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Chapter 191. Black Scale Tribe
"I will go first, if I don't come pick to you up after some time, then there will be someone else who will come here" Tuo Luo sat on the Cyan blood bat and spoke loudly.
Shi Yan nodded his head.
Tuo Luo smiled at him and suddenly drove the cyan blood bat and flew to the sky and soon disappeared.
On the way to the black rock island, Tuoluo said that after he escorted him, he will take the dragon slaying sword and leave for a few days
Shi Yan stayed in the ten thousand-year-old volcano for seven months, and during this time, the Yang Family already asked for an explanation from the Gu family
After the Gu family knew what Gu Jian Ge and Gu Lie have done, they were also very furious, but they denied that this matter was related to the Gu family, and only said that everything was Gu Jiange and his son’s fault
Shi Yan didn't know what the price that the Gu family had to pay, but from Tuoluo explanation, he knew that the Yang family demanded a lot of benefits, not only they agreed to to punish Gu Jiange, but also promised to return the Dragon Slaying Sword.
Tuo Luo carried the Dragon Slaying Sword and went to the nearest Yang Family 'Mini Teleportation Array' to send out the Dragon Slaying Sword, so that the Yang family can use this Dragon Slaying Sword to exchange more benefits from the Gu family
Although Shi Yan didn't know what was the price that the Gu family had to pay, but he knew that this time the Yang family had the right to discuss, then the Gu family certainly suffered a major loss
Before Tuo Luo left, he admonished Shi Yan to be careful, and also said that if he didn't come, there will be another one that will come to Black Rock Island to find him, so he doesn't need to worry.
Shi yan calmly stayed down.
At the peak, Shi Yan looked coldly and soon figured out the Island’s situation.
That beautiful woman from the Evil Wonderland was named Lin Nan, with the cultivation of the Second Sky of Nirvana realm, and was ordered to clean up the demon dwellers on this island.
After Lin nan, besides He Qingman, there was also three Earth realm warriors, two men, and a woman, who are Peng Pei, Shi Yubai, and Shen Yidan
Among the three, Peng Pei and Shi Yidan were in the First Sky of Earth realm, and Shi Yubai was slightly higher, in the Second Sky of Earth realm.
He Qingman, Shi Yubai, Peng Pei, and Shen Yi these four were quite young, the men were handsome, and the women beautiful.
Although Shen Yiban didn't looked as dainty as He Qingman, but she was also very beautiful,with her slender waist, voluptuous a.s.s, a pair of watery eyes, and faint laughing expression, it made people wanting to rape her.
These four were the skilled young generation warriors from the Evil Wonderland, and He Qingman was the most outstanding amongst them, being the youngest and the most talented.
The other twenty-three disaster realm warriors were also very young, this time they followed Lin Nan to Black Rock Island, was to train themselves, hoping through this experience, to break through the bottleneck and step into a higher realm.
The disaster realm, after the experiencing a catastrophe, one can use his experience from the disaster realm to break through.
These twenty-three disaster realm warriors were being led by He Qingman, Shi Yubai, Peng Pei, and Shen Yidan and were divided into four teams to trace the devil dwellers, and Lin nan was responsible for managing these four earth realm warriors, and to report the situation to Evil wonderland at any time to prevent these future seeds being killed by the demon dwellers.
Lin Nan’s position in the Evil wonderland wasn't low, her big brother, Lin Hong was an elder at the Evil wonderland with the cultivation of the Second Sky of Sky realm, her second brother, Lin Xu was at the Third Sky of Nirvana realm and organized and took care of the mining and herbs business in the seven islands under the Evil Wonderland.
Many people from the Lin family occupyied important positions in the Eevil Wonderland, Lin Nan herself was responsible for the training the skilled young warriors and dealing with the argument between those warriors.
After Shi Yan came down from the cyan blood bat, Lin Nan had some doubts in her hearts as she didn't know Shi Yan true ident.i.ty.
The warriors of Kyara Sea all knew that only a Shura Blood Guard can be equipped with a Cyan Blood Bat, when Shi Yan came with the Cyan Blood Bat, at first Lin Nan thought that Shi Yan was also one of the Shura Blood Guards, but after she saw the att.i.tude of Tuo Luo toward Shi Yan, she knew that Shi Yan wasn't a Shura Blood Guard.
And after some conversation between Shi yan and He Qing Man, it made her secretly curious and she guessed that Shi Yan must be a skilled young warrior from the Yang Family
However, when Shi Yan introduced himself and said his name, Lin Nan became puzzled again
She was completely unfamiliar with Shi Yan’s name, according to her understanding towards skilled young warriors from Yang Family, she can certainly ensure that there was no Shi Yan in the Yang family
Shen Yidan, Peng Pei, Shi Yubai those three also had some doubts after hearing Shi yan’s self-introduction, and when they looked at Shi yan again, there was a slight disdain.
They knew that those skilled young warriors from the Yang family, and when they saw Shi Yan wasn't one from the people they knew, plus Shi yan surname was Shi, they were sure that Shi yan wasn't a direct descendant from the Yang Family, and Shi yan only had the cultivation of the Second Sky of Disaster realm, even though Tuo Luo’s att.i.tude toward Shi yan was a bit strange, They still didn't mind it
"How many demon dwellers are on the island ?" after the introduction from both sides, Shi Yan asked
"As far as I know, there are about fifty or sixty demon dwellers, of course, there may be more" Lin Nan explained "These demon dwellers are from from the black scale tribe"
"Black Scale Tribe?" Shi yan surprised
Lin Nan slightly frowned and surprised: "You didn't know about the Black Scale Tribe ?"
