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Chapter 200 Seven Magical Shifts
The sun was shining.
Shi Yan jumped out of the cave as fast as lightning, looked at the sun, picked a direction, and then left quickly.
A great shake occurred in the cave and the whole quarry seemed to quiver.
Vicious energy exploded in the quarry, while clouds of black demon air were ascending from the cracks on the top of the mountain.
Fierce and panicked screams came out from the cave.
Shi Yan’s advancing body slowed down a little. As he held the Soul Gathering Pearl, his face turned gloomier.
Through the Soul Gathering Pearl, he felt that there was a ma.s.sive clashing inside the cave. Apparently, the Evil Wonderland warriors had met the demon dwellers.
Shi Yan was sure that it must be Lin Nan who was fighting against the Nirvana Realm demon dweller.
Although Lin Nan was at the same realm, Shi Yan didn’t think she could win. Under the strikes of the demon dwellers, Lin Nan had little chance to survive, not mentioning taking out the rest Evil Wonderland warriors alive.
After detection, Shi Yan knew he couldn’t stay there any longer, so he sped up and left in a hurry.
“Bang, bang, bang!”
The quarry was about to collapse. After the great bombs, the wall of the cave soon became cracked.
Shi Yan’s expression changed again before he accelerated his speed even faster.
In an hour, Shi Yan arrived at the mountain top that he stayed the night before; he began to watch the quarry.
Some black spots were moving and running away. Shi Yan realized they were the Evil Wonderland warriors.
With a sigh, Shi Yan knew the Evil Wonderland warriors were in trouble.
Observing carefully, he found that those demon dwellers didn’t run out of the quarry to chase them for some reason.
Getting a little relieved, Shi Yan sat down on the mountain silently, and dived his consciousness into the Blood Vein Ring and began to communicate with the Ice Cold Flame.
“Find me a Martial Skill that can help me speed up and change my body.”
The Ice Cold Flame went silent, picking martial skill for Shi Yan.
Shi Yan waited with his eyebrows frowned.
Half an hour later, the Ice Cold Flame responded.
“There is a Martial Skill called Magical Shifts, it includes seven shifts. Once you trained with it, you can speed up several times. This Martial Skill is very demanding about one’s body condition. Your body and Disaster Realm Consciousness could at most, master two shifts. I will teach you the basic two shifts.”
Shi Yan was surprised and said joyfully, “Great!”
“The two shifts are Phantom Shift and Electric Shift. The Phantom Shift can let you generate shadows that could baffle your enemies. The higher your level is, the more shadows you can generate. According to my observation, you can produce two shadows with it. But the shadows would disappear in an instant, so a high realm warrior can detect your real body in a short time. The Electric Shift can speed you up as fast as lightning, but it consumes a lot of energy. You need to use it cautiously.”
Phantom Shift? Electric Shift?
Shi Yan’s eyes sparkled as he heard about the two shifts.
He knew the Phantom Shift was merely a martial Skill that couldn’t compare to the Phantom Martial Spirit of the Zuo Family.
Once the Phantom Martial Spirit of the Zuo Family was triggered, the Phantom could own the warrior’s consciousness, so even a high level warrior couldn’t detect which is the real body.
The Phantom Martial Spirit of the Zuo Family can change the outcome of a battle greatly.
In a battle, once the Zuo Family member used the Phantom Martial Spirit, his adversary couldn’t distinct the Phantom and the real body. So the Phantom Martial Spirit was a good weapon for escape.
The Phantom Shift was a far cry from the Phantom Martial Spirit of the Zuo Family because it disappeared in such a short time.
In a battle, the result is decided in an instant. So if one could baffle his enemy for a moment, and took the chance to attack, the Phantom Shift could guarantee one’s success.
The Electric Shift could enhance one’s speed like lightning.
But it took too much energy. Once the Electric Shift was triggered, one would lose a lot of Profound Qi even though he could approach the enemy in a flash.
To escape with the help of the Electric Shift when you encounter a formidable enemy would be a good choice.
