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Chapter 180 - Depends on My Mood
That night.
The father and daughter He Luo and He Qingman, after Shi Yan and Mo Duanhun left, were still sitting in the hall.
“Qingman, what is the background of that kid? Why would master Mo value him that much?”
“He’s the Yang family’s lost child. He had been living in a remote area all along. After Yang Qingdi came out of his deep cultivation, he seemed to have used the great oracle to find him. That is why he sent people there to escort him back to the Endless Sea.” He Qingman thought for a moment, and then said: “This person is heartless. Because of him, sister Xinyan blocked Mojito’s soul attack. But not only is he not sad, he can even smile at that. He is truly the most faithless person!”
“How would the Xia girl know him?”
“The area where he was sent out a letter, saying that a fragment map of a Gate of Heaven appeared. Sister Xinyan was ordered to go investigate about the Gate of Heaven, and happened to meet him. I don’t know why, but sister Xinyan seems to attach a lot of importance to him. I can see that sister Xinyan seems to have some feelings for him…”
He Qingman explained to He Luo about everything she knew of Shi Yan.
“This kid should be twenty-one years old right now, with the cultivation level of the second sky of Disaster realm, he’s not that weak.” He Luo pondered for a moment, and furrowed his brows: “But in the Yang family, there are many boys who can reach to his level. Why would Yang Qingdi value him that much?”
“I heard from sister Xinyan, that he only started cultivating the martial arts at the age of seventeen. Before the age of seventeen, he had no trace of Profound Qi on him. Which means that, in the short span of four years, he reached to the second sky of Disaster realm. Even I didn’t believe it, I thought sister Xinyan might have been exaggerating.”
“What?” He Luo’s face changed, “How is that possible? Even in our Endless Sea, there is no one who can step into such a high realm in such a short time! How, how is that possible?”
“I didn’t believe it either.”
“It shouldn’t be true.” He Luo was silent for a moment, and then shook his head: “No one can cultivate to such a profound realm this fast. There is no force in the Endless Sea that would be able to do that, needless to say that remote little place.”
“Mmm hmm, I also thought sister Xinyan might have been fooled by him.” He Qingman nodded.
“Qingman, this bet, really, really shouldn’t have been made…” He Luo sighed.
“Why shouldn’t I?” He Qingman frowned with her pretty brows, she snorted with her sweet voice: “He was the one that insisted on giving us the demon crystals, it would be a waste not to take it! I don’t believe that he can solve a problem that even the three forces combined couldn’t solve together!”
“I know he can’t do it.” He Luo nodded, He naturally thought that Shi Yan definitely wouldn’t be able to do anything, “But, if we just took his seven pieces of level seven demon crystals through bet, it’s wouldn’t be rpoper. Master Mo is watching this, afterwards wouldn’t he think that us two are swindling him?”
“Hmph!” He Qingman’s pretty face was angry, “This pervert! He dared to have those thoughts about me, then he deserved it!”
“I’m afraid that if the Yang family knew about this, they would feel resentful.” He Luo sighed, “It’s not easy for the He family to reach its place now. You know about the Yang family’s forces in the Kyara Sea. if the Yang family were to feel discontent, then your father I would have to do everything with caution from here on after. If the Yang family were to catch our wrongdoings, then our entire family would crumble.”
“Father, you’re thinking too much. Although the Yang family is arrogant, they wouldn’t be that unreasonable.” He Qingman comforted him: “Besides, our He family is a part of the Evil Wonderland. Even if the Yang family gives no regard to our family, they would have to give some face to the Evil Wonderland. They wouldn’t act recklessly.”
“Hopefully that will be the case.” He Luo was still a little worried, he pondered for a moment, and said: “Afterwards we will just take those three pieces that are of the Wind and Water elements. Although the rest are just as precious, they are not what we need. Taking four pieces less, means that even if the Yang family were to know, they shouldn’t really become angry.”
“That depends on how he will behave.” He Qingman raised her head, and said angrily: “He is too despicable, how dare he ask of such a rude proposal. If I don’t teach him a lesson, then he’ll really think we’re easy to bully. Hmph, I’m doing this to avenge sister Xinyan too, so this heartless guy can know that women are not to be messed with!”
He Luo shook his head and gave a wry smile, “Oh dear, why would you even take this kind of bet. Fortunately only the four of us know, or else if this news gets out there, it would be very harmful to your reputation.”
“Father won’t tell, I definitely won’t tell either, and master Mo is not that kind of person. This kid will lose for sure, so, naturally, he won’t tell such an embarra.s.sing thing. There is nothing to worry about.” He Qingman didn’t care, “No one will know, so there won’t be any rumors. Father you rest a.s.sured.”
After He Qingman put it this way, He Luo thought it for a second, and also slightly set his mind at ease, “That’s true, no one will know about this, and this won’t affect you either. Hmm, I hope that kid would keep his mouth shut, so he won’t speak recklessly when he gets drunk, or else it would really be bad.”
“How dare he!” He Qingman clenched her teeth, and said coldly, “if I were to know about it, I will teach him a lesson!”
The He family’s backyard, in a s.p.a.cious room.
Mo Duanhun frowned, in a rare manner he actually chose to speak on his own, “Back in the day there was one person in the Xia family that had the same symptoms as the Xia girl. It’s also a problem with the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, and the memories got in disorder. That person had outstanding talent, for him, the Xia family came to the Evil Wonderland and us to find a solution. The three forces together thought of one method, to try to awaken that person, but failed in the end. And instead, that person died early…”
Mo Duanhun raised his head, and stared at Shi Yan, “Even the three forces couldn’t solve this problem, young master Yan, why are you so confident?”
“You also don’t believe I can solve this?” Shi Yan smiled indifferently.
