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Chapter 204 - The Yang Family
In the lingering mists and clouds, a vast and enormous island silently floated in the middle of the pure blue sea.
On the island stood many grand mountains that went straight through the clouds.
Looking down from the top, it could be seen that there were blocks of spirit farming fields everywhere on the island where countless precious medicinal ingredients were planted. Many rare and strange demon beasts and spirit beasts were domesticated and spread around all corners of the island.
Vigorous spirit energy continuously circulated on the island like streams of flowing water. The natural energies here were extremely filling; before landing on the island, even just sucking in a breath of air gave off a refreshing feeling and made people relax all over.
The island was extremely big; it might’ve been several times the size of the entire Merchant Union. It was not so much an island, but more like an entire piece of Mainland.
Sitting on top of the double headed dragon, Shi Yan looked into the distance and actually couldn't see the end. In his view, all he saw were endless mountains. On top of each mountain, there seemed to be the shadows of people.
“This is Immortal Island.” Yang Mu smiled, and then pointed at an area overflowing with demon energy behind him as he explained to Shi Yan: “Over there, there is a Gate of Heaven leading to the Fourth Demon Area. Our battles with the demon dwellers also happen in that area. Usually, even in the areas around the Immortal Island, there can possibly be demon dwellers wandering about. Recently, the demon dwellers have encountered quite a lot of losses too. They temporarily ceased fire, thus they didn’t continue to make trouble.”
Shi Yan was surprised, he looked towards the direction Yang Mu was pointing at.
He could only see that in that area, there were overflowing amounts of demon energy fluctuating. The vigorous demon energy covered that place completely. Shi Yan looked closely, and then realized that he could see nothing at all.
“That place is temporarily covered by demon energy. Hmm, don’t waste your time to look through it because you won’t see anything.” Yang Mu smiled.
“Mmm Hmm... indeed, I can’t see anything.” While nodding, Shi Yan frowned: “In that area, are there still people stationed?”
Although he couldn’t see the situation there, Shi Yan could still vaguely sense that there were extremely fierce energy fluctuations. Based on his senses, there must’ve been countless numbers of strong warriors there, and there were definitely some top warriors from the Yang family hiding in there.
“Of course, uncle Mo and the rest are all guarding that area.” Yang Mu’s expression was slightly serious, “I received some news a while back saying that great grandpa went into the demon area again. Reportedly, great grandpa entered into the demon area this time to talk directly with the demon king Bu Xun.”
“Talking directly with the demon king?” Shi Yan was shocked.
Legend has it that the demon king Bo Xun was in the third sky of Spirit realm; he had already got one foot in the True G.o.d realm.
From Shi Yan’s understanding about the demon dwellers, he knew that demon dwellers of the same realm were much stronger than humans. Although Yang Qingdi’s reputation was widely known in the Endless Sea, he was still after all, only in the first sky of Spirit realm. If he were to really go face-to-face with the demon king Bo Xun, wouldn’t it be extremely dangerous and risky?
“Great grandpa is only in the first sky of Spirit realm, but he had all sorts of mysterious powers on him. If he dares to encounter the demon king Bu Xun, then he naturally has a full grasp on things.” Yang Mu smiled proudly, “Fifty years ago, when great grandpa was only in the third sky of Sky realm, he was already able to skip realms and kill a demon master who was under the command of the demon king. That demon king was in the first sky of Spirit realm at the time. Now that great grandpa stepped into the Spirit realm, his magical powers are even more far-reaching. Plus, the demon king Bu Xun is not in his best condition; if great grandpa were to really encounter him, it shouldn’t be hard for great grandpa come out unharmed.”
“The demon king Bu Xun is not in his best condition?” Shi Yan dazed for a moment, dumbfounded.
“Reportedly, a hundred years ago, Bu Xun got into some trouble when cultivating a demon skill, so he has been recovering in the Cave of Thousand Demons. In the past many years, he has only been using his three Skeletal Avatars to move outside; his true form had never left the Cave of Thousand Demons. This time, the reason why great grandpa went in the demon area should be for uncle Xiao. I wonder if he can bring uncle Xiao out alive.”
Once he heard Yang Mu mention Xiao Hanyi, Shi Yan’s face immediately became sullen. He sighed inwardly out of frustration.
“Don’t be too sad about the thing with uncle Xiao. Even if you weren’t there, that Bo Xun still would’ve went for uncle Xiao sooner or later. Last time in the demon area, uncle Xiao heavily wounded the youngest son of Bo Xun. At that time Bo Xun had spoken out, saying that he would teach uncle Xiao a lesson. Even if uncle Xiao wasn’t with you that time, he would still be attacked by Bo Xun.” Yang Mu comforted him.
As the two talked, but the double headed dragon did not rest; it kept flying above the Immortal Island.
Below them were mountains that stood right up into the clouds with overflowing amounts of spirit energy, and tens of thousands of spirit farming fields beside them. Demon beasts were cultivated in many different areas; many Nascent and Human realm warriors rode all different types of demon beasts on the island, either flying in the air or sprinting on the ground. They were all extremely lively, and full of energy.
“On the Immortal Island, there are now nearly ten thousand warriors. However, many warriors are in the Nascent, Human, and Disaster realms. There are not many warriors above the Earth realm, only about a thousand of them. The warriors here, do not represent all of our Yang family’s forces; our Yang family controls hundreds of islands. On those islands, there are also strong warriors from our family there…”
When they arrived on Immortal Island, Yang Mu started to explain to Shi Yan about the situation on the island again. He detailedly explained the current situation on the Immortal Island.
The Immortal Island was the holy land of the Kyara Sea, the headquarters of the Yang family.
