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Chapter 158 - Deterrence
“What is Carmon doing?”
“Do you even need to ask? He definitely wants to know what sister Linda and that kid are discussing about. Speaking about that, it’s really weird too, ever since that kid and sister Linda went to see the pirates together, sister Linda had been a bit special to that kid. She occasionally wants to discuss things with that kid, those two definitely have some secrets!”
“There’s definitely a secret! Sister Linda definitely wants that kid to do something, or else she wouldn’t call him so often.”
“I wonder if Carmon heard anything, it seems that he already stood there for a long time.”
“Who cares. Who here doesn’t know about Carmon’s intentions?”
The warriors on the deck were all gathered together, and discussed with one another.
No matter if it was Huo Jie and those who favoured Carmon, or Jett and those who believed in Linda, they were all quietly watching Carmon. They all wanted to get some news from Carmon’s mouth.
The group of people quietly whispered, while secretly watching Carmon at the same time, they were pretty relaxed.
Suddenly, while everyone was watching, Carmon’s face suddenly turned extremely ugly. Like he was cuckolded, his face was full of rage, his expression twisted, and his eyes were murderous.
Huo Jie, Jett, and the rest suddenly exclaimed at the same time. They all looked at Carmon with a strange expression.
Carmon clenched his teeth, his expression was ferocious. Suddenly he roared, the power in his body gathered in his left hand, and a ball of bright light abruptly released from it.
The wooden door at the stair entrance suddenly shattered into pieces, wooden shards flew everywhere.
With one blow, Carmon actually shattered the wooden door that blocked everyone’s questions. With such a fierce blow, Carmon himself was also blown a step back by the force, his stance was unstable.
“Carmon!” Jett screamed, “Are you f.u.c.king crazy?”
Huo Jie and the rest also suddenly changed faces, they didn’t know why Carmon was furious about. They all exclaimed, and quickly came near him, trying to stop Carmon’s reckless behavior.
After this blow, Carmon’s momentum stagnated. After he steadied his stance, he immediately wanted to sprint down to the boat cabin.
Finally at this moment, Huo Jie and the rest all were able to react. They leaped a few meters of distance, and all rushed to this area, trying to pull and stop him.
“f.u.c.k off!” Carmon roared, he broke free from Huo Jie and Jett’s pulling, and headed straight into the boat cabin.
This boat was not very big, the cargo was all docked on the deck, inside the cabin, other than piles of food and fresh water, there was only a small wooden room. And that room, belonged only to Linda.
That wooden door at the stairway entrance was to prevent Carmon, Jett, and the rest from touching the food and fresh water in the boat cabin. Other than that, the little wooden room also had a door. Because Linda was the only female on the boat, that wooden room was for Linda to change clothes and rest.
Carmon’s explosive blow shattered the wooden door at the stairway entrance, and he immediately sprinted into the boat cabin.
At this moment, Huo Jie, Jett, and the rest also rushed here quickly, together they all tried to go to the boat cabin and stop Carmon.
Carmon seemed to have gone crazy, the force of his Human realm third sky power bursted out, and blew Huo Jie to the side. Clenching his teeth, he sprinted towards the little wooden door inside the boat cabin, and roared: “b.i.t.c.hes!”
Carmon roared in anger, and was going to shatter this wooden door with his foot.
Then at this moment, the wooden door opened by itself, and Shi Yan appeared at the entrance, with messy clothes and furrowed brows. He didn’t let anyone see the scene inside the room.
The door was not wide, and Shi Yan’s physique was quite well-built. Just standing at the door, he almost entirely blocked the entire room entrance.
Inside the boat cabin, it was already quite dark. Everyone reached their heads to look, but realized that they couldn’t see anything.
“Who are you calling b.i.t.c.hes?” Shi Yan’s expression was dark, he impatiently looked at Carmon, and waved his hand as if driving off flies, “If you have nothing to do, go away. Don’t disturb us when we’re getting down to business.”
He was having his fun time with Linda, they were almost going to reach the climax, and Linda even let out quiet moans. But when Carmon suddenly blew open the first wooden door, it scared Linda so much that she hurriedly pushed Shi Yan away, and the two scurried to put on their clothes.
If it weren’t for, that after Carmon’s blow his body slightly stagnated for a moment, and he was pulled back by Jett, Huo Jie, and the rest for a while. When Carmon rushed his way through, he might have caught them red handed.
Fortunately Shi Yan’s movements were swift, he had only taken off half of his pants before. After he quickly pulled up his pants, decided to block the wooden door entrance, and obstructed everyone’s view.
“Kid, I want you dead!” Carmon’s expression was twisted, his eyes were filled with raging anger.
Suddenly, spiral-shaped bright light shot out from his fingers. That light swirled, and gleamed like crystal. Like an arrow, it went straight for Shi Yan’s chest.
“Spiral Spirit!”
Jett screamed, and exclaimed: “Carmon, are you crazy? You really want to take Shi Yan’s life!”
Spiral Spirit was Carmon’s best martial skill, he would never use it easily. Once he used it, it meant he really wanted to kill someone.
Spiral Spirit was a Profound level martial skill, it could use Profound Qi to form into spiral-shaped spirits. It could dig into someone’s body like a drill, and was very sharp and fierce.
Jett, Huo Jie, and the others once saw Carmon use the Spiral Spirit to open up ten b.l.o.o.d.y holes in a warrior of the same level. It killed that warrior immediately.
Seeing that, Carmon immediately used his most adept skill, Spiral Spirit, at the first encounter, everyone was shocked. They secretly thought that this time, Shi Yan was going to be doomed.
“Dodge!” Nano, who was not friendly with Carmon, couldn’t help but shout out: “Stop blocking the door, dodge now! You can’t hold against the Spiral Spirit!”
