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Chapter 197 Now It’s My Turn!
The six demon dwellers at once walked toward Shi Yan as soon as they heard he was from the Yang Family.
Shi Yan, who was roaming in the cave, suddenly became their No.1 target.
Shi Yan took a few steps back and leaned his back against the wall, in case he was attacked on both the front and back sides.
Seeing the demon dwellers encircle Shi Yan, He Qingman regretted a lot, so she yelled, “Protect him!”
Her light body swayed across Bardy toward Shi Yan.
The rest six of the Disaster Realm warriors also rushed to the demon dwellers in case Shi Yan was killed.
The bone spur roared and turned into two streams of light, shooting forward quickly.
While flying, the two bone spur seemed to crack the s.p.a.ce, and on their tips appeared green light spots.
The green light looked like the fire of ghost. It splitted and tried to cover Shi Yan.
Shi Yan felt a vicious smell rushing to him before he was about to control the Gravitational Field.
“Buzz buzz buzz!”
Shining green spots exaggerated in front of his eyes. They were poisonous worms with green thorns!
Those worms smelt like Gu Ya, filled with vicious smell inside their bodies. And that smell wave stuck to Shi Yan all together.
Shi Yan’s body shook and his eyes showed a little pain.
The spirit attack from the vicious smell stunned his soul and consciousness. Suddenly he lost control of the gravitational field.
At the same time, those poisonous worms became green light spots and fell down like a rain.
Shi Yan’s expression suddenly turned serious and there was cold light exploding in his eyes.
In just a moment, his skin turned kelly green and as hard as iron----he went into the Third Stage of Petrification.
“Dang dang dang!”
Dense green worms rushed toward him; their thorns stabbed onto Shi Yan mightily, though they didn’t get through him.
Gu Ya shouted as a surprised light crossed his dark green eyes.
The Green Demon Worm was from the demon area. Their thorns were extremely sharp. Gu Ya had never failed as long as he shot out the Green Demon Worms while in a battle.
The Green Demon Worms could penetrate human body and nibble human entails up.
Though small, the Green Demon Worms were hideous creatures. They were fed by Gu Ya with his own blood and flesh. Even demon dwellers couldn’t defend them when under their attacks, and would be invaded by these creatures.
As Gu Ya expected, human warriors emphasized the acc.u.mulation of Profound Qi. However, their bodies were weak, so they couldn’t defend the a.s.sault from the Green Demon Worms.
Gu Ya fed the Green Demon Worms mainly to attack Yang Family members with Immortal Martial Spirit.
Even those Yang warriors with Immortal Martial Spirit couldn’t prevent the Green Demon Worms from nibbling their organs once the worms got into their bodies.
In a battle, once the Green Demon Worms got into one’s body, the Immortal Martial Spirit couldn’t stop them from nibbling the body. In a short time, that one’s organs would be eaten up.
Those Green Demon Worm rushed up and tried to penetrate Shi Yan’s body, only to find out that his skin was as hard as steel, confusing Gu Ya a lot.
“Get lost!”
Shi Yan sneered, and then a dark light appeared around his body like a shield protecting him.
The Green Demon Worms covered Shi Yan’s body and kept stabbing at him with their thorns, only failed to break his skin.
As soon as the Dark Light Shield formed, it pushed all the Green Demon Worm away.
Gu Ya’s two white bone spurs shot out quickly to strike onto the Dark Light Shield mightily.
The Dark Light Shield exploded at once into a cloud of dark light and then the two bone spurs stabbed into Shi Yan’s chest.
The two bone spurs went three inches into Shi Yan’s chest. As they shook, the Green Demon Worms appeared to try and get into Shi Yan’s body again.
Shi Yan was astounded.
He Qingman finally arrived. Her hair flying, she produced wind swords from her body and thrust them towards Gu Ya.
Gu Ya giggled, stretched out his hand, and the two bone spurs flew back to his hand.
“Kid, the Green Demon Worm went into your body. Just wait for it to eat you up!” The Gu Ya glanced at Shi Yan, and then turned to fight against He Qingman, “That kid is dying. Let him alone. Kill these guys!”
The five demon dwellers stopped a.s.saulting Shi Yan and turned to fight against the Evil Wonderland warriors.
