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Chapter 176 - Exactly How Strong?
In Shi Yan’s perspective, Mo Duanhun was a complete weirdo. He was always silent and barely spoke. If no one spoke with him first, he rarely opened his mouth.
On the way, unless Shi Yan asked, Mo Duanhun never spoke an extra word. He seemed to have no curiosity for anything.
Shi Yan was determined to gain more understanding about the Kyara Sea. He didn’t care whether Mo Duanhun disliked it or not, as long as he had a question he wanted to know about, he would ask about it immediately.
Mo Duanhun never spoke on his own, but when Shi Yan asked, he would answer one by one.
From Mo Dunahun, Shi Yan had gained quite a lot of information.
In the Kyara Sea, there were three big forces. Other than the Yang family, there was the Xia family and the Evil Wonderland.
In those two, the Evil Wonderland’s power seemed to be slightly higher than the Xia family.
The warrior forces in the Endless Sea were all unusual. Each had their mysterious and wondrous aspects; the Evil Wonderland was naturally no exception.
According to Mo Duanhun, in the Endless Sea, the Evil Wonderland was a very magical place.
Legend has it that several millennia ago, a married couple accidentally entered into the Evil Wonderland and discovered many strange martial skills and unique treasures inside. They knew that the Evil Wonderland was a mysterious wonderland left from the ancient times, so they occupied the Evil Wonderland.
Inside the Evil Wonderland, there were many kinds of wonders. The spirit energies there were extremely filling; it was one of the treasured lands in the Kyara Sea with the most vigorous spirit energy.
The most magical thing about the Evil Wonderland, was a “Soul Nurturing Room”. The Soul Nurturing Room was also the foundation of the Evil Wonderland.
When talking about the specific circ.u.mstances about the “Soul Nurturing Room”, Mo Duanhun couldn’t explain it very clearly. However, he told Shi Yan that the biggest use of the “Soul Nurturing Room”, was to breed martial spirits!
Normally, if one person in a couple had a martial spirit, then their child will have a chance of inheriting a martial spirit. If both sides contained martial spirits, then their child would have an even bigger chance of having a martial spirit; they could even have the possibility of holding martial spirits from both of their parents.
For instance, Shi Yan’s body contained both the Immortal Martial Spirit from the Yang family, and the Shi family martial spirit. This type of person was someone blessed and loved by G.o.d, and was very rare.
However, when it comes to the children of most couples who have martial spirits, they might not be able to inherit martial spirits. The possibility of having double martial spirits was also extremely small.
This natural law, was also applicable in the Endless Sea.
The reason why the “Soul Nurturing Room” was intriguing, was because it could increase the chance of a newborn child having a martial spirit! If a couple in which one of them had a martial spirit had intercouse inside the “Soul Nurturing Room”, then the child they give birth to, will have several times more chance of having a martial spirit compared with normal conditions.
This was extremely magical since it almost countered the rules of the world.
Every pair of parents who had martial spirits wished that their child would one day inherit their martial spirit. They wanted their own child to become one of the top and become a strong figure that would be seen by all.
Because of that, there were many couples in the Endless Sea that would travel hundreds of li from other seas, in hopes that they could have intercourse inside the “Soul Nurturing Room” of the Evil Wonderland to raise the chances of a martial spirit for their future child.
Of course, it was not that easy to get approval from the Evil Wonderland.
The couples that came to the Endless Sea that wanted to enter into the “Soul Nurturing Room”, had to join the Evil Wonderland first and become their people.
——This was the most basic condition.
Only insiders could have the right to enter into the “Soul Nurturing Room”. In the past millennium, this rule had never changed.
Other than that, there were also many types of other conditions.
Normally, the Evil Wonderland would not accept the warriors from other forces in the Endless Sea. Even if they wanted to join the Evil Wonderland, the Evil Wonderland wouldn’t take them in.
To join the Evil Wonderland, one needed to have a clear background. They needed to be carefully inspected by the Evil Wonderland, and they needed to have strong warriors from the Evil Wonderland go deep into their memories and check everything through. Once it was ensured that there were no problems, then they would consider taking them in.
Even people with clear backgrounds still needed go through the Evil Wonderland’s test once again. They need to know the level and strength of the martial spirits of the parents; only those with valuable martial spirits that would be beneficial to the future of the Evil Wonderland, would be allowed pa.s.sage.
It could be said that the reason why the Evil Wonderland was one of the fifteen great forces of the Endless Sea, was because of the existence of the ”Soul Nurturing Room”.
Without the “Soul Nurturing Room,’ the Evil Wonderland wouldn’t have been able to gather so many strong and capable warriors, and they also wouldn’t have had that many useful strong warriors. Thus, when it came to the usage of the “Soul Nurturing Room”, the Evil Wonderland couldn’t be more careful.
He Qingman was conceived in the “Soul Nurturing Room”; she had the two different martial spirits of wind and water.
The He family was already a family in the Kyara Sea with some reputation. One of He Qingman’s parents had the Wind martial spirit, and the other one had the Water martial spirit. In order to make their child on top of others, He Qingman’s parents approached the Evil Wonderland.
After the Evil Wonderland carefully examined He Qingman’s parents He Luo and Xu Man, they became people of the Evil Wonderland and obtained the right to enter the “Soul Nurturing Room”.
After He Qingman was born, she luckily inherited both of the two different martial spirits from her parents. She was immediately taken to the treasure land by the Evil Wonderland, and was trained as a genius with tremendous potential. She became the most outstanding young talent in the new generation of the Evil Wonderland.
