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Chapter 159 Upgrade the Treasure
Shi Yan looked indifferent, as he stepped on Carmon’s left arm and broke it, and then he left.
Carmon’s forehead was full of sweats, but he could only stand with the help of Huo Jie.
Inside the ship.
In shock, Jett, Nano and others were staring at Shi Yan disappearing figure, and after that they looked at Carmon and Huo Jie with weird expression.
Linda didn’t stop Shi Yan, “Carmon, don’t even think of revenge. You can’t win him.I can’t even save you if you make any trouble!”
Others didn’t know how vicious Shi Yan was, but Linda had seen his cruelty when he killed dozens of pirates without hesitation.
That battle impressed Linda a lot. Even Disaster Realm warriors couldn’t fight back against Shi Yan. Carmon wouldn’t know how he died if he irritated Shi Yan.
Actually, Linda’s reminder was not necessary, as Huo Jie and Carmon’s situation made everyone realized how vicious Shi Yan was.
The two were beaten in an instant by Shi Yan, and everyone knew what they were both capable of.
Jett suddenly felt pity for Carmon.
The girl he loved so many years went to another man, and he himself was humiliated relentlessly.
Jett could understand how painful Carmon was.
Carmon’s face twisted just like his broken left arm.
He didn’t hear Linda’s persuasion at all, as his eyes glittered with vicious light, seeming to be looking for ways to attack Shi Yan.
Linda frowned and turned cold, “Carmon, I hope you will take it seriously. I could save you once, but I can’t save you forever. He wouldn’t spare you for my sake if you irritate him.”
“b.i.t.c.h! Stay away from me!” Carmon cried madly, “Is he better than me? Do you know how much I gave up for you? For so many years, I protected you as my most precious treasure. Now you chose an unknown man! You are so shameless!”
Carmon was depressed after knowing the truth, so now he became a little crazy.
Linda’s expression turned cold, “I’ve rejected you many times! You just never gave up. It’s none of your business that I chose him. You think you can control my life because you love me? I don’t have to change myself for you.”
Carmon looked hideous and breathed heavily. But he couldn’t say anything though and stared at Linda in hatred.
Through Carmon’s eyes, Linda realized they couldn’t be as close as before, so she sighed and shook her head, and said helplessly, “Well, after this deal, we should stop our cooperation.”
After hesitation, Linda looked to Jett, “You too, you can leave as you like after this case.”
Jett, Nano and others frowned slightly, looking somewhat lost.
Shi Yan went back to the cargo, took out a Green Moonstone, and focused on injecting the cold air of the Ice Cold Flame into the Green Moonstone.
Ever since he fought Lin Changxiao using the Green Moonstone, Shi Yan had noticed how powerful the Green Moonstone could become.
For the past days, Shi Yan had gotten about fifteen Green Moonstones from Jett and his companions through Linda. He would inject the cold air of the Ice Cold Flame into Green Moonstone whenever he was free.
Now, he had ten Green Moonstones which were filled with the cold power from the Ice Cold Flame.
When that Green Moonstone was absorbing Ice Cold Flame from the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan also tried to push his Profound Qi into it.
He focused on that Green Moonstone.
At the center of the Green Moonstone, there was a small s.p.a.ce. However, when he focused his attention, Shi Yan found that the pace became bigger.
With his eyes closed, Shi Yan could feel the cold power from the Ice Cold Flame, as it went into the Green Moonstone little by little.
An idea popped up his mind.
What would happen if he inject some negative power into the Green Moonstone?
Shi Yan began to try as soon as he came up with that thought.
As his willed, negative power moved along his arms and permeated into the Green Moonstone in his hand.
As the negative power fell into the Green Moonstone, the stone was suddenly filled with murderous emotions.
The negative power seemed to conflict with the cold power in the Green Moonstone, and it became so violent that it started attacking the cold power.
Small cracks showed up on the surface of the Green Moonstone, and quickly, it broke into small crystal stones and the cold air dissipated.
The negative power drove the Ice Cold Flame out of the Green Moonstone!
The Green Moonstone couldn’t accommodate the negative power, so when the cold air disappeared, the Green Moonstone broke into smaller stones, and the negative power inside it also dispersed.
The Ice Cold Flame and negative power couldn’t co-exist.
Shi Yan frowned, and gazed at the little stones on the ground.
After a while, Shi Yan took out another Green Moonstone, he started injecting the cold air inside the Blood Vein Ring into the Green Moonstone, and then after a while, concentrated his Profound Qi and tried to push it into the Green Moonstone.
The Profound Qi gushed into the Green Moonstone like transparent strings.
After containing the Profound Qi, the cracks on the Green Moonstone became more dense, and after getting more cold air, that Green Moonstone didn’t exploded at once.
Surprised, Shi Yan realized that the Profound Qi could co-exist with the cold air from the Ice Cold Flame.
He didn’t knew that, since he had absorbed too much Ice Cold Flame cold air, his Profound Qi also contained some cold air, which made his Profound Qi to be peaceful with the Ice Cold Flame, inside the Green Moonstone.
More Profound Qi went into the Green Moonstone, and that Green Moonstone was able to contain five times of Ice Cold Flame than that of other Green Moonstones!
Five times of cold air gushed into the Green Moonstone, so along with the Profound Qi, they triggered the Ice Cold Flame which made the cracks on the Green Moonstone thicker.
Shi Yan moved the Green Moonstone away from that Blood Vein Ring calmly.
Frowning, Shi Yan observed the unusual Green Moonstone carefully, then closed his eyes to feel its energy.
Inside the Green Moon Stone, the cold power of the Ice Cold Flame mingled with Profound Qi, and it transformed into slim strings, which were shining on the surface of the Green Moonstone like flowers.
Pondering for a while, Shi Yan suddenly stood up and walked to the end of the deck.
After a deep breath, Shi Yan suddenly threw that Green Moonstone far into the water.
That mighty thrust totally made the Green Moonstone explode.
Thirty meters away from him, came a bunch of flame and a bunch of freezing power blast at once.
Around the Green Moonstone, sea water suddenly froze and was soon exploded into hundreds of icicles.
That area became extremely bright while freezing cold air pervaded and froze the whole area.
“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”
“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”
Hundreds of icicles flew in all directions, while ten some of them shot toward Shi Yan.
“What’s up?” Linda requested.
As soon as the group including Jett got out of the ship and saw the icicles, they returned back to hide.
“Bang bang!”
The ship was. .h.i.t by five or six icicles, and was sent forward like an arrow.
Three thick icicles went through the deck and erected there.
Many icicles just fell into the sea.
Shi Yan stood on the deck dumbstruck, but secretly he was quite happy.
The impact of this Green Moonstone was much stronger than other Green Moon Stones!
And it would even be tough for a Disaster Realm warrior to bear the icicles.
The center of the blast suddenly produced frightening cold air and impact force.
Shi Yan guessed that even a Human Realm expert would be ripped in front of such a bomb.
“Shi Yan, who are attacking us?” Linda cried and moved near Shi Yan rapidly, then looked back along with Shi Yan, as she asked, “Are you ok? The pirates came again?”
“No.” Shi Yan just shook his head and beamed, “I made a little thing, and tested it. Not bad, hehe.”
Shi Yan was quite impressed and delighted by the Green Moonstone. He began to ponder how to deal with Gu Jiange with it.
“A little thing?”
The group including Jett showed great fear in their eyes.
“Hmm, I will try to persuade Carmon, and let him give up on Linda.” Kalie, who was with Carmon, smiled in anger.
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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