally you woke up"
"Grandpa" Xia Xinyan smiled, said: "I'm fine, yeah, I have broken through into the second sky of Earth realm."
Xia Shenchuan shocked again and immediately used his spirit power to examine Xia Xinyan body, then he smiled and nodded: "Good, good girl, I knew that you will be showered with blessings once you escape this disaster, Hahahaha."
"Brother Xia, now you are satisfied right ?" Yang Lao smiled: "Now you won't force this kid to take responsibility right ? Hehehe!"
"Hahaha" Xia Shenchuan smiled and nodded, his eyes looked at Shi Yan: "Brat, you're really something, the problem that even your great-grandfather can't solve was solved by you, good good, next time, if our family encounters this kind of trouble again, looks like we need your help to solve it, hahaha, good good!"
Shi Yan stunned, shooked his head and said: "Don't! this time was merely luck, and also my secret treasure already gone, if there is a similar situation in next time, I also can't do anything"
"No no, you definitely can solve it" Xian Shenchuan laughed "As long as you tell us the method, no matter what kind of secret treasure, the Xia family will re-refine it"
"Some of the secret treasure can't be refined out, which existent was naturally." Shi Yan looks helpless "anyway, if there is similar situation in the next time, don't rely on me, I also can't solve it"
"You brat " Xia Xinyan glared at him, seems like a little angry "Why you always make an excuse ?"
"This time was merely luck" Shi Yan smiled", "It's not like I don't want to help, in fact, the secret treasure that I have already can't be used again"
"Forget it" Xia Shenchuan waved his hand, and said: "We, the Xia family shouldn't be so unfortunate. After going back, I will tell them to don't let something like this happen again. Xinyan, you just entered the second sky of the Earth realm, so you need to return, there is some martial skill that you need to learn as soon as possible, otherwise it may be bad for you"
His word made Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan startled.
"If I have known this earlier, I would have stayed in the stone room for some time." In the face of Xia Shenchuan, Shi Yan blinked at Xia Xinyan, "You say?"
Xia Xinyan cheeks became red, and dropped head down without saying anything
"Hoo! " Yang Lo poked and laughed, as he looks very excited
Yang Mu, Yang Meng, and the others Yang family were also staring at those two, with a strange expression
Xia Shenchuan froze for a moment, and then his eyes were like a lighting, looking at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan, then he suddenly calm down
In the Kyara Sea, Xia Xinyan was famous for her eyesight, she never put anyone who in same age with her in her eyes, and in her heart, there was only Xia family and cultivation.
Over the years, the men who pursuit Xia Xinyan were from of every corner in the Kyara sea, even the genius young men in the other sea also covered Xia Xinyan’s beauty and often wandered to the Xia family just to get a glance of Xia Xinyan and catch her attention.
However, no matter who, and no matter how outstanding he was, Xia Xinyan never thought about them.
Even the leader of the new generations from the Evil Wonderland, Xie Kui, admired her for many years but there was never a slightest progress, which made him very unhappy.
In the Kyara sea, Xia Xinyan can be described as a misty cloud mountain, which can't be climbed, and only can be looked up from afar by the young men.
Even Yang Ke and the others from Yang family were also obsessed with Xia Xinyan for some time but didn't receive any attention, and at last, they gave up.
Now, because the words from Shi Yan, the beauty face became blushed, which surprised everyone.
"Ahem ahem!" Xia Shenchuan coughed, although he was slightly upset, but because Shi Yan helped her granddaughter to wake up, so he didn't show it, and only said: "Ah, since the problem is solved, then we will leave now, come on"
"Wait a minute" Shi yan suddenly slightly shouted
"Brat, don't push your luck!" Xia Shenchuan said, "Although you save her, but don't think you can have something between you two, my granddaughter is going to inherit the chair of the head of Xia family in the future, so there will be no chance of an affair, even if she is going to marry, the groom has to bear my family surname and the surname of baby born in the future also Xia."
