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Chapter 171 The Royalty Level Secret Treasure
Sponsored by: Bornemisza Peter, Daniel Lee and EGE ARIKAN
Grabbing the Soul Gathering Pearl, Shi Yan was swiftly swimming towards the surface of the Pool.
Numerous souls in the Pool were turning into black lights and going straight into the Soul Gathering Pearl.
The Soul Gathering Pearl whose ⅗ area was covered by Shi Yan’s spit still generated huge attraction to the souls, collecting all the souls in the Pool into itself.
Shi Yan finally surfaced on the Pool. After taking a deep breath of fresh air, he began to climb onto the edge. Then, there came the Ice Cold Flame’s order, “Don’t come out!”
Shi Yan was surprised and confused, but he obeyed the Ice Cold Flame’s warning and took several breath of fresh air and went back into the Pool.
He was originally good at challenging his extremes and had always played the game of holding breath under water. Thus, staying underwater for a long time was a piece of cake to him.
In this world, even without practicing martial arts, he could stay for 7 to 8 minutes under water.
Now, his body was no longer the same as the normal people and had much more power compared to before. Now, he could easily stay for half an hour under water.
After taking a deep breath of air, Shi Yan went back into the water, and then asked the Ice Cold Flame, “What’s wrong?”
“There’s a very tough guy hiding in the valley right now. According to the ranking of you human beings, he is in the Nirvana Realm. My power is confined by the Ring and I’m unable to kill that guy. Only if you let me out of this Ring would I be able to, or else, you cannot deal with him on your own.” the Ice Cold Flame thus explained.
“A warrior in the Nirvana Realm?” Shi Yan was shocked. After a moment of meditation, he realized that the guy the Ice Cold Flame was talking about was probably Gu Jiange’s father, Gu Lie.
On his way to Clouds Island, he heard something about the Gu Family from Linda. He was told that Gu Lie and his son Gu Jiange stayed on Clouds Island to plan the negotiation with the Yang Family, and Gu Lie was in the Nirvana Realm.
In this valley, first, there was only Gu Jiange. Now, there was another warrior, meaning that it was very likely to be Gu Lie.
Most of the Ice Cold Flame’s power was sealed in the Ring and could not be fully used.
Although the Soul Gathering Pearl was very powerful, it was powerful only to souls. Gu Lie still had his physical body, so the Pearl would only have very little impact on him. It was impossible to control him with the Pearl. If Shi Yan came out of the Pool and Gu Lie truly wanted to kill him, then Shi Yan would not be able to go against Gu Lie.
Ironically, Shi Yan had no idea that Gu Lie was actually more afraid of him!
“You have to wait until he has left. While you’re in the Soul Gathering Pool, he does not dare to come in to kill you. Now, slow down gathering the souls in the Pool so that the pool water will not be too clear. Be careful and once you find someone else in the Pool, sink down immediately.”
Shi Yan nodded in the water, “Okay!”
After replying to the Flame, Shi Yan dived down a little bit and kept his face up to watch closely at the surface of the Pool.
Many souls had been collected by the Soul Gathering Pearl and the Soul Mirror over the Pool had vanished.
Without the Soul Mirror, the channel connecting the two realms no longer existed. There was no more Demon qi coming in from the Demon Realm.
Shi Yan was a little bit nervous. Concentrating on the Pool’s surface, he was alert and ready to react to any changes.
At a secret corner in the valley.
Gu Lie and Gu Jiange were hiding. They were even more cautious than Shi Yan; they had spotted Shi Yan coming from the water, but neither of them dared to take action. Instead, they were waiting for the Soul of the Demon Master Mojito.
The flying speed of souls was much faster than those of human bodies. As soon as Demon Master Mojito received Guile's message, Demon clouds began gathering over the valley.
The Demon clouds were forming an enormous Demon shadow at the center of the Demon clouds. An evil qi dashed down towards Gu Lie all of a sudden.
“Where’s the Soul Mirror? Gu Lie! You cheated me! How dare you! I’ll show you no mercy!”
“Please, don’t be angry!” Gu Lie was petrified. He said, “I really wanted to help you; that’s why I killed so many villagers and gathered newly-born souls to open us the channel for you to connect the two realms. But I never expected that something would happen on the way. A type of Sky Fire had obtained a man’s physical body and controlled the man down into the Soul Gathering Pool to destroy the Soul Gathering Pearl...”
Gu Lie was so terrified that he explained the situation rapidly, and added, “I’ve always wanted to cooperate with you and I never expected that things would turn out this way.”
“Sky Fire?” Mojito’s consciousness was heard from the Demon clouds, “Then go down into the Pool to see if the man got the Soul Gathering Pearl or not. As long as he has not obtained it, I have my ways to deal with him. But if he knows how to use the Pearl, then even I do not dare to fight with him head on!”
“Me, going down?” Gu Lie forced a smile on his face, “The Ice Cold Flame is very powerful, and once I get into the Pool, I will be frozen to death!”
“If you don’t go down, I will destroy your soul right now!” Mojito’s consciousness said brutally, “Stop saying any more rubbish! Go down into the Soul Gathering Pool now! If you waste my time, I’ll kill both you and your son!”
Gu Lie’s face went pale. He took a glimpse of Gu Jiange by his side and gritted his teeth, “Okay, I’ll go!”
At this moment, a flash of green light flew across the sky.
The detached-looking Mo Duanhun suddenly appeared over the valley.
