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Chapter 188. Evolution of the Twin Martial Spirits
Shi Yan, of course, knew where these milky water drops came from, and also the magical effects from these water drops.
His spirit went into his flesh and carefully looked at those milky water drops, Shi Yan quickly pondered in his brain.
This strange power can gather and enhance martial souls, can vigorous the profound qi, and there were many other magical uses from it.
He had always known that this power had been a great benefit on him.
But, looks like this magical power still not all been refined and fully integrated into his body.
After receiving the message from Ice Cold flame, Shi Yan didn't hesitate too much, with just a little thought he immediately decided to try to fuse them into cells and body so that they can really become nutrients for the flesh.
Inside the body, the intense fire energy started flowing in his meridians and scattered into his whole body.
Under the refinement from the body, the flesh was tempered so that the flesh became more powerful, and can be more adapted to gather power and profound qi rampage.
After operating the refinement until now, Shi Yan already has his own insights toward refining the body with fire.
He knew that this refinement was very strange after, his body has been refined by the core fire, his body began to change.
"These milky water drops aren't the water from your body and can't be evaporated by the fire, You just need to use the fire energy to melt these milky water drops and they will overflow in your cells, fiber and flesh. In fact, it isn't difficult, what you need to do is just infuse a small fire point into the milky water drops."
The Ice Cold flame sensed Shi Yan has begun, and explained in a detailed way.
Shi Yan immediately comprehended.
After the fire energy has been magnified several times, it became a tiny fire point, Those fire point were the core for the fire energy and scattered in the Shi Yan body.
As long as he use the mind to control these fire point and infuse it into the milky water drops, then the water drops will be dissolved and scattered in the flesh and cells.
Shi Yan began to try
As he focused on one point, his mind began to expand like a magnifying gla.s.s.
Finding the meridians which filled with the fire energy, controlling it and then fusing it into the flesh of the chest.
After he magnified unlimited amount of times, the fire gradually changed, and it became a fire light that was formed of numerous fire points
Shi Yan concentrated his spirit power and his spirit power instantly divided into numerous small power which were injected into those fire points and tried to control those fire points, so they move toward the area of that milky water drops.
it was very smooth!
The tens of thousands of fire points inside his flesh began to coincide with those milky water drops.
An extremely wonderful feeling suddenly formed in the heart.
Shi Yan was cleary aware that in his chest, there was a warm current, that warm current was like some kind of nutrients, which was being spread in his flesh.
With joy in his heart, Shi Yan endured the pain in his flesh and began to change the whole body!
Time pa.s.sed quickly.
Inside the lava, Shi Yan was cultivating the "extreme refining", and changing the mysterious power inside his body into milky water drops, injecting the fire energy as his body slowly changed.
Don't know how long it has been.
And how many times refining.
One day, Shi Yan woke up again and his eyes shone brightly, like stars in the night sky.
The Ice Cold flame was very cooperative, it immediately spread out the fire energy, and stopped the fire energy.
"How?" The Ice Cold flame asked.
Shi Yan smiled.
With a single thought, his skin suddenly turned yellow-green color.
The third stage of Petrification Martial Spirit!!!
Holding the Dragon slaying sword, he gently scratched on his arm and a scarappeared.
When the scar appeared, his flesh seemed to suddenly became alive, while slowly crawling with speed that can be seen by eyes, quickly began to restore the scar.
When the wound appeared, the healing has already started too.
The wounded body from the battle already can recover in middle of the battle.
This was the third stage of the Immortal Martial spirit.
The twin Martial spirits both evolved!
"Impressive!" The Ice Cold flame was surprised too, "looks like, this 'Extreme refining' is indeed very suitable for you, after this period of hard cultivating, your body has already been tempered numerous times. Not only can it withstand with the fire energy, but even both your Martial spirits evolved too. Good, this is really good!"
Shi Yan look happy "I am now more and more feel that it was a correct decision for me to agree with your term"
"Of course, I had said that you definitely won't regret it!" The Ice Cold flame said proudly "Look at the soul gathering pearl, now the pearl has also been refined and already has a spirit power, The pearl can't be put on the fire crystal anymore, or the spirit power will be damaged by the core fire, Now it is the time for us to leave here"
Shi Yan startled, and looked at the soul gathering pearl.
Don't know since when the soul gathering pearl transformed into dark blue color, the pearl was smooth and translucent and seems like there was a strange essence flowing in it.
There was no more strange black smoke rising from the soul gathering pearl, and the soul gathering pearl that fell on the fire crystal already no longer have the ability to absorb the soul.
