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Chapter 194 Now You Are convinced?
A huge black hole was waiting for them to come like a demon’s mouth.
Cold wind came from the cave that made everybody uncomfortable. They could vaguely hear some howls from the Cave as if it was the provocation from the demon dwellers.
Shi Yan, Lin Nan and He Qingman stood behind the cave and were observing the entrance of the Cave carefully.
Shi Yan secretly held the Soul Gathering Pearl, releasing his spirit power and then extending it.
The Cave was empty inside, with crossroads leading to all directions.
As his spirit power extended, he could the feel the smell of the demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe, but not their exact position.
The Cave was so deep and many roads led to the bottom of the mountain; even with the help of the Soul Gathering Pearl, Shi Yan could only detect that there were no demon dwellers in the region five hundred meters around him.
But he was quite sure that there are Black Scale Tribe demon dwellers inside the cave.
“Well, let’s get in. Be careful everybody.” Lin Nan stood for a while in front of the entrance and then said, “Take the sound stone when you get into the cave. Keep in touch.”
Lin Nan said to He Qingman and Sheng Yidan.
The four of them were holding a silver stone in their hands. The stones had small holes on them can could convey sounds within a certain distance.
“Got it.”
He Qingman and others nodded in confidence.
“We are in.”
It was dark inside the cave, so they have to use light stones to see things.
Crossing roads were everywhere in the cave; one could get easily lost in here.
“You four remember the road and your own positions.” Lin Nan instructed.
The first crossroads showed up.
“We should separate now.” Shi Yubai frowned, “Sister Nan, we will go with this road. I will send messages through the sound stone if something happens.”
“All right.”
“Follow up.” Shi Yubai demanded and walked to the crossroad with her people.
Lin Nan took the rest warriors and went on.
Before long, another crossroads showed up.
“Sister Nan, our turn.” He Qingman smiled, and said to Lin Nan, “I will send you a message once I find something.”
“Okay, off you go.” Lin Nan nodded with a smile, “Yidan is too cheeky, so I will go with her first. I will come to you once I get your message.”
He Qingman nodded, glanced at the followers and yelled, “Follow me.”
Then, He Qingman stepped on the road.
Seven Disaster Realm warriors followed her with rigid faces.
Shi Yan looked unconcerned and got into the cave as everybody had went into it.
“Sister Nan, if this guy dies here, will the Yang Family be hard on us?” Peng Pei asked when they lost sight of Shi Yan.
Sheng Yidan seemed to care about it a lot as she asked, “Sister Nan, this guy is not from the Yang Family, but that Shura Guard was accompanying him. Who on earth is he? He is merely at the Disaster Realm. If they met demon dwellers and He Qingman didn’t protect him, he will die for sure.”
“None of your business.” Lin Nan frowned, “Qingman is a reasonable person.”
“But I guess Qingman dislikes that guy. She may want to kill him by asking him to follow her.” Peng Pei rubbed his head.
Lin Nan was baffled as she paused and asked, “No, Qingman won’t do that. Furthermore, the Yang Family dared send him to the Black Stone Island, then he must be something. You know Yang Family members always do special things.”
“If he is from the Yang Family, then I can’t look down upon him.” Sheng Yidan shook her head, “But the problem is, his surname is Shi, not Yang.”
“Alright, leave him alone. It’s not a big deal even if he dies here.” Lin Nan was unconcerned, “Like you said, he is not from the Yang Family.”
“Right.” Peng Pei nodded.
“Shi Yan, come to the head of the queue.” He Qingman requested from the front of the group.
The road was so narrow that only three people could go through at the same time. He Qingman was at the head of the group.
Seven Disaster Realm warriors stood behind her in a row.
Shi Yan was the last one.
Since He Qingman asked, Shi Yan couldn’t stay behind anymore.
“Excuse me.” Shi Yan frowned and pushed his way forward.
Seven Evil Wonderland warriors blocked the way before him, and they were not willing to make room from Shi Yan to get through.
He Qingman was keep her eyes forward, so she didn’t know what was happening behind her.
The seven warriors looked back at Shi Yan with weird smiles. The two warriors in front of him stood shoulder by shoulder, leaving little s.p.a.ce between them.
Obviously, the two didn’t want Shi Yan to go through.
Shi Yan stood still in front of the two persons, and said calmly, “Excuse me.”
“The road’s too narrow, and we’ve already made room for you. You have to push if you still want to proceed.” One of them giggled.
“Well, I will push then.” Shi Yan beamed.
The dull sound of someone crashing came from the road.
Sounds of bones breaking came too.
Shi Yan pushed his way forward between the two men’s shoulders, who were sweating heavily now.
One of them cross his arms around his chest, breathed heavily, and then stared at Shi Yan angrily.
“Not convinced?” Shi Yan grinned, stretched out his hand, and then touched that guy’s broken shoulder.
The guy screamed miserably which frightened He Qingman a lot.
“Who is screaming?” He Qingman looked back on alert.
At the back side, Shi Yan’s hand was pressing on the guy’s shoulder as he said coldly, “Now are you convinced?”
“b.a.s.t.a.r.d how dare you!”
The other warrior shouted and was about to hit Shi Yan.
Shi Yan giggled, took out the other hand, and then shot it to the warrior’s face like a sharp sword.
Shi Yan’s hand stabbed into the stone wall right beside the guy’s face.
Shi Yan's five fingers deeply embedded into the stone wall like spears, and after he retracted his hand, five deep finger holes were left behind in the wall.
That man a.s.sumed Shi Yan hadn’t thrusted his hand into the wall, so he sneered and was about to pound his fist toward Shi Yan’s face.
“Bardy, stop!” He Qingman yelled.
Bardy’s fist toward Shi Yan stopped halfway, and he looked to He Qingman unhappily, “Miss He, why not teach him a lesson?”
“Bardy, you. Look at the wall beside you.” One of Bardy’s friends smiled bitterly.
Bardy was stunned, as he turned around and saw five deep finger holes in the wall, he soon became quiet.
“It was just a joke.” Being cornered by Shi Yan, that guy starter sweating and apologized, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“I was joking too.” Shi Yan nodded and withdrew his hand, and then mumbled, “Why ask for trouble...”
As he was talking, Shi Yan kept moving towards He Qingman.
The rest of the warriors soon walked apart and leaned against the wall to make room for Shi Yan.
“Should have done this earlier.” Shi Yan sneered as he walked to He Qingman’s side.
He Qingman frowned after she saw what Shi Yan had done, and then said lightly, “Those guys are rude, but you did too much. Zhou Nan’s shoulder is broken which will influence our ability in battles. You have to pay for it if we lose our lives.”
“I have to pay?” Shi Yan sneered, “Well, let me see how will you let me pay.”
He Qingman said that so her people wouldn’t be mad at her. She didn’t mean to irritate Shi Yan. But Shi Yan didn’t understand and humiliated her in front of people, so she got angry and wanted to give Shi Yan a lesson.
However, when she thought of Shi Yan’s treasure, He Qingman grunted, “Be quiet ok?”
Shi Yan’s eyes blinked, “Demon dwellers are coming near. I will be quiet now. You guys get ready.”
“They are already here?” He Qingman said with a rigid face, “How many are they? What realm?”
Bardy, Chou Nan, and He Qingman were all confused by him.
“There are only six demon dwellers, and one of them is at Earth Realm; you can manage him. The other five, hmm, I believe you guys can beat them easily. Good luck.” Shi Yan looked unconcerned as he stood against the wall lazily.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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