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Chapter 162 Extort a Confession
The next morning, the boat finally landed on Clouds Island.
Upon arriving, Shi Yan parted with Linda and left alone.
Standing on the deck, Linda silently watched Shi Yan’s disappearing back.
Jett shot a yellow signal flare and with Nano and the others, waiting for someone from the Gu Family to come pick them up.
“Linda really cares about that guy. We even don’t know who he is or what he is doing here. Poor Linda. Obviously, that guy loves to sleep around. I’m afraid Linda will never see him again.”
“Exactly. I never expected that even a woman as powerful as Linda could not keep him for herself. If I could win Linda’s love, I’d do anything and everything for her. I would never leave her!”
“Yet, this is for the best. For us, as long as Linda is here, our life in the Three G.o.ds Sect will be fine.”
“That’s right.”
Jett and the others were whispering while waiting for the Gu Family.
Linda was standing on the deck, her long hair dancing in the wind made her breathtakingly beautiful.
Carmon, staying in the corner, was looking at Linda while gritting his teeth, feeling quite happy. “The b.i.t.c.h deserves this! She gave him everything, and look at what she got in return. The guy took what he wanted and just left! This is what she asked for!”
“Indeed!” Hodger was also full of hatred, whispering, “Carmon, we don’t know who that guy is and why he went to Clouds Island. Will he do something bad to Gu Family? Should we tell the Gu Family about him? Maybe they will know who he is and will deal with him.”
Carmon frowned, meditated for a while, and then he shook his head, said, “No, not for now. Besides his name, we know nothing about him. There’s not enough information for us to identify him. Let’s wait until we have something on him. Then I will not only deal with that guy, but also Linda!”
Hodger agreed.
Shi Yan was heading to the South side of Clouds Island by himself.
Clouds Island was about half the size of Tianyun City. Although the Island belonged to the Gu Family, most of the warriors and residents on the Island were not members of the family.
The Gu Family occupied Clouds Island, they took possession of the three mines on the island, and made the regions they thought were valuable into forbidden areas reserved only for the Gu Family, where other warriors and residents of the island could not enter.
Every few years, the warriors living on the island had to hand in money and goods to the Gu Family for the right to live on the island. While the residents on the island had to hand in goods and coins to the warriors. There was a rigid hierarchy on the island.
The South side of Clouds Island was where the base of the Gu Family was. There were dense forests, numerous pools, and lakes. It was very beautiful and had very few inhabitants.
Shi Yan intended to go there to see if there was any chance for him to find Gu Swordsong, the person with whom he would settle the issue they had on Monroe Island while waiting for someone from Yang Family.
Shi Yan had learned from Linda that the Yang Family would dispatch the Shura Blood Guards to Clouds Island. The Shura Blood Guards would ride the Cyan Blood Bat. As long as he saw a Cyan Blood Bat flying in the sky, he would know that the Shura Blood Guards of the Yang Family had arrived. At that time, Shi Yan could expose himself, and then go to Immortal Island in the Kyara Sea.
The Yang Family was one of the fifteen powerful forces in the Endless Sea and had many prominent warriors. Since he could put on an ident.i.ty, Shi Yan would use it willingly. He also wanted to take advantages of Yang Family to improve his own power.
In addition, he wanted to see Xia Xinyan again. Therefore, he had to go to Kyara Sea with the Shura Blood Guards.
Shi Yan pa.s.sed by several villages on his way, but there was not a single person in these villages.
Dead silence reigned in the villages, but many of the houses were clean and tidy. Dishes were set on the tables in some houses, but the villagers were all gone.
It was as if the villages had all vanished all of a sudden.
Shi Yan was confused, unknown to what had happened. Frowning, he chose to keep on heading south.
He came to a dense forest at night while walking in the cold moonlight.
Suddenly, the icy and evil qi, which he had sensed before, reappeared on the island. The qi came out and began converging on some place in the South from all directions, releasing all kinds of invisible power.
Shi Yan’s soul was quivering. He could clearly sense an attraction from somewhere in the South.
There was more and more qi being drawn from a river beside him to the South.
Shi Yan tried to feel it carefully. His face suddenly changed and he hurried towards that river.
Five warriors, wearing black robes and bamboo hats, were dragging along many residents, whose mouths were stuffed by cloth. They were killing them one by one and after the residents were dead, they pushed the bodies into the river without hesitation.
There were many swollen human bodies in the river and among them were the elders, women, and children. With a single glimpse, Shi Yan found that there were at least hundreds of bodies.
“Plop! Plop!”
The sound of dead bodies dropping into water filled the silent forest. The five warriors, who were at the Nascent and Human rank, kept pushing the dead bodies into the river.
By the time Shi Yan had arrived, the last few residents had been killed and thrown into the river.
Many souls, who were hardly visible, rose from the river. However, instead of dispersing, they were all flying rapidly to the South of Cloud Island, as if being drawn by some kind of force.
There was a powerful attraction force coming from South of the Island. Drawn by this force, the residents’ souls would not disperse immediately after they die, but were instead, taken away by it.
“What are you doing?” Shi Yan appeared on the river bank abruptly, asking, “Who are you? Do you enjoy killing defenseless residents?”
Shi Yan knew too well that he was no good guy himself, but he kept his baseline; he only killed those who deserved to be killed, but never defenseless women and children.
These people however, had no humanity, and could be called animals. They even killed the helpless elders and children.
They could not be called human.
“Hey boy, mind yourself and leave from here.” A warrior in the Third Sky of the Human Realm warned coldly, “Which warrior sect are you from? Didn’t you receive the message?”
“What message?” Shi Yan scorned.
“Then you are not a warrior from the Island.” The man interrupts between them and then says, “Take my advice, leave Clouds Island now and go as far as you can or else you’ll be dead before you know it.”
Shi Yan sneered. “It looks like you won’t be honest until I kill some of you.”
Having said this, Shi Yan immediately ran towards them.
Three minutes later.
Four of the five warriors were dead, leaving the warrior who opened his mouth first as the sole survivor. His bamboo hat had been torn off and was under Shi Yan’s foot now.
This warrior, while lying on the ground, was staring at Shi Yan in shock as he asked, “Who on earth are you? Do you know who you are dealing with? To be our enemy, you are asking for trouble!”
“Now tell me, who are you? Why did you kill these people?” Shi Yan asked.
“You’ll regret this!” the man on the ground gritted his teeth.
Shi Yan picked up a dagger and cut off the man’s left hand. Without any expression, he said, “I ask and you answer. I don’t want any of your bulls.h.i.t.”
The man on the ground was screaming out in pain. Sweat ran down his forehead and his body was cramping.
Shi Yan cut off his right hand and said coldly, “I count screaming as bulls.h.i.t.”
“How dare you! How dare you to do this to me! I’m one of the Gu Family! You’ll be sorry! You’ll die a very ugly death!” the warrior screamed.
With one more move, the warrior’s foot was also cut off by Shi Yan, who kept asking, “Why are you killing these people?”
“I don’t know! I know nothing! I was just following orders. We were ordered to kill 300 residents at a particular moment! Besides this, I know nothing!” The man on the ground screamed fearfully. “Many others like me received the same order. We don’t know why, we really don’t!”
“Ok, that’s the truth.” Shi Yan nodded and cut off the man’s head. Then he stood up and kicked the five warriors’ bodies into the river, one by one.
Throwing away the dagger and washing the blood off his arm, Shi Yan continued to go South.
On his way, Shi Yan found that many bodies were piling up by the rivers, in sealed caves, and in deep pits. Their souls were all acting abnormally.
All the souls were of common folk. Hundreds of thousands of them were killed by the warriors of Gu Family.
Shi Yan had killed another three groups of warriors of the Gu Family as he traveled. He absorbed their qi but wasn’t able to obtain any other information from them.
It seemed like these warriors who had received orders to kill these people, truly didn’t know the reason. They were simply obeying orders.
Then the sun started to rise above the horizon.
The force attracting the souls to the South suddenly became extremely powerful!
Shi Yan, who was now among many old trees, clearly sensed the abnormality on the island. Even his own soul was attracted by this horribly powerful force, acting as if it wanted to leave his physical body.
The Blood Vein Ring on his hand was also shimmering like a bulb that was about to explode.
Looking at the ring, Shi Yan was shocked. He could vaguely sense that the Ice Cold Flame sealed in the ring was having a very strong reaction to something.
Frowning, Shi Yan concentrated his mind into the Blood Vein Ring to see what had changed in it.
“Soul Collecting Bead! Soul Collecting Bead! The bead is on the Island!” The consciousness of the Ice Cold Flame was heard from the ring for the first time.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick, Eli, and Bobby
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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