Xia Xinyan blushed face slowly faded, and in her eyes, there is a trace of sadness and sorrow
From childhood, she was taught to don't have an affair, in the future, she was going to inherit the chair of the Xia family head, even if she was going to have children, it will be arranged by the Xia family, and the groom needs to bear Xia surname.
Because of this, she never thinks about love affair in the Kyara sea
Because she knows that her future isn't up to her to decide it
"Hmph! " Yang Lao snorted, he was upset but didn't say anything
Shi Yan also frowned, his eyes gradually became gloomy, and from Xia Xinyan expression, he saw the helplessness and nothing can be done about her destiny.
At this time, he knew that everything he said will be ignored, not only it won't change Xia Shenchuan original intention, instead it will only leave a bad impression in Xia Shenchuan heart, but also will let Xia Xinyan having a difficult time, and may even affect the long friendly relations between Xia family and Yang family.
He knew that if he wants to get Xia Xinyan, there is only one way, one day, he, Shi Yan will prove his ability and can take over the Xia family
So the entire Xia family can only overlook him
After took a deep breath, Shi Yan face became normal and lightly smiled, then he took out three nutrition pills that he won from Yang Lao, stepped forward to pa.s.s it to her, softly said : "These are three nutrition pills, next time if you are forced to use the reincarnation martial spirit, these nutrition pills can protect you for three times"
Xia Xinyan was a little happy as her bright eyes moved, and secretly looked at Xia Shenchuan.
Xia Shenchuan looking at the sky, his mouth was slightly pulled a bit and he looked indifferent, but he didn't stop her to accept those three nutrition pills.
In the entire Kyara sea, only Yang family can refine this nutrition pill, even in the Yang family, this nutrition pill was very rare, only the direct descendants from Yang family and Shura King have the qualification to hold it, the nutrition pill have an extremely good effect on the reincarnation martial spirit which Xia Shenchuan also knew.
If replaced with another pill, maybe Xia Shenchuan will scold and stop her. However, for nutrition pill, this was difficult to do so.
"Thank you" Xia Xinyan was tacit, she can glimpse an approval from Xia Shenchuan expression, and then receive it and softly thanks.
"Take care." Shi yan looked at her deeply, softly said :"Remember our promise"
Xia Xinyan face became blushed again, and bowed her head, softly said :"Yes"
"Let's go" Xia Shenchuan was upset again, he didn't want her granddaughter to be too close with Shi Yan, slightly snorting, and flew up as he held Xia Xinyan and then turned into a light, and rushed into the clouds
"Brat, you are really something" Yang Loa smiled and patted on Shi Yan’s shoulder, "If you really can get that girl, then that old ghost Xia will definitely cry with tearless grief, hahaha, good good, you have my old style"
"Xiao Yanzi, this!" Yang Mu threw a thumb as he was amazed too: "Xia Xinyan, this girl, in Kyara sea, she is like a G.o.ddess, many people covet her beauty, but she never blushed in front of anyone; You brat, you are really great, no wonder the great grandpa think highly of you."
"Brother Yan, I support you!" Yang Meng also cheered, smiled: "Sister Xia is so beautiful, she is the most beautiful scenery in our Kyara sea, this kind of beauty should be subdued by us. Hahaha, brother Ke and the others were disappointing, at that time, I also despised them. I didn't expect that brother Yan is so great, you just came here, and already hooked sister Xia, you are really great"
"Hooked?" Shi yan smiled, and shook his head: "You little girl, stop talking nonsense, I was using my charm to conquer her"
"It was same, anyway, the result is you guys can be together, hehe" Yang Meng laughed, and she appeared more and more like Shi Yan.
The warriors from the Yang family on the side also exposed an admiring expression, when they looked at Shi Yan as if to be able to get Xia Xinyan heart was greater than wake up Xia Xinyan by using the soul gathering pearl.
Shi yan stunned, he didn't think that Xia Xinyan was like an inaccessible cloud mountain in Kyara sea, the affair between him and Xia Xinyan meant that the cloud mountain already laid down a ladder to let him climb onto the peak
"Brat, follow me, I will take you to see the demon beast that your great grandfather wanted you to tame" Yang Lao suddenly shouted.
Shi Yan startled.
Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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