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Chapter 165 - Scheming With Demon Dwellers
On the south side of Clouds Island, in a hidden valley, many giant trees casted shades that covered the ground and sky.
Inside the valley, there was a grey fog, the fog continued to linger and did not dissipate.
In the fog, the valley was filled with dead silence. There were no demon beasts, nor any trace of warriors.
The condensed fog covered the sky above the valley. The bright sunlight couldn’t even go through that fog and into the valley.
When Shi Yan got to the entrance of the valley, he felt that the air was moist, and knew that there had to be some sort of water source inside the valley.
Following that cold evil presence, Shi Yan followed along until he found the valley. When he arrived there, he suddenly felt that the cold and evil presence suddenly disappeared without a trace.
The further he was from this valley, the more he could feel the unusualness of this place. However, when he was actually here, he couldn’t feel anything. This gave Shi Yan a feeling that could he have found the wrong place?
Hiding on an old tree, at the entrance of the valley, Shi Yan gazed far into the valley. He realized that the valley was covered by the fog, and nothing could be seen, he didn’t know what was inside the valley.
He didn’t rush to get into the valley, Shi Yan hid himself on the old tree, and silently waited.
After three days, suddenly a strong soul power came from the thick fog in the valley.
Following that, from all directions on Clouds Island, souls that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye were attracted by the valley and all gathered here. They formed into grey dark lights, flying in the valley, and disappeared within a second.
Shi Yan’s face changed, he gazed into the distance, and realized that in the depth of the valley, there were countless dark lights flashing.
If each one of the lights represented a soul, then the souls present in the valley would be up to thousands or even tens of thousands. G.o.d knows how many people were killed by the Gu family.
At the same time.
That cold evil presence suddenly spread out from inside the valley. Like drifting smoke, it permeated into the entire sky of the Clouds Island. As if it was gathering something, changing something…
Standing outside the valley, this time Shi Yan clearly sensed this cold evil power. It definitely came from the demon dwellers of the Fourth Demon Area.
At this moment, Shi Yan finally confirmed his guess.
The Blood Vein Ring on his hand flashed. The Cold Ice Flame inside seemed to have something to say.
Shi Yan looked at the Blood Vein Ring, and sank his consciousness inside, “What is it?”
“It’s in the valley! It’s the Soul Gathering Pearl of the level eight Soul Gathering Beast! The Soul Gathering Pearl is in the water, the water is filled with souls, it can be confirmed that the Soul Gathering Pearl sank into the water, it can form a soul mirror to connect two dimensions!” The Cold Ice Flame screamed with delight.
“The Soul Gathering Pearl of a level eight Soul Gathering Beast?” Shi Yan was surprised inside, “Then wouldn’t the soul power inside be even more strong?”
“Of course.” The Cold Ice Flame seemed very excited, “You don’t need to use your mind power to probe around the valley anymore. Someone set very heavy constraints inside the valley. There are people stronger than you who are inside the valley, if a corner of your mind power were to be revealed, you might be immediately discovered.”
“That cold evil soul, should’ve came from the Fourth Demon Area. Could it be that he’s already here?”
“The Fourth Demon Area?” The Cold Ice Flame felt a little strange, “In my memory, this Demon Area has the least number of strong masters. In the Four Demon Areas, the First has the strongest demon dwellers, followed by the Second and Third, and the demon dwellers in the Fourth Demon Area are the most useless. I knew that the First Demon Area was sealed a long time ago, so no one can enter. Are the Second and Third Demon Areas sealed too?”
When the sky and earth were first born, the Cold Ice Flame already had a simple consciousness. In its long life, many strong masters tried to absorb it. Those masters were, without exception, all top figures of Grace Mainland. These people’s memory and knowledge was also extraordinary.
From those people’s memories, the Cold Ice Flame learned about many secrets that very few warriors knew now. It’s understanding on the different Demon Areas, may even exceeded the head of the Yang family, Yang Qingdi.
“You know things about the Fourth Demon Area?” Shi Yan was surprised.
“Of course I know. I obtained a lot of knowledge and memory, which includes the Four Demon Areas. In the Four Demon Areas, the Fourth is actually the weakest. From many people’s memories, I’ve seen them go to the Second and Third Demon Areas, plundering precious resources from the demon areas, and battling with strong demon warriors. They fought incredibly hard, almost tearing open the Demon Mountain Cloud Sea of the Demon Area…”
In this regard, the Cold Ice Flame didn’t mind Shi Yan knowing. Just some casual words, already made Shi Yan shocked to his heart.
From the Cold Ice Flame’s explanation, it wasn’t difficult for Shi Yan to realize that the guys who tried to get a hold on the Cold Ice Flame, all had invincible powers.
One of which, could even leisurely walk through the two dimensions, without the help of a Gate of Heaven! His heavenly powers were limitless, such that he almost had no opponents while going through both dimensions!
“So many strong figures, there were just no one who could truly absorb you?” Shi Yan was surprised, “That guy, Nie Tian, you mentioned, he had no opponents throughout many dimensions. A figure like such, was he also not able to absorb you?”
“I, I once merged into his soul.” The Cold Ice Flame immediately became dispirited, “He was too strong, I couldn’t fight back at all. I merged into his Sea of Consciousness, and became one of the three soul powers inside. There was also two other strong living consciousnesses, they were also enslaved by him. This guy was too terrifying, I couldn’t fight back at all…”
“How were you able to escape?”
