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Chapter 167 Every Minute Counts
Carrying Shura Blood Guards on their backs, the Cyan Blood Bats were slowly flying upon the Clouds Island. On the front Cyan Blood Bat, Mo Duanhun looked serious with dazzling light in his eyes.
It was the second time that he had come to the Clouds Island.
Last time he came here, he swept the Clouds Island with his Shura Blood Guards, and killed all the experts of the Gu Family.
Generally, the Gu Family wouldn’t dare to play any tricks, but Mo Duanhun was still quite cautious. As soon as he arrived at the Clouds Island, he used his consciousness to observe the surroundings on alert.
Before he came to the Clouds Island, Mo Duanhun received a message from King Yang Qing to remind him that it might be a dangerous journey.
King Yang Qing was busy dealing with the Demon Dwellers in The Fourth Demon Area, so he couldn’t come in person to the Clouds Island to talk with Gu Lie. But since he predicted that Shi Yan would come to the Clouds Island, he reminded Mo Duanhun to be careful.
Mo Duanhun believed in King Yang Qing, so he made good preparation for the journey.
With King Yang Qing’s reminder, Mo Duanhun was extremely careful , and even the Cyan Blood Bat flew unusually slow.
On the back of the Thunder Lion, Xia Xinyan and He Qingman were both silent.
The two women’s eyes shone brightly as they looked down to the Clouds Island cautiously.
Especially Xia Xinyan, with sorrow in her eyes, she knew Shi Yan was on the Clouds Island, so she wanted to see him so much, but she didn’t know how to find him.
He Qingman looked relaxed, as she looked down, and then looked to Xia Xinyan, as she kept getting more and more curious.
According to Xia Xinyan’s behaviors, she really cared about Shi Yan a lot.
Along the way, He Qingman had heard a lot about Shi Yan from Xia Xinyan, so she wanted to meet Shi Yan in person, to see the one who managed captured the daughter of the Kyara Sea.
“Be careful, we are about to land.” Mo Duanhun yelled as he controlled the Cyan Blood Bat to land slowly.
In the stoney yard, many Gu Family nervously moved to make room for the Cyan Blood Bats.
As Cyan Blood Bats landed one by one, Mo Duanhun got off the Cyan Blood Bat frowning. After looking around, he asked, “Who is in charge?”
An Earth Realm minister of the Gu Family stood out politely, “Lord Mo, please wait for a moment, my master is not here right now. He is signing a paper on a quarry, and will be here as soon as he receive the message.”
Mo Duanhun sneered, “Who is Gu Lie? How dare he keep me wait?”
“Forgive me Lord Mo! I’m so sorry!” That guy bowed while sweating and said in a trembling voice.
As the head of the three Shura kings, Mo Duanhun was famed for his ferocity. In all the battles, Mo Duanhun killed all the experts every time!
Among the three Shura kings, Mo Duanhun talked the least, but killed the most. Once he took action, he never left anyone alive.
“Half an hour.” Mo Duanhun frowned, “If he still doesn’t show up, I will bury you people together with him.I have blood washed the Clouds Island once, and a second time will be fun too.”
The members of the Gu Family turned pale after hearing that, and some low realm warriors even started shaking their legs.
They might not care if it was said by anyone else, but it was Mo Duanhun, so they became severely frightened.
Mo Duanhun never made jokes, and did what he said. He had the capability to slaughter the Clouds Island.
“Lord Mo, I will send the message to my master at once!” That guy wiped the sweats on his face, bowed and dashed to send a message eagle.
Standing there like a tree, Mo Duanhun didn’t utter a word. Narrowing his eyes, he seemed to be resting.
Without any word, he already put huge pressure on those Gu Family members.
Soul Gathering Pool.
As the soul gathering flags flew in the air, one after another soul was captured while it showed a hideous face.
There were also many stone colorful pillars standing in the valley, which were sculptured with all sorts of patterns and gave out strong energy waves.