In the entire Endless Sea, the Immortal Island was considered as a holy land for cultivation. The spirit energy on the island was vigorous; no matter what type of spirit medicinal plant was planted, it would be very easy for them to grow. Because of the vigorous spirit energy, any warrior that cultivated here would need much less effort to succeed. The Profound Qi gathering speed here was much faster than in other places.
The double headed dragon entered into the Immortal Island, flew for another half a day, and then finally landed in an area with the most concentrated spirit energy.
“Look down. That valley is the root of our Yang family.” Yang Mu suddenly shouted lightly.
Shi Yan’s expression shook as he lowered his head and looked closely.
In nine grand enormous mountains, there was an open flat field. On the flat field, there stood many majestic palaces. Those palaces were all built with different enormous solid green iron stones, white jade stones, and fire gold stones.
Under the sun, those rare stones gleamed and gave off bright lights.
Glancing towards them, the palaces below seemed to be covered in rainbow G.o.dly lights, making them look like a land of immortal beings.
“Look closely at those nine mountains.” Yang Mu reminded.
Shi Yan dazed. He then looked towards a several thousand zhang (1 丈 is 10 feet) tall mountain; his eyes were focused.
This enormous mountain was wide and magnificent. The mountain was covered with all sorts of mysterious medicinal herbs. Under Shi Yan’s view, he could clearly see the stream-like flows of spirit energy. They seemed to be attracted by the enormous mountain, and actually gathered towards here from all directions of the Immortal Island while silently flowing into this mountain, as if they were supplying nutrients for the mountain.
His eyes shifted, and he then shockingly realized that it was the same for the other eight mountains.
The lingering spirit energy on the Immortal Island seemed to be attracted by these nine mountains. They gathered towards here endlessly, and then flowed into these mountains, nourishing these mountains.
Many caves appeared on the sides of the nine mountains. From inside those caves, there were occasionally a few figures that appeared. They seemed to be cultivating heavily inside the caves. After they came out, they seemed like they haven’t adjusted to the sunlight for they all squinted their eyes and quietly frowned.
“These nine mountains can be said as the most precious place in our family. At the heart of the mountains, there are many magical things. The reason why our Yang family can be so mighty for so long is closely tied to these nine mountains.” Yang Mu pointed out.
“Because of the spirit herbs on the mountain?” Shi Yan was surprised.
“Not only the spirit herbs.” Yang Mu smiled, “You will know why very soon. I think later, you will enter into one of the mountains. You need to awaken Xia Xinyan first, and then naturally you will need to find a quiet cultivation spot. I can promise that in the entire Endless Sea, there won’t be many places with a better cultivation environment than our place here.”
Shi Yan was perplexed, but he didn’t ask much.
“Let’s go down and see our second grandpa. I think during this time, second grandpa must’ve been so annoyed by Xia Shenchuan from the Xia family that he’s going to lose his patience soon.” Yang Mu laughed as he rode the double headed dragon and flew straight down towards that grand palace below.
On the way, Shi Yan already knew that Yang Qingdi went to the demon area; his oldest son Yang Feng was not guarding at the entrance to the Gate of Heaven. On the Immortal Island, the current person in charge was the second son Yang Lao, also nominally counted as the second grandpa of Shi Yan.
Although Xia Shenchuan from the Xia family, was the current head of the Xia family, he was not in the same generation as Yang Qingdi. Instead, he was from the generation of Yang Feng and Yang Lao, and was only in the second sky of the Sky realm.
The previous head of the Xia family was also in the first sky of Spirit realm, but he encountered trouble with the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, and was often in the state of soul chaos and deliriousness.
Because of that, the last head of the Xia family had pa.s.sed the spot of the head of the family to Xia Shenchuan early. He put all of his heart into cultivation, in an attempt to solve his occasional deliriousness.
Xia Shenchuan was the grandpa of Xia Xinyan, he had always treated Xia Xinyan like she was his most precious treasure. When he picked up Xia Xinyan from Firecloud Island, and was certain that Xia Xinyan’s soul injuries were exactly the same as that person from back in the day, he was immediately enraged, and directly brought Xia Xinyan to Immortal Island, determined to get an explanation from the Yang family.
At the time, after Yang Qingdi asked Mo Duanhun for details, he knew from Mo Duanhun that Shi Yan had a way to save Xia Xinyan, thus he let Xia Shenchuan stay on Immortal Island, and wait for Shi Yan to come and fix this trouble.
Although Xia Shenchuan was unsatisfied, but he couldn’t talk back to Yang Qingdi, so he could only wait on the island like what Yang Qingdi told him.
Just like that, he waited for more than four months.
“h.e.l.lo, young master Mu.”
“h.e.l.lo, young master Mu.”
On Yang Mu’s way, many warriors all respectfully nodded in greeting. None of these warriors were in low realms, most were in the Disaster, or Earth realms. Their presences were vigorous, and seemed to be much stronger than other warriors of the same realms.
Shi Yan followed behind Yang Mu, and stayed silent. He only quietly released his consciousness to sense around, and felt awed on the inside.
The warriors that appeared here, considered under the same realm, they were all much stronger than other warriors out there.
The spirits in their bodies were extremely outstanding, and their life forces were very vigorous. Even the meridians and flesh of their bodies were extraordinarily st.u.r.dy, their Profound Qi was also more refined and vigorous.
Shi Yan believed, that any of the human realm first sky warriors here, would be much stronger than a warrior of the same realm in the Merchant Union. In a fight with people of the same realms, a person here, could fight against two people out there!
The more he observed, the more Shi Yan was stunned. He became more and more expectant to see the capabilities of the Yang family.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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