The Evil Wonderland was not a family; they had no Martial Spirit inheritance; they relied on the existence of the “Soul Nurturing Room” to become one of the three great forces in the Kyara Sea.
But the Xia family was different.
Xia Xinyan’s Reincarnation Martial Spirit was inherited from the Xia family. All of the descendents that held the Xia family bloodline, had the possibility of possessing the Reincarnation martial spirit.
However, the Reincarnation martial spirit of the Xia family was also differentiated between strong and weak.
Although many people from the Xia family had the Reincarnation Martial Spirit,they were generally all just useless martial spirits. If their past life was not a strong warrior of the martial arts, then even if they had the Reincarnation martial spirit, they still couldn’t obtain much useful information from their past life.
Some Xia family members were only gardeners, scholars, or students in their past life. Then the Reincarnation martial spirit that they had, would be nearly no help to their cultivation.
These kinds of people had no importance in the Xia family.
There were also some people who actually were warriors in their past life, but their realm was not high in the past life, being only in the Disaster or Earth realms. After obtaining the Reincarnation martial spirit, the most they would have, was understanding of the Disaster and Earth warrior realms, causing them be on their own after those realms.
These kinds of people had some status in the Xia family, but also did not have a lot of importance.
In the Xia family descendents that had the Reincarnation martial spirit, only the ones who were warriors in their past life and had an extremely high realm, could be considered talented material.
The Reincarnation martial spirit could them use the martial understanding and knowledge from their past life to instantly have a breakthrough and quickly enter into a new realm whenever they encounter a bottleneck during cultivation. The higher the realm of the warrior in their past life, the faster their cultivation speed would be. Martial cultivation with no bottlenecks had an extreme advantage against normal people.
The reason why the Reincarnation martial spirit had a strong and weak difference was also because of a crucial standard.
In the vast majority of Xia family descendents, they could only obtain the martial insight and knowledge of their past life after they obtain they Reincarnation martial spirit, but they couldn’t get the Reincarnation power of their past life. However, there was a few minority that not only could obtain the martial insight of their past life, they could even borrow the Reincarnation power from their past life in times of crisis.
If their realm in their past life was extremely high, the reincarnation power that they would be able to borrow would also be very terrifying.
Xia Xinyan, was such a blessed child.
Using reincarnation power, she could enter into the Sky realm in a short time. That meant that in Xia Xinyan’s past life, her strongest warrior realm should’ve been the True G.o.d realm! Only those who had cultivated to the True G.o.d realm in their past life would be able to shortly enter into the Sky realm using reincarnation power after they obtained their Reincarnation martial spirit in this life.
This was extremely frightening.
The past life being a True G.o.d realm warrior meant that before Xia Xinyan cultivated to the True G.o.d realm, she could use martial insight from her past life to prevent bottlenecks during cultivation.
This meant that Xia Xinyan was sure to become a True G.o.d realm warrior!
Someday, by relying on this Reincarnation martial spirit and through acc.u.mulating and cultivating for some time, under the situation where there was no bottleneck, Xia Xinyan would eventually enter into the True G.o.d Realm as long as she stayed alive.
Just by that, the Xia family had no reason not to spend all their efforts on Xia Xinyan.
Think about it, if the Xia family were to have a True G.o.d realm warrior in the future, what kind of height would the Xia family reach in the future of the Endless Sea?
And also because of that, Xia Xinyan’s status was outstanding in the Xia family.
This time Xia Xinyan’s soul was heavily injured and if the Xia family were to know it had something to do with Shi Yan, they would probably become furious. They might even go confront the Yang family because of this.
When Mo Duanhun talked about the wonders of Xia Xinyan’s martial spirit, he also hinted that the Xia family would probably become enraged, telling Shi Yan to be careful. When they get to the Kyara Sea and they meet people from the Xia family, he better have a sense of propriety and not speak rashly. Else, he would affect the many years of friendly relationship between the two families.
On the whole way there, Shi Yan learned many things about the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family through Mo Duanhun.
The Evil Wonderland had the “Soul Nurturing Room” and the Wonderland itself was an ancient treasure land that contained many wonderful martial skills. Through the “Soul Nurturing Room”, the Evil Wonderland gathered many strong warriors all around and obtained many warriors with different martial spirits. Their force was like a net that spread across the Kyara Sea, having an extraordinary influence in many of the other seas.
The Xia family’s Reincarnation martial spirit was mysterious and unpredictable; they could obtain the martial insight of their past life and quickly break bottlenecks during cultivation. Some were even figures that defied the course of nature like Xia Xinyan, who were in the True G.o.d realm in their past life, and could borrow the reincarnation power of their past life to enter the Sky realm for a short amount of time.
Whether it be the Evil Wonderland or the Xia family, Mo Duanhun’s introduction caused Shi Yan to be stunned.
Compared to the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family, the four families of the Merchant Union was indeed many times weaker. The resources that they controlled was also much worse.
In contrast, the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family were already this strong and terrifying; their forces were extremely magnificent.
But in the Kyara Sea, they still willing to be under the Yang family, and honor the Yang family as the true master of the Kyara Sea.
Then exactly how strong was the Yang family?
According to what Shi Yan knew, the Yang family had been suppressing the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family for centuries!
In these centuries, the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family had never dared to challenge the Yang family’s position in the Kyara Sea; they always followed their lead.
Through what power did the Yang family use that such strong forces like the Evil Wonderland and the Xia family would be willing to bow to concede?
Shi Yan was perplexed so he asked Mo Duanhun.
However, Mo Duanhun did not answer this question. He only said that once they get to Immortal Island, he will slowly understand.
Shi Yan was filled with curiosity; he was looking forward to this journey to the Kyara Sea.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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