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Chapter 185: The gift from Ice Cold Flame
Inside the volcano
Shi Yan repeatedly kept sending his friendly thoughts and spirit power to the Core Fire.
Gradually, he also started to treat the Core Fire as his friend.
The Ice cold flame using his knowledge taught Shi Yan step by step, its method was really advantageous, by using its method, Shi Yan was gradually getting the approval from Core Fire and made the Core Fire lift its guard against him
one day.
When Shi Yan spirit power entered the spirit halo where the Core Fire resided, he immediately sensed hilarity from Core Fire.
The weak consciousness from Core Fire wrapped and pulled Shi Yan’s spirit power, then rolled into the midst of the fire like a naughty child.
The Core Fire has already treated Shi Yan as its friend, A life that hasn't formed its life form was really pure, After Shi Yan keep sending his friendly thoughts, the Core Fire gradually began to entrust him, and when his spirit power entered, it immediately revealed an elated emotions like pulling and playing with Shi Yan spirit power.
Each time when Shi Yan want to pull back his spirit power, the Core Fire appeared unwilling.
On several occasions, it even wrapped Shi Yan spirit power and don't let his spirit power leave.
This really made Shi Yan happy, even in his heart, there developed a loving affection, he felt like the Core Fire was his child, so attached to him and innocent.
In his heart, he already no longer had any bad intention towards the Core Fire, After being together for some time, he has started liking this little guy.
In the several times when Shi Yan discussed with Ice cold flame, he often repeatedly asked if this method will harm the Core Fire.
The Ice cold flame was also aware the slight change in Shi Yan, After getting along with the core for some time, he knew that Shi Yan already loves the Core Fire.
The Ice cold made it clear that as long as he does not use the dictatorial method, his approach towards the Core Fire wasn't harmless, but it will also quicken the forming of Core Fire’s life. This will only benefit the core file and not harm it.
With the Ice cold flame’s guarantee, Shi Yan finally calmed down and treated his approachment toward the Core Fire as a hobby.
He found that with the contact of his spirit power, the emotions from the Core Fire seemed to become more and more like a person, Joy, Unwillingness, and a slight sadness
Shi Yan felt that the Core Fire life was slowly changing.
Another day.
When his spirit power tried to leave from the Core Fire’s spirit halo, the Core Fire using his fire power tightly wrapped Shi Yan spirit power and don't let Shi Yan leave.
Just like a child who was pestering his parents and don't want to leave the embrace of their parents.
Shi Yan resigned and only can temporarily slow down the withdraw process of his spirit power to let this little guy pulled his spirit power, playing and rolling in the midst of the fire.
It only released his bound toward Shi Yan when it became tired, only at this time Shi Yan can get out.
"You can go in now" The Ice cold flame relayed again, "I believe that even your body can go near it, now it won't attack you. Its devotion to you already far surpa.s.sed its fear to me, even if there is my presence in your body, it will still treat you as a family"
After waiting for so long, this moment finally came, but Shi Yan hesitated a bit and said "We are going to use its power to train the soul gathering pearl, it will not affect it right?"
"No" the Ice Cold Flame replied with a strange emotion "You have really treated it as loved one, and began to care for him. This is good, It can feel your care towards it, the life form like us are very sensitive, we can directly sense from your soul that you are earnest or not, by treating it like this, it can feel it, our operation until now is already a success"
Shi Yan was stunned "Success?"
"As long as it doesn't resist you and treat you as a family, the next thing will be only a matter of course" The cold ice flame replied, "But, if you want it to follow you, you need to do something more, you must use its fire energy to refine your body, so that in your body there will be a fire energy of him. We don't need to do too much, as long as there is a presence of it, that is enough"
"How to do it?"
"Using the fire energy to refine your body also had a big opportunity for you. I had said that I will use my knowledge to help you, now I will tell you a method of refining the body, that will also remove the impurities in your body and will make your body more powerful"
"In fact, the warriors of past were very accentuated with their body, the training for body was as important as cultivating the profound qi, there body was very tough, and just with their body strength alone without using the profound qi, they can make the earth tremble! The toughness of their body can bring out their power to the greatest extent, and nowadays, you guys are only focus on your soul and profound Qi, and don't train your body, which is actually a great disadvantage"
The Ice Cold Flame slowly explained in detail about the fundamentals of the body, profound qi, and soul for a warrior.
According to Ice Cold Flame, the warrior in the past were very concerned about the body, profound qi, and soul, and for some warriors which had unique martial souls, their body toughness even surpa.s.sed their soul and profound qi cultivation.
