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Chapter 193 Thriller
In the Black Stone Wood.
He Qingman abruptly opened her eyes, after looking around carefully she asked, “What did you say?”
“I think we are surrounded by the demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe.” Shi Yan stood up with a rigid face, “At least thirty of them, just three hundred meters away from us. Four of them are at Earth Realm.”
“Are you kidding?” He Qingman frowned and couldn’t believe it. At the same time, she released her spirit power and extended it to three hundred meters away.
Where her spirit power swept, there was no sign of life or life force at all.
He Qingman was a little depressed, as she grunted and stared at Shi Yan, “There’s nothing at all! You are playing a joke on me, aren’t you?”
Shi Yan was surprised and then began to sense the surroundings with the Soul Gathering Pearl again.
After an acute observation, he found that the thirty demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe didn’t disappear, but were approaching them gradually.
Narrowing his eyes, Shi Yan soon reaised that He Qingman’s spirit power couldn’t sense the demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe.
At night, the Black Scale Tribe would hide themselves and weaken their soul intensity.
Although He Qingman was at Earth Realm, she had no Soul Gathering Pearl, so she couldn’t sense the demon dwellers.
“They are slowly coming near us.” Shi Yan said seriously, “Even though you can’t sense them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist!”
He Qingman was inpatient, as she closed her eyes and stayed still.
She was at Earth Realm, so she believed that her spirit power was more acute than Shi Yan’s. How could Shi Yan sense the demon dwellers if she couldn’t?
He Qingman didn’t take it seriously as she thought Shi Yan was joking.
Shi Yan looked serious as he took a deep breath and walked to the Wind Thunder Lion slowly.
He Qingman closed her eyes and she could still feel Shi Yan’s movement. But she didn’t care at all as she complained secretly about the Yang Family sending Shi Yan here.
Suddenly, Shi Yan struck his fist on the Wind Thunder Lion, making the lion irritated and it stood up at once.
The Wind Thunder Lion bellowed, with wrath billowing in his eyes.
“Are you crazy?”
He Qingman yelled and dashed up. Her angry eyes stared at Shi Yan, “What’s your problem? Why irritate the Wind Thunder Lion? Tired of living in this world?”
Shi Yan suddenly wrapped He Qingman in his arms and jumped to the Wind Thunder Lion.
He Qingman flew into a rage as a stream of intense energy bursted out from her body.
Under the energy, Shi Yan felt as if he was carrying a booming balloon. Before he could operate his Petrification Martial Spirit, he was pushed back a few steps by He Qingman, which made the lion bellow a lot.
Although He Qingman got rid of him, she was still rather angry, “Shi Yan, do you think that I wouldn’t dare hurt you?”
“Go! Quick!”
Shi Yan shouted, raised his right hand, and pushed out seven hand prints.
“Bang bang!”
The seal of life struck the dark region on their left in waves.
The dark region was twisted and blasted. Suddenly several dark shadows of human figures showed up in the darkness.
The Black Scale Tribe!
Those people were covered with black scales, about three meters tall, strong, and were releasing malicious smell.
There were six of them, with ferocious look in their dark green eyes.
Their camouflage was disrupted by the seal from the darkness, causing them to dash toward Shi Yan quickly.
He Qingman yelled in surprise, and then gazed at the six flying demon dwellers coming near. Excitedly, she said: “There are demon dwellers! Ha, too good! Now we don’t need to look for them!”
“Go!” Shi Yan demanded, “There are not only these six! There are more that are approaching. We can’t get away if we don’t leave now.”
He Qingman was astonished.
“Thunder, let’s go.” She paused for a second, and then kicked the Wind Thunder Lion who had become anxious.
The Wind Thunder Lion flew up into the sky at once.
Sitting on the Wind Thunder Lion, He Qingman looked down to watch the black Stone wood and found some disruption in the dark area.
She didn’t know how many demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe were hiding there in the darkness.
He Qingman gazed down for a while and still felt nervous at what happened just now.