Shi Yan frowned, he blocked the door and stood still. His eyes looked at Carmon coldly, and a mocking smile appeared on his lips.
“Bzz bzz bzz!”
Beams of Spiral Spirit went into Shi Yan’s chest, Shi Yan’s clothes immediately tore open into ten finger-sized holes. The Spiral Spirit was like piercers, they formed into spiral shapes, and kept drilling into Shi Yan’s skin and flesh.
Unfortunately, Shi Yan’s body after using petrification, was hard as iron.
The beams of Spiral Spirit made strange sounds in his chest, but it could not drill into his flesh.
Shi Yan moved his leg, and with a ma.s.sive force, it landed on Carmon’s chest.
Like an explosive, Carmon got blown into the air by Shi Yan’s kick. He even hit Huo Jie, and fell back for five meters, rolling to a corner of the cabin with Hui Jie, his mouth was full of blood.
The noisy cabin, suddenly became so silent you could hear a pin drop.
Jett, Nano, and the rest all opened their mouths wide. They looked at Shi Yan with a face full of surprise, and the look in their eyes was that of astonishment.
Carmon was also dazed by this kick. Disregarding the blood pouring out of his mouth, he blankly stared at Shi Yan.
Ever since Shi Yan arrived on this boat, he had always been very obedient. He rarely talked with others, and didn’t have any conflicts with anyone.
Even when Carmon and the rest bothered him, he tried his hardest to be patient, and never fought back.
Whether it be Carmon, Huo Jie, or that Jett, and Nano, they all saw Shi Yan as a pushover. They didn’t think that Shi Yan was any kind of profound warrior.
Now, the Shi Yan that everyone took as a wussy, was left completely unscathed from Carmon’s Spiral Spirit. And he even kicked Carmon five meters into the air.
Such a strange scene, deeply shocked all of them.
“I’ll kill you!”
Under everyone’s watch, Carmon, who was mercilessly embarra.s.sed, let out a crazy roar. He stormed forward once again, like an insane demon beast.
Shi Yan frowned, his face was full of impatience. Just when Carmon was about to go near him, he suddenly moved like lightning. He precisely held Carmon’s neck, and held Carmon in mid-air with only one arm.
Carmon kept using the strength in his limbs, to strike onto Shi Yan’s body. But Shi Yan’s expression was indifferent, and he ignored it, as if Carmon’s bombardment was merely tickles to him, and had no effect whatsoever.
With one hand on Carmon’s neck, lifting him in mid-air, the force on Shi Yan’s hand slowly increased.
Carmon struggled for a while, his face turned red from suffocation, and slowly it became hard for him to breathe.The shaking of his arms and legs became weaker and weaker.
Shi Yan’s eyes were cold, they glared at Carmon, as the force on his hand slowly became stronger.
“Let go! Do you want to kill him?” Hui Jie’s face instantly changed, he hurriedly rushed over.
Shi Yan gave another lightning-speed kick, that blew into Huo Jie’s chest like an iron mountain. Hui Jie’s body then suddenly got blown into the air, crisp fracture sounds came from the bones on his chest.
Rolling into a corner of the cabin, Huo Jie’s face was covered with blood. He stared at Shi Yan with a terrified face, and didn’t dare to move any further.
Shi Yan didn’t care that Carmon was about to gasp his life away, he frowned and observed the rest of the warriors in the boat cabin, and sneered: “Is there anyone else that wants to save him?”
Huo Jie’s outcome was right in front of them, so everyone were silent.
Jett, who sent food to him everyday, was also frightened inside. He opened his mouth, and closed it again, his expression was extremely awkward.
“Shi Yan, don’t kill him.” From the wooden room behind him, came Linda’s voice, “Let him go, do me a favor.”
Shi Yan frowned, he hesitated for a moment, and finally threw Carmon away.
Carmon’s body formed a curve in the air, and fell straight onto Huo Jie’s body. It made Huo Jie scream in misery, and he clenched his teeths, looking very painful.
Shi Yan still blocked the door, he turned his head to look behind him. Seeing that Linda was fully dressed, he smiled, and walked away from the wooden door.
Linda was neatly dressed, she leisurely walked out of the wooden room.
The warriors in the cabin all concentrated to look at the only bed inside the room. They saw that the sheets were neatly arranged on the bed, as if there was nothing inappropriate about it.
However, the redness on Linda’s face, and the slight l.u.s.tful look in her eyes, gave people unlimited imaginations.
The crew members inside the boat cabin all blankly looked at Linda, they slowly understood something…
If Shi Yan and Linda were really innocent, then Shi Yan wouldn’t have been blocking the door all along. Carmon wouldn’t have been so hysterical, and Linda wouldn’t have had such a nourished glow to her face, looking so amorous.
——The situation was already quite clear.
Brushing back her slightly messy hair, Linda pretended to be calm. Her pretty brows furrowed, as she asked indifferently: “What are you all doing here?”
Everyone laughed dryly, and n.o.body spoke.
Carmon’s eyes were filled with hatred, his eyes swept across Shi Yan and Linda, but he clenched his teeth and didn’t say a word.
Shi Yan scowled, he looked at Carmon, pondered for a moment, and turned his head back to Linda: “I’m going up, I’ll leave this to you.”
Then, before Linda agreed, with an indifferent expression, Shi Yan walked straight towards the stairs.
When he walked to Carmon’s side, Shi Yan’s was looking up, but his foot precisely stepped onto the hand of Carmon, who was limp on the ground.
After a crisp sound bone breaking came Carmon pulled back his left hand. The bones in his hand were shattered, this hand of his was probably going to be completely crippled.
Inside the cabin, everyone’s expressions suddenly changed, a chill grew in their heart, as they gained a new understanding on Shi Yan’s ruthlessness.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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