"Yes" Shi yan nodded
"No way?" Dan Yidan lightly screamed, in his eyes, there was a trace of disdain, as he softly laughed: "the Yang Family and the demon dwellers have been fighting for so many years, and often went in and out from the fourth demon area, as long as one is from the Yang family, their knowledge toward the demon dwellers should be deeper than us"
"You even didn't know about the Black Scale Tribe, then why did you come here ? " Peng pei grunted and directly said: "Your cultivation is too low, but were escorted by the Shura Blood Guard. At first, I thought it was because you understood the Black Scale Tribe, so the Yang Family let you came here to help us, but to think that you haven't even heard about the Black Scale Tribe, I really don't know what is the purpose of the Shura Blood Guard to send you here"
Shi Yubai frowned and shook his head, looking at Lin Nan and smiled wryly "Sister Nan, it appears that this isn't an aid, but a trouble"
"I'm still can't be counted as one of the Yang family, I came to the Black Rock Island just to see the demon dwellers only," Shi yan said coldly as there was some unhappyness in his heart
"You aren't one of the Yang family?" the disdain in Shen Yidan eyes became heavier, as he laughed: "This really scared me up, I thought you are one of the savages from the Yang family, hehe, but it is best, or we will be very awkward ha, now I am much more relaxed"
"Yes, those savages from the Yang Family, each of them is very bossy, it is really difficult to work with them" Peng pei also agreed by nodding his head and looked at Shi yan "Brat since you aren't one of them, then be honest, don't act on your own, or if you are killed by the demon dwellers, don't blame us for not reminding you"
"Don't speak nonsense!" Lin Nan stared at Peng Pei and Shi Yubai
Although there was some dissatisfaction in her heart, but she didn't showed it, but smiled and said to Shi Yan: "Black Scale Tribe is one of tribe from the demon dwellers, which has a black scale, those scales are born naturally and are very hard, some normal weapons can't even harm them. In addition we only know a little about the Black Scale Tribe, recently we have been searching for those demon dwellers from Black Scale Tribe in Black Rock Island, and even saw them, but they always avoided us and didn't fight with us, so we didn't know the characteristics from the Black Scale Tribe"
"Still hadn't fought..." Shi yan was stunned for a moment and nodded his head "Alright, I got it, I will be careful".
Among those people, only He Qingman knew Shi Yan’s ident.i.ty, but she didn't remind the others, seems like she can't wait for them to chatter Shi Yan, and when Peng pei and Shi Yubai cynicism Shi yan, He Qingman slightly nodded her head, apeearing in a good mood
Shi Yan knew that He Qingman wants to see him being humiliated, he slightly sighed in his heart, but he didn't show it, and only said to Lin Nan: "I really don't know anything about the demon dwellers, this time I came to here just to see the demon dwellers, as for the arrangement, you will do it and I will try to follow you"
Not too bad
Lin Nan secretly nodded, and expressed satisfaction toward Shi Yan’s humility, and in her heart, she was more certaine that Shi Yan wasn't one of the Yang Family member.
The disdain in Shen Yidan’s eyes became even more obvious.
If he really from the Yang Family, how could he be so humble?
Those guys from Yang Family, which one of them is not hard-edged? Not bossy? Didn't look down on the others?
"Today we will rest here, tomorrow morning , we will go to the nearby mines to see, it's said that the Dark Copper is very precious in the demon area, and seems like those demon dwellers from Black Scale tribe, who practiced some secret Martial Arts really depend on Dark Copper, maybe those demon dwellers from Black Scale Tribe are hiding in the mines" Lin Nan said
Everyone nodded his head to show that they understood.
"Shi Yan, have a good rest, tomorrow morning you come with us " Lin Nan looked at Shi Yan
Shi Yan nodded
"Come with me, I have something to ask you" He Qingman rode on the Wind Thunder Lion while looking coldly at Shi Yan and said.
Lin Nan, Peng Pei, Shen Yidan, were suddenly stunned for a moment and looked strangely toward He Qingman
Shi Yubai frowned, in his eyes flashed a trace of coldness, while he looked at Shi yan and then at He Qingman, his face didn't look good.
Shi Yan looked indifferent, as he saw expression everyones faces, he rode on the Wind Thunder Lion leisurely and sat beside He Qingman without saying a word
He Qingman didn't show any surprise to Shi yan who sat beside her, she straightened her legs and kicked the Wind Thunder Lion.
Under the cold look from Shi Yubai, the Wind Thunder Lion flew into the sky and left the mountain and flew toward stone forest not far from there.
"Big brother Shi, seems like He Qingman is a bit interested in this guy?" Peng pei looked at the disappeared Wind Thunder Lion, and immediately said to Shi Yubai: "But it shouldn't be a good intention, and looks like He Qingman has some resentment towards that brat, she wanted to meet him alone, maybe it's not a good intention"
Shi Yubai gently nodded his head, said: "looks like that kid has an unlucky life, He Qingman sight is very high, so it can't be that she liked him, she wanted to meet him alone, certainly it was for teaching him a lesson"
"Maybe not" Shi Yidan hesitated a moment, and said: "After that kid came here, He Qingman expression was a bit weird, seems like, there was a blush in her face, don't know what happened between them though"
Shi YubBai’s eyes suddenly became cold.
Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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