Mo Duanhun furrowed his brows, “It’s not that I don’t believe, only that I don’t know. I don’t know if there is a method to solve this problem.”
“Hehe, I know you don’t believe me.” Shi Yan smiled, he didn’t really care, “But don’t worry, if I dared to use seven pieces of level seven demon crystals to make a bet, naturally I would have some confidence. With things I am not certain of, I would never accept that straightforwardly. Don’t worry, I won’t be the one to lose.”
“The He family’s girl, has a great relationship with the Xia family’s girl. Even if you won, are you really going to let the He girl strip down naked, to let you look for a minute?” The look in Mo Duanhun’s was extremely strange.
“Depends on my mood.” Shi Yan chuckled, “Maybe I’ll look, and maybe I won’t. We’ll see.”
Mo Duanhun dazed for a moment, and shook his head.
After a while, Mo Duanhun seemed to suddenly remember something, and then said again: “Young master Yan, are you really going to go into a ten thousand year-old volcano?”
“Mmm hmm.”
“Inside the heart of the ten thousand year-old volcano, the fire is too strong. Even I can’t easily follow you down, If you were really to get in, you have to be very careful.”
“I know.”
“The Core Fire of the ten thousand year-old volcano, is one of the many types of Earth fire. It is one of the nine most scorching Yang-powered strange treasures in the world. If you can see the Core Fire, then you should collect it if you get the opportunity. But the Core Fire is extremely hot, it needs a special container to put in. The materials needed to make that container aren’t very rare, and it is not very hard to make either. Our Yang family has a few, but I don’t have any on me right now. Tomorrow we can ask the He family, to see if the He family has that sort of container.”
Shi Yan’s eyes brightened, he said in joy: “Core Fire! If making the container of the Core Fire is not hard, then since the He family has stayed on Firecloud Island for so long, wouldn’t they know how to gather Core Fire?”
“Impossible.” Mo Duanhun shook his head, “The container for the Core Fire is not very precious, but the Core Fire itself is. Even if they had that sort of container, to obtain the Core Fire, first they have to enter the heart of the ten thousand year-old volcano. Even I wouldn’t dare to go into the heart of the volcano, it would be even more impossible for the He family to have that capability.”
“Is that so.”
“Young master Yan has the Ice Cold Flame, so you actually have the opportunity to enter into the heart of the volcano. But others don’t have that kind of ability.” Mo Duanhun nodded, “I will ask He Luo tomorrow. If he doesn’t have it, I will send a message to the Yang family, and ask them to send the containers here. But that would take up more time.”
The morning of the second day.
He Luo personally came to greet Mo Duanhun. Mo Duanhun was very direct, after nodding, he immediately asked: “Does the He family have Purified Bottles?”
Purified bottles, a type of bottles made from combining eight types of cold metals and minerals. It could be used to contain the Core Fire.
The Purified bottles weren’t very precious, but normal people didn’t know how to make them. Because after making the purified bottles, they could only be used to contain the Core Fire, and had no other use.
Only the masters who wanted to collect the Core Fire, would make these in advance. Normal weapon smiths, wouldn’t try to make Purified Bottles.
“Purified Bottles?” He Luo dazed, “The Purified Bottles that can contain Core Fire?”
Mo Duanhun nodded.
“I will go ask my good-for-nothing son, that kid doesn’t learn the right paths, instead he always likes to play with these little things. A while back I heard he wanted to make Purified Bottles, hoping that one day he would have the luck to collect Core Fire. I don’t know if he made it or not.” He Luo hesitated for a moment, then said: “Please wait for a moment, master Mo, I will send someone to call him here immediately.”
A haggard-faced old man appeared shorty, he stood firmly in front of He Luo, and said respectfully: “I am here.”
“Call the boy He Lai here, if he has any Purified Bottles on him, then tell him to bring them here directly.” He Luo instructed.
“I will.”
After five minutes.
A lazy-looking He Qingman, with her bright eyes, and a little fat boy who looked somewhere above ten years old, came together.
Under the morning sunlight, He Qingman was radiant, with her beautiful figure, and long beautiful legs she walked in an amorous way. It dazzled people’s eyes.
Shi Yan glanced at her, and quietly praised her in his mind. He had to admit that this woman was truly extremely beautiful. That enchanting temperament, could really make any man’s heart skip a beat.
The little fat boy behind He Qingman looked somewhat like He Luo. Unfortunately his body was fat, the look in his eyes was a little perverted, plus his back was a little arched. Next to He Qingman, he was really tragic to look at.
Mo Duanhun also dazed for a second, he looked at He Lai, and asked He Luo with a strange feeling, “This is your little son?”
“Cough, cough.” He Luo was a little embarra.s.sed, he chuckled dryly: “He was born from me and my wife’s servant. His potential is a little poor, and has an unruly nature, and wants to become a weaponsmith very badly, so he plays with his mess of stuff all day. But because he doesn’t have a fire martial spirit in him, so no real weaponsmith would want to accept him as an apprentice. This kid often borrowed fire from the volcanoes here to make some little things. Although they’re hard to make into distinguished places, but sometimes he can really make some useful things.”
“Father, what did you find me for?” After coming here, He Lai said smilingly: “Sister was making me prepare some materials that will a.s.sist her in absorbing Wind and Water type demon crystals. I’m busy right now, I don’t have any free time.”
“Shut up!” He Qingman threw a glare at the boy.
He Luo was also a little awkward, he kept chucking.
Shi Yan’s expression didn’t change, but he snorted coldly inside.
From the looks of things, the father and daughter, He Luo and He Qingman seemed to have confirmed that he was going to lose for sure. They actually already started preparing to absorb the Wind and Water demon crystals, they really didn’t take him seriously.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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