“When he was rising from the third sky of the True G.o.d realm, into the King G.o.d realm, he was bombarded by many masters of the same realm. While he was having a breakthrough his soul couldn’t be distracted, and at the same time his body was destroyed by many warriors of the same level. The other two guys and I, secretly escaped from his Sea of Consciousness. He lost us, the three soul powers, and his body was also already destroyed. So, he was probably completely destroyed.”
“Third sky of the True G.o.d realm!” Shi Yan was stunned, “That guy really was frightening. In his soul’s Sea of Consciousness, there were actually two other life forms merged in? Those two guys, were they like you, also sky fires?”
“They weren’t sky fires, but they were two of the most extraordinary lives in the world. We’re different from you humans, we naturally only have souls, and no bodies. Hmph, the G.o.ds purposely did this to us, if we had natural bodies, then you humans would never be our opponents!”
Shi Yan was filled with surprise, he realized that when conversing with the Cold Ice Flame, he could obtain a lot of incredible old knowledge.
Some experiences of the Cold Ice Flame, were truly like a book of ancient history and strong masters. Its understanding of masters and cultivation, was definitely more thorough than those of many G.o.d realm warriors in the Endless Sea now.
“Don’t worry, right now the soul that is overflowing from the valley is too scattered. It’s only the extending of consciousness, without the acc.u.mulation, it wouldn’t be the true arrival of the soul.” The Cold Ice Flame thought Shi Yan was scared, it consoled him: “The reason why there are so many people here, is to use these souls to form the soul bridge, and let that person’s consciousness split and attach to these souls. When his consciousness is completely divided into thousands of pieces, and form into one, then his soul would be able to trully arrive.”
“How do you plan on getting the Soul Gathering Pearl?” Shi Yan asked.
“When that guy comes here.” The Cold Ice Flame explained: “The Soul Gathering Pearl, naturally, has the power to absorb souls. On normal conditions, once you and I get near the Soul Gathering Pearl, our souls would be immediately influenced by the power of the pearl. I can still endure it, but your soul would be immediately sucked in by the Soul Gathering Pearl. But, once the Soul Gathering Pearl forms into the Soul Mirror, the soul power of the pearl would be used to operate the Soul Mirror. Then at that time, it won’t have its soul absorbing power. As long as you jump into that water on right time, I will use my power to seal everything in ice, by then you would be able to obtain the Soul Gathering Pearl.”
“If that demon dweller’s soul is also near the Soul Gathering Pearl, wouldn’t I be immediately killed by the demon dweller? And, if the Soul Mirror is removed, then the soul absorbing power of the pearl would come back, at that time what would I do?”
“The Demon Dweller is here to do something important, so he wouldn’t be near the Soul Gathering Pearl all the time. Once that demon dweller leaves, we can re-enter into the water that’s hiding the pearl. When you get the Soul Gathering Pearl, I will immediately tell you the methods to control the pearl. By that time, even if the Soul Mirror were to disappear, you won’t have to worry about the Soul Gathering Pearl causing any harm to you.”
“What if the demon dweller’s soul comes back?”
“Haha, then he’ll be seeking his own demise! Without a body, a demon dweller with only a soul can’t hold against the soul absorbing power of the pearl at all. The biggest use of the Soul Gathering Pearl, is to absorb souls. Souls with bodies still have a foundation, the influence they receive from the pearl would be many times smaller. But once the soul leaves the body, and if it gets in the range of the Soul Gathering Pearl, even a G.o.d realm master would have a very difficult time escaping from the soul absorbing power of the pearl. If that demon dweller realizes that you can control the Soul Gathering Pearl, when he meets you, he would escape much faster than you do, haha!”
A smile suddenly appeared on Shi Yan’s lips, “So, if I gain control of the Soul Gathering Pearl, I’ll have the power to go against that demon dweller?”
“Of course, at that time I will tell you how to control the Soul Gathering Pearl, once we get the pearl, you should go find that demon dweller immediately. A demon dweller that dares to bring his soul from the Demon Area, has to be very strong. If his soul were to be absorbed into the Soul Gathering Pearl, it would have more soul power than tens of thousands of civilian souls combined. You can’t put it to waste.”
“Mm hmm!”
“Then you just wait. Once that demon dweller’s soul leaves the valley, we will enter into the valley. The constraints in the valley, has no use against me. By then I will release my power, and freeze all of the constraints, you will be able to go straight through.”
“Let me think, hmm, even if the Soul Gathering Pearl has to maintain the Soul Mirror, once you touch it, it can still form soul attacks to fight you. You only have to hold against one very weak soul attack, then you can get the soul gathering pearl. But, your realm seems to be too low, you might not even hold against one soul attack from it. Forget it, I’ll teach you a kind of Soul Defense martial skill from Nie Tian. Although your realm right now is very low, but once you master that guy’s skill, you should be able to hold against one wave of soul attack from the Soul Gathering Pearl.”
“Nie Tian’s martial skill…” Shi Yan’s eyes suddenly brightened.
“Hmph! Don’t get so happy yet, I will only teach you the basics, lest you come to go against me in the future!”
“Basics are fine too, hehe.”
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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