If the enemy was too strong, most Profound Qi couldn’t do any help. However, with the Electric Shift, a little Profound Qi could make a difference.
Shi Yan’s eyes were shining brightly as he quietly listened to the Ice Cold Flame about the Phantom Shift and the Electric Shift, and figured how to master them.
“I have told you how to train in it. These are the two basic Shifts so you can handle them. With a little training, you can master it. But the Seven Shadow Shifts demand strict body condition. Warriors in the ancient times had strong bodies, so if you want to train in it, you should first strengthen your body. The Martial Spirit that you can trigger in a short time must be from the ancient times and requires a strong body. Take more time to communicate with the Earth Core Flame and train with its power...”
The Ice Cold Flame conveyed its consciousness to Shi Yan through the Blood Vein Ring.
Since their deal was reached, the Ice Cold Flame began to help Shi Yan whole-heartedly. It knew it was great luck to met such a master.
Only when Shi Yan reached Nirvana Realm, would it get out of the Blood Vein Ring.
“I got it. Hmm, I will withdraw my consciousness.”
Shi Yan replied, sat down cross-legged, and closed his eyes to feel the Phantom Shift and the Electric Shift.
The Phantom Shift and the Electric Shift benefited each other. One should first trigger the Electric Shift to produce shadows.
Which means he had to master the Electric Shift first.
The key point in training with the Electric Shift laid in the veins in one’s legs. You have to make “Profound Explosion” happen when the Profound Qi flow in your veins. Then the Profound Qi would form the explosion of Profound Qi and violent strikes.
With the violent strikes of the “Profound Explosion”, the Electric Shift could speed up the warrior to become as fast as lightning.
Shi Yan held his breath and carefully triggered his Profound Qi to flow in his veins in the legs, looking for the spots for Profound Explosion.
Time flied while he was training.
“Dada! Dada!”
Heavy steps came from afar.
Shi Yan woke up and opened his eyes slowly.
“Shi Yan! d.a.m.n you!”
Shi Yubai cursed with deep hatred in his eyes, and then dashed toward Shi Yan with blood all over his body.
Shi Yan frowned and stood up, “What’s it got to do with me?”
A dozens Evil Wonderland warriors went into the cave, but only seven got out alive.
Lin Nan and Peng Pei didn’t appear. Only Shi Yubai, Sheng Yidan, He Qingman, and four doleful Disaster warriors, including Bardy and Zhou Nan, came back.
Taking a few glances at He Qingman and Shi Yubai, Shi Yan sighed. He knew those who didn’t appear were all dead.
“Sister Nan, Sister Nan stayed at the entrance to protect us.” He Qingman’s eyes turned moist, “Sister Nan must be dead. She couldn’t compete with the demon dwellers. Why are there so many able demon dwellers on the black stone island? Those guys seem to be at the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm.”
“All dead, Peng Pei is dead in the cave too. All dead.” Sheng Yidan looked pale and overwhelmed, “Those demon dwellers are too able. Even at the same realm, they are much stronger than us. They all died miserably...”
“Peng Pei was torn apart by the demon dwellers.” He Qingman’s voice was shaking.
With a sigh, Shi Yan shook his head sadly, “I knew it. I reminded you when I left. Why did you still stay in it!”
He Qingman wailed, “It’s all my fault. I thought if sister Nan was there, we could kill those demon dwellers. If we had withdrawn early, no one would have died. It’s all my fault. I caused sister Nan’s death.”
She sobbed.
Sheng Yidan also cried. Tears rained down from her pale face, “We should have withdrawn early. If it were not for saving us, Sister Nan wouldn’t have died.”
“You! All because of you! If you had explained earlier, no one would have died!” Shi Yubai stared at Shi Yan in hostility and exclaimed, “You made them die!”
“Who is it to blame?” Shi Yan held his expression and said coldly, “I firstly reminded He Qingman, then Lin Nan. I told them not to stay there any longer. I also warned you. You didn’t believe me. Who is to blame?”
“It’s you!”
Shi Yubai shouted and flew toward Shi Yan with a murderous look.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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