Shi Yan was ignored.
Clenching his teeth, Shi Yan continued to produce Profound Qi to drive those Green Demon Worm out.
The Profound Qi became like lightning and strongly struck onto the Green Demon Worms.
However, under the attack of the Profound Qi, those Green Demon Worms felt nothing and still kept going forward to Shi Yan’s heart.
Shi Yan’s head got numb. Without further thinking, he tried to trigger the negative power.
At that time.
Hot power of Flame flew out from the Blood Vein Ring secretly, and soon went into Shi Yan’s body.
Suddenly, Shi Yan felt as if in a big fire with his whole body turning red.
The power of the Earth Core Flame!
The power soon extended inside Shi Yan’s body and heated him up.
The stone cave became hotter and hotter.
The Green Demon Worms inside Shi Yan’s body were soon scorched before it could do any harm to Shi Yan.
Shi Yan’s spirit sank into the Blood Vein Ring and sent messages to Earth Core Flame.
The Flame power disappeared, but Shi Yan’s flesh was still burning greatly covered by steam.
At that crucial point, the Earth Core Flame came out to Shi Yan’s rescue.
But its flame power was too strong; though it had controlled carefully, it had nearly burnt Shi Yan into ashes.
If Shi Yan hadn’t refined his body in the magma pond, he couldn’t have endured the flame power.
Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan triggered his energy, wrapped the dead bodies of the Green Demon Worms with his Profound Qi, and pushed them to to the two blood holes in his chest.
Gritting his teeth, Shi Yan gouged the black bodies out from the blood hole with a gloomy face.
Seeing the flesh at the blood holes were wriggling, Shi Yan knew it was recovering itself. He got a little relieved, and then looked to Gu Ya in hatred.
Gu Ya was at Earth Realm, and his bone spurs were so sharp that they could break Shi Yan’s Petrification Martial Spirit and leave b.l.o.o.d.y holes on his chest.
Shi Yan was a little scared since he found that the Petrification martial Spirit couldn’t defend against everything.
Gu Ya had injected his spirit power in every Green Demon Worm, so their deaths let him notice Shi Yan’s abnormality.
“You can kill the Green Demon Worm inside your body?” Gu Ya looked at Shi Yan in surprise, “The Green Demon Worms won’t be hurt by Profound Qi but sharp weapons. What energy did you use? Flame Power! Such strong Flame Power!”
“It’s my turn!”
Shi Yan grinned, and soon calmed down.
Brutal, murderous, and crazy energy exploded in his body and he suddenly became much skinnier.
His energy doubled in an instant! The First Sky of Rampage!
Pointing at Gu Ya, Shi Yan ordered.
The Gravitational Field which had hidden beside Gu Ya suddenly triggered and dragged Gu Ya in.
Carrying the white bone spurs, Gu Ya was in a fierce battle with He Qingman, and his body suddenly quivered as if drunk. He couldn’t even stand still.
“What the h.e.l.l!”
Gu Ya yelled and looked around to see what had restrained him.
“Entangle! Entangle! Entangle!”
Shi Yan kept calm, pointed at those demon dwellers and ordered word by word.
The rest five demon dwellers looked stronger than the Evil Wonderland warriors. Because their black scales were hard, they rushed toward Bardy and others fearlessly.
Once approached by the demon dwellers, Bardy and others found it hard to fight back and they had to retreat from the attacks.
However, as Shi Yan spoke “entangle”, the situation in the cave reversed.
Like Gu Ya, the other five demon dwellers also shook inside the cave and could only move in a small area, being not able to attack again.
He Qingman’s eyes showed surprise as she looked at Shi Yan. She couldn’t believe what she saw at all.
Bardy, Zhou Nan, and other Evil Wonderland warriors were all shocked too, watching their adversaries swirling up in the air, not knowing what happened to them.
To most of their surprise, they didn’t find anything even though they had sent out their spirit power for detection.
“What are you doing! Kill!” Shi Yan was impatient.
“Oh yeah, yeah.” He Qingman just realized then. She blushed and yelled, “Take them quickly!”
The Evil Wonderland warriors soon woke up and hurried to fight back.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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