This kind of warrior will use various methods to hone their body, just with the body strength alone, it's already really powerful.
They used the method of refining divine weapon to temper their body, so that their body contain a great power, and even have all sorts of oracle
The warrior with the powerful body has a more powerful spirit power than the same level of warriors, and also their use of profound qi and soul was also more powerful that the same level warriors. During the battle, the warrior with the powerful body has more advantage and almost always win against the warriors that didn't focus on refining their body.
Shi Yan easily agreed with the Ice Cold Flame, the twin martial spirit in his body, the petrification martial spirit, and immortal martial spirit were also related to the body.
If he really refines his body and gave priority to body refining, then his acquisition will be much further that the ordinary warriors.
However, he rarely heard any method of refining, most martial skill only focused on the use of profound qi, there were very few martial skills that focused on the body.
The finger gun from Shi family, barely can be regarded as a martial skill that refines the body, but the finger gun limitation was too big which can only be used on the finger.
This martial skill can't be considered as a martial skill that refines the body because it can only train the fingers.
But the Ice Cold Flame has lived for a very long time and also has the knowledge from many G.o.d Realm Warriors, the method of body refining was precisely the thing Shi Yan needed the most right now!
If Shi Yan didn't have a deal with the Ice Cold Flame, the Ice Cold Flame won't be so straightforward and teach him the method of refining the body, even in the difficult situation, it will certainly not tell him.
But now, the Ice Cold Flame wasn't only explaining the importance of body refining and the relation between body, soul, and profound qi. But it on its own initiative was willing to teach him the method to refine the body.
Shi Yan really felt it was the right thing that he agreed with the Ice Cold Flame.
"Let's go down first" After the Ice Cold Flame finished explaining, it urged Shi Yan to go into the bottom of the lava "Now you can be rest a.s.sured, the Core Fire won't attack you, after you go near to the fire crystal in which the Core Fire resides, you just need to take out the soul gathering pearl and put it on the fire crystal, you don't need to do anything, the fire energy from the fire crystal will itself refine the soul gathering pearl"
"Alright, I know it"
Shi Yan nodded and finally no longer continued to stay on there and dive towards the bottom.
After a while
A group of dazzling colorful light suddenly greeted him.
In the crimson red lava, there was a fist size fire crystal jade that released light and heat, like a summer sun in the noon, overflowing with red light and strong heat.
This plate size fire crystal jade was very beautiful and embraced by Ambilight.
Among them, there was fist size crimson flame that was swaying in the center of that jade crystal, sendind out hot and intense fire rings.
The red flame that as big as a fist was very strange and it was constantly changing, a flower for a while, a red fruit for a while, a face for a while and didn't have a fixed form.
This flame was indeed not dead, it seemsed to have been constantly changing and its vitality was very vigorous like an ever-changing small sun, releasing a dreadful light through the crystal.
Shi Yan who was far away from that crystal within the condensed ice from Ice Cold Flame also felt the heat wave.
This heat seemed to be able to penetrate the ice that covered his body and directly penetrate his soul, which made him uncomfortable.
'That is the Core Fire?' Shi Yan stared at it and was secretly surprised.
"yes, that is the Core Fire" the Ice Cold Flame replied, "you don't need to worry, with my ice that is covering your body, although it can't fully offset the infiltration from the flame, but it can reduce half of it. This is only just the beginning, after you put the Soul Gathering Pearl on the crystal, I will gradually reduce the protection toward that flame, and you will feel more fire energy flowed into you, you need to spread that fire energy throughout your whole body flesh, meridians, bones, and cells, just like refining a divine weapon, use the fire energy to refine your body "
The cultivation for flesh was harder than the profound qi and soul! During the cultivation, the pain was so intense that many people can't endure it and that's why nowadays warriors gradually abandoned body cultivation.
"Rest a.s.sure, my endurance is much stronger than ordinary people, the pain that can't be endured by others, for me, that's not a problem" Shi Yan confidently said.
Before he arrived in this world, he was an extreme mad man that loved to challenge his limits and that's why his endurance toward pain was much stronger than ordinary people.
After arriving here, he used his advantage on the cultivation road to its fullest.
The training for finger guns, the training for rampage
Every kind of martial skills must begin with the courage to be cruel to oneself.
With this fundamental, he was fearless
"Hopefully so, if really like so, then our speed will be much faster and you will get greater advantages, perhaps, after this refining, the martial souls inside your body will also evolve"
Translated by: Wiyi
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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