Frowning, he spread his mind over the whole valley and immediately sensed the location of Gu Lie and Gu Jiange. “Gu Lie, how dare you! You ganged up with the Demons! Do you know what the Yang Family hates the most?”
Gu Lie, who was just about to take action, looked over at Mo Duanhun surprisingly. Fear filled his eyes.
Gu Jiange lowered his head and kept silent; he had no idea what to do at this moment.
It didn’t matter if was the Demon Master Mojito or the top of the three Shura Kings, Mo Duanhun, as long as they wanted to kill them, they had no chance to survive.
At this moment, he dared not to take action, for he does not want to annoy Mo Duanhun, who could destroy his soul in an instant.
Gu Lie was in a dilemma. He could not answer Mo Duanhun of course, and could only send a message to Mojito via his soul, “What do I do now?”
“Stop hesitating! Go down the Pool now and see what happened. Leave Mo Duanhun to me. As long as I’m here, there’s nothing he can do!” the Demon Master Mojito replied impatiently. Then, the Demon clouds began changing forms. All of a sudden, the Demon shadow distorted and covered Mo Duanhun like a black veil.
Although it was Mojito’s soul that had come, it had the power of the G.o.d Realm. His soul could gather demon qi to form various forms of powerful attacks.
The Demon clouds covered Mo Duanhun and numerous evil qi began to attack him. These forces could destroy the souls of all creatures, and they were all rushing towards Mo Duanhun’s soul.
Sounds of explosion were heard in the valley. The attacks of the evil qi were just as powerful as physical attacks.
The valley, which had been frozen by the Ice Cold Flame, was exploding. Ice and stones were flying everywhere, giving out blinding lights.
The attack of the Demon Master Mojito had destroyed the solid ice which sealed the whole valley.
Mo Duanhun became a shining spot in all the evil qi. Then a flashing light came out of the explosion. From this light, trees, flowers, gra.s.s, creatures, people, countries and landscapes were vaguely visible...
“The Image of Universal Nature!”
A woman’s cry was heard from the valley. He Qingman was screaming full of surprise, “This is the Image of Universal Nature, the Royalty Secret Treasure of the Yang Family! This is the most powerful one out of the Yang Family’s Defense Treasures, and it had rarely appeared beyond the Immortal Island. Master Mo brought it this time... no wonder he could sustain Mojito’s soul attacks for such a long time!”
Xia Xinyan’s eyes also shined, “The Image of Universal Nature encompa.s.ses all the creatures and landscapes in the world, all the lives, trees and gra.s.s, demon beasts, countries and landscapes. The Yang Family had spent much effort on producing it. It not only encompa.s.ses all the creatures and landscapes in the world, but can also resist any attack, including soul attacks!”
“Royalty Secret Treasure is truly powerful!” He Qingman was very excited, “I’ve only heard about the Image of Universal Nature before; this is the first time I have seen it in person! How amazing!”
In the sky, Mo Duanhun was standing in the center of the Image of Universal Nature as a shining point. Around the shining point, all kinds of images were projected and kept changing.
The Demon Master Mojito’s soul attacks needed to pierce through all the layers of images projected by the Image of Universal Nature. However, the power of the attacks weakened after going through every layer.
Mo Duanhun knew that his soul was not in the same realm with that of Mojito, so he did not dare to fight soul to soul with Mojito. He only used the Image of Universal Nature to resist Mojito’s soul attacks and did not have a way to fight back.
At this moment, Gu Lie was heading towards the Soul Gathering Pool under Mojito’s order.
“Shi Yan is probably at the bottom of the Pool!” Mo Duanhun shouted all of a sudden, “Do not let Gu Lie go into the Pool!”
Since the Level 6 Wind Thunder Flying Lion was faster than the level 4 or 5 Cyan Blood Bats, the Shura Blood Guards had not arrived in the valley yet. Now, only Xia Xinyan and He Qingman were floating over the valley.
Hearing Mo Duanhun’s shout, He Qingman pursed her lips and whispered, “Gu Lie is in the Nirvana Realm. I cannot beat him. What’s worse is that the Demon Master Mojito is here. If I go to fight against Gu Lie now, I’m very likely to be attacked by Mojito. I cannot act rashly.”
“I’ll go!”
Knowing that Shi Yan might be at the bottom of the Pool, Xia Xinyan, without any hesitation, drew a deep breath, activated her Reincarnation Martial Spirit, jumped from the back of the Wind Thunder Flying Lion while entering the Sky Realm. She then rushed towards Gu Lie, who had reached the side of the Pool.
Seeing Xia Xinyan descending from the sky, Gu Lie’s face turned as pale as death. He froze there as if waiting for something.
A flash of a soul attack suddenly came from the Demon clouds. Xia Xinyan, who had been flying in the sky, suddenly fell down; her mouth full of blood.
“Sister Xinyan!” He Qingman cried. She tapped the Wind Thunder Flying Lion, whom then flew rapidly towards Xia Xinyan and caught her before she dropped onto the ground.
He Qingman tore down Xia Xinyan’s veil and found that her face was as pale as a white piece of paper. The lights in her eyes were fading and blood was streaming down from her mouth.
“Sister Xinyan! Xinyan!” He Qingman was extremely worried. She took out a pill from her pockets and put it into Xia Xinyan’s mouth. Then, riding the Flying lion, she took Xia Xinyan away from the Soul Gathering Pool.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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