With the fog upon the valley, dull lights formed a veil to prevent Soul consciousness.
Countless souls were floating in the waves of the Soul Gathering Pool.
There were tens of thousands of souls floating at every corner of the Soul Gathering Pool.
Those ghost like souls had different faces, but they all sent out same deadly hatred filled smell.
Beside the Soul Gathering Pool stood only two people, Gu Lie and Gu Jiange.
Gu Lie frowned, staring at the Soul Gathering Pool rigidly.
Gu Jiange also got nerves as he walked around the Soul Gathering Pool to check if everything’s okay.
A messenger eagle flew through darkness and came near.
Gu Jiange casually catched that eagle and looked over the letter on it, “Dad, Mo Duanhun said, if you don’t appeare there in half an hour, he will blood wash the Clouds Island.”
Gu Lie’s face turned rigid as he grunted, “Leave him alone.”
“How are they there?” Gu Jiange thought for a second, “All sacrificed?”
“Let’s see.” Gu Lie looked indifferent, “it would be their luck if Demon Dwellers came early. Only you and me know this and we disappeared for a while. If the people above us found about it, we can’t escape either. Maybe it’s not bad to die.”
“Got it.”Gu Jiange nodded.
“You checked everything? Any problem?” Gu Lie asked.
“It’s ok. We can begin.”
“Good! I will call the Demon Dwellers souls here. Be careful and stay around me. Before the Demon Dwellers soul came, don’t let anyone know about here, or Mo Duanhun would come at once!”
“Don’t worry father. I know what to do.”
Shi Yan kept rushing with a rigid face, running for the valley with Soul Gathering Pearls at his fastest speed.
As Mo Duanhun came, the Gu Family would definitely take actions.
From now on, Demon Dwellers could appear at any time!
The Demon Dwellers were coming here for Mo Duanhun, so they would dash at Mo Duanhun at the first sight of him.
During the time those Demon Dwellers left the Soul Gathering Pool, Shi Yan could enter the valley and break the barrier with the Cold Ice Flame, and get Soul Gathering Pearl in the Soul Gathering Pool.
Shi Yan was not quite sure if Mo Duanhun could defend against those Demon Dwellers, but it was too late for him to tell Mo Duanhun now.
Right now he could only stick to his plan and grab the the Soul Gathering Pearl as soon as possible.
Once he got the Soul Gathering Pearl, he could defend against the Demon Dwellers.
It would be fine if Mo Duanhun was still present there till then.
Shi Yan had thought of many ways and finally fixed on this plan.
The Blood Vein Ring was shining brightly, and the Cold Ice Flame was excited inside it, as the Soul Gathering Pearl was extremely attractive to it.
Ten minutes later.
An overwhelming energy wave gushed out from the valley!
Dense demonic air controlled the sky upon the Clouds Island!
In it, a stream of strong soul energy was gathering rapidly.
Soon there formed a strong soul wave upon the valley, which shocked Shi Yan a lot.
Once the soul showed appeared in the valley, all the demon air gathered and it turned the valley like dark night.
Even Shi Yan found it hard to clearly see the surroundings.
At the same time, another strong soul wave came from the quarry of Shi Family, and a green spot inclined in the sky like a star.
That spot was bright as the sun and the moon!
Although Shi Yan’s eyes were blurred by the demon air, he could still see the light spot clearly as it was too dazzling.
That bright spot was the head of the three Shura Kings, Mo Duanhun!
Shi Yan felt that the green spot was sending out murderous smell and he ready to have a good fight against Demon Dwellers.
Staring at the green spot, Shi Yan regained more confidence. He believed that Mo Duanhun could win the soul attack of the Demon Dwellers.
Thus he dashed to the valley without hesitation.
The Demon Dweller soul had already flew out of the valley to the green spot at Mo Duanhun.
That was the best timing for Shi Yan to retract the Soul Gathering Pearl!
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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