If Shi Yan hadn’t found the demon dwellers and driven the lion to carry them away, they might have been caught by the Black Scale Tribe.
Although the Wind Thunder Lion was a Level Six demon beast, if it was surrounded by the experts from the Black Scale Tribe, it couldn’t defend against them at all. Those demon dwellers dared to approach because they knew they could manage the lion.
He Qingman got frightened as she thought of this.
After a long while, she looked to Shi Yan who was beside her, “How do you know they were approaching?”
Shi Yan looked unconcerned as he responded He Qingman, “I have my own way.”
“Can you still sense them next time?” He Qingman’s eyes blinked.
“I can still sense them if they approach within five hundred meters from me.” Shi Yan nodd, “They are adept at hiding themselves. Once they hide their life waves, normal people can hardly find them. I found them because I have a treasure to help me.”
“Well, it must be quite a treasure.” He Qingman had presumed, “Your sense won’t be more acute without any treasure.”
Shi Yan didn’t deny and nodded, “Of course.”
“From now on, you should be with me if there are battles with the demon dwellers. You don’t need to fight, but use the treasure to locate them.” He Qingman thought for a while and suggested.
After that, they got along better with each other.
“Ok.” Shi Yan said casually.
“Now please find where are they heading now?” He Qingman protruded her head to watch the black stone wood below and made the Wind Thunder Lion descent a little.
Shi Yan put his spirit power into the Soul Gathering Pearl again and closed his eyes to feel.
Soon, he opened his eyes and pointed to a black mountain peak, “All the demon dwellers are moving towards there.”
“Yeah, there.” He Qingman nodded, “That mountain produces black copper. It’s our goal tomorrow.”
“Let’s go there tomorrow. It’s too late today. Don’t take the risk.” Shi Yan suggested.
“Hmm.” He Qingman thought for a while, “Don’t mention what happened today to Lin Nan.”
“We came this time to clean the demon dwellers. Sheng Yidan, Peng Pei, Shi Yubai and I will lead a group respectively. This cleaning action is also a test of our ability. The one who has outstanding performance this time will be put in a high position. I’m competing with Sheng Danyi. I must win against her!” He Qingman explained.
Shi Yan was surprised, then nodded, “Okay.”
As the Wind Thunder Lion landed on the peak, Shi Yan found those people were taking a rest with their eyes closed.
Shi Yubai was standing behind a black stone. He glanced at Shi Yan coldly, frowned, then closed his eyes again.
“Qingman, did you find anything?” Lin Nan smiled and asked casually.
“Nothing.” He Qingman replied with a smile, “But we must be careful tomorrow. We may come across the demon dwellers in the cave.”
“Yeah, they are very likely staying in the quarry. Qingman, take a good rest and we will set out tomorrow.”
“Got it, sister Nan.”
Next morning.
Lin Nan began to urge the group in early morning. She asked He Qingman, Sheng Danyi, Peng Pei and Shi Yubai to get prepared.
He Qingman and the other three were young experts in the Evil Wonderland. So each of them had seven to eight Disaster Realm warriors under them.
“Shi Yan, there are many cross roads in the cave, so we may separate when we get into the cave. Any group who finds anything will send messages and the other three groups will join the first group. So which group do you want to join?” Lin Nan asked.
“Brother, go with me. My team is stronger. You will be safe.” Shi Yubai invited first.
Shi Yan shook his head with a smile.
“How about going with me? I will take care of you.” Sheng Yidan pretended to be friendly, although she secretly hoped that Shi Yan would refuse the suggestion.
“We are old friends. Last night we decided that we will go together.” He Qingman said lightly.
“Hmm.” Shi Yan beamed.
“As you like.” Lin Nan nodded and smiled at He Qingman, “Shi Yan is from the Yang Family, so you should pay attention and don’t let him get hurt. It will be tough if he get hurt and the Yang Family decided to ask for compensation.”
“Got it Sister Nan.”
“Well, let’s go.”
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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