"After being burnt for some time, the soul gathering pearl has already being refined into pure spirit power, from now on, this soul gathering pearl is no longer a magical treasure, but just a container. After leaving here, it will still need some time, so that the spirit power in it can be precipitated before it can be absorbed."
"What about the core fire ?"
"The life form from core fire hasn't yet completely formed, but it should imminent, after this stage, the fire energy from the ten-thousand-year-old volcano has already gathered in its body, now its life form forming isn't related to the ten-thousand-year-old volcano. what it needs right now is just time, so you can take it with you"
"Take it with me?" Shi Yan pondered for a moment, he took out the purified bottle, holding in his palm said: "This thing, in the first time, I wanted to use this to contain it, look, can this thing contain the core fire?"
The Ice Cold flame didn't immediately answer, but quietly observed the bottle.
After a while, the Ice Cold flame relayed: "No, if the core fire didn't evolve, it can be contained, but now it already can't, this bottle is sealed and the air can't flow out, the material in this bottle will also limited its ability and will be detrimental toward its evolution, so it can't be used."
Shi Yan was stunned.
The purified bottle was really used to store the core fire, but now, the core fire was in a special form, which is in the stage of evolution to become sky fire and forming a complete life form.
In this stage, the confinement from the purified bottle will interfere with the core fire evolution, and its evolution may occur a misfortune.
"If can't contain it, then it's difficult to take it with me" Shi Yan hesitated for a moment and asked, " Is there no other way?"
"Not really" The Ice Cold flame hesitated a bit and immediately said: "Did you forget where I am?"
Shi Yan eyes widened.
"This ring is very magical, it can contain life soul, if I can enter it, then the core fire should be able too, but I don't know if this ring will limit the core fire or not, which depends on you if you can completely control this ring, and there is one more problem"
"Because I am inside it, that guy maybe not dare to come in it" The Ice Cold flame proudly said: "Don't say now, even if it really formed a complete life form of its own, it will still not be my opponent, I am its natural nemesis."
"As long as you don't release your presence and it can't feel it, that should be all right ?"
"If it didn't come in yet, I can hide my presence, but after inside the ring, I can't hide it anymore, and once it found me inside it, it would feel that you have deceived it, which this is not what you would like to see"
"Not this, not that, then what should I do ?"
"I won't hide my presence, and you try to communicate with it, if its affection toward you surpa.s.sed the fear of me, it should take the initiative to come in, only this way will not affect its feeling toward you. Remember, once it felt that you deceived it, it would never take initiative to be friendly with you"
"I will try"
Shi Yan took a deep breath, concentrated his spirit power and tried to add some of the fire energy presence inside his body, and quietly got near to the fire crystal where the core fire reside
After feeling Shi Yan spirit power, the core fire was very pleased and took the initiative to come near, tightly warping Shi Yan’s spirit power.
Shi Yan wasn't anxious but accompanied to play with it first, and exchange simple communication with spirit power.
Until Shi Yan felt that his communication with it was in the most harmonious atmosphere, he wrapped some of core fire consciousness, brought it out from the fire crystal jade, came to where he was and stretched out the hand with the blood ring, telling the Ice Cold flame to release his presence by using his mind.
When the Ice Cold flame presence flew out from the blood ring, the core fire consciousness was like a frightened bird, and immediately fled back to the fire crystal jade regardless the retainment from Shi Yan’s spirit power.
Shi Yan couldn’t help but sigh, quickly caught up with his spirit power and try to explain his intention.
The core fire was very afraid and became very frightened, and keep changing into a variety of frightened forms inside the fire crystal, no matter how Shi Yan tried to entice it, it won't come out from the fire crystal
"Didn’t work" After a long time, Shi Yan consciousness returned, and communicated with the Ice Cold flame helplessly
"No, you almost succeed." unexpectedly, the Ice Cold flame replied an unexpected answer.
"What?" Shi Yan was stunned.
"I said you almost succeeded!" The Ice Cold flame replied again, and its mood was quite excited "This ring, where it came from? How did you get it? just now, didn't you feel the changes within the ring?"
"What changes ?" Shi Yan was baffled.
"Your ring, after it felt the approach from the core fire, it immediately began to seal my presence! After the core fire left, my presence already had been blocked! and inside the ring, it has opened up a new s.p.a.ce! inside that s.p.a.ce, I, it actually formed a small fire crystal jade!"
"What ?" Shi Yan surprised.
"This ring used the fire energy that was flowing in and magically formed a fire crystal jade, and sealed my power, it already prepared everything for the arrival of core fire! it knew what you wanted to do, and made prepared in advance for you! Your ring, where did it come from? I have been inside the ring, but I can't feel the presence from the ring’s spirit, this ring, this ring is a divine item!"
Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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