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Chapter 206 I Bet!
Sponsored by: David Deatsch
“Dong dong dong dong!”
Four disc-like irons rolled over the edge of the pool like tanks. On the hard ground of the pool side, gravels were swirling. The irons grinded everything in their paths, leaving four long deep ravines.
With 2000 kg heavy weights on his arms and ankles, Shi Yan’s body shrank slightly, which suddenly bursted with an extreme explosion.
The First Sky of Rampage.
Inside his meridians, negative energy boiled and filled his limbs, doubling his power at once.
The 2000 kg weight felt overwhelming when he dragged using his power, but it still couldn’t top him from moving forward.
As his strong body was running along the pond, the pond stirred with loud noise.
Although he was merely at the Second Sky of Disaster Realm, his body was incomparably strong. The Refine Skill of the Flame refined his body once again, so he could adapt to the impact of all sorts of energies and utilize his power better.
As his body became much stronger using the First Sky of Rampage; At that moment, the energy inside Shi Yan’s body equaled to that of an Earth Realm warrior!
Beside the pool, Yang Lao, Yang Mu, Yang Meng were all surprised, gazing at Shi Yan running with all effort.
This increase of energy in Shi Yan’s body was apparently out of their expectation. The three, who were in doubt, were now in shock.
It was very noisy here, so many Yang Family warriors came from other areas hearing the noise, as they watched Shi Yan’s stunning power.
Shi Yan had a rigid face. His strong muscles seemed to contain endless power. Everytime he dashed out he felt inexhaustible.
After he came out from the volcano’s core, this was the first time that he had bursted his power so smoothly. During his running, he felt every cell in his body come to life.
This was a huge shift in his body!
He clearly realized what benefit he got from that long period of ruthless training.
After his body was refined, his ribs and bones became much stronger, his limbs more agile, and his Profound Qi flew faster like a river.
Now he totally trusted the Ice Cold Flame!
Warriors in ancient times emphasized more on their body training than warrior nowadays. To them, the body was the essential basis of martial arts. So they spent more time on body training than Profound Qi refining.
Once the body reached a certain state, it delivered overwhelming power in battles
Among warriors at the same realm, those who possessed stronger body could easily beat those with weaker body.
Feeling the changes in his body, Shi Yan was so delighted that he made up his mind to refine his body as the key of his martial training.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
Like a chariot, Shi Yan dashed forward and made a big stir in the pond, while gravels flew up in the sky.
He was drowning in inner happiness, and already forgot his bet with Yang Lao. He merely wanted to feel the changes in his body and explore himself.
Yang Lao yelled.
Shi Yan woke up abruptly, and looked at Yang Lao numbly, as his muscles was still shaking.
Yang Lao’s eyes shone with bright light, and he nodded slowly with a surprised smile, “Five minutes! Seven loops! You are a freak!”
“Haha! I know this guy is special!” Yang Mu burst into laughters, “Otherwise, great grandpa wouldn’t bother to orient his position with the Immortal Blood.”
Yang Meng blinked her adorable eyes, and babbled, “Hmm! Another monster! Why are there so many freaks in the Yang Family!”
Shi Yan was surprised.
Yang Lao smiled briefly, scanning those on-watching warriors, he announced, “This is a new member of Yang Family. My third brother Yang Xiao’s grandson, Shi Yan!”
“Young Master Yan!”
“Young Master Yan!”
“Young Master Yan!”
Those steady strong-built Yang warriors began to cry out.
These people were all at high realms, and were well-known in the Endless Sea. They obeyed the Yang Family not only for their history, but also for their every generation’s incredible ability.
These obstinate warriors served the Yang Family because of its great power.
They watched for a while, and acknowledged Shi Yan. At the Second Sky of Disaster Realm, with 2000 kg weights, he could run seven loops around the pond in merely five minutes!
That’s literally unbelievable!
Shi Yan smiled. He hadn’t triggered the Rampage to the Second Sky. He believe, if he pushed it to the Second Sky, his energy would surge twice and thus he could run at least ten rounds around the pond.
“You win, kid. Take the three Heaven pills.” Yang Lao shook his head, smiling, “Kid, you won over me so soon. Hmm, I’m not a generous person. Be careful. I will let you suffer in later training.”
Shi Yan gave a brief smile, and right away took the three pills, then grinned, “I’m not afraid of troubles.”
“Yang blood does run in your body. You are something.” Yang Lao praised with a smile, then looked away, “Now all get the F*** away! Got nothing to do?”
Those on-watching warriors then hurriedly left in embarra.s.sment.
After those people left, Yang Lao frowned, and appeared a bit worried, “Xia Shenchuan is still at our home. He would stop training if you go back. He will chase up as soon as he heard you are here.”
After a pause, Yang Lao gazed at him deeply, “Kid, be honest, can you really wake the gal Xia Xinyan? Don’t be afraid, it’s ok even if you can’t. Xia Shenchuan won’t do anything, except babbling for a while.”
“It should be fine.” Shi Yan pondered and replied with a serious face.
“No problem?” Yang Lao couldn’t believe his ears, “Are you sure? You have to know, there was once another person who got the same disease as Xia Xinyan. The three powers in the Kyara sea tried everything to save her, but failed. Your great grandpa said, unless someone got a soul-related treasure that is suitable for her, or we can’t do anything.”
Shi Yan stunned, as he realized that King Yang Qing already knew he got the Soul Gathering Pearl.
“I’m sure.” Nodding his head, Shi Yan said, “I promise I will wake her up. She fell asleep because she wanted to save me. Definitely I will wake her up.”
Yang Lao stared at Shi Yan for a while, seeing Shi Yan as a reliable man, then he nodded,”Ok, I will send someone for Xia Shenchuan.”
Soon, he ordered loudly, and one warrior walked away quickly to a great mountain.
“Do you need any help?” Yang Lao pondered, “There are all sorts of rare materials and medicines in the Yang family, just name it. Even if we don’t have it, we can fetch it for you soon. Your great grandpa told us, we should a.s.sist you on this.”
Shi Yan shook his head with a smile, “Nothing but a quiet secret room.”
Yang Lao was stunned, after a thought, he told Yang Mu, “go to the No. One Mountain, and find a best crystal room.”
“Ok.” Yang Mu swaggered away.
“Your great grandpa is not at home this moment. And he took the Immortal Canon with him. After he’s back, you just have to drop one blood into the canon and then you are back home. Meanwhile, you will possess the Immortal Formula from the Immortal Canon.” Yang Lao though for a while, “Wake up Xia Xinyan first until then.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Yang Lao!” Before long, from a nearby mountain, a dash of bright light shot out, “I heard the kid Shi Yan has come back?” Xia Shenchuan’s angry voice came before he even approached.
A tall, thin, white-bearded old man with a feather cap suddenly stood still in front of Shi Yan, and he stared at Shi Yan, his eyes like torches, “You are Shi Yan?”
Shi Yan nodded with a embarra.s.sed smile.
“Well, let me make it brief,” Xia Shenchuan grunted, “If you can’t wake Xinyan up, I won’t spare you. But if she wakes up, I will let you go. As long as she wakes up.”
“I will wake her up safe!” Shi Yan got serious, “I bet!”
“You do?”
“I do!”
Xia Shenchuan was a little surprised, as he couldn’t understand why Shi Yan was so confident. However, he was expecting for it now as he nodded, “Do it then.”
“Second grandpa, it’s all done.” Yang Mu shouted, standing on a cliff, “Xiao Yan, come over now.”
“Let’s go. Let me show you something.”
Yang Lao nodded with a smile, caught Shi Yan and flew out.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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