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"It hurt, didn't it?"

Neptune's eyes brightened in desire. They came here because of the Absolute Beginning body. Right now, Shi Yan and Yuan were fighting; they couldn't spend extra effort to pay attention to them. It was their rare chance that happened once in a blue moon.

"I haven't seen it move. I guess it's hurt from the previous battle." Xiao Lie smiled excitedly.

Xiao Lie had a scarlet flame churn in his palm. Slowly, the flame grew as big as a millstone. Xiao Lie controlled it to hit one of the twelve snakes.


The flame exploded. The red flame burned the snake as if it had its own consciousness.

Boop! Boop! Boop!

The viscous flame expanded fast and covered a section of the snake's body. Gradually, the snake smelled like something burning.

People focused on that snake and found it motionless. It didn't twist its body or use energy to extinguish the flame.

Everyone's eyes brightened.

They didn't say more, grinning and dashing towards Hui's clones. They wanted to seize the chance when the snakes were separated to drink Hui's Absolute Beginning blood.

Neptune screamed and summoned so many brutal souls. Those souls then became the most savage beasts and aimed at a ma.s.sive snake.

Each brutal soul was as big as a mountain. However, compared to the trunk of the snake, it was still pretty small.

The snake was like a long mountain range. But now, dozens of brutal souls were biting and tearing it. Neptune urged his power Upanishad and licked his lips greedily while increasing his energy. He wanted to p.r.i.c.k through the snake's natural armor.

Hui was an Absolute Beginning creature; its body was incomparably strong. Although it couldn't save the soul, its natural defense wasn't something that ordinary warriors could break.

Waves of rippling lights emerged from Hui's body and dissolved Neptune's power. The brutal souls were nibbling and tearing something like rubber. They couldn't tear the snake's skin to see and absorb its real flesh and blood.

Similarly, Jia Ni, Xiao Lie, and the others were using their powers to try to stab through the snake body to get into it.

They were restlessly increasing their energy and trying their best to break the skin.

Deep in Hui's soul…

The pocket-sized snakes had pierced through the world of brilliant lights and headed towards Zi Yao.

Zi Yao appeared as a part human and part snake. She had become the rightful master of this Divine Light Sea of Consciousness. She moved agilely. So many radiant beams were weaving on her face and her body. They became brilliant symbols that carried mysterious and powerful abilities.

"Return the host soul! I will set you free!"

The voices of eleven Huis sounded at the same time and became pure energy that hit Zi Yao's soul.

"I am you. And you are me. Why talk about freedom?" After Zi Yao got the host soul, her confidence was boosted. She seemed to transform into another person. At this moment, she was extremely beautiful and charming. She smiled with a bright face. She raised her hand and pointed at each snake. "You guys are just wisps of my Soul Consciousness. In my world, you can't struggle."

The snakes wanted to bargain more but they suddenly felt their bodies get attacked.

It was because Neptune, Xiao Lie, and Jia Ni began to attack their bodies and tried to dig into them to absorb the Absolute Beginning blood.

It scared the snakes. They noisily hissed at Zi Yao. They wanted to stop this bargaining and return to the body to kill the ones who dared to attack their bodies.

"Harrumph! Since you came here, don't think about leaving. Anyway, my body isn't under attack!"

Zi Yao's hands interlaced and created many magical seals and Absolute Beginning symbols, sealing the souls of the eleven snakes in this sea of bright light.

Since Neptune's group was afraid that Hui would risk its life to counterattack, they thought that they were wise enough to skip the host body.

Thus, Zi Yao's body wasn't attacked. She didn't worry about it. "Don't worry. Even if you individuals are destroyed, as long as I'm here, you can be revived. Haha. But I'm afraid you guys won't have decent living conditions when that happens. Well, you should follow me now. I will refine you and we will become one again…"


Eleven snakes hissed ear-piercingly and tried to wiggle hard.

However, right at that moment, Xiao Lie of the Heavenly Craftsman tribe had used his scorching flame to burn off the scale armor on a small section on the snake body. He conjured a gold lance and thrusted the soft meat.


The snake body was pierced through, exposing its blood and flesh.

Xiao Lie's eyes brightened. He laughed crazily and tried to get inside the snake.

At the same time, one of the eleven snakes panicked, its energy draining fast.

Zi Yao immediately changed seals. Countless magical seals fell on that snake and coiled it. Shortly after, she pulled it towards her snake body.

Strange noises of something dissolving arose. When she got one of her souls back, Zi Yao's power increased. She continued to use her power to pull another snake.

She pulled the snakes back to their positions and merged them all.

As the other snakes saw the situation turn wrong, they quit attacking her, turned around, and tried to run away. When Zi Yao was getting stronger, they couldn't decide what to do anymore.

Unfortunately, Zi Yao got so strong that they couldn't get rid of her.

The snake disappeared, one by one. Zi Yao erased their independent consciousness and gave them different consciousness.

—— Her own consciousness.

The snakes were refined, tamed; they became parts of Zi Yao.

Shortly after, the tamed eleven snakes flew out of her body. This time, they all had Zi Yao's aura as their souls now had Zi Yao's soul imprint.

From now on, Hui no longer existed! Zi Yao was now the Absolute Beginning creature called Hui. She had everything that belonged to Hui!

The twelve silent snakes faced the sky and roared all of a sudden. The separate bodies moved and their tails merged with each other. Afterward, the twelve heads raised high in the sky as its ma.s.sive body filled every corner of the continent.

Zi Yao in her human form stood on the main head and opened her eyes. She was shrouded in stunning halos. She looked at Xiao Lie and the others from her height and sneered.

"Court death yourself."

Cold, sparkling crystal lights fell from her head toward her clones.


Xiao Lie, who had got in a section of the snake body, became the first target. The cold light hit him and extinguished his flame. He shivered in extreme cold.

"Spit it out!"

Zi Yao's face turned cold. She pointed at Xiao Lie. The bottles and jars on his body, which contained the blood and flesh he had just taken from the snake, exploded. The snake's blood and flesh flew back to the wounds on the snake's body as if they had consciousness.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zi Yao was enraged. She used her power and the twelve heads roared and hissed, releasing the bands of rainbows.

The rainbow fell like waterfalls and hit Neptune, Xiao Lie, and Jia Ni. Shortly after, in the sea of light where they were shrouded, they vanished.

Although Neptune, Xiao Lie, and Jia Ni had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, Zi Yao had confined them in her world with one attempt.

Then, Zi Yao's eyes moved and fell on Yuan and Shi Yan not far from them. Her real body roared and twisted, moving to attack Yuan. Her human body smiled gently, "Yuan, my man alone can defeat you. If I join, do you think you can escape?"

Yuan was in his turtle form. His sh.e.l.l had so many cracks. Evidently, he was severely wounded.

Shi Yan's scaly armor also had cracks. He was bleeding too. In their battle, they had darkened the entire area and broken many planets nearby.

Hearing Zi Yao's laughter, Shi Yan shivered. He was so thrilled. He knew that Zi Yao had finally awakened with his efforts. She had completely replaced Hui. She was now an existence like him and she was even stronger than him!

Yuan still wanted to fight, but he understood what had happened when he heard Zi Yao's voice.

He bellowed and tried to retreat. Bobbing in the black ocean, he wanted to flee.

"Shi Yan, we should join hand to kill this coward," Zi Yao stood on the snake head as she spoke softly to Shi Yan, her eyes sentimental.

"Of course," Shi Yan faced the sky and laughed.

Yuan was frightened. He knew that he couldn't defeat Shi Yan and Zi Yao together. He had to run fast!

At this moment, the giant dragon tattoo on Shi Yan's body faded. The endless power he got was disappearing rapidly.

Ghost Hunter appeared in the soul pond inside Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. He said indifferently, "I don't want you to die in Yuan's hands. Neither you or Zi Yao can kill him. If Hui recovers fully, she will trouble me a lot. Wait for me. I will find you and merge my body with you! When that happens, no one in this era will be able to stop me!"

Ghost Hunter's image faded away. The giant dragon created by Dark Energy churning in the soul pond also disappeared.

When Desolate's power was taken back, Shi Yan's savage body shrank, his power reducing greatly.

Yuan seized the chance to run away. He turned into a water current and zoomed away quickly. Shortly after, he became a drop of water, disappearing. His aura vanished in this territory.

"Why did you let him run away?"

Zi Yao sat on the snake head. She moved to Shi Yan and asked skeptically.

"Er… I wasn't really that strong…"

Shi Yan shook his head and gave her a forced smile. He knew that Desolate wouldn't help him for no reason. He couldn't let Shi Yan and Zi Yao kill Yuan to take more energy.

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