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Chapter 169 Octagon Demon Formation
Inside the Soul Gathering Pool.
Souls were floating in every corner of the dark pool water.
Dead smell filled the Soul Gathering Pool, so once Shi Yan fell into the pool, he could feel certain coldness in his heart.
Endless Souls starting popping up!
Those souls waved their claws and scratched on Shi Yan’s body, trying to eat him up.
The cold air from the Ice Cold Flame was freezing the pool water quickly.
Even the souls were frozen by the cold air from the Ice Cold Flame and couldn’t approach Shi Yan.
“ Forget about these souls, go down the pool!” The Ice Cold Flame was shining in the Blood Vein Ring.
Shi Yan was excited too, since he could finally adapt to the cold air, the frost on his body was not hard at all.
The frost on him was like a soft armor and it did not influence his move.
Holding his breath, Shi Yan dived down deeper into the pool.
Before souls after souls could approach him, they were frozen by the the Ice Cold Flame; The numerous quant.i.ty of souls in the Soul Gathering Pool posed no threat to Shi Yan.
Without any distraction, Shi Yan focused his gaze at the bottom of the pool.
However, since there were too many souls in the Soul Gathering Pool and as the water was black, Shi Yan couldn’t see his surroundings clearly.
“Down left!”
The Ice Cold Flame started instructing as soon as it went down the Soul Gathering Pool.
It was not only helping Shi Yan evade from the souls, it also pointed out the position of the Soul Gathering Pearl for him. It was trying its best to obtain the Soul Gathering Pearl.
The Ice Cold Flame had special life structure, so it could easily send out its soul power to detect the Soul Gathering Pool, but Shi Yan couldn’t.
Since his eyes were blurred, Shi Yan followed the Ice Cold Flame’s instruction. With its help he could easily move.
“Keep going!”
“Attention! Almost there!”
The Blood Vein Ring kept sparkling, and the Ice Cold Flame was excitedly sending out messages.
Under the instruction of the Ice Cold Flame, Shi Yan dived down the Soul Gathering Pool and changed his positions accordingly.
A few minutes later.
A bunch of light showed up in the black pool.
Shi Yan looked at the direction where the light came in amazement.
There was an ancient octagon formation!
At the eight angles of the ancient formation, there were eight colorful Demon Crystals, each having energy waves, showing eight layers of light, and covering that ancient octagon formation.
At the center of the ancient octagon formation, there was a Demon Crystal as big as a fist, on which there were black spots which look like a ghost if looked carefully.
On the eight angles of the ancient octagon formation, there were eight Demon Crystals, which seemed to be protecting the black Demon Crystal at the center.
Apparently the eight layers of barriers were from the eight Demon Crystals on the angles, which were protecting the Soul Gathering Pearl at the center.
At the center of the ancient Octagon formation, the Soul Gathering Pearl was shining and producing mysterious soul waves.
On the surface of the Soul Gathering Pearl, everytime a black spot blinked, a soul flew out and went through the barriers of the ancient formation into the Soul Gathering Pool.
Countless souls gathered on the surface of the Soul Gathering Pool and formed a strange mirror on the pool.
Shi Yan looked up at the pool surface and found a black hole which was letting out boiling demonic air. The demonic air flew out from the Soul Gathering Pool and concentrated in the sky, becoming the energy resource of demon dweller.
From the outside of the Soul Gathering Pool, Shi Yan couldn’t find this scene.
Now he could see the mysterious Soul Mirror from the bottom of the Soul Gathering Pool!
The Soul Mirror was connecting two s.p.a.ces, which let out demon air from the Fourth Demon Area, supporting Mojito to fight against Mo Duanhun.
It was the Soul Gathering Pearl which made the Soul Gathering Pool produce the Soul Mirror. The thousands of souls released by the Soul Gathering Pearl made the Soul Mirror.
Once the Soul Gathering Pearl was taken out from that formation, the thousands of souls in the pool would go back into the Soul Gathering Pearl.
At that moment, the Soul Mirror would disappear naturally. Since the bridge between the two s.p.a.ces was gone, Demon Master Mojito’s soul also couldn’t get back to the demon area by the Soul Mirror! And the demonic air also couldn’t get into the Clouds Island!
The key to everything was the Soul Gathering Pearl!
As he was approaching the Soul Gathering Pearl, a couples of ideas popped up Shi Yan’s mind. He gazed at the octagon formation of the Soul Gathering Pearl and communicated with the Ice Cold Flame, “There are barriers! How to break it!”
“Octagon Demon Formation!”
The Ice Cold Flame cried, “It is that faction! That faction could form Soul Mirror with the help of the Soul Gathering Pearl and call for outside demons to take part in the battle. The Octagon Demon Formation was one of the vicious strategies of that heresy. They made the Level Eight Demon Crystals as the formation eyes to protect the Soul Gathering Pearl. The Octagon Demon Formation produced eight light waves and provided solid defense.”
“Eight Demon Crystals from Level Eight demon beasts are formation eyes to protect the Soul Gathering Pearl? d.a.m.n!” Shi Yan cursed, “How to break it?”
“This is not the real Octagon Demon Formation. These eight Demon Crystals are from Level Seven demon beasts, which don’t contain demon soul and had weaker power. This Soul Gathering Pearl is the Demon Crystal of a Level Eight Soul Gathering Beast.”
“The Soul Gathering Pearl from the Level Nine Soul Gathering Beast could defend the Octagon Demon Formation formed by eight Level Eight demon beast Demon Crystals?”
“Sure! At the prime of that faction, a Soul Gathering Pearl from a Level Nine Soul gathering beast could form a Soul Mirror, and call for demons.”
“What to do now?”
Shi Yan had came to the Octagon Demon Formation, but dared not take any action. He asked the Ice Cold Flame.
“Use your strongest move to strike at one Demon Crystal! The light barriers on the Octagon Demon Formation are connected together. But once one of the Demon Crystals breaks, the octagon Demon Formation will break too!”
“Demon Crystals from Level Seven demon beast! Hmm, It will not be easy to break.”
The Demon Crystal on a demon beast was the hardest thing on it. A Demon Crystal from a demon beast was even harder than a Soul level weapon. Shi Yan could barely break it.
“These Demon Crystals had existed for thousands of years, and some of their demon energy had been consumed. Hmm, the blue Demon Crystal had lost seventy percent of its demon energy. I would also help you and you may break it. If you can’t, we have to leave and give up the Soul Gathering Pearl.”
The Ice Cold Flame responded quickly.
“Let’s give it a try.”
Shi Yan took a deep breath and stared at the blue rhombus Demon Crystal.
After some stimulating his negative energy, the negative energy in his body began to boil and it started moving all over his body, thus his energy suddenly doubled!
The First Sky of Rampage!
At the same time, from the Ice Cold Flame flew out cold energy and it concentrated on Shi Yan’s arms and legs, getting ready for a fight.
His blood was boiling, and the negative energy inside his meridians gushed into the blood.
With cold air, his blood boiled and a strong energy ran through his body!
Shi Yan’s energy suddenly doubled!
The Second Sky of Rampage!
“Yes! This energy! It can break that Demon Crystal!” The Ice Cold Flame spirited up, “You can produce such strong energy! Doubled! Enough! Definitely enough!”
Shi Yan focused to trigger his seals of life and death and combined them to create the Seal of Life and Death.
With the Seal of Life and Death, a stream of cold air gushed out from his palm and rushed to the rhombus blue Demon Crystal.
That rhombus blue Demon Crystal directly exploded into small chips after being struck by the Seal of Life and Death, shooting in all directions.
The eight-layer light suddenly disappeared from the Soul Gathering Pearl.
Shi Yan at once tried to catch the Soul Gathering Pearl in joy.

Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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