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Chapter 179 - I’ll Bet With You!
What to bet on?
He Luo and Mo Duanhun both looked at Shi Yan, wondering what he wanted to bet on.
Shi Yan was slightly dazed too, as his expression froze.
He was only joking, and didn’t really want to bet on anything at all. But once the words came out of his mouth, he realized that He Manqing seemed to be very interested, and she immediately replied. This somewhat took him by surprise.
The smile on He Luo’s lips, suddenly froze. He said awkwardly: “Qingman, your bad habit is back again.”
What Shi Yan didn’t know, was that this enchanting beauty He Qingman, liked to make bets with people. Her whole life, she would bother others to make bets because of many small things. He Luo had quite a headache due to her strange quirk, he sometimes wondered why this girl loved betting with people that much.
When Shi Yan casually mentioned betting, He Luo immediately knew that his daughter would definitely ask back, and would never let this bet go.
He knew that He Qingman not only liked to bet with people, but her gambling manners were also not great. When she won she would be cheery and joyful, if she lost she would get furious. Once he heard that Shi Yan was going to bet with her, He Luo couldn’t stop smiling bitterly in his head, knowing that this would be bad.
“Father, leave this to me!” He Qingman glared at him, she raised her head and said arrogantly: “All my life, when I bet with other people, I rarely lose.”
Right, of course you wouldn’t lose. Everyone knows that once you lose you would definitely burst out in anger, and will use all sorts of methods to get rid of the humiliation. Who would dare to win against you?
He Luo’s face was bitter, his expression was turning more and more strange.
“Come on, what do you want to bet on?” He Qingman was excited, her cheeks were flushed, and her amorous eyes were gleaming with mysterious light. She intensely stared at Shi Yan, looking truly like an obsessed gambler.
Shi Yan was stunned, he looked at her with a weird look in his eyes, “How do you want to bet?”
“However you want!” He Qingman snorted lightly, she said arrogantly: “Anyway, I definitely won’t lose!”
Shi Yan’s brow twitched, his temper got provoked by her. He squinted at her, and scanned her from head to toe, there was a lecherous look in his eyes.
“a.s.shole! What are you looking at?” He Qingman’s bright eyes were filled with rage, “I’ll gouge your eyes out.”
He Qingman was in the first sky of Earth realm, in the young generation of the Evil Wonderland, she was one of the top strong warriors. Even in the entire Kyara Sea, it was very rare to have someone so young step into such realms. The Evil Wonderland must have spent a lot of precious medicines and treasures, to make her so overbearing.
What am I looking at?
Shi Yan slightly squinted his eyes, and had an idea in his mind. His smile also slowly became strange. He provoked her: “Naturally I’m looking at you. How about this, if you lose, you’ll strip down naked and let me look at ur body for one minute! Dare to take the bet?”
“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What did you say?” He Qingman suddenly stood from her seat. Her entire face was flushed, and she said in anger: “I dare you to say that again!”
He Luo dazed for a second, his expression also darkened. He snorted, “little brother, molesting my daughter in front of my face, isn’t very appropriate now is it?”
“I was just joking.” Shi Yan laughed, and shook his head, “Then there’s nothing worth betting for. Honestly, I don’t lack anything, so if there is no interesting thing to bet on, I won’t bother betting with you.”
“You!” He Qingman clenched her teeth, and glared at Shi Yan fiercely. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s rose as she breathed, and her eyes were gleaming with cold light.
He Luo snorted lightly, and tried to persuade her: “Qingman, just forget it. I see that he was just joking, he meant no offence.”
“What do you have?” He Qingman bit her bottom lip, she took a big breath in, and sneered: “Want to see my body! Do you have enough for the bargain? It’s not that I don’t dare to made the bet, as long as you have a good enough bargaining chip, I don’t mind making a big bet with you!”
“Are you for real?” Shi Yan’s face was full of surprise, he smiled bitterly: “I really was just joking, are you actually thinking about betting?”
“Qingman!” He Luo roared.
He Qingman’s status in the Evil Wonderland was special, she would definitely become a distinguished figure in the Evil Wonderland in the future. He Luo knew that his girl was what many young talented men in the Lyara Sea dreamed of, and that they were obsessed over her.
He could easily send the seven gold flowers to Shi Yan’s room without hesitation, for Shi Yan to do as whatever he pleased. But with his precious daughter, he loved her dearly. He didn’t want He Qingman to be damaged in any way.
If this time He Qingman were really to lose the bet, then with Mo Duanhun’s position in the Yang family, if they were to really hold onto this, he really couldn’t deny. If He Qingman were really to be seen naked by Shi Yan, this would have a huge impact on her reputation. It could even make He Qingman unable to find a good spouse. Maybe even the Evil Wonderland would blame them.
He couldn’t afford it! He also didn’t want to use his daughter’s reputation to bet for some item!
“Father! Leave this!” He Qingman insisted, she raised her head, and her face turned cold: “I just won’t believe that he can awaken sister Xinyan! Sister Xinyan’s soul was heavily injured by the demon master Mojito, the Reincarnation Martial Spirit defended against his one wave of attack, but due to the power of his attack her soul got in disorder. Now her memories from the past few lives are all tangled up together, and she fell into the deepest level of stillness. I don’t even know a method to make sister Xinyan wake up…”
He Qingman simply explained what happened in that valley on Clouds Island. He Luo was startled upon hearing that, his expression was extremely appalled.
The demon master Mojito’s soul befell, and the demon king Bo Xun displayed his Skeletal Avatar…
The scenes that happened inside the valley, made He Luo dumbfounded. He could never have imagined, that Xia Xinyan’s injury was a heavy damage to her soul. Plus that the one who attacked was the demon master Mojito!
A while ago when Xia Xinyan was carried into the backyard by He Qingman’s Wind Thunder Lion, He Luo thought Xia Xinyan only got injuries on her body, so he didn’t put it to heart. He also knew that once Xia Xinyan’s Reincarnation Martial Spirit gets used, and borrows the Reincarnation power from the past life, afterwards her body was be heavily damaged, and would possibly go unconcious.
He always thought that was Xia Xinyan’s situation.
Now that He Qingman said it, he realized that Xia Xinyan’s injuries, were much worse than he had imagined!
As the master of Firecloud Island, with his cultivation in the Nirvana realm, He Luo had heard about injuries to the soul. Back then the Xia family also had another strong warrior who had the same type of soul damage, and was mixed in with the memories from the past life. Then he never woke up, and became someone who was as good as dead.
He Luo knew, that even the Xia family, would probably not be able to do anything.
At the time, the Xia family had a strong warrior who had the same situation as Xia Xinyan. In order to wake up that person, the Xia family used all their power, they even went to find the Evil Wonderland and the Yang family to figure out a solution.
The three forces discussed this together, and seemed to have found a method. At last they tried it, but not only did it not make that person wake up, it actually made that person’s soul collapse, and caused an early death.
From that time on, situations like this became a difficult problem with no solution. Which was also why when Mo Duanhun knew about Xia Xinyan’s condition, he shook his head and sighed.
A type of problem like this that even the three forces couldn’t solve together, what makes this kid capable?
He Luo dazed for a moment, then when he looked at Shi Yan again, he also thought that Shi Yan was just kidding. He definitely wouldn’t have the power to awaken Xia Xinyan, so He Luo had rest a.s.sured.
He Qingman saw that her father stopped talking, she naturally knew that her father realized Shi Yan would not win. He Qingman snorted, and looked at Shi Yan in disdain: “Do you know my worth? You want to look at my body, do you have enough of a bargaining chip?”
“Qingman!” He Luo coughed, and frowned, “Little brother was just kidding, don’t take it too seriously.”
Due to Mo Duanhun’s high regard of Shi Yan, He Luo was also scared that if He Manqing urged too much, Mo Duanhun wouldn’t be happy.
Besides that, even though he knew that Shi Yan would lose, He Luo still didn’t want to use his daughter’s body to bet on such a thing.
After all, if the word of this spread, it wouldn’t be very pretty, and it would still impact his daughter’s reputation.
Seeing that He Qingman was so aggressive, Shi Yan, who was just going to let it go, suddenly frowned. She had actually provoked his anger.
Taking in a deep breath, Shi Yan was silent. He quietly opened the backpack behind him, and took out seven different-colored, but all bright and gleaming demon crystals. These seven demon crystals, all came from level seven demon beasts.
Seven pieces of level seven demon crystals!
Once the seven demon crystals came out, the hall was lit up with light. The bright crystal lights dazzled the eyes, and shone dreamy lights into the hall.
Mo Duanhun’s eyes brightened, he looked at Shi Yan, and felt a little surprised.
“Demon crystals!” He Luo exclaimed, “What level are these?”
“Level seven, they’re all level seven demon crystals!” Shi Yan said in a deep voice.
He Qingman was also stunned. A strange light flashed across her beautiful eyes, as she blankly stared at these seven pieces of level seven demon crystals.
Level seven demon beasts, were comparable with Sky realm masters. Demon crystals were also the source of power for demon beasts, they had many incredible uses. Not only could they be used as a main ingredient in a medicine, but they could also temper and refine other G.o.dly weapons. For some warriors that cultivate secret skills, if they obtain a demon crystal of the same element, they would definitely improve greatly in power.
Even in the Endless Sea, demon crystals were extremely precious items! Level seven demon crystals, were even more rare and precious!
Not to mention, seven pieces at once?
“Seven level seven demon crystals, two in them are of the wind element, one is of the water element.” Mo Duanhun stared at these seven demon crystals for a while, then said these words abruptly.
The father and daughter He Luo and He Qingman both shook, their faces were filled with disbelief.
The martial spirit on He Luo was of the Wind element, and He Qingman had both elements of Wind and Water. If these level seven demon crystals were to fall upon their hands, it could possibly greatly improve their martial spirits! And even evolve the martial spirit one step more!
He Luo felt like his breathing was becoming rapid, the look in his eyes also became more and more pa.s.sionate.
“Seven pieces of level seven demon crystals, I’ll put all of them as bargaining chips.” Shi Yan’s expression was indifferent. He looked deeply at the beautiful-bodied He Qingman, and said lightly: “Is that enough?”
He Qingman’s pretty face was flushed, her breathing was rapid and her bright eyes gave off a stunning light. Her teeth bit on her lower lip, as she stared straight at Shi Yan.
He Luo licked his lips, he wanted to advise He Qingman not to take the deal. But looking at those two pieces of level seven demon crystals of the wind element, he couldn’t let any words out.
Those two level seven demon crystals of the wind element, were too perfect for him. His eyes couldn’t even move away from those two demon crystals.
“I’ll bet with you!”
After a few repeated deep breaths, He Qingman suddenly clenched her teeth and shouted. Her beautiful